I messed up…

Good morning!


Yesterday night
I failed to update (;_;)
I was thinking “Ahh I’ll just cancel this post”
but then, after making it, I was like “nah, I want to show you guys” (lol)


So please take a look at how yesterday night was for me m(_ _)m↓↓↓↓


Ahhh ahhhhhhh ~~


I fell asleep ( ̄○ ̄;)


And oddly, for only 20 minutes ↓


After that, now I can’t sleep tonight (;_;)


But I fought back
by taking a bath ☆


For an hour ☆


And then, when I went to the sink to dry my hair with the hair dryer…


I found I had left the straightening iron on (」゜□゜)」


Before I cut my bangs
I had straightened them out


That was about 2 hours ago…


So they have been heating the entire time ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛


Since it was piping hot, it was a waste
so I “straightened” out my soaking wet hair
even though it was pointless to do so (lol)


I fell asleep
And forgot to delete
Ahh what a double blow


I wonder then if
I can sleep soundly today!?


But since I fell asleep earlier, it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to (ノ△T)


What do you guys do on nights like this? ♪


And also, how do you guys fall asleep?


That’s all!!!
And since I failed to update


That means
I ended with a triple blow (lol)

What do you think?

I cut them!


I did my best to arrange it


but it’s still all over the place (∋_∈)


but, it’s kinda refreshing!


I was at the sink, cutting my bangs
when I thought “Oh I should take a pic”
So I went to my room to get my cell
but on the way back to the sink

A ton of hair had fallen down


I was so scared!


I thought it was a monster or something!


It made me jump!


I was so close to screaming too!


The finally I was like, maybe that’s mine!


And I quickly realized!


It wasn’t a monster!


It was my hair!


Those were the hairs I cut a minute ago!


I’m so glad it wasn’t a monster ☆

My bangs right now…

Today, at rehearsal


I think the mean attack of sleepiness on me


was also partially due to my nice bangs!


My bangs have grown quite a bit


They probably casted a shadow
and therefore
made my eyelids heavy
when that happened, I think the sleepiness easily walked right in!

So that’s why!


Today I’m going to cut my bangs ♪


I’m just going to cut it a little bit,
so please don’t say “You don’t need to blog about every little thing” (;_;)


A girl’s bangs are her life after all

The magic word ☆

Today after rehearsals,
I was fitted for 1 outfit ♪


My outfit was so cute ~(≧∇≦)


Today I met a new stylist? for the first time


And she complimented me so much――――! (o^∀^o)


like “You’re so cute” ♪


Even though my hair got all messed up during rehearsal


she said “You’re so cute” ♪


That means, when I’m properly dressed
that ~
I must be overloaded with cuteness right (lol) ♪♪


Today I was being attacked by muscle pain and sleepiness
so I was kinda feeling down


But after being told “cute”
My tension went up in a blink (≧∇≦)


I’m such a simple ♪♪ girl! (b^ー°)

Feeling like autumn

After having pike for dinner


Somehow I kinda feel like
in a very autumn-ish mood (^o^)/


Ah hopefully it’ll be fall soon ~ ♪


Pike is very delicious
And and also the pike in the fall
is cheap!!!!


Having my mom at dinner
had out pike one piece at a time
is such a fall thing (≧∇≦)♪


But, right now


Working out from rehearsal


the pike




came back up a bit ↑
*close to puking lol


Ughhh, gross。。(∋_∈)


is how I felt (;_;)


When you eat pike, it’s so delicious
But having it come back up later on is quite troublesome (ρ°∩°)


What do you think of an idol
with pike breath? (lol)


Best without it huh ♪


I know I know ☆


I mean, beyond my own displeasure, I shouldn’t annoy others too ♪


Ahh I wonder though
If I have pike breath
would anyone ever kiss me??!


Well, not like I have plans for that any time soon, so it’s ok (lol)


For me, I am always in
a pike eating mood ♪

Pike fish

For dinner I had pike fish bentou ↑


Pike is the best fish, I love it ♪


The kinda bitter part in the stomach?
is the part I particularly like!


This pike here is fried,
but grilled pike is the best (≧∇≦)


After dinner, I’ll be back to practice for a long while
I’ll do my best

A battle

In my battle vs muscle pain


it seems like I may have lost (;_;)。。


I was also assaulted by sleepiness


And in my fight against it, I lost round 1 to sleepiness ↓


Before I knew it, I had fallen asleep..


Muscle pain and sleepiness are so mean to me (;_;)


But, I won’t lose!


Not to muscle pain,
not to sleepiness,


and not even to myself, even if I’m at my limit

Help me



I’m at my limit for the amount of pain I can take in my muscles


Well, “at my limit” may be exaggerating


but my whole body hurts (;_;)


Even squatting once and then standing again takes some time (∋_∈)


Someone do something


Ahh I don’t like muscle pain after all!


I hate pain


Being pain free is the best


Well, I’m back to rehearsals
non-stop while fighting through the pain…

A good thing?

Today we have rehearsals all day again!!!!


Yesterday, the dance teacher was like


“I’ll show you something good ♪”


Then she stuck out her chest


“What, why? ♪”


I asked


“Because tomorrow’s dance choreography will be difficult!”


she said



That wasn’t a good thing was it? (lol)


I appreciate her telling me that
and I guess it’ll help me prepare for rehearsal



But honestly,
That wasn’t a “good thing” in my opinion ( ̄∀ ̄)


I’ll do my best ☆


Good morning!


I started blogging on February 9th


and just yesterday
I hit 10 million access views ♪☆


Wooow (≧∇≦)!!


Thank you guys


I’m so happy


But there is 1 sad thing…


And that is
I was trying to be the one
to get that 10 millionth visit…


I thought I could get that visit, take a pic
and then show it off to everyone…


But I was waaay too slow (lol)


When it comes time to the 20 millionth mark
I’ll be super ready on stand by
So I can get that 20 millionth visit (^o^)/!!


I won’t lose to you guys again (^∀^)ノ!!


But yeah, I was really happy yesterday!


Please continue to visit this blog a lot! (^_-)-☆


This is everyone’s blog after all, so feel free to openly comment too ♪♪

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