[Takahashi Ai] HONEY CENTER

January 03, 2017









took us to a Honey Center♡


Inside the shop
There were actual bees!!!




Abe-san taking that one hehe











It took a bit so
I got a honey lemon ginger♡


It was just… sourー!!!


Aika got a shake♡♡♡




She gave me just a little bit but
it was still yummy (≧▽≦)






Aika filled up taking pcitures for us so
I can put up lotsー!!!




Thank you! Aika♡




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[Takahashi Ai Blog] Aika’s Breakfast

January 03, 2017





Aika made us breakfast♡




In a fantastic kitchen
Aika makes fantastic cooking!


She was really the best!!!






It’s the chicken eggs
from the chicken’s raised at Aika’s house!


And, potato stuff! heh




This was also yummy!!!







Compared to overseas
it seems Japan doesn’t really get as much fruit!


For sure…
it seems like in the morning every day eating it is a must!


In yogurt too♡




Yogurt with passion fruit in it too
it was very yummy о(ж>▽<)y ☆


Aika, really thank you♡


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[Takahashi Ai Blog] lip

January 02, 2017







I got take along to a cute ice cream place too♡




I was unsure about being unsure, so I went with strawbery.






The lips are cutieーEmojiEmojiEmoji






Aika’s taken me along to all kinds of places
it’s really an extravagant trip♡



Aika, really thank youーーー!!!!!






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[Takahashi Ai Blog] Have a Good Year!

December 31, 2016





My first New Year’s overseas!
Moreover it’s together with my beloved Aika о(ж>▽<)y ☆




Always wanting to go
Abe-san was able to take a vacaton too
and we finally got to come♡♡♡




New Zealand
welcomes the new year 4 hours sooner than Japan too!




For 2016 I had very fulfilling days too!
With this and that all supported
because you were all there for me!!!!!


So in 2017 I can feel even more gratitude
I’ll do my best with all I got!!!!


Everyone, please do me the favor and continue to support me о(ж>▽<)y ☆


I hope it’ll be a very fantastic year for everyoneー!!!




Well then!
Have a good year!


From New Zealand
with love♡



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[Takahashi Ai Blog] Aika!

December 31, 2016



From Australia
to New Zealand!!!!!




To see Aika
we came to New Zealand о(ж>▽<)y ☆


We arrived in the middle of the night so
we went to
a 24 hour Denny’s♡




The menu was different from Japan Denny’s!!!


I went with the hamburger I love о(ж>▽<)y ☆








I thought it about Austrailia’s too but
New Zealand’s fries are the awesome too!!!




The Abe Trip with Aika!


I take pleasure in it you know♡♡♡






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16/12/02 Translation for Sayumi Announcement


Michishige Sayumi Restarting Activity Announcement

Thank you so much for always giving your support.
On 11/26 the announcement was made on the her blog but,
it has been decided that Michishige Sayumi, in the spring of 2017 will be restarting her activities.

Having been in Morning Musume。 for about 12 years, she has been moving quickly with barely any rest.
Since graduating in November of 2014, she has devoted herself to overhauling and refreshing herself but,
Reviewing herself up to now, and thinking about herself going forward,
Coming into this year, she had taken to the intention of standing in front of everyone once again.
After that, she and the staff, discussed what she should be doing form here,
and in what way she should present herself in front of everyone.
And, different from lives and musicals,
It was decided that she will go forwarding aiming to express herself on stage in new feeling performances
In order for her change towards embodying that, in addition to uping her core physical strength,
she’s once again taking up training like vocal and dance lessons as well.
To live up to the expectations of everyone who waited a long time for her, she feels she wants to make even more effort.

As soon details like a tangible schedule have been decided there will be an announcement.

From this point forward as well, please give Michishige Sayumi your support.

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[10ki Blog] 9/29 10ki Members

2016-09-29 00:00:58






Thank you always for your support ピンクハート






The day changed







Morning Musume。


10ki Members


5th Anniversary


Has Arrived!







The baby chicks 5 years ago



We’ve gotten big haven’t we?




But for sure,
We still aren’t becoming chickens



Cause we’re still growing with all our power!



We’ll get even bigger!






With our 6th year too, please come along with these 10ki







Iikubo Haruna
Ishida Ayumi
Satou Masaki
Kudou Haruka


Morning Musume。 10ki Members


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[Takahashi Ai Blog] Surprise

September 15, 2016
Theme: HAPPY



Yesterday Abe-san and Basshiー as a surprise
had this girl I love so much!






[tl note: there is a video here, please go to her blog to see it]


I got to see her (>_<)



Seriously it’s the best present!
I got a birthday message
I soー want to see you!
she had said that so
it made me really happy
I can’t really express it but
I really was happy in my heart (>_<)




「What should we do with our free time〜?」
When that was said
「Do you know how to spend time?」
I was told that
What did you say?
I thought about it but
Well whos’ that clinging to that Bikkuro camera?
Going like that
that was Aika!


Already that’s the best!




Abe-san, thank you for the best present (>_<)


And more than anything, making the time
so we could meet Aika (>_<) Thank you♡




I really really like you very much!




Or rather, I love you♡


With the best of kouhai are true friends о(ж>▽<)y ☆









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[Kotani Yoshikazu Blog] As Wife, As Husband.

2016-07-13 17:17:05



Good Evening



Happy Birthday!!


When we went to submit the marriage registration, 「Aa with this we’ll formally be a married couple huh」
It became a happy marvelous feeling♪





My wife is really a proprieter of a professional way of thinking about plays.


When at home, we mostly talk about plays.


We really feel like we like plays. Getting lots of motivation, learning a lot for ourselves too, from here on we as well we motivate each other, as actors even higher and higher, I feel we’re taking each other higher.


And, as a husband, having a family, I feel like being a central pillar to a home is from here on no matter what happens, any kind of thing, no matter what form it’s in, I need to go and protect my wife and my family.


And, I feel that I want to build a happy home.


The bentou my wife makes for me, without flattery, each and every one is yummy.
And so I feel I have to put up each one on my blog.


From here on too I hope to build up a always and forever Love-Love home♪
I hope we can get our fill going to Disney!!


I’m thinking about things like that!!



I love my wife’s smile!!








It’s joy♪


It’s a dream for the 2 of us to appear on Sanma Goten lol




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