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2018-01-26 23:16:04


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Yesterday was a day off so, I went to the Ise Grand Shrine that I toーーーtally wanted to go to!


With a classmate from highschool, it was a 2 girl trip (*´꒳`*)











Lots of candy packed into my backpack!




The Ise Grand Shrine, it really is a place I totally totally wanted to go to so getting to go makes me very happy!


Another day quite a bit before going to Ise Grand Shrine, at work together with Katou Noriko-san, I learned all kinds of things from sightseeing ambassador Katou-san(*゚∀゚*)


The Ise Grand Shrine, seems it’s not about wishes it seems it’s about conveying your gratitude!


I gave lots of thanks (*´◒`*)


Photography was banned so, thinking I should look at it properly and memorize it, I looked at it reaーーーーlly well!
Of course it’s pretty you know, Ise Grand Shrine!
It’s no nonsense clean or rather, the whole place has no gaps!
The thatched rooves were also really clean!


I like the crunchy sound of the gravel road but, still the slightly big rocks rumbling GoroGoro felt great too (*^◯^*)



I went early yesterday morning, and I came back this mornign so I’m pretty shot!


Gekuu, Naikuu, Oharai path, the Sarutahiko shrine, the Sarume Shrine, I went to them all!










For the evening I had yummy seafood and Matsusaka beef (*´◒`*)



With my classmate girl, we were in the same class when we were 1st year high schoolers but, we were only together for that 1 year but even now we hang out often☆
This is the girl I went to Takaosan with before too (*^◯^*)


Often adults say 「The friends you had in high school are your friends for life」, that’s really so huh〜


I’m grateful for letting me bring you along to the places I want to go to (*´꒳`*)




It was a very fun trip!






Actually the day before yesterday, I finished reading the manga 「BLUE GIANT」 and from that impulse I went to a store to listen to jazz!
Even there I was surrounded by yummy things and fantastic music, I got to meet warm people too,


Today after Yantan finished, at night, Baba (My grandma-chan) and the Second Daughter (The Gyaru) had a meal at a Chinese food place!


3 days of eating lots of yummy things, it was 3 days filled with joy〜!




I read Tsunku♂-san’s liner notes.
My tears wouldn’t stop.





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#WEAR Master #selfie Iikubo Haruna

2018-01-23 23:03:05    Theme:Iikubo Haruna





To put up my clothes on WEAR, the members and Manager-san always take it for me but


There’s that person that I call “WEAR Master” (*´-`)


The one who is often the WEAR Master is Ogata Haruna-chan!


Ikuta Erina-san also takes it for me but Ikuta-san isnt’ regarded as the WEAR Master she’s called “The Safe and Secure Ikuta Pro” ( ^ω^ )



On WEAR, I think if you look up Ogata and Safe and Secure Ikuta Pro pictures they took might come out☆ lol




That WEAR Master Ogata, yesterday too she took at shot of my clothes for me〜(*´◒`*)


Yesterday I already had put up on WEAR but, with that another extra shot was taken too!












A selfie〜〜(=^▽^) with Morito Chisaki-chan



Between taking me in stylish poses, it seems she did this with the front camera lol



The 2 of them are both cute so I’ll forgive them! lol lol





I, like member selfies you know.


To see selfies, you just go to the blog that’s why☆





that said I’ll put up my latest selfie too kay(*´꒳`*)←











A, but speaking confidentially here, I like looking at various people’s SNS too you know〜


There’s lot sof people taking cute selfies!
Mom’s taking beautiful・boys and girls too!


I love Cute・Beautiful things so I pook mark and look at the people I like every day, it’s comforting←



This kind of idol… they EXIST??(*´-`) tehe





Today I’m updating WEAR too〜
Look at it KAY!



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#Kuduー #SourceOfEnergy #Sisters #LupinYellow Iikubo Haruna

2018-01-22 22:23:06    Theme:Iikubo Haruna





The snow… it’s amazing huh (*_*)



Today was shoots but, on the way home it was hard〜_:(´ཀ`」 ∠):


With the members and manager-san we walked a lot in the snow…



Kind manager-san on the way at the convenience store bought lots of glove sand pocket warmers for us _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):


On a cold day such warm kindness. _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):




Everyone, are you okay?



Let’s take care not to catch a cold kay (;_;)







Tha tsaid, recently I got an energy charge!













Kuduー, Kudou Haruka-chan!



LupinYellow Kudou Haruka-chan!



My little sister Kudou Haruka-chan!



We had lunch☆
I wanted to eat meat and fish so we shared a round steak and a king salmon steak (*´◒`*)


The 2 of us wanted to eat and drink the same things so, ordering we got two of the same things yahー lol






If we had time to all the time we’d get together but we haven’t really…(´ー`)


We wanted to go to the Doraemon exhibit and the Shinkai Makoto exhibit too though yahー!




Already the talk is inexhaustable, it was fun (*´꒳`*)


What we want to say, Baーーーー, we say it, it’s refreshing yah?


For me that partner is Kuduー yah〜


Always in contact back and forth but, meeting and talking is different you know (*´◒`*)













Hihihi, we ended up eating crepes too (*´꒳`*)♡



Sure enough(?), Kudou at my crepe for me when I got so full I couldn’t eat it to the end.


Thank you, you know to eat it when I say 「I’m full already」! lol






Kuduー new environment seems fun too, I’m glad!
LupaPato, 「Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger」’s members too, for Kuduー they’re “genmates” and that seems mysterious huh (*´-`)



I think I want to meet again soon☆






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#BLUEGIANT Iikubo Haruna

2018-01-19 15:28:17    Theme:Iikubo Haruna





I started reading the Manga recommended by Akashiya Sanma-san earlier, 「BLUE GIANT」! Blue Giant!



I’ve still only read through to the middle of vol. 2 but, it turns my heart around countless times over and over so, I can’t get into it without writing about it on my blog



Breaking loose talking about it, a man playing a saxophone talking jazz is the protagonist but,


For me, the 1st volume’s 1st story had me in tears you know…



Being asked, “What was interesting?” I don’t know how I could explain, “THIS!” though (I’ve still just read into vol. 2 too)


The details of the characters and their expressions are drawn in a way that’s easy to understand, it’s a manga with impact so


more than the words or the lines moving me to tears, it’s the feel that the flow of pictures make you cry. Probably reading it, it’ll catch your heart so, you could be moved to tears.


The warmth struck my heart, I cried.


Passionately, I’m moved to tears.


I’m overpowered by manga!!!!





Now I’m holding back wantign to continue reading soon too, wanting to convey this interest and passion, I’m writing my blog!



By all means, I want you to read ti (*^◯^*)!







Tomorrow is concerts in the Osaka prefecture ut, Ishida Ayumi-chan, and Oda Sakura-chan due to influenza will be absent.


We’ll do our beset with the 11 of us!




For tomorrow’s broadcast of Youngtown Saturday, replacing Odashi, Angeme’s Nakanishi Kana-chan is appearing☆








Taking pictures…





「I’m here too!!!!」




between us Yokoyama Reina-chan. lol
















By all means please listen kayーーー






Today’s WEAR Kananan took it for me♡
I’m wearing a large Tshirt as a one piece, look at it KAY (*^^*)





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#NamidaameToSerenade Iikubo Haruna

2018-01-17 22:33:40    Theme:Iikubo Haruna





A very much loved manga.









Namidaame to Serenade



A manga with a retro atmosphere, it has interesting art and is easy to get into, all the characters are charming (*´꒳`*)


It’s a time slip!




There’s a long span between new books coming out so, since the 1st volume it’s been totally teasing! lol


After vol.1 already it’s an interesting mangaー!!








Speaking of, the other day, Nonsan (Suzuki Kanon-san) and I had a meal (*´꒳`*)♡


The same as ever she’s a splendid buddy… hehe



Not body, but buddy kinda feel. hehehe
















Completely unrelated but, it’s green so I’m putting up a picture from the Ueno zoo kay…! *sweat*






We talked a lot!
She’s a person that’s like the sun yah (*゚▽゚*)


Surprisingly since Nonsan graduated the member she seems to be meeting most is me ( ^ω^ )


Easy to talk to and comforting〜







A, well yesterdays blog, it seems you couldn’t comment huh!


Why was that…
I didn’t do anything though you know!


Today I hope you can comment (*_*)





It’s late but I’m putting up my clothes today on WEAR too kay!
A blouse with a large ribbon and a full red heart, it’s cute♡
Look at it KAYーーー(*゚▽゚*)




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#Brooklynparlor #Bluegloss #Make-up Iikubo Haruna

2018-01-16 20:15:39    Theme:Iikubo Haruna




Today before work, I had lunch with a good friend from when I was an elementary schooler〜!


It was long awaited so I went to this place that seems like a good insta-shine spot, Shinjuku Brooklyn  parlor (*´-`)










In this fantastic space surrounding a book, the music that played in the store was also fantastic (*´◒`*)


Today was lunch but, I want to go at night too now〜




A birthday present from my good friend, I got RMK blue gloss and glow gel (pink)!






Even though I bought new lip product fro myself the other day too.


MAC’s Viva Glam(*´꒳`*)


I want Matte things, it’s my first time buying a pure red color.











Lately make-up has been fun fun,
eye color and lip too, more matter how long it takes I’m not bothered you know!



From here on I’m gonna try out all kinds of things (*゚▽゚*)






For my clothes today I’ve got a sweater and lace top layered〜
Look at it KAYーーーー!





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#Shokotan Mama #NakanoSunplaza Iikubo Haruna

2018-01-14 23:22:53    Theme:Iikubo Haruna





Lately wanting to be a doll, it’s Iikubo Haruna.
















That said, the other day Makino-san and Iikubo-sensei’s replies to everyone’s give and take was very funny (*´꒳`*)



That’s right, as the last act we said things and there were answers you know, how we gave hte questions was the question (´⊙ω⊙`)


「Why are you warning me?」 That’s what it was! lol



But you made me laugh, everyone being nice, thank you so much (*´-`)




Why was I warning her that is…


Becaues Maria had snacks in her bag with her〜!



Iiku 「Makino-san, I know. You have snacks in your bag huh?


Maki 『!?
E, Ee?? That’s uhmhghm…』






『Wa! I’m sorryyyy』



「You have chocolate in there too huh」



『It’s sticking outtttt』





the back and forth was like that! lol lol







Yesterday and today it was concerts at Nakano Sunplaza!


Yesterday, Nakagawa Shouko-san’s Mama came to see us and, she gave us FANTASTIC refreshments♡





Nakagawa-san is currently doing a play huhー!
I’m thinking I should go see it (*´-`)
I a want to go hang out at her house again too (*´꒳`*)
I want to see her cat-chans too!













Today I’m putting up my own clothes so look at it KAYーーー!



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#KoiWaAmaagariNoYouni #UenoZoo #XiangXiang #LupinYellow Iikubo Haruna

2018-01-12 14:33:38
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Yesterday, I went with Nakajima Saki-san to Ueno Zoo〜(*´◒`*)



With XiangXiang it’s a hot Ueno Zoo!



I went and saw XiangXiang〜〜♡♡♡













I got to see the very kind couple calling out (´;ω;`)


It was a warm world yah(´;ω;`)


This is another good omen in the New Year huh (´;ω;`)









I got to hang out with Nakajima-san for the first time in a while, it was very, very very veーーーーーry fun (*´◒`*)!!!!



My favorite was the Malayan sun bear!
They were kinda scary you know〜 lol lol


We both love animals it we really smiled.




Going around the zoo before noon, we say eーverything!



When our times line up let’s hang out again soon〜








From yesterday the anime 「Koi wa Amaagari no Youni」 started you know!


The manga I very much like!
It’s the manga that in my photobook, I cosplayed as the protagonist Tachibana Akira-chan!



Surprisingly Akira-chan’s voice is more emotional than I imagined!


The coloring is very pretty, the BGM also fits the world view perfectly.



From here on I look forward to it every week (*´-`)







Everyone, our Kuduー, Kudou Haruka-chan


Starting 2/11, TVAsahi’s 「Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger」 new series, it’s been announced she’ll be appearing as a regular in the role of LupinYellow, Hayami Umika!


It’s every sunday, 9:30〜 AM (*´◒`*)




This too, let’s look forward to it every week with everyone kay♡








On WEAR, I’m putting up another cut of the zoo pictures so look at it KAYー!
On Nakajima Saki-san’s Instagram too☆



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#LifeGuidance #LastAct #Kingsman Iikubo Haruna

2018-01-09 20:13:56
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It’s sudden but, it’s the last act.










Iikubo-sensei, warning Makino Maria-san to guide her life.




Just what could I be warning her about〜?



A hint, warning her knowing what leaked out Maria has this expression☆










The answer will be on another day ( ^ω^ ) Huhu






Today before work I went to see the movie I wanted to see 「Kingsman: Golden Circle」 together with Mogami Moga-san〜♪
Moga-san always gets tickets for movies for me ( ; ; ) Thank you so much ( ; ; )!



The move was very interestingー!
From the very beginning it flew off into sction sceens!
It was supremely exhilarating (*´꒳`*)
The coolness of the characters was mesmerizing you knowー!!


But there’s lots of parts from the previous one’s details I’d forgotten so, I gotta watch it again on DVD I think.
It was really interesting, I remember that feeling though you know!




From here on it’s recordings, I’m offー^ ^




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#AiNana #Manga #Make-up Iikubo Haruna

2018-01-08 20:20:02
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Yesterday in real time with the third daughter we did AniNana Appreciation!



After the show finished, there as a shocking announcement huh…!



IDOLiSH7 1st LIVE details…!!


It’s AiNana day huh, congratulations (;o;)



I want to go with Fukumura Mizuki-san, Kudou Haruka-chan, and Kaga Kaede-chan you know, We’ve talked about it since last year but


It’s Saturday so…!
I can’t go (;o;)(;o;)(;o;)


Around that time it’ll be Summer Hello!Con rehearsals you know


Moreover Not just IDOLiSH7, TRIGGER and Re:vale are performing too…uu…_:(´ཀ`」 ∠):



I get to look forward to them doing another live after (;o;)♡! lol










Today for free time I read these 2 books〜!



Yakusoku Neverland vol.7


Hibiki vol.8



Both are surpremely amusing…
The time reading amusing manga is very joyful!



Hibiki, it’s cool you know〜
That kind of cool highschool girl, and other stuff I didn’t know!


The live action movie version! I look forward to itーーー!





And well SENSEI Kunshu is also getting a live action movie huh!
Reading it I always had wild ideas about the cast if they did a live action version〜!
In my wild idea, SENSEI was flumpool’s Yamamura Ryuuta-san or Mizushima Hiro-san. lol
But Takeuchi Ryouma’s Sensei is surprising so I’m looking forward to it!
It’s a work I like so, I think when the movie releases I should go (*´∇`*)





Today was the first clear file handing out meeting and, there were lots of girls (*´꒳`*)


I got asked a lot about my eye make-up but, for my newly bought PAUL&JOE eye color, just putting it on my eyelids was one point to it too♪







In this style on the corners of my eyes and above my eyeline I put this redl ike eyeliner
I put some below my eyelid too〜〜



This amazing picture, the look of it is bad huh lol



But make-up is fun so I want to try all kinds of things now you know (*´꒳`*) hihi



Lots of people are looking at my WEAR too that makes me as happy as I could be…!♡


Today I’m updating tooo so look at it KAYーーー



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