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2019-03-03 21:23:14
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnドキドキ


Hello!Project Concert
All 22 performances are finished音符


Those attending each of those performances音譜
thank you so muchリボン



Kobushi Factory
Tsubaki Factory


Morning Musume。’19 included
each group brought out their personality, hitting the stage, it was really cool!!


Everyone loves their own group
having confidence and doing performances
that saidキラキラ
We felt it across every monitor, and tightly in the wings of the stageハート



Yanagawa Nanami-chan
Yanamin is really a good girl天使
very cute, and a kind girl with the members feelingsラブラブ


She’s already graduating on the 11th so
today it was the last time we stood on stage together


I’m glad I got to meet Yanamin♪
“Thank you so much for everything up to now!” She came to give me cookiesえーんドキドキ


It’s I who should be saying thank you!!



And, the 2 days of Gifu performances
for guests, Okai Chisato-san, Suzuki Airi-san, both of them came〜ニコニコ恋の矢


Wa〜iラブラブ we got to take a picture too笑い泣き


Graduating, the way she presents herself changes again
I felt like even in the same songs how she change was impressive


In this way too?! She sang with her breathing perfect too…グリーンハートピンクハート
That too was really very cool笑い泣きキラキラ




Morning Musume。’19
when we’re singing 「Jiyuu na Kuni dakara」 and 「I surrender Ai Saredo Ai」


watching from the wings
nervousness and happiness mixed togetherピンク音符


Well, it seemed like we went back to before you know
it had that kind of feeling… (*´ ˘ `*)♡



Aaaラブラブ Today was fun too
Everyone at the Gifu venue did you have fun tooー!?


For the lots of support today too, thank you so muchクラッカー音譜





Ameblo’s “Everyone’s Emoji” are no moreあせる
The Kumachan after the OyasuMizuki isn’t there anymore〜あせる




I get to appear in tiny tiny#69♪
ピンクハートPlease watch it hereピンクハート
(Because there was a flaw in yesterday’s release of tiny tiny#69
they release a revised version of it.)










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