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2019-03-17 22:55:23
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn星


「Morning Musume。’19 Concert Tour Spring 〜BEST WISHES!〜」
Hachiouji 2days 4 performances have finishedキラキラ


Everyone who came to the venue
did you get to have fun?


If you gave me your thoughts I’d be happy yah照れドキドキ


In any case for Mizuki it was a joy〜流れ星


Everyone giving your support
thank you so much音譜



Really it made me happy天使ドキドキ



Today I used up my power!!!!!!


But there’s still about 30 performances in this tour
and we just finished 4 performances you know!



Even on the bus home, I when home while talking about things like that with the membersビックリマーク


While look back at clips of the concert with the members a lot
you guys look great there yahー and ah cute!
we often give each other praise
of course we’re reflecting on things too though.
I feel the time mutually agreeing and praising with everyone is important


I believe all kinds of things are connected to the performancesヒヨコ




My feet and eyes are PanPanPan bursting so I’m massaging them and resting… lol
I feel like everyone’s fatigued too so, please take a bath and rest your bodies kay音譜




Yah that’s right…
At Satou Masaki-chan’s MC she talked about pollen yah


Thinking back to it I ended up really getting itchy… lol


But, the majority of days in this season I’m troubled by pollen-chan appearing!
During the live I forget about it!!
That’s amazing isn’t it?! lol


That is just some of the amazing power coming out yah


Those in the back of the venue
and the 2nd and 3rd floor seats, did we reach you?!キラキラ


With your reactions when we’re waving I get it you know


At those times, getting to communicate with all the fans makes me happyビックリマーク



After the performance finished you know…we have established customs


we did gelato janken〜キラキラ


I GOT the flavor matchign my own member color yoーn♪♪♪











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