Bunny Sayu assault report

was the Morning Musume concert in Fukui prefecture ♪~θ(^0^ )


And in the dressing room of Morning Musume in Fukui prefecture


is Morning Musume’s 1 fan


and I, Morning Musume’s Michishige Sayumi, went to assault her ♪♪♪


Bunny Sayu did her best to report this
so everyone please read it pyon ☆ヽ(▽⌒*)







Full of talk

all day
I’ll be doing an magazine interview and sharing information
it’s a business meeting day!


I’ll be talking a lot ~!


I’ll be having a talk with FLASH about a photo book ♪


Ahh, I guess you don’t know about the photobook yet,
so I’m revealing it here on this blog for the first time!!


On April 26th, my solo photobook will be released


The title is “La”


In Hawaiian, it means the sun


Although, the photo shoot was set in Guam (lol) ♪


I’ll give you more details on the photo book later (^O^)




Yaaaay (^_^)v


Woke up early yay (^_^)v


I’m kinda sleepy, so I’m trying hard to get myself active ↑


But, it’s like the hardest thing to get myself worked up…


I mean because… I’m sleepy (ρд-)zZZ


I shouldn’t push it too much


I’ll just be straight with myself↑!


So yeah, it’s early in the morning so I’m rather calm right now (*^o^*)


Yesterday, on April 4th
We had Ai-chan’s concert and triumphant return to Fukui prefecture
Last year on April 4th
was the concert at my home town of Yamaguchi prefecture (*^_ ’)
I love April 4th, it’s a day with a lot of happy memories for me!


Unfortunately, on this spring tour, we won’t be able to go to my home town
but I keep thinking about when I can go back (´Д`)ノ


To work towards that goal, I’ll continue to do my best ↑↑


Alright, I’m kinda pumped up about it now (^_^)v


I’m worked up now ↑
Time to give it my all for work today (≧∇≦)


I believe that today’s work will be tied in to the next and so on…


So I’ll be doing my best today ~ ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛


To all you guys too, if right now
you’re feeling it’s tough to keep going on, but you can’t give up
just believe the tough times right now will eventually turn into good times…
let’s do our best together ♪(^_-)

All day today

It was so much fun~ ♪


There were so many happy moments


It was like – this is just happiness, really happiness (;_;)


That reality is just happiness


Oh man-!


Thank you ~ ♪


I really really love all of you guys


And that’s not just idol talk (lol)


And I’m not just trying to get on your good side (lol)


Well, although I wouldn’t mind if you guys ended up liking me (lol)


It’s not like I want to be on the most hated ranking list (lol)


Just kidding
I’m quite honored to be a part of that famous ranking list ↑


Thank you


To all the people who voted for me too


From the bottom of my heart


I love you


Morning Musume’s concert in Fukui prefecture ♪


It is leader Takahashi Ai-chan’s home town (^_^)v




You cried too much (lol)




You were too cute (lol)


It was a really wonderful concert ♪


Ai-chan got so much love from everyone
It made me love her even more
and made me love Morning Musume more!


I’m so proud to be in Morning Musume, which I love so much
and to be under the generation where Ai-chan is the leader, who I love so much!


thanks so much
for all your support!


To Morning Musume


To all the fans


To you


I’m so glad to have met you ♪


Yay! (High five)

Bunny Ai ♪

At the Morning Musume concert in Fukui prefecture ♪♪


Born in Fukui, Morning Musume’s leader Takahashi Ai-sama


Ai-chan was so touched, she has been crying since the first concert (;_;)




You’ll make me teary too (∋_∈)


Ai-chan’s crying face is just too cute though (lol)


Just kidding


Anyway I was really touched by
Ai-chan’s love towards her Fukui prefecture
and really felt the audience’s love for her


Ahh home town concerts really are just wonderful~ ♪


Also also
In this Ai-chan pic..


Look closely near her ears ☆


She has peace earrings V(^-^)V


She was like
“Sayu~ both ears are doing Usa-chan peace now”


I was so happy


But, Usa-chan peace
isn’t at your ears, it’s on top of your head
that’s how it’s been since the first Usa-chan peace (lol) V(^-^)V


Well, she’s cute so whatever works! ♪

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