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2018-08-24 18:45:52
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A manga I love!「Korosanai Kare to Shinanai Kanojo」, its author,・Seikimatsu-san has a collabo cafe open for a limited time you know〜〜(*´◒`*)!




Seikimatsu-san had drawn an illustration of the character I like Kyapiko for me, seeing it made me very happy (´;ω;`) Instantly saving it!
They got their hands on my visual photobook 「female」, I was terribly grateful! I’m also using a Seikimatsu stampー♡ I really really like it!



I want to go to the Seikimatssu collabo cafe!



But the autumn tour rehearsal is right during hte time period though… I hope i can go yah (*´-`)!







Today work already finished, from here I plan to go see a movie but, before that with a dassh


Godly anime 「Yuri!!! on ICE」’s


「Yuri!!! on MUSEUM」



I went there by myselfーーー!!!!















From the entrance, Dean・Fujioka-san’s main theme song was playing!!



From the admission there’s a voice guide included and the cost performance is great!!
I went with VickYuu〜♪



Lots of pictures of the athlete’s outfits! Clips! Life size figures! A photo spot!




It was a great atmosphere!





Being courageous, from people who were close I ended up asking for pictures (*´꒳`*)!










I did itー! Surroundedー! Ohーmy!




I generally don’t see much anime so, up to now, being into this 「Yuri!!! on ICE」 is a special one you know (*゚▽゚*) Happy, I ended up reporting it to Ikoma-chan! lol
We should go see the movie coming out next year together yah (´;ω;`)!



I bought a goods T so I’ll wear it tomorrow!
If there’s time I should rewatch Yuri.♡




They’re doing it at Roppongi EX Theater until the 26th so by all means!



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#HoneyDay Iikubo Haruna

2018-08-21 12:26:11
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Days have passed since I announced my graduation.



In 4 months, even saying that it doesn’t feel real at all, I’ve been spending hte days having as much fun as ever (*´꒳`*)




But, the reactions from everyone is happy, the comments too, little by little every day I’m reading them.


I got encouraging words from lots of my senpai too, I feel pride being in Morning Musume。. Even not doing activities together, my senpai are always watching over us kouhai worrying, it’s really a warm group!








The day after I announced my graduation was the Hokkaido performance, I wasn’t that nervous but, at hte MC when telling everyoen directly, I got really very nervous.


Aya-chan saved me ^ ^









(This Aya-chan is super cute)


Angerme’s Wada Ayaka-chan.


Announcing my graduation I got contacted by her, I was talking with Aya-chan the hwole time.
What Aya-chan write in her blog, it made me very happy. But I wasn’t showing to people honestly, I showed because it was Aya-chan, like that.
I want to go on a trip with her again soon yah (*´◒`*)


And you know, what I want to do, a graduation trip DVD part 3 and, 2person fan club bus tour!
「Ayacho・Harunan Going To An Onsen Bus Tour」 How about that ??♡







Yah that’s right, I’m thinking about all kinds of things but, unbelievabbly all of Triple A is graduating! yah (*´◒`*) lol


Kudou Haruka-chan, Ogata Haruna-chan, and I, the 3 of us in an unofficial unit, Triple A.


I got contacted by each of the 2 of them too but, Ogata said, 「Until you graduate please carry on Triple A!」… It’s fine, even if I don’t put my spirit into it it’ll persist! lol


But you know, graduating from Morning Musume。 the3 of us together are still Triple A too. (`・ω・´)
This unit is not breaking up yah. lol








From today you know! The blog will be as cheery as always up to now too yah!




Today is 8/21, It’s Honey Day yah♡
[tl note: 8 2 1 => Ha Ni I = Honey]


This is my member color, a day for honey color me! hihi




That said, I’ll put up a self shot I took of the recently popular yukata kay (=´∀`)











Everyone please have a swee〜t day kay(*´◒`*)!




Here, I’ve still got shoots left, I’ll do my besーt!





For my clothes today, a honey color one piece(High awareness)
Look at it KAY!




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#InHaste! #ViewingApplication #Yantan Iikubo Haruna


2018-08-19 23:45:17
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The warm responses from everyone, thank you so much.



Well, I want to give strong feelings and thoughts but, for today please let me make a hasty announcement _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):!




The radio show that Yokoyama Reina-chan and I appear as regulars in


MBS 「Youngtown Saturday」 is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Yantan


「Akashiya Sanma’s MBS Youngtown」 Public recording in Osaka has been scheduled to happenーーー!!!!






Waーーーー!PachiPachiPachiPachi ClapClapClapClap!!




Last year’s public recording was done with just the Morning Musume。 members but, this time Akashiya Sanma-san, Murakami Shoーji-san will be there too!(*´◒`*)



And the guest is Morito Chisaki-chan♡



We’ll be transmitting with 5 people!




The date is 8/28, a Tuesday, within Osaka city!


・Those of you in Osaka city on the evening of the day from 17:00 to 20:00, can apply in hopes of being part of the viewing.
・Yantan Sat’s home page has the application form.





Details are here♡





The application deadline is 8/22 12:00!




For us you know, already we’re toーーーtally UkiUki cheery about it♡


By all means please come (*´꒳`*)!













Today for my skirt, I wasn’t sure so Chiichan picked it out for me♡
Look at it KAYーーー!


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#AnImportantAnnouncementRegardingIikuboHaruna Iikubo Haruna


2018-08-17 22:00:53
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Thank you so much for always supporting me.


An announcement for everyone.





I, Iikubo Haruna, with this year’s autumn tour
will be graduating from Morning Musume。’18 and Hello!Project.




Last year in September, Morning Musume。 welcomed it’s 20th Anniversary, along with spending the 20th anniversary year,
I ended up thinking about not just Morning Musume。 future but my own future as well.




As a group doing activities and concerts are the most fun,
Even saying 「concerts」 it’s not just the song and dance MC and song performing too
Everything is a performance, including concerts.




Other than singing and dancing too
I like plays too,
I like talking on the radio,
I like introducing manga,
I like fashion,
I like overseas,
I like connecting with people,
there’s lots I want to do, dreams too, really there’s lots.




I know it’s greedy.
But, this, all of it, getting to know the things I like, it’s because I had Morning Musume。.
Morning Musume。 for me, this worlds infinite possibilities, hope, and love, I learned about it.




And time is finite too.





What is it that I want to challenge myself with most right now?
When I think about it there were lots I want to challenge myself with.


I this year, I’m gonna be 24.
So I can do the things I want to challenge myself with,
with this timing, going solo, I felt I want to challenge myself to many more things.




After graduating as 「Iikubo Haruna」, I feel I want to continue doing my best in the entertainment world.
I might not get satisfying results for all the challenges but,
for everyone supporting me, I’ll do my best so I can make lots of announcements!




With my time left, with the members and all the fans, I want to treasure the time even more, I want to increase my memory album of 「Morning Musume。」.




And after graduating too I’ll focus on getting your love so, please continue to support me forever!






For now! Tomorrow’s concerts in Hokkaido!
For me, this is my last Hello!Project Concert Tour, I’m gonna enjoy it with all I got kay (*´◒`*)



Until my graduation there’s still about 4 months, please continue to support me!




Morning Musume。’18 Iikubo Haruna






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2018-08-16 15:13:11
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Today from the morning it was shoots with Kaga Kaede-chanー!


It’s very fun, you can see a new me


For details, later on, I’ll make an announcement yah (о´∀`о)







Yesterday, between dance lessons we had lunch with a number of members〜!













Salad bar and drink bar, all you can carry bread lunch, with everyone all Kyakkya excited we ate (*´◒`*)



The good part of eating a meal with members, looking at the menu unsure of what to go with, having the same uncertainty with the other members we were able to each pick and share things! lol


And so on the table small plates kept going around. lol lol




Fun and filling, we could our best with the satisfying dance lesson☆







And that evening, we finished with the schedule so, after that with the Mogami Moga-san’s little sister I went on a date♡


More than anything I wanted to see the movie 「Kimi no Namae de Boku wo Yonderu」, nearby they were showing it in Shiubya so we went but it was a full house and we couldn’t go in _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):


It was a service day huh〜




In a hurry we had a change of plan and went to another theater, three hours later and got tickets to see the 「Oceans 8」!



Let’s eat food before! Became the thing but both of us weren’t hungry,


And so, little sister’s beloved GraBlu collabo cafe♡










I don’t know GraBlu at all but there’s BGM I know and they had really yummy cake, it’s impressive


At the collabo cafe, there was a high quality menu, it was great yah〜〜!






After that we went to Mandarake, and I tried buying all kinds of things recommended by little sister-san (`・ω・´)


Having time I gotta enjoy it.





And we went to the theater but, watching the previews, suddenly the screen got dark and we could only hear the voices.


“From here please wait a moment,” played but, in the end they didn’t have a change to fix it, and we got a refund _:(´ཀ`」 ∠): lol lol



An unbelievable unbelievable incident〜!



This is already, today, a day where I couldn’t see a move at all, thinking that, we broke up!



I couldn’t see a movie like I aimed for but, it was a time that i felt was satisfying (*´◒`*)♡


I feel like I want to go out again!






Well then, I’ll do my best with work tonight tooー!



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#Pokemon #RealEscapeGame #Pokenchi Iikubo Haruna


2018-08-15 08:59:37
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Yesterday after work, there’s the opened in Tokyo Dome City Attractions


Real Escape Game × Movie Pocket Monster 「Kaze no Yuuenchi kara no Dasshutsu」
[tl: Escape from the Theme Park of Wind]


I went to it〜〜(*´◒`*)








Nakagawa Shouko-san
Trendy Angel Takashi-san
Sunshine Ikezaki-san
Kurihara Rui-san


with all the Pokenchi people!



A gathering of really strong people…! lol




It was my first real escape game but, it’s a larger scale than I imagined too so, even though we took three hours we couldn’t clear it…_:(´ཀ`」 ∠):


But, answering problems while showing oru intellect with everyone was very fun
Laughing and funning it was really youthful! It felt like summer vacation!



Hyadain-san’s smarts…! Intellectually he saved us a lot!



We rode lots of rides too, and got hti with lots of water〜! lol


It’d be really interesting if we could do this as an on-locationー! I was saying (*´◒`*)



Maybe because it’s summer vacation, there were lots of families around, all the little kids going 「Pokenchi waー!」 greating us, it was very comforting♡


Little kids love is great huh, I respect all of Pokenchi people!




After the escape game we were exhausted so we went to family restaurant!
From a theme park to family restaurant, it’s kinda like being a student! lol


Even there deep Pokemon talk unfolded, battle talk and special trait talk, variant color Pokemon talk and stuff, For me who doesn’t know that much details, I learned an incredible amount!




The Pokemon Escape Game, it’s very fun so by all means please try doing it (о´∀`о)!




After at the garden area, I found Kudou Haruka-chan!
















Copying the pose too!




Well then I’m off to workー!




For my clothes today, a nylon jumper one piece!
Look at it KAY☆


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#RIJF2018 #MorningMusume。'18 Iikubo Haruna


2018-08-12 21:07:40
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Today we got to appear in ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2018ー!!








Everyone got to sign on the flag♡





Our first summer fes!


I’ve always wanted to appear at a summer fes!!



Already it was really fun (*´◒`*)!!!!




No matter where you look it’s people! People! People!
Getting to come to see an incredible amount of people, when we came out on stage, I got goosebumps.




Morning Musume。’18’s fans, of course, but today I think there were those who had seen our performance live for the first time too.


And so you know, the setlist was decided by the company before for us so we talked about it proactively!



HOW DO YOU LIKE JAPAN? 〜Nihon wa Donna Kanjidekka?〜
Ren’ai Revolution 21(updated)
Utakata Saturday Night!




Jealousy Jealousy
Help me!!(updated)
Are you Happy?
Ai no Gundan
Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke
What is LOVE?




LOVE Machine (updated)




We gave a surging setlist!




For the first song HOW DO YOU LIKE JAPAN? 〜Nihon wa Donna Kanjidekka?〜 just bringing that there were obsessions we get over! lol lol


Steadily with the audiencegetting fired up, feeling the sense of unity, it was that surpreme 「Hai!」 it wasssss HAHAHAHAHAー(*´◒`*)!!



Thinking about our strengths and weaknesses is how we made the setlist so, it was hard mode but we did our best! I felt like we flopped midway though! lol



The responses of everyone in the audience was really great so we could od our best all the more yah!




Again, everyone who came, everyone supporting us, thank you so much!








After our live finished we had free time!



I was with Fukumura Mizuki-san and Makino Maria-chan, the 3 of us went around the whole time〜!





We saw ORANGE RANGE-san’s live!!



It was super!!! fun!!!!


I heard the songs this generation is into with all I had!!!


I heard fantastic songs I didn’t know about too!!!



It was awesome〜!!


RYO-san waved our way! For sure I was seen!



…I think it was a live with things like that it was right!? lol







After that Ootsuka Ai-san!



She was very cute…!
Even thinking back to it now so cute it’d make you scowl, it was frazzling!


Feeling a kind of deja vu, she’s like Sayashi Riho-san yah〜!


The outline or rather, her teeth!


More than thinking that, she was cute yah(*´꒳`*)





And then Angerme!



It was funnnnn!


Of course though knowing hte songs, while shaking and spinning the towel I had fun☆



Takeuchi-san’s in song MC and stuff was supremely good, Angerme’s skills exciting everyone, it got me wanting to have it too!
The power to pull me this way, it’s the strongest weapon yah!





And and, until mid way through the Southern Allstars-san!


Sheesh the scope of the people was big, but the performance wasn’t so much for taht, I had nothing but feelings of respect!


I heard lots of famous songs!


It was Japan’s treasure you know…!





Sheesh I don’t have any regrets!
The best last summer for the Heisei era!






Lastly, a picture of the 3 of us going around the venue♡












I can’t tell who that is anymore. lol lol






On WEAR too, I’ll be updating it later kay!
My followers have broken through 460,000, thank you so much!!!!
Look at it KAYーーー(*´◒`*)



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#Mujirushi #UrasawaNaoki sensei #JapaneseRestaurant Iikubo Haruna


2018-08-11 10:41:21
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The manga I bought the other day, 「Mujirushi」 was very interesting!











Urasawa Naoki-san’s latest work!



Urasawa Naoki-san, from Papa’s influence, I’ve liked him since I was small, I went to Urasawa Naoki exhibits and stuff by myself too(*´꒳`*)



「Mujirushi」, that unbelievably unexpected character has appeared they have! So freely huh〜〜!!


People seeing dreams and characters living in dreams, characters seeing reality more than dreams, people messing around in dreams, it depicts that!


It’s drawn in fine detail like something from the Louvre art museum, I remember having that impression when I went 5 years ago (*´꒳`*)





The trembling when I saw it without the cover you know!!




By all means please try reading it〜〜!!








Please listen, yesterday I took another step on the stairway of adulthood!


After work finished in the evening, I went shopping and bought the foundation I wanted, after that I though, I wonder what I should do for dinner〜, whatever it is I want white rice and grilled fish〜,


A went into a small Japanese food place established for tens of years and ate at the counter!!


I was nervous going in but, the shop manager the starting shop people and the customers were nice, it was very comfortable〜〜(*´◒`*)


Salt grilled hokke with white rice(with second servings x2)and pork tomato skewer, that’s what I ate♡



The customers too, the people at the counter were all regulars it seems, I ate while talking with the 70 year older gentleman to my left the whole time (*´꒳`*)


On my right were two salary men who were nice too…!



The older gentleman ordered two croquette, and split it with e so, I gave a pork tomato skewer in exchange!


That person said, 「It might be an exaggeration but being like this, talking with people is an enjoyment for life」
It’s not an exaggeration, it’s a very fantastic thing.



That store itself, it seems actors and direcots, what people would say are people connected to the industry, it’s a place overflowing with dreams like that so it’s warm and KiraKira sparkling, I felt like me going in there by chance is mysterious.
I feel like if I feel like eating Japanese food again I should go (*´◒`*)!!








It’s sudden by I’ll put up Kudou Haruka-chan kay!












Haru-chan drinking strawberry milk.



Cute huh〜 strawberry milk you know〜





Today is Hello!Con in Sendai!
And tomorrow is finally Rock In Japan!


I’m lookーingーforーwardーto itー!!


Let’s have a OTanoshii day kay(*´◒`*)♡




For my clothes today the top and bottom were both H&M(*´꒳`*)
A Titanic Tshirt〜! Look at it KAYーーー!!


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#NagiNoOitoma #MangaMeal #OTanoshi Iikubo Haruna


2018-08-09 12:26:22
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Recommended by the fans, recently i’m into this manga










「Nagi no Oitoma」



It’s really very interesting!


Still only 4 volumes have come out soo, I bought them all at once (*´◒`*)



A protagonist who reads the atmosphere so well and is driven by it・doing calm word, a lull, with work and with love, all of it done minimalistically, and leisurely, it’s that kind of manga but,
The courage having been reset is amazing, and then the broad world from there is amazing too!




Starting from 0, the relationship with people they meet is interesting too, ah, it’s easy to get or rather, it’s like a modern version of 「Mezon Ikkoku」.



The author, Konari Misato-sensei regularly does things like this, there’s trivia and a recipe to it that’s understandable, it’s a manga that when I read it I kinda want to do something myself too!



That said, I made can tuna toast like what was in the story! lol









Yesterday’s breakfast〜♪




It was yummy!
To the way they do it in the manga, I tried adding black pepper (*´꒳`*)




To my family’s third daughter(Otaku)I recommended 「Nagi no Oitoma」 too and she’s been into it, the 2 of us were UkiUki cheery together while we made the canned tuna toast〜〜♡



It’s what we called a manga meal yah!




I look forward to continuing with it too




Getting to be an otaku and having fun, Otanoshi![tl: Otaku + Tanoshi/Fun]
(I made that just now)



That said, yesterday was an Otanoshi day but,
for the afternoon, I got nabe at Mogami Moga-san’s house (*´◒`*)


Moga-san, Moga-san’s little sister, and Komiya Arisa-chan!



I just met her little sister and Arisa-san but, talking games, talking anime, talking manga, I had a very fun time (*´꒳`*)


Of course, AiNana, Idolish7 was present too! lol


From her little sister I got recommended GranBlue but, I gave up on that midway through in the end…
In a day there’s lots I do you know!


But with AiNana and stuff, reaching a pausing point in various things, I’ll look for time, and I think maybe I’ll restart it…!



That said, AiNana is frazzling so these days I’m there without reading chapter 14…
I’m just doing the lives…



I’ve gotten my resolve, in the coming days I think I’ll advance through it!





Well then, let’s do our best today tooー!



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#AyachoBravo #WadaAyakaBirthFestival Iikubo Haruna

2018-08-01 20:41:33
Theme:Iikubo Haruna








Today is my beーーーloved Wada Ayaka-chan’s birthday(*´◒`*)



Aya-chan, Happy Birthday〜〜!!















Reaーーーlly you know, now we’re in Hello!Con so getting to see Aya-chan every week makes me happy, it’s my comfort.


A tranquilizer.














This Aya-chan face. I surpremely like it (*´꒳`*) lol



I want to do an event with the two of us before Aya-chan graduates too you knowー!
A graduation trip DVD too!♡






Today I went to see Aya-chan’s birthday event too〜♡



A birthday event in the form I haven’t seen before now, it was fresh!
There were all kinds of songs too (*´◒`*)



Once again, Happy Birthday〜〜!!!!




The pictures I took there today, I’ll put them up later on WEAR kayー!


Look at it KAY ^ ^



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