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2018-10-01 21:58:34
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Today for dinner, I ate with all of Triple A (*´◒`*)











We took PuriKura!



Since Kudou Haruka-chan’s graduation it’s the first time the 3 of us got together♡
Ogata Haruna-chan’s got into lots I don’t get yah lol lol


Well you know, we talked the whoーーーle time and laughed.
It was realllly fun!



I meet with Kuduー often but, since Ogata graduated it’s been a while


Ogata is as cute as ever…(*´꒳`*)
She’s KiraKira sparkling cute yah (*´꒳`*)!










I left the Purikura procesing to the two young ones ( ^ω^ ) lol



Let’s have Triple A meet again kay! We promised.
Next time it might be a nabe party (*´◒`*)huhuhu




Before I realized we hit October, I too in 2 months will be beside the two of youー! We said stuff like that.


There’s still 2 months! I’m gonna enjoy it with all I got




Tonight from 23:00, the broadcast of
FujiTV’s 「HEY!HEY!NEO!」, Morning Musume。’18 will get to appear (*´꒳`*)!


We get to show a song from my last single!
By all means please watch it kay♡




And and!
The birthday event deadline is approaching〜!


Those of you who haven’t applied yet, hurry!
The deadline is 10/4ーーー!



Details are here!






On WEAR too I’ll update with a different Purikura kay!
Look at it KAY♡



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#HPAS #SayonaraMiniSkirt Iikubo Haruna

2018-09-27 23:51:24
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This Monday’s scheduled Hello!Pro! Allstars Nationwie handshake was happening but, considering the effects of the typhoon, it’s being suspended.




Everyone looking forward to it, we’re sorry.



I was also really looking forward to it so it’s really sad( ; ; )


Hokkaido, Kanagawa, Tokyo, not being able to go there, us not being able to see each other, it’s sad…


Waーーー, we can’t do the event in Hokkaido maybe( ; ; )









It’s forced but, let’s do a star watching meet or somethign in Hokkaido!←
(The shadow in the picture is me)





Waーーーー, I had thought I could go again for sure but, nothing in this world is definite yah…You typhoon!


Everyone in the areas forecasted to be effected by the typhoon, earnestly please be careful kay!!









Today for my clothes style it matched with FUkumura Mizuki-san’s so, we took pictures together!











I had a ponytail so, I did Tsubaki Factory’s 「Mou Saikoー!」 respect pose. lol



On WEAR I’ll put up other pictures too kay!





And you know, Mogami Moga-san introduced me to, was interested in and read it, published with Ribon, 「Sayonara Miniskirt」 is so interesting…!


The unbelievable development, it’s got me GakuGaku shivering!


For me I’m reading it with Shounen Jump+ but, I read it while recommending it to Oda, Ayumin, and Fukumura-san. lol



And so you know, for whatever reason, in the above picture of my clothes too, there’s the point of Miniskirt and Pants being linked to the manga so I was UkiUki cheery when we took it (*´◒`*) lol



Those interested by all means please try reading it kay




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#teamLab #Date♡ Iikubo Haruna


2018-09-26 20:34:57
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Today was a day off (*´◒`*)♡



I went out with my beloved Angerme’s Wada Ayaka-chan〜!


Toyosu’s teamLab!









Aya-chan in high spirits with the balloons lol





Well you know, we said we should do something that’ll take a long time together so we had an arrangement past 8:30 and went to first one in the morning one (*´◒`*) lol




For me it’s my 2nd time at teamLab but it’s a place that’s very fun and I love it so I wanted to go with Aya-chan too!
It was really fun〜〜!!












After that, we walked around Toyosu Park, we at a meal at LalaPort,
we went to Odaiba beachfront park too (*´꒳`*)





My first in Odaiba beachfront park!


With the drinks and stuff we bought at LalaPort, we spent time watching the ocean ^ ^



After that, we walked aiming for Odaiba’s Statue of Liberty but, what, have you seen it from behind?


It’s the Statue of Liberty but, looking at her from behind, her hairstyle, it an kanzaji, it’s in a Japanese hairstyle!!


I had no idea〜〜



Up to now I’ve only seen it from the front but, seeing it from behind for the first time I learned that.


You have to see it to believe it you know, that was the reality of that moment!





In the evening we said byebye, at night with my little sister we went to my Baba (My grandma-chan)’s house (*´꒳`*)!


It was a fulfilling break!



It was a very joyful day (*´◒`*)♡




On WEAR there’s various other cuts I put up too you know!
Look at it KAYーーー



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#HPAS #OshiAreSacred #WotaLife Iikubo Haruna


2018-09-24 21:36:50
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Please Look






Today, with the Hello!Pro Allstars Single Release Commemoration Talk & Handshake Event we went to Tottori prefecture!


With Kobushi Factory’s Inoue Rei-chan, the 2 of us♡!



WIth my Oshi, the 2 of us♡!!




Time went in a flash but it was very fun!



Everyone who came,
Thank you so much (*´◒`*)



For me it’s been 3 years since I’ve done a handshake event at the venue but, I’m glad I got to come to Tottori again!




At the event we talked while getting lots of reactions from all the fans, Reirei was hit in a painful place we buried it…! lol


Well… it was a deep time lol lol



Today we arrived at the airport and right fomr that we headed to the venue and right away the event started, it felt like that I couldn’t really enjoy Tottori prefecture much (´;ω;`)


With Reirei we mostly in transport we could only talk but, even that was a joyful time (*´꒳`*)



On WEAR too I put up a picture with Reirei kay♡
Followers hit 490,000, thank you so much♡!
Just a little more, it’ll be 500,000 peopleーー!


And today, for my clothes, I wore the D.Gray-man Tshirt I bought at the Jump exhibit (`・ω・´)!
Allen is drawn a lot on this Tshirt, it’s Ota-coordinate!
I’ll put this up there too kay〜! Look at it KAY(*´◒`*)






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#KudouHaruka #HPAS #FallReading #SinSemillas Iikubo Haruna


2018-09-23 22:09:22
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Ginza’s Day 2 is finished〜!!
It was funー!!!!


Well you know, among the tour opening days up to now, it might be the most?☆ With fresh feelings, that’s how fun it was as we finished(*´◒`*)!



I can say it because it’s now but, last year’s fall tour opening day, there was a pile of all kinds of things in the schedule too, mentally it was hazy too_:(´ཀ`」 ∠): I was extra form out that I randomly teared up! lol


And so with today finished, while looking back at things from last year with everyone we laughed, it turned out feeling very fun ( ^ω^ )!
Moreover you know, on the way home I visited the service area with everyone and we went home splitting up the goodies. Sheesh, this’s fuーーーn! That’s how it turned out♡






And more you know,
Kuduー, Kudou Haruka-chan came〜(*^◯^*)









With her long awaited day off she came for us!
Thank you (*´꒳`*)
Today too she used a hand-me-down I gave her, a bag when she came, it’s cute〜〜



Thinking, well everyone wants to talk to her right, I didn’t get to talk to Duー any extra you know〜 lol
That I have just a little regret!


And so I want her to come hang out again I think (*´◒`*)










Tomorrow is Hello!Pro Allstar’s Single Release commemoration Talk & Handshake event, we’ll be heading to Tottori prefectureーーーーー(*´꒳`*)!!
WIth Kobushi Factory’s Inoue Rei-chan, the 2 of us♡



At Aeon Mall Hiedzu, we’re doing it from 17:00!



For detailsgo here!






By all means please come hang out kay!
We’ll be waitiーーーng(*´꒳`*)






Lately you know, I started reading a book!!


Up to now, I’ve mostly reading only manga, I’ve hardly read novels, I’ve read so far


Harry・Potter series
Darren・Shan series
The Demonata series
The Spiderwick Family Mystery series [tl aka: The Spiderwick Chronicles]
Brave Story series
Yamada Yuusuke-san’s various works


It’s all easy to read and fantasy stuff.



Now I’m reading











Abe Kazushige-san’s 「Sin semillas」.


I heard about it from my friend who likes books, it’s a little hard to read but, they said if I got into it I’d like it, so I challenged myself to it…!


Bit by bit, bit by bit I’m reading through it, I’ve finally read to about half way (=´∀`)


I’ll do my best to read it all the way to the endー!




Today too, I’m updating WEAR kay, Look at it KAYーー!



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#morningmusume18 #Announcement Iikubo Haruna


2018-09-22 22:25:59
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Wellll! At last Morning Musume。’18 Concert Tour Fall〜GET SET, GO!〜 startedー(*´◒`*)!


Today is the tour opening day in Zama☆



Everyone who came, thank you so much!



At ast the fall tour has started and with that, we can finally show it! it’s that feeling and, at last it’s started…! that feeling, it’s like half and half but


Today’s concert, seeing the faces of all the people in the venue who looked like they were having fun, made it seem like even more fun, getting to deliver that made me happyーーー(*≧∀≦*)!!!



I also really had a lot of fun!















After the end of the show with everyone!!




There’s tomorrow too so, tonight we’re reading soundly so that we’ll be in perfect form kay(*´꒳`*)!







And an announcement for everyone



My, Iikubo’s, birthdaya event has been scheduledーーーー(*≧∀≦*)!!



My birthday day!
We’re doing it on 11/7 at Katsushika Symphony Hills Mozart Hall!


The venue is… Biggg…!



And so, by all means everyone please come〜_:(´ཀ`」 ∠):♡



Moreover! Wewewell!!!!



My beーーーーーloved
Angerme’s Wada Ayaka-chan also gets to appear♡♡♡


The 2 of us get to sing together maybe (*´꒳`*)UkiUki cheery!



Already they’re accepting applications, the deadline is 10/8 23:00!



For details they’re here!



Eh, by the way, what kind of goods do you want?? Tshirts seem difficult though…(^^;)
Please tell me in the comments〜! From now if it’s good enough I can use it for reference (*´◒`*) huhu




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#CurrentGenerationsGreatestLuxury #WotaLife #SekimatsuCafe #JumpExhibit #KamiToKami Iikubo Haruna


2018-09-20 23:04:17
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Yesterday, I had the most wota life day of my life.




During hte morning recording finished so first off,


I had lunch with Komiya Arisa-chan♡!


Since we met this is the first time the2 of us went out! From way before we made plans for this day, and it finally became a reality (*´◒`*)



The same cuteness as always, Calming. With pretty skin.
If I were a guy I’d like her for sure!



We only got to spend 1 hour together but, it was very comforting.
Let’s hang out again later!





After that there was time before work in the evening so, I went to Shimokitazawa, and went to the collabo cafe for my beloved 「Korosanai Kare to Shinanai Kanojo」’s author, Seikimatsu-san!



I drank strawberry milk.
I got a coaster.
I ended up buying a BIG Tshirt. It’s my clothes today. Look at WEAR Kay.



I was alone so you know, I was overwhelmed by all the cute girls around, I didn’t have the courage to take self-shots or anything. lol


But the atmosphere was cute, I’m glad I got to go during that time!








And after that I went to Roppongi, to the Jump Exhibit!



It was fun. The best.
A space with just the perfect works for the generation, I couldn’t be there without being excitedー!
Even more so picture taking was OK!


Of course I love all the works so I was happy to get to see them but, the one that was most exciting was 「D.Gray-man」 you knowー♡!


Even I didn’t think my heart would beat that much!


I don’t say it much but, I love D.Gray-man you know. My family’s second daughter does too. We love Lenalee we wanted to be Lenalee. While in class in my notebook I’d be drawing Lenalee a lot.
I like Allen. Voice included. I love Kobayashi Sanae-san’s voice! And so, I super love 「Hikaru no Go」’s Touya Akira too.
Well, Hoshino Katsura-sensei’s drawings, I like the mouths, you know what I mean?



I bought a D.Gray-man Goods Tshirt so, that I’ll also wear in the future yah!






And then after another job finished, in the evening!!




With Nakagawa Shouko-san and Horii Yuji-san, dinner!


Here… an unexpected place…!
The Nintendo Dining Hall!! In there filled with Nintendo characters and games, and all of it signed _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):!!!
The shops BGM was nothing but game sounds! Entering the shop it was the Zelda noise! It was a space like a dream…!











Moreover, being together in this unexpected space with DraQue’s Horii Yuji-san, from begin to end I was nothing but nerves…!
The right most is Master Choーkan-san


I want to be able to visit there again for sure…!







And and even more after that,



I got to be together with Fujiko Fujio A-sensei…!












T, this happened too!!!


A manga god and a game god in the same space,and I could see them nearby!!!
Nakagawa-san, really thank you always (´;Д;`)



For my home, we had 「WarauSeerusuman」 [tl aka: the Laughing Salesman] and I’ve read it sinec I was small but, when I was in elementary school I remember hand-making a business card for Moguro Fukuzo.
I wonder if it’s in the desk at home even now?!



Fujiko Fujio A-sensei is so poewrful he doesn’t seem 84 years old, hearing his schedule of activities for a day I was surprised!


The stories too they were all just precious stories, it was very fun!!




These kind of days come huh…
For me, yesterday, perhaps might have been the most luxurious day of my life, I felt that _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):




I feel like that atmosphere was completely a power spot so the fall tour starting this weekend for sure will be a great success too (*´◒`*)!!




Today, all day was intereview day, we got various shoots and interviews so, I pray that the 10/24 release new songs touch lots of people☆




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#DocumentaryPhotobook #HPAS Iikubo Haruna

2018-09-18 21:39:53
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Today at Akihabara Shosen Book Tower-san was


Morning Musume。’18 Micchaku Documentary Photobook  NO DAY, BUT TODAY, 21nenme ni Kaita Yumetachi’s


handshake event〜!!









With Fukumura Mizuki-san and Kaga Kaede-chan〜♪


The AiNana Musume。( ˘ω˘ )♡





In all, 3 books, the documentary photobook made into 3 parts, welcoming the 20th anniversary in September, they recorded us for 1 year (*´꒳`*)!



It really formed into 3 books huh〜! That’s how deep、and strong〜 the contents areー!



the 3rd part is a little bit of an early spoiler but, it’s got scenes from my graduation memorial shoot too…!









(Bad look)




By all means please check it out kay〜!







And and!



Today it was announced but!!!




Next week Monday!






I’ll be doing a Talk & Handshake event in Tottori prefecture with Kobushi Factory’s Inoue Rei-chanー!!!!








That’s right, our pre-wedding trip!!!!←Not at all




Hello!Project20th Anniversary Commemoration Single releasing on 9/26 but, it’s a handshake event to commemorate the release☆



This…I have to come…////







More so you know, on the 30th a nationwide handshake event is being done!





I’m with Angerme’s Wada Ayaka-chan, and Tsubaki Factory’s Asakura Kiki-chan (*´◒`*)!!


We’ll be going to Hokkaido, Kanagawa, and Tokyoーー!!!





Next week is a week in my favor yah (*´꒳`*)!



Hello!Pro Allstars are the best!!!! lol







I’ll be waiting for you on both days♡!






For my clothes today, it’s a tulle one piece with lots of lace!
Looking through the mirror is Fukumura-san〜!
Look at it KAY(*´꒳`*)!



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#SpreadHopes #ReireiOhMy #OshiAreSacred #Cute Iikubo Haruna

2018-09-16 21:50:48
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For today, for me it turned into a day of much celebration…!




Eh, what happened, should I wrote about it on the blog, what should I do



I’m baffled…






Oh my, writing you know, please let me write about it!!!!




















With Kobushi Factory’s

Inoue Rei-chan

A meal

we went for one togetherrrrrrrr!!!



Cute _:(´ཀ`」 ∠): gofu

Cute cute.






Really well, at last this kind of day has come.




More over you know, this, this morning we decided on it…




And more over more over you know, I got contacted by Reirei…














Oh my

This year I have no regrets(Note:I’m preparing for my graduation this year)


It might seem exaggerated but,




With my oshi. I got to go have a meal.
(Note:Reirei is my kouhai)





That’s right, with my oshi!!!!
(Note:Reirei is my kouhai)















it was a very joyous fun time〜(*´◒`*)


Well, I heard her saying how she hasn’t gone to many fashionable stores,






I’ll take you along wherever ( ˘ω˘ )

I felt that.





Reirei started her debut as my kouhai about 3years ago, and well at the same time she started as my oshi but,



We talked longer than we have in these 3 years squished together. lol lol





I think we should go out again (*´꒳`*)







Tomorrow is the release commemoration serial event in Osaka!
My joyous aura, I’ll let it fly kay☆




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#NewSongRelease #starblinc #NintendoDirectJP #SmashBrosSP Iikubo Haruna

2018-09-15 10:48:50
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At yesterday’s fan club event, we announced a new song release (*´꒳`*)



10/24! The total 66th one, a Double A-side single
「Furari Ginza/Jiyuu na Koku dakara」!



In addition as an Additional Track 「Yji Michi no Tochuu」 is being published too





Already on the homepage profile pictures and stuff it’s changing to the single outfits but…



It’s deja vu… isn’t it…??






That’s right! The outfits this time are retro one pieces, it’s the kind I got to wear for my visual photobook 「female」, a starblinc-san one piece (*´꒳`*)




Like! Retro! Like!


It’s a 60’s outfit〜!





By the way the 「female」 outfits are these^ ^










Oh my… they’re all cute…!


Even looking at them again they’re great (*´꒳`*)♡ lol




All the members wearing the pop retro I like〜!



The MV too you know… it’s cute so you know… I want you to see it soon (*゚∀゚*)Hahaha




Look forward to the announcement at any time☆







Yesterday before the event I got to have an interview with magazine 「BOMB」-san!


Well Iikubo, it seems she gets to appear in about 8 pages? (● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾


Gotta buy this!(● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾


Moreover for the outfit I’m weiaring this retro outfit for the new song!(● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾



It’s releasing 10/9, by all means please check it out〜!









Yesterday morning… the Nintendo Direct 2018.9.14 release yah… it fired up my heart…



I, I don’t have a Nintendo Switch.



Finally! I’ll buy one!



I ended up pre-ordering Nintendo Switch 『Dairantou Sumashu Burazaーzu SPECIAL』 [tl aka: Super Smash Brothers Ultimate]〜〜(*´◒`*)!




Well it’s releasing in November!
It’s my own! Birthday present!♡



A… but when it get’s here I’ll be in New York huh…



The Switch will be waiting at home, It’s so much anticipation you know!?♡


Finally… I can play Zelda…!



Waaaa I look forward to it arriving!












Today is all day rehearsals too!
I’m ofーf☆






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