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2019-03-04 21:56:16
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnラブラブ


Today was also spring tour lessons♪


A new genre, or rather
a form of dance we don’t usually do is what we did a lot of today so I learned a lot!!


With Hello!Con we jumped so much
I felt like I failed the landing you know but
of course that hurts…あせる


Usually I don’t really sprain so it’s fine, I thought that but dancing for the first time in a bit hurt〜


I need to cool it down!!



Today you know,
I was together with the members all the timeコーヒー
And so I ate 3 members with the members too音符


It was an all kind of day, or I should say
with Yokoyama Reina-chan we invented muscle training floor-donー! lol


Giving our all to the lyric card and choreography
My memory of all day today is like thiat〜 lol



Yesterday’s picture〜♪
Mizuki with Dokinchan hair
Nonaka with 🍎 Apple hair


We did it with that in mind lol


It seems almost the same though←
Please think of them differently!!! lol





Tomorrow we get to appear on NHK-san 「UtaCon」 ☺️💕


Morning Musume。’19
Kobushi Factory
Tsubaki Factory


All of Hello!Project gets to appearハート


We’re doing our best so please watch over us from in front of the TVkay
Everyone watching, please give your support音譜


Evening, 19:30~20:43 is the broadcast!!!
By all means watch it kayーー





I get to appear as guest on tiny tiny#69 ♪
[youtube thumbnail here:]
(Because there was a flaw in yesterday’s release of tiny tiny#69
they release a revised version of it.)




Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」
Tomorrow, Satou Masaki-chan guest episode is scheduled to distributeラブラブ








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