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2018-12-03 17:14:43


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This is personal but, yesterday, our family’s second daughter gave girth to a child〜(*´◒`*)!



Today, I had time in the afternoon so, I went to see them!









Cute ヽ(;▽;)ノ


Children are a treasure ヽ(;▽;)ノ!



I’m your aunt〜, I said that while holding them!




It’s amazing yah, this kind of big baby, a splendid baby was born!
It’s an honor!!!
I totally couldn’t do that!


For about 30 minutes, she was constantly in contractions so she probably staggering, seeing her I thought my little sister who I’ve never felt was like that before is really strong.



Oh my they were really very cute!
I want to see them again soon!
But I can’t see them until they get out of the hospital ヽ(;▽;)ノ



I, really really want to pamper them (`・ω・´) lol
I’m gonna get them to really listen to Morning Musume。 songs! I’ve got so many songs I want you to hear!
Now I’m listening to 「Mikan」 but you know
Listening to Mikan I cry! lol lol



Grow big kay〜!








Yesterday Fukumura Mizuki gave me candy〜♡










It’s a collabo with JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure she said!


So nice〜!!



It’s totally Giorno・Giovanna (*´ー`*)!



Even more I love the papabubble candies!
Thank you so much Fukumura-san (*´꒳`*)♡




Today from here is solo various meet-ups!
I’m offー!



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2018-11-28 13:51:17
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Today since the morning was shoots for magazine 「tulle」〜!!


That transcendently cute magazine that’s front cover has been adorn with Michishige Sayumi-san and Mogami Moga-san!


I got cute outfits and cute make-up, and the shoot was in a cute studio (*´꒳`*)
There was something scheduled after so it came out packed but, I was totally looking forward to today’s shoot so it was very, very fun♡


The release day, offshots, and details I’ll announce on another day kay (*´◒`*)







The bus tour up to yesterday, holding to the schedule’s flow once again Joujou Gundan’s Suzuki Keita-san wrote a blog with a lot of love for me…(´;ω;`)♡




Keita-san’s blog is here!






The 1st day, after the 3shot photoshoot meet we went to 「Tobu World Square」-san〜!



A theme with famous builds from all over the world and created elaborate world heritage!


Just going I got a taste of travel, to countries I want to go, I expanded my dreams☆












The surrounding scenery was pretty so up until the mountain completely it seems like one portrait doesn’t it!?




There, I, with Chiichan, ReiRei, and Keita-san, did a search game for a Sawayaka Gorou-san figure stand for some reason (^^)


I wondered if everyone found it〜??




I found it thanks to all the fans!
Yah that, I won’t say it’s cheating〜〜! lol












Lookie lookie, face panel board!


Chiichan’s great smile!!!!
cute \(//∇//)\




Here they sell lots of overseas snacks and products, I also bought a large amount of snacks (`・ω・´)Doyaa


I really splurged… I gotta do something about the wasteful habit… lol


I still haven’t eat up all the snacks but,
The Denmark orange peels and the dark chocolate cookies were really very good!


For the snacks I haven’t opened yet, I’m looking forward to them yah〜〜!





Next time I want to come and hang out again without rushing!





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#HarunanDesireTour Iikubo Haruna

2018-11-27 22:11:21
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The 2 day fanclub bus tour has finishedーーーー!!



All the fans who came, the guests who came, Morito Chiichan, Inoue ReiRei, MC Suzuki Keita-san, all the staff,


Really, thank you so much (*´◒`*)!!










Here’s a picture from yesterday!





A really deep 2 days.
I don’t know what point I should write about… coming home I’ve been totally enveloped in the lingering memories.


Lots of laughing and lots of crying,


Lover in lots of kindness and love, I’m feeling filled with joy!



This time with the things I did this bus tour, the number one thing I wanted to treasure was communication with all the fans.
I want to meet lots of you, I want to talk lots, I wanted to spend a long time in the same space.
I’m truly grateful to the staff-san who made the various things I thought up come true.


Lots of presents from thoes who came too, Haniーna and Haniーnya adorn things
And combined acrylic goods that I selfishly had wished for! Self-made!
And my member color form a long time(⁉︎)Tshirts too(*゚∀゚*)
The chocolate color for just then! It’s special〜!











Today we even got to be princesses in Nikko Edomura [tl aka: Edo Wonderland] 〜!!




Oh no really yah, I don’t know from what point I should write from. It’s deep. Rich. Special Rich.
And so the topic gotten all over yah…


I thnk I’ll do memorable pictures and with it a steady look back later.





In any case what I want to convey is, my feelings of thanks.


Really, I’m glad I have all of you, all my fans!
I’m gllad you’re people who are like 120% kindness!


Kind people who understand me. More than anything for the desired words you gave me, thank you so much.


I say it over and over again but, I love you all for eternity!




Today please rest peacefully kay!


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#MustReadBlog #VR #VTuber #VersionDot Iikubo Haruna

2018-11-25 21:30:04
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A surprise announcement for everyone!!!!



Currently broadcasting 「Virtual Star is Born! VER. Award Ceremony 〜The Legend Begins〜」, Nicknamed Version Dot, please watch it right now!







youtube thumbnail
[tl note: thumbnail for Youtube video, please watch from her blog or Youtube]









At the Version Dot ending!
The song named 「???」
Producer: HIKKY
Songwriter: Inoue Yuuji Lyricist: Suzuki Nanako
Singer: Iikubo Haruna & Hanjou Todo


It’s playing!!







Well! This me!
I ended up singing the ending song for the showー!




A cute song sung about VR♡
I even got to sing together with Virtual Dot Cheering Party’s Hanjou Todo-chan!


With the maximum of cute voices I have in myself that I haven’t brought out until now!
The main part, and of course the harmony and words too! I’m singing a lot (*´꒳`*)
Inoue Yuuji-san made it with this image after listening to singing voice, it’s a song I’m thankful for so by all means please listen to it kay ♡!



I don’t know much of the details as a YouTuber but, I often watch Vtubers (*☻-☻*)
The Virtual Dot too, one of the four heavenly kings, Mirai Akari-chan participates as a judge〜!


Tonight too a new star will be born, I look forward to that♡











Yesterday, today was Hello!pro Cheki Even & Handshake Event〜!


Today was Osaka〜!



Everyone who came, thank you so much♡





Tomorrow is at last! The much awaited bus tour!


Let’s meet up at Kinugawa kay (*´◒`*)









This is a picture from Atami!


Everyone have you already gotten to see the currently released 「blt graph. vol.37」 huh??


『Idol’s Last Trip』 with that theme I went to Atami, and took shoots at the town and beach!


I got to take all kinds of pictures in Atami, even more, I got to do a 10,000 character interview too.




It’s fantastic pictures and outfits so, it’s a must see here too (^^)







I’m looking forward to everyone’s thoughts on the ending song♡




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#LegendOfZelda #GodDescends Iikubo Haruna

2018-11-23 20:58:44
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Yesterday after work finished I wanted to eat raーmen no matter what, so alone I went to membership restaurant 「84」〜









It was yummy〜〜!!!!


More than the feeling of guilt eating raーmen at night, is the pull of how delicious it is yah! lol


I even drank up th soup, the sides on the plate and the dessert, I licked it all up (*´-`) lol




At the counter seats, I spent time talking with the shop manager Choーkan(Chief)and the employees, after that this elder came along…


Someone you’d think about, the maker of that 「Legend of Zelda」 and 「Super Mario」 Teretteterette♪ sound, Kondou Kouji-san…!!!!










The god descends!!!!




Amazing, this kind of thing happening by chance yah…!



I got to talk with him a lot (≧∀≦)


I, I’ve been practicing the ocarina of time I bought in new york the other night too.


Unbelievably getting to meet the person who made itーーーー(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))


By the way, Choーkan and Kondou-san, seems they were in Nintendo at the same time ( ゚д゚) such an amazing person (゚ω゚)



I, regarding when I had awareness, the first game I played was on the 64, when I was 4 I played 「Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time」.
At the time it was scary, even just the path to the Deku Tree-sama was scary lol


I played in just bright fun places, and my Papa played while I watched next to him lol


For my 3DS I I bought the Zelda no Densetsu Kamigami no Triforce 2 pack 3DS LL [tl: Legend of Zelda Gods Triforce 2 aka Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds] so, it’s gold っ(*´ー`*) Doya



An encounter that came with my feeling of like you know!




Allllーーーー right!
Even with our family’s second daugther(the gyaru) telling me I’m noisy, I’ll do my best practicing the ocarinaーーー! lol





By the way the piercing I have with the picture, it’s the birthday present I got from Fukumura Mizuki-san (*≧∀≦*)
The large flowers are cute♡







For my clothes today, I’m wearing the cat socks I bought in New York♪
Look at it KAYーーーーー( ^ω^ )



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#StrangerThings #NintendoSwitch #PikaVee #WatashiNoShounen Iikubo Haruna

2018-11-21 21:02:27
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Returning home from New York




This arrived at my home!!!!!












Nintendo SwitchhhhHHH!!!!!




The SmashBros. Special SettttttTTT!!!!





And so, in a dash, in the middle of the night, I went to the game shop,


I went and bought PikaVee too.











I went with! Eevee!!





I did itー! At my house there’s finally a Switchー!



I couldn’t do the set up yet so, there’s still things to look forward to, it’s UkiUki cheery (*´꒳`*)



I wanna play with all I got soon ☆






By the way, after coming home from New York, right away I went to the bookstore, and I bought 「Watashi no Shounen」 Vol.5 too!


It was BataBata clamoring so I couldn’t buy it before so I’m happy now!



Sheesh you know, this one was great too, so much (*´꒳`*)


Haaーーーーー, Mashuu-kun is cute and precious.



Lately, all these cute boys seem like our kitty Teto yahー.


Our boy is cute that’s why.(//∇//)



And so Mashuu too but, also Strange Thing’s Will too.


「Stranger・Things Michi no Sekai」 [tl: Stranger Things Strange World aka Stranger Things] Do you know it? The Netflix original drama.
It’s really very interesting!!!!


The cute kids are really flourishing!!!!



I down loaded it and was enjoying watching it the whole time while we were in Mexico and New York (*´◒`*)






…Even here, writing my blog right now! At the train station! In front of my eye there’s cute angel like 2 year old like overseas children too!!!!


Passing each other we waved!!!!!


An angle that didn’t notice walking by with their phone!!!



A beautiful sight〜〜(*´ー`*)



Coming home which, I felt I wanted to see Teto and Miーko too♡





For my clothes today, it’s a new purple checkered skirt, and fullbody purple coordinate!
Because I met with Inoue ReiRei at bus tour rehearsals!(Even more ReiRei hasn’t seen my clothes)
Look at it KAYーーー!




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#AnimeNYC #Otaku #cosplay Iikubo Haruna

2018-11-19 04:37:21
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「Anisong World Matsuri at Anime NYC 2018」 Final day!




Today was the raffle event and those who won got a cheki event!



At the raffle, 3 names were chosen for cheki but, one person from before, was the person who yesterday at the live handed out honey colored cyalumes to everyone in the ventue for me.



Amazing, I’m glad I got to meet them.





Episodes of others who came here too, I heard it along with the staff-san.




I, as part of Morning Musume。, am really glad I do this work.


Lots of you were from far away, came to see us with all kinds of feelings, once again I felt it, my tears wouldn’t stop.




The fan’s giving smiles made me happy, I do activities thinking that but
It’s not just Japan, I’m glad I can make people all over the world HAPPY.



And I write it in an earlier blog too but, listening ot music, going to see us, I think each activity should be a chance.



Leaving the venue, thinking about the fans who I don’t know when I’ll next get to see them again, I couldn’t bear how lonely it felt.


For sure I want to go to New York again, I want to go to all kinds of places!




Everyone who came to see us, everyone always giving your support, thank you so much (*´꒳`*)!!!










After the schedule finished, they gave us time so I hung out in the venue!!



There I met lots of cosplayers, I got to take pictures〜(*´◒`*)!











Hagane no Renkinjutsushi, FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST!!!



Ed and Al〜〜(*≧∀≦*)!!



Al after he came back too!!!!


And lots of cats too!!!

















JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 7 Steel・Ball・Run!!!!!









Everyone cheerfully let me take pictures, they were nice〜!!


Great yah, the cosplay!!!



I took with Inuyasha too(≧∇≦)






I went shopping but, I only have one loot, in the above picture it’s hanging from my neck


「Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time」’s Ocarina!!


I ended up buying an ocarina!!


It even came with sheet music to play as a kindness!
I’m practicing to play Saria’s song!!
Saria’s song… writing it I just feel a little emo!!!! lol




I, when coming down to it, the very first game I played was 64’s Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time.
It was scary I couldn’t really play myself but I watched my family play it.


I learned you shouldn’t mess with chickens or animals you know〜〜 lol
Chickens are scary yah〜〜 lol



After I grew up I played it on the DS too but at some even after all this time it’s HaraHara DokiDoki heart-pounding and thumping!


Then, when I was small I liked Zelda, and mama bought me an ocarine, I played it all the time (*´꒳`*)
A green ocarina sold at some festival. At the time it was toーーーtally a treasure!!


I’m glad I got to run into another ocarina ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡!





I still have other souvenirs from Mexico and New York so, I’ll write about it in another blog kay ☆



Lastly, what moved me…


Today when I met Kitadani Hiroshi-san, he caleld out, 「I read your blog」…!


Right away I said, 「Thank you so much!」 but after that 「Eーーーーーh!?」 the surprise was there was no hiding (*´-`) lol







All the legends were really nice, my great senpai in the entertainment world were nothing but fantastic!


I also want to be a kind person, a fantastic person!




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#AnimeNYC #Anisong #Otaku #JapaneseCulture Iikubo Haruna

2018-11-18 11:40:38
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Started Yesterday, 「Anisong World Matsuri at Anime NYC 2018」, Japan was the long awaited liveー!!!


Kageyama Hironobu-san, Kitadani Hiroshi-san, Nakagawa Shouko-san, and us, Morning Musume。’18 appear!!!!










It was funーーーー!!!!!!!



It was the best!!!



Not just out songs, this time it’s a special collabo too!!!!


With Kageyama Hironobu-san we got to sing 「LOVE Machine」 and 「CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA」!!


Oh my wow!!!!



I, 4 years ago got to appear on TV with Kageyama Hironobu-san, at the time live I got to hear 「CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA」 and it made me very happy but, this time I got to sing together with him!!! I’m grateful (´;Д;`)!!!




Even more at the ending, all the performers did One Punch Man’s 「THE HERO !! 〜Ikareru Kobushi ni Hi wo Tsukero〜」!!!


The audience too, everyone together had fun ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡!!




In the venue, there were lots of people who love anime and anisongs, there were people doing cosplay too, it was a space of just otaku! It was a deep, wonderful space! It was!!



That Anisong World Matsuri, I heard it was established as a memorial day in New York City!!!
Amazing!!!! There’s things like that huh!!
Otaku made history!!!!!



Every year on 11/16, it’d be great if they had Anisong World Matsuri yah(*´◒`*)!!








After the live finished, I was thinking what it sounded like from the audience…



Everyone did a Harunan call for me( ; ; )



I, in the dressing room on the third floor, it was quite from the stage but, even then, I could hear it, it really surprised me, I hurried and came back to look!
I wanted to come out on stage( ; ; )!!
It was perfect, I heard your voices!
I got video and pictures too!



Really thank you so much!!!!!





Even at the high touch event, you gave me lots of your feelings, thank you so much.
For overseas fans, there were lots of passionate people yah!
There were those that said I’ll love you always, I was embarrassed (*´-`)


And from the Nakagawa Shouko-san fans, they said they wanted to meet Harunan once, and those who said, take care of Shouko from here too; I felt like Oh no no I should say that to you!!!! (*≧∀≦*)
I’m glad I got to meet them too!






That’s right!!!!
The event this time, I appeared with my beloved Nakagawa Shouko-san!!!!


At an event overseas, on the same day on the same stage, it’s a miracle like this yah!!










Really I was happy!!



My always kind big sis-chan!!



Since we met until now, I don’t know how many times she’s saved me.
She’s always an ally.
Always full power Nakagawa-san, I love her, I really respect her!
A patron of life!!



I’ll do my best so we can appear together again!!!!







Today surrounded so many great Senpai, getting to do it together, I felt I was gonna cry so many time!


Now I get do somethign together with them huh, when that became reality it filled my heart, during the show too, I got to study from the audience seats too, and when I got to sing my beloved anisongs, the anime op played in my head along side it! lol





Manga and anime, I feel like it’s splendid Japanese Culture, and that it is loved by people all over the world, really I’m proud of it.



Anisongs, it’s something that’ll always remain together with anime works.
The coolness of the anisong singers right before my eyes, it was nothing but moving.



Nourished by today’s impressions, I’ll continue showing my beloved manga from here too!




It’s been a good day (*´꒳`*)!!!





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#gracias #Mexico #IAmHomeJapan! #JoJo Iikubo Haruna

2018-11-13 14:03:24
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I’m homeーーーー!




I’ve returned home from Mexico (*´◒`*)!




Waーーーー! It was funーーー!!!!










Everyone who came to the Mexico concert, and fan meeting, for the 2 days thank you so much (//∇//)!



For me really, getting to go to Mexico the country I wanted to go to most, it’s like a dream,


But, all the fans too, they got to show us the constant wanting to meet us that they felt,


Well that too was a dream like atmosphere, and time!



And my birthday is approaching so, when we were met at the airport and at the concert, they sang Happy Birthday for me, Everyone in matching bandana and pins on, celebrated…!


I hadn’t felt this kind of joy before!



Really, I got to have a fun, warm time.


Even at the handshake event with all the fans, each person’s feelings coming across, like Japan too, I got to really feel the wonderful ness of all Morning Musume。 fans world wide!




For all the fans in Japan, during concert and event MCs, the members, whoeveris talking it gets soft so we can hear the talk but,
We haven’t gotten to meet much in Mexico too, and before the members are going to talk, cheers came rushing out. And then all the fans started going, 「shiーーーー」 to finish that! lol
Before the members came out→Waーーー and then→ Shiーーーー! on repeat! lol lol
They want to give cheers but they want to hear talks, in that way it was very endearing! lol lol







And you know, we got to go the metropolitan cathedral and, the Teotihuacan!!!!










Teotihuacan, standing on top the pyramid of the sun, a JoJo pose!!!!



JoJo Part 2 Battle Tendency’s stage is Mexico!!
Posing JoJo there!!!!




I won’t have a chance like this in my life! Thinking that I climbed up!



It was really hot but, I got to have lots of exchanges with the people I met while climbing, there were kids and stuff I felt we came to a mutual understanding and got to be friends! Once in a life, one time encounter, once in a life time encounter! We don’t know names, we couldn’t communicate with words, and we may never meet again but, I totally felt like for that moment we really became friends!
Like that, finding all kinds of treasures on the road, I scaled the pyramid!




The hat and piercings in the picture, I bought at Teotihuacan! From beginning to end it was NoriNori high spirits!
But the one most into it was Fukumura-san, her smiles (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) lol lol




Everyone in Mexico, lotsof you were kind and warm, even shopping and sightseeing there was a welcome atmosphere, this country Mexico that I learned is a very fantastic place is a grand asset!
There lots that you won’t know until you try going there! And so for me with my own feet and eyes, I want to believe what I saw, I felt that from here on too I want to go to various places and learn various things!


And I want to go to Mexico again for sure kay!






I have some hundred pictures so, I’ll put them up later bit by bit kay!



It was really a delightful time! I’m looking forward to New York too (*´◒`*)




On WEAR, I’ll put up a full body version of the JoJo pose (^^)!
Look at it KAYーーーー




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#Becoming24 #GoodGIrlDay IIkubo Haruna

2018-11-08 14:01:00
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Yesterday, 11/7 I turned 24ーーーーー(*´◒`*)!



Everyone on my blog and on WEAR celebrating, thank you so much!












A Honeyna flying cake!




My 24th birthday or rahter yesterday I got to do my birthday event and, everyone who came, thank you so much (*´-`)



Joujou Gundan’s two MC’ing for me


As last! Guesting Angerme’s Wada Ayaka-chan came, it turned out as a very fun birthday event〜!



The two from Joujou Gundan wrote a very warm, kind blog for me too (´;ω;`)



Sawayaka-san’s blog




Keita-san’s blog




↑They put up pictures here too〜!




I want to do an event with Beloved Aya-chan all the time! I said that so, crossing 7 years it’s come true (*´꒳`*)!









At the live corner the 2 of us sang too〜!


・Time Capsule(2 of us)
・Ai no Imi wo Oshiete!(2 of us)
・Mirai Yosouzu II(2 of us)
・Omoi Afurete(Solo)
・My Days for You(Solo)



When I was singing Mirai Yosouzu II, it filled my heart, I say Aya-chan was teary eyed too so it came my way too kinda, and so after it finished, we talked about it, she told me 「Harunan you’re teary eyedー!」 lol
It’s whatever lol lol




A really kind atmosphere, once again I want to be grateful for the kindness of all the fans!
And I always always love you!
I’ll love you forever and ever!



I’m a Negativetarou who can’t live alone so, from here on too, with the people around me, please shine brightly (*´-`)
Then I can keep smiling too!




Again, please continue to support the 24 year old me!







And today’s broadcast of JFN「JAPAN Hello!Pro NETWORK」, I appear with Kobushi Factory’s Hirose Ayaka-chan, and Tsubaki Factory’s Ono Mizuho-chan!


Even more! During the show starting 「Min 5 Caravan」 show, I got to take on the Main MC (*´꒳`*)


We’re introducing all kinds of mascot character!


Details are here!



That said they’re appearing ni each episode of 「JAPAN Hello!Pro NETWORK」〜!!


By all means please listen kay♡





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