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2018-07-07 20:55:12
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Yesterday after Music Station finished, the older groups 4 had a sleepover.




Ayumin and I both took off our make up. lol














The 4 of us enjoying our take of people〜





Just doing things like that, or I should say, Ikuta Erina-san who’s birthday is today went,


「I want to be together the moment it hits 0:00〜」


it’s because she said that.



It can’t be helped huh, the sleepover started with that feel to it. lol




We spent time watching a Doraemon movie, it didn’t at all seem like a girl hang out (゚ω゚) lol lol












But Ikuta-san seemed to be having fun so it was fine! lol






For breakfast, I made the Iikubo deluxe nori-tama bowl!


For that after waking up I went with Ikuta-san to the grocery store.



Even for one who isn’t good at cooking like me it’s a simple small meal I could make from long ago!





And today all day was Hello!Con Rehearsals so, for one thing or anoher the sleepover time was short (゚ω゚)



The next time when we do another sleepover let’s have even more fun〜!




Again, Ikuta-san, Happy 21st Birthday〜〜




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#Music Station #MSte #JoJo #DeanFujioka san #YOI Iikubo Haruna

2018-07-06 22:44:28
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Everyone who watched the Music Station 2 Hour Special, thank you so much (*^^*)



Today, I was Iーkubo who ended up showing off her forehead with all she’s got. lol











We got to show our new song 「Are you Happy?」 (*´◒`*)


We sang about a girl’s awakened love, it has lyrics that are easy to empathize with but, during that there are scenes with choreography that’s BonBon jumping !


There, at handshake events and stuff it comes up often


「Everyone’s BaraBara flying all over but why?」


we get asked that but, actually girl’s MoyaMoya fuzzies and IraIra irritations, it’s an expression of that feeling bubbling out so it’s intentionally flying all over the place (*´꒳`*)



By all means, hold your left arm parallel to the floor, and try the BonBon pose please kay ♡




On Music Station, Matsuoka Mayu-san flipped and at the same time talked about our charm plenty, I really was terribly emotionally grateful _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):♡
Even the 「Are you Happy?」’s song introduction!


All of Kanjani∞ were bringing it up in back, doing the BonBon pose, I felt the kindness of this world coming out (*´◒`*)!!





And another story of kindness.



Well, Dean-san also likes 「JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure」 and so, we got to talk about the same JoJo Raー,


And… my… beloved god anime!!


「Yuーri‼︎!on ICE」’s theme song is sung by Dean-san, I already really respect him and we got to talk s_:(´ཀ`」 ∠):


It was a kind fantastic time…!!





We got to take a picture with Dean・Fujioka-san!!










My pose is


From 「Yuーri‼︎!on ICE」 episode 7, when Viktor was impressed with Yuーri, that pose. lol




My Baba (My Grandma-chan) loves him〜〜!!!!
Baba I think is overjoyed that her grandchild gets to appear with him! lol






From tomorrow it’s once again Hello!Con Rehearsals!
Allーーーーright! I’ll do my bestーーー!




For my clothes today terracotta sleeveless knit chinopan♡


Look at it KAYーーーー!




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#Kansenzenya #SUPERBEAVER #WonderKimiWaTaiyou #HachioujiZombies Iikubo Haruna

2018-07-05 12:58:29
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Today walking in Shibuya I saw the characters 「Hachiouji」, and thinking, “What!?” it seems there’s a play 「Hachiouji Zombies」 huh!?
From the performance title it’ll be in Hachiouji, that makes me happyーーー!
I really want to go see it now!☆
Today, rehearsals started in the evening so, I went ot see a movie!
「Wonder Kimi wa Taiyou」 [tl: Wonder You are the Sun, aka Wonder]
It’s the movie starrting Jacob-kun from 「Room」!
It’s a very tenderly warm movie.
The tears won’t stop, the strength of each person and them as they thought about what is right for them, and there were lots of heart striking scenes too.
The main character Auggie is a young boy overflowing with humor so I enjoyed the cheery feelings
After seeing the movie, I went to the CD shop, and GOT last weeks released SUPER BEAVER-san’s 「Kansenzenya」 (*´◒`*)
Waーーー, I want to buy more soon!!
It’s got the Zepp Tokyo’s LIVE DVD that I couldn’t go to too so I want to go home soon and enjoy it!!
It’s been about!!! 2 years!!!! since their last full album huh


I’m looking forward to itーーーー!!
The nationwide one man tour, I hope I can go _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):
For tomorrow, we get to appear live on the Music Station 2 Hour Special〜(*^^*)
Dinner is salad!! lol
I’ll probably go with black, long, straight hair so, please try searching for me kay♡
Tomorrow we’re togehter with Matsuoka Mayu-san too♡
For my clothes today, it’s a dot jumper skirt!
Look at it KAYーーーー



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#AiNana #MorningSexy Iikubo Haruna

2018-07-04 21:22:58
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This morning, half asleep I was watching 「ZIP!」
And they were talking about last year’s collabo appearance we got to do with Sexy Zone-san, 「Morning Sexy」, it suprirsed me awake〜(*´◒`*)


I’m grateful it was remembered〜〜!


We as 「Sexy Morning Musume。」, called us 「SekuMusume。」 so, Sexy Zone-san went with 「Morning Sexy」〜, I think lol lol



I feel like it’d be great to get to do that kind of earnest collab with each groups full power again (`・∀・´)*sharp*






I you know, I haven’t been restarting AiNana this whole time, and since part 3 released, reading that is frazzling…!!


Meanwhile, while I’ve been spending time ZuruZuru dragging along,



Fukumura Mizuki-san had restarted it earlier, and she’s really very into it and recommending it so…



Finally yesterday I restarted!! lol



This weekend is the commemorate as much as you can AiNana Live huh! I can’t go though!_:(´ཀ`」 ∠):


Not being able to go is really rough.
Already I realized I couldn’t go when it got announced but even so it’s rough. lol lol










With Fukumura-san doing the i7(AiNana) Pose.



(I, resolute with the thought that it’s for rehearsals, put eyetape on my eye, or rather, adhesive.) lol



I’m still in part three but, IchiIchi coolness gives me goosebumps, it makes me feel like I’m gonna cry,



When I see cute things and cool things,







That’s all I can say you know, it can give me that response??



「Cool」「Cute」 I can’t say until the end. lol lol




I’m continuing in that state.


Well, Soーchan’s 「Maybe」’s “Maybe”, the way it’s said is so my oh my.



I want to see the new songs, and read the new story, I’m immersed in this wave of joy so much that it’s scary, it’s quite joyful now!




I’ll say it again, My oshimen is TenTen and Soーchan…(White-kun get me GuiGui pushed in).






A, while I was taking this picture with Fukumura-san, on front of us Ikuta Erina-san was doing poses like she was getting herself taken so, I couldn’t help it I took one of her.







This is satisfying right, Ikuta-san.






For my clothes today, I’m in the look I had for the visual photobook release event the other day in Osaka.
I didn’t put it on WEAR so I did it again.
The Takahashi Ai-san collabo one piece!
Look at it KAYーーーーーーー(*´◒`*)




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#SailorMoon #IikuboFamilyGirls Iikubo Haruna

2018-07-03 15:44:51
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「Tsuukai! Akashiya Denshidai」 Did you get to see itー??


Except those in Kansai you can see the missed out transmissionーーー(*´◒`*)


Well I get to appear next week too♡





Yesterday rehearsals ended early so


I had a birthday fest with my family’s third daughter (the otaku)!



With my family birthdays are generally eating out!


We go to eat what the birthday person wants to eat (*´◒`*)














That said, it was kaitenzushi〜〜(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))♡




It’s been a while since I got to eat with my family!
It was lots of laughs, really fun(*´꒳`*)



And you know, when I asked the third daughter what she wanted? She couldn’t answer,


Animate was close by so do you want something I can buy for you? I asked.



And the second daughter (the gyaru), 「3rd, Don’t copy her. More than go to buy something for you, this girl will get her hands on lots of things.」 she said.




Wha, what are you suggestingーーー!!!! lol




Then, 「In this day and age, even middle schoolers should study how to use your money」 she said. (´・∀・`)



Far and away 2nd sounded like she knew way more things than I do. lol lol



In the end, 3rd apologetically in a soft voice went, 「Well you know, I want Mitsuki-kun (Her AiNana Oshi-character)goods…」, for a birthday present it was ota living expenses (An appropriate amount for a middle schooler)_:(´ཀ`」 ∠): lol lol




I’m glad she was overjoyed…! lol







Coming home, with such a cute thing♡














Sailormoon eyewash (*´꒳`*)


It even comes witha compact case♡


I easily get dry eyes so eye drops are a necessityー



Just having cute things is exciting so walking with it gets me UkiUki cheery♪









Today too even today was Hello!Con rehearsals but, for the first time in a while I got to see Angerme’s Wada Ayaka-chan, Happyーーー(*´꒳`*)


I ended up getting Taiwan souvenirs from Aya-chan!



For the rehearsals coming up I’ll do my besーーーt(*´◒`*)





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#BOKURANOKISEKI #Sanma-san #ThirdDaughter #BirthFest Iikubo Haruna

2018-07-01 22:04:05
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Today was various meet-ups in Osaka!



3 weeks in a row in Osaka〜♡



Everyone thank you so much!




The 3shot was with Fukumura Mizuki-san♡











Eーveryone was happy but for some reason especially the the girls were KyunKyun heart-stopped(*´◒`*)


It seems they did their best to dress up, or it felt that way, eーーーーーveryone was cute!♡


The girls, each and all of them are cute yah(*´꒳`*)♡



They asked a lot about make-up, and they asked about shampoo too♪



Today’s make-up, for the eye shadow I used the purple make-up palette I bought on Amazon!
And so you know, getting asked where I got the eyeshadow? it was hard to explain (´・∀・`) Tehe


By the way checking it, it’s about 1000yen〜2000yen lol
That’s affordable〜〜


It’s good cost performance so when doing color make-up I’m always using it★


I think I put it up on the blog before so please try searching for it(`・∀・´)
Next time I’ll put it up again on WEAR too kay!




For shampoo I’m using La CASTA(Rakasuta) (*´꒳`*)


telling people that you know, some people were saying, 「It smells good〜」,
T, that it seems like perform…!! lol
Thank you!












I lent Ishida Ayumi-chan the manga, 「BOKURA NO KISEKI」 [tl approx: Our Season] and today she brought it, Haga Akanechin next to her started reading that too


Interesting!! Them praising it made me very happy (*´◒`*)♡



Bokura no Kiseki, it’s the best!!!!




For me today, again while reading 「Koko wa Ima kara Rinri desu。」I watched Mio Yamazaki-san videos but, I wanted to go to the photo exhibit in Shibuya that was going until today〜〜!
I wanted to go to 7/16’s Pacifico Yokohama’s thread too (`・∀・´)!
If I have the chance again I look forward to it★








Today is Akashiya Sanma-san’s birthday, we’re always indebted to him for MBS 「Youngtown Saturday」ーーーーーー!


Sanma-san, Congratulations (*´꒳`*)
I’m a feisty Musume。 but from here on please continue to support me!!!!



By the way! Tomorrow’s broadcast of the daily broadcast 「Tsuukai! Akashiya Denshidai」 has me, Iーkubo appearing♡


We got to celebrate Sanma-san’s birthday, by all menas please watch kayーーー♡






And and, today is my family’s third daughter (the otaku)’s birthday too(*´◒`*)!





Our third daughter is an Idol otaku too but…


Yesterday coming home, I saw the magazines and goods and stuff gathered up until now packed together, it seems she’s decided to graduate from being an Ota…!


She’s sending them to official places of purchase she said(´・∀・`)


Proper goods, even bags and boxes she seemed to treasure are there too, so seeing that seems really painful…


It’s like that scene in Toy Story 3 where Andy is introducing each of his friends to the girl. (Maybe that gets it across)


The good that were in our house, I hope you can be treasured again by new fans…!



With this and that, her becoming a NEW third daughter, when she finds another new interesting charm point I’ll tell you all kay (*´◒`*)♡



(Every year seeing the comments to our third daughter on the blog, she get NiyaNiya smirking♡) lol






My WEAR followers broke 440,000 people!
Thank you so much♡
I’m updating today too so, look at it KAYーーーー( ^ω^ )



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#KokoWaImaKaraRinriDesu。 #MioYamazaki san #Aimyon san Iikubo Haruna

2018-06-30 21:24:09
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Today was various meet-ups in Shibuya!



Everyone who came, thank you so much♡



Well, you’re reading the blog so, there are lots of you that even though it’s embarrassing you give your all to convey your 「love」, that made me very happy(*´꒳`*)♡


Thanks to that I was full of cheer all day today(*´◒`*)



A Love that’s heavy, so much so it’s just right.


That’s how I feel (`・∀・´)sharp



And so, I also want to have have lots of love but, at that point it might burn jealousy so please be careful (*´꒳`*)♡ lol












The manga that’s in my bad today is 「Koko wa Ima kara Rinri desu.」 [tl approx: From now this is ethics]!



Reading vol. one it was interseting, so I bought vol. two but, Takayaki-sensei is cool…! This coolness, I want a response〜〜!!!



But I bought it thinking I should read it but, today during break time iI was listening to MV and music the whole time and couldn’t readi t so, tomorrow I think I’ll bring it again!


By the way, why I’m listening to is Mio Yamazaki-san and Aimyon-san (*´꒳`*)


Lately I’ve been really into them I’m listening to them allーーー the time.
I love both of their singing voices (*´◒`*)
Of course they each have different voices but I get charmed by them, lost listening to them.
MV too I’m fascinated by their unique world view…!



And so you know, at the next Rock In japan getting to work with Aimyon-san makes me so happy happy, I can’t help it!!
I’d be great if I get to see her live (*´꒳`*)!!







Tonight once again I’m having a meal with Ikuta-san and my Mama, the 3 of us ( ^ω^ ) lol lol
















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#Otaku and #MenBre ‘s Common Terminology Iikubo Haruna

2018-06-27 21:39:52
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I suddenly realized it but,


For me,when living my manga and all kind of ota life, 「Impossible」「Tiresome」「Tough」 those words come out but


When having a mental break too, the words 「Impossible」「Tiresome」「Tough」 come out you know〜〜



In joyful time and hard times the words that come out are the same.



What isn’t common is 「Precious」 yah ( ^ω^ ) lol



Well, when spelling it out, it’s the same so, if you don’t actually hear the nuance when it’s said, you can’t tell, it’s an interesting point huh.






Today we got to appear live on TVTokyo 「TVTou Ongakusai 2018」!









The usual eyeshadow from Matsuoka Mayu-san,with the previous Ai-Shadow [tl love shadow], I did my make-up!


And a ponytail!


I put my spirit into it!






Please watch, the pretty ajisai are currently blooming.










Plants and stuff are narutally pretty things, it makes me jealous, but they’re soothing yah (*´꒳`*)





Today we celebrated Morito Chisaki-chan’s 1 year anniversary joining Morning Musume。 as a surprise〜〜


Chiichan was surprised and overjoyed, it was cute…♡


Yokoyama’s photobook released today was also cute…♡



The 2 of them together, congratulations〜〜!



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#BelovedPerson #SourceOfEnergy #MemberMeal Iikubo Haruna

2018-06-26 21:12:46
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Today work is in the evening so I had lunch with Angerme’s Wada Ayaka-chan♡








A, this is after we ate dessert. lol




I totally wanted to see her!


We finally got to meet!



Haaーーーーーー It cheered me uppppーーー!!



Thinking up what we could do if we had time to do something is fun. lol
First off I want to go to all kinds of places in Japan yah!






And after rehearsals finished, I had a meal with Yokoyama Reina-chan♡









Ah, this is dessert…lol




For a bit I firmly ended up taking in food and desserts!!!!
So bad! Tonight I need a steady massage!!!!



Yokoyama chats a lot too, it was very fun!


That’s a point that we’re similiar yah〜( ^ω^ )



Talking about things I could do if we had the time with Yokoyama was fun too! lol


It’s fun making things to look forward to in the future yah, for sure!



Events, things you like, making lots of things to look forward to, I think that makes life brighter.




For my situations, when I’m full at my limits, meeting people I love, and talking becomes my breather so,
I’m glad that today, I got to spend afternoon and evening both with 2 people I love(*´꒳`*)






Tomorrow on TVTokyo 「TVTou Ongakusai 2018」, we get to appear live☆


Evening time 5:55〜



By all means please watch kayーーーー(*´◒`*)♡





For my clothes today, it’s a merry jenny dot one piece♡
Look at it KAY!





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#IeBeOrBuruBe #PersonalColor #Love #MeThatILove Iikubo Haruna

2018-06-24 21:22:20


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Today was various meet-ups at Shibuya!


Everyone who came, thank you so much!




Offshot from the group shot☆













You know, doing a handshake event, getting the words 「I love you」 straight, it makes me so happy I feel like I could cry.


Getting to feel like the fans who are always giving me support love me, getting it said to me revitalizes me or rather, I felt like it’s gives me peace of mind(*´꒳`*)


The story of 「Kyapiko」-chan that’s recorded in the 「Korosanai Kare to Shinanai Kanjo」 I introduced the other day GusaGusa sticking but, I just like Kyapiko-chan want to feel the love that’s being loved by all kinds of people. lol




Then diviating from the story, getting told, “you got cuter yah,” makes me very happy, but the best path is to become someone you like yourself I think yah.


No matter what other say, you being like that is the cutest I think.



I heard it at today’s handshake event too but, I up to now have had a forehead wideness complex, I hid it as my [secret garden].
With that recently my bangs have gotten long and so I’ve been trying to part it but, for whatever reason I got tired of trying to hide it! lol


The feeling that I want to be someone who likes myself when my forehead is showing too came out but, when my forehead stands out I try to firmly draw my eyebrows, and do my make-up in such a way that it compensates for it.





Lately I’ve been hearing about EiBe or BuruBe [tl: Yellow Base or Blue Base], Personal Color? a lot but, I don’t want to worry about that stuff.


Personal color wise, I’m gold going with this color for make-up and clothes will match you more but,


Keeping htat in mind I’d have to hold back or control using colors I really like, that seems kinda unhealthy to me.


I know that I may like this color but it doesn’t match me myself so, I think it’s good to remove limits except for the ones that you decide for yourself.


that’s my opinion.



And so, I do what I feel like at the time, and if my companion think that’s cute then that’ll make me the most happy, and that’s a win for me you know(*´◒`*)



I think it’s good for all girls to be cheery, cute, and like themselves.






This ended up being a really long entry yah!! lol


For my clothes today, I’m using the sakosshu I got recently☆
Look at it KAYーーー!




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