Right now

Good morning


Yeah um… my raw face this morning…
is the I-can’t-show-you kind, so here is a pic from yesterday m(_ _)m


I guess that other raw face comes by pretty easily (lol)


All morning today,
I’ll be at rehearsal for this week’s
“Onna ga medatte naze ikenai” release events ☆


And then in the afternoon,
I have rehearsals for the Morning Musume spring concert tour ☆


Nothing but rehearsals (┳◇┳)


The concert tour rehearsals start today!
I’m not really good at remembering new dance moves
so I’m kinda worried
I feel like I’m a lot slower at remembering than the other members ↓


To remember dances,
the first thing I do is remember it in my head!!


Since my reflexes are poor, my body can’t remember things right away (lol)


Although, my brain memory isn’t that much better


so it takes some time..


I’ve got to give it my best!


Because I want to be able to stand on stage!!!!


I’m off o(^-^)o

Wonders of the world

Today is the end of February


February only goes up to the 28th,
that went in a blink of an eye didn’t it (>_<)


Why only February!?


They should have spread it out more evenly across the months!!


The months are divided into 30 and 31 days
If you bump February up to 30 days
And decrease the amount of 31 day months, you’d have better balance…


Weird stuff


There are so many
wonders in the world


But, I guess it’s a pretty set thing
It’s not gonna change, so don’t waste too much effort on trying (゜∀゜;ノ)ノ


That’s just how it is


I guess that’s how the world is


I suppose we just gotta keep on living to the fullest through these things huh


Having wonders of the world is fine and all
but I hope the recession ends soon
Michishige Sayumi, I’m out (^ー^)

Up close

With Ai-chan ♪


Since I can’t show you our outfits
We’re zooming up up up ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛


Is too cu-cu-cu-cuuuuute ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛


Ahhh I can’t wait (o‘∀‘o)



Speaking of can’t wait
Right now
My laptop isn’t doing so well (;_;)
Everything I do runs sooo slow (>_<)


I can’t believe it
My laptop was my evening friend too…


The Fujiwara no arigatai to omoe!! live…


is over!


I was so nervous (∋_∈)


But when I looked out at the seats
and saw the familiar sight of all of you guys (lol)
it relaxed me
and made me so happy ↑




You know, for always helping me out


you fans are my pride and joy!


I’d like to show off you guys as my friends!


Like “This is how amazing my fans are” ♪


Well lately, I haven’t had too many friends to brag about
so it’s been kind of tough (lol)


Last year, my number of real friends decreased!


But in starting the Gree blog, I’ve made so many friends, I’m so happy!!


Although, to be honest
I don’t know the faces, voices or anything about these friends


But I’m still happy!


Cuz I mean,
When you pressed the “Add to friend’s list”, you were thinking about me at least a little right?


That in itself is great!


And friends are people who you can talk about anything with
So don’t worry about leaving a few harsh opinions every now and then (lol)


Because I welcome it, I can handle it!


Go comment! (lol)


If you thought I didn’t read the comments, that’s a big mistake (^_-)


I do look at them (lol)


Because it’s only proper to listen when a friend speaks right?
So of course I will listen to what you guys say


Since you guys all read my blog
I will of course!
read your comments!!!


So feel free to comment without any hesitation ♪


Here is what my outfit looked like for today’s photo shoot~ ♪


Ah, it’s all


stamped (lol)


Since I got those blisters


“We aren’t gonna film your feet, so you don’t have to wear your pumps any more”
they told me


But I put the pumps on for my own pics anyway!


Everyone was like,
“Impressive, as expected of Sayu”
as they praised me ☆


Maybe it was because I was taking pics of myself
or that I was taking so many with my cellphone
But when they told me I didn’t have to wear my shoes
I think I shocked everyone by putting them on (lol)


But that’s because I wanted to show all of you guys


I can endure the pain!


Although… I can’t show you the outfit yet (゜∀゜;ノ)ノ


And even though it hurt to take this pic


I had to stamp all of it anyways so you can’t see (lol)


Well what I’m wearing today


Is sooooooo cute so I hope you’ll all get to see it soon (*^o^*)


Well then


It’s almost time for us to go live
Right now I’m in the dressing room looking at Tomochika-san and Fujii Takashi-san


They are funny ♪


I hope we can get pumped up… I’m a bit worried (>_<)


Well, I’m off ~♪


But I’ll still approach Elizabeth ♪


“Say girl, won’t you be my fiancee?”


not to Ai-chan, but to Elizabeth because I’m so jealous ~(≧∇≦)


Just kidding
I’m always aiming for Ai-chan ( ̄∀ ̄)


Yesterday! I forgot to upload this…


Ai-chan’s fiancee,
Elizabeth ♪♪


Ai-chan and Elizabeth and always moving together in unison


It’s as if the 2 of them were 1!


I’m so jealous ~(ToT)

On the move~

The photo shoot ended safely (^_^)v


I’m quite pumped up because my hairdo was just tooooo cute ↑↑


The professional make up artist was too pro!


Right now, I’m on my way to Shibuya~♪
With Junjun ☆


To the Shibuya Yoshimoto∞Hall
Where we’ll be participating a bit in the
Fujiwara no arigatai omoe!! live concert ↑


It’s a concert for entertainers so
it’s my first time and I’m quite nervous ”(ノ><)ノ


But, I’m very much looking forward to it ♪


I’m very thankful and can’t wait to have a great time ♪♪

Like a junior high schooler

Maybe it’s because I didn’t get enough sleep


But I’ve been sleepy since I woke up this morning (ノд<。)


Whenever I get free time
I just put my head down on a desk and sleep!!


Speaking of putting your head down and sleeping…


I often did that when I was in class during my junior high school days (lol)


It was bad when
I fell asleep in 1st period
and stayed asleep til 3rd period


Thinking about those days
During those 2 periods
You change classrooms


So I’m sure people who moved must have noticed
that there was 1 person still sleeping there!


Ahh, what a character I was \(^ー^)/


Don’t you think it was mean that none of my classmates
bothered to wake me up? ゜。゜。(p>∧ 

Although, as I say that
at the same time I’m glad they let me sleep on (lol)


Too all you good kids out there, please don’t copy me (__;)

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