Green Day☆Fukumura Mizuki

2017-05-04 22:58:17


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn Emoji


Today was Green DayEmojiEmoji


Mizuki will interduce her favorite greensEmoji
Celebi, Chikorita, Rayquaza
Emerald, Punyu-chan, Shameplant, Green・Army・Men, Aojiru
Green tea (Tsugunaga constitution), Password is 0’s MV, Four leaf clovers, LINE, Hourensou, Okra, Shiso, Mizuna, Celery, Broccoli, Kiwi, Kashiwamochi and kamasu sushi’s leaf wrapping
There’s probably more still〜




Stuff like that? How did everyone spend their Green Day?EmojiEmoji


For us coming back from Hokkaido
today was various meet-upsEmojiEmoji


In Jealousy Jealousy’s MV’s
rap section, was the appearance of Charamura-sanEmoji


For the cheki, we did 3 shots with 12ki Nonaka Miki-chan♡♪
A 3 shot with Cheru, a first time combination?!
For our selected pose we did 「YO!」Emoji


While saying 「YO!」 we might have ended up doing WisshuEmojiEmoji


In any case for today it was Charamura-sanーEmojiEmoji


At the handshake event
you said, “what did you eat in Hokkaidoー?” Emoji
We found the ikura from the cateringEmoji
It was yummyーEmoji It made me happyーEmoji
I loーve ikuraEmoji


For other things
we had concert talk and
about flashinessーEmojiEmoji
outfits, talks about going out,
it was filled with talks that built upEmojiEmoji


People greeting me for the first timeEmoji
And those who it was the first time in a while〜Emoji
and those who I’m always so very thankful forEmoji
everyone thank you so muchEmoji


Tomorrow is various meet-ups tooEmojiEmoji
For the venue, it’s the same as today, Belle Salle Shibuya FirstEmoji
Please do us the favorEmojiEmoji
Tomorrow having good weather too makes me happyEmoji




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Maー☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-05-03 23:04:59


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn Emoji


Today was Masaki-chan’s home area
Concerts at Hokkaido EmojiEmoji


When she was singing I ended up impressedEmoji


Hokkaido where we came for a make up performance


We had made you wait terribly but
Today at last the 13 of us were able to come together to HokkaidoEmojiEmojiEmoji


Before the concert started we could hear everyone’s voices
All right! Let’s do our best! That’s how I felt!


Everyone was greatly excitedEmojiEmoji


We could hear lot sof girls and guysEmojiEmoji
Everyone thank you for support♡


And more than anything for Masaki-chanEmoji
it’s beena while since she’s done a concert in Hokkaido you knowEmoji
She seems like she was really having fun, fun, she was bursting until the very end!!
It was really greatEmojiEmoji


Today it feels like kinda really drank a lot of water!


Maybe it was because I drank my fill of water…Emoji
now my nose is really stuffy, it’s painful〜EmojiEmoji



Tomorrow is various meet ups at Belle Salle Shibuya First
We’ll be waiting for youドキドキ


I’m half asleep so I’ll take a bath soon and sleepppぐぅぐぅ





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Uncomfirmed…?!☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-05-02 23:00:57
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


It’s become May huhEmoji


With that!


The SekaPakaSePaSePa KouryuusenEmojiEmoji
It starts up on the 30th of this monthEmoji


Well〜 Who will it be for the season opening ceremony〜Emoji



Today teh temperature was lower but
the sunlight was so strong〜あせる



Such a GW, on the way Mizuki home…


That’s an anteater isn’t it…?
It’s like 1 meter in size!
An anteater?
It’s a family’s borzoi from somewhere isn’t it…?
Oh no, it’s cause the borzoi climbed over the family’s wallあせる


What’s a borzoi? It seems strong あせる


If I were to try to take a picture it seems like it’d run away….


What should I do??
When Mizuki came back it didn’t appear though


At the present, it seems it was a civet?!Emoji


This is all unconfirmed informationーEmoji




Tomorrow is Masaki-chan’s home area HokkaidoEmoji
It’s GW so, already a concert day has come〜Emoji
excitingly we’ll be waiting at Holiday HallEmoji



Morning Musume。’17 GW schedule is
3rd → Concert (Hokkaido)
4th → Various Meets (Shibuya)
5th → Various Meets (Shibuya)
6th → 63rd Sg Release Commemoration Event (Differ Ariake)
7th → 63rd Sg Release Commemoration Event (Zeep Osaka)
8th → Masaki-chan Birthday Event
That’s it♪


Those of you coming to any of those places〜
Those of you heading to those places〜


Let’s have a fun GWー kayEmojiEmoji




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Loverin☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-04-30 23:00:40
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today was at Makino Maria-chan’s birthplace
concerts in Aichi prefecture!


It’s been a while since we’ve done this venue, Aichi Prefecture Art TheaterEmoji


When I think about doing concerts though
of course there are memories for each and every one of the venues so〜
what did we do hereー! I talked about it with the members!Emoji



From the usual Maria, her excitement is high but
today starting from rehearsals she put a lot of energy into itEmoji


Seeing Maria dancing energetically, it made me energetic too
During the concert it was filled with Marianne♡LOVErin♡ going on-maria☆ミ


Her smiling face, and her crying face, it’s cute MariaEmojiEmoji
Filled with facial expressions, it’s great huhEmoji



Today during concerts, my hairband broke so I tied it in oneEmoji
well, it’s really refreshingEmoji


Aーh my bangs have grown so I should cut themEmoji


From here on too it’s a hop, step, Maria jumpEmoji
Today’s concerts were fun tooEmoji
Thank you so much for the lots of supportEmoji





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A Report☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-04-29 23:00:29
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


It was announced today
10ki member Kudou Haruka-chan with the final day of this year’s fall tour
will be graduating from Morning Musume。’17 and Hello!Project.


I feel it was so sudden that everyone’s surprised



When we came across each other we were in Helllo!Pro Eggs, Duー was a elementary school 4th year and Mizuki was a middle school 1st year


I didn’t imagine that years later we’d doing our best together with Morning Musume。


Duー isn’t a gen mate but, I feel we’re close anyway.
like childhood friends, she’s like a little sister


I have a lot of faith in herEmoji


Our bond having each come from Eggs
and as a performance partner
she’s helped me out in various situations.


Duー saying
「Please rely on me」 is something I like.
Duー even when she’s weak she’ll help people out.


I like Duー’s kind singing voice too
I like singing together too



The announcement in front of everyone today
I think she was really nervous about it too.


But in front of everyone, she had chosen the words to convey it to everyone herself, and she talked splendidly.


Cute cute Duー…
A, I’ve come to feel like she’s taking flight.


Of course we’re fellow members so
graduation feel lonely
No being together in Morning Musume。, I still can’t imagine it


But Du’s new dream
Becoming an 「actress」, it’s something I want to support together with everyone


In the time until autumn,
I feel there’ll be lots of fantastic memories,
feelings of gratitude, and things to learn.


With full power, with the 13 of us, we’ll go and do our best so
please continue to support us from here on as well.




And today’s Kyoto performancesEmoji
We’re visiting the theater from last year huhEmoji


All the fans that waited for us
From 1st 〜 4th floor, even to the balcony seats, it was filled Emoji They were looking forward to us coming huh, it made me really happyEmoji


For the fantastic day today, thank you so muchEmoji




Tomorrow Marianne♡Loverin♡’s home area
concerts in Aichi
We’ll be waiting ♡Pekorinko♡








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GuruGuru☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-04-28 22:59:33



Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


For work today, everyone’s work time was out of sync so after eating a meal alone I walked 2.5 stations to head to the next jobEmoji


Walking in this season is fun you knowEmoji



Yesterday I had a recording for ℃-ute’s Yajima Maimi-san’s Hello!Moba Radio
「Yajima no Heya」Emoji


Talking with Yajima-san is funEmoji
I loveー itEmojiEmoji


Yajima-san said talking with Fukuchan is fun it ends up going a one time, that made me really very happyEmoji


With them heading to graduation in June
I got to be a back-up dance in ℃-ute-san’s last single and
I got to participate in the closing corner for the first time tooEmojiEmoji


It was comparitively late for that time compared to recording time so, I fel like let’s go cheerilyー!!
So I went with GuruGuru spinny spiral lens party glasses


I wonder if Yajima-san laughedー?
Or maye she ended up ignoring itー?!


「E?! Fukuchan do you have pollen allergies??」 she saidEmoji


Mizuki, actually I do have pollen allergies so
「(Po…Pollen allergies??) That’s right!」 I answered but,


「This, they’re party glasses…!」
I didn’t get to say it…Emoji


The 「To Tomorrow」 lyrics
♪Namida wo te de fuitara panda mitai ni natta♪ [tl: Wiping tears with my hand I ended looking like a panda] I like itEmojiEmoji


Thank you so much for the lots of messages.




Tomorrrow is concerts in Kyoto!!
Going to Kyoto, it’s been since last June for a play right?!


We’ll be waiting for you tomorrowEmojiEmoji






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Tomorrow is AYUMISO DAY☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-04-26 22:59:11


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Before I had done sword fighting for play practice but


Theater Girl Troupe 「Pharaoh no Haka」 play practice is starting too


… thinking that, we’ve already done run-throughsEmoji



After the run-through finished
with everyone, going should we do this part like this? and stuff like that practicing, Ishida Ayumi-chan goes,


「Fukumura-san have you come to like acting?」 she asked meEmojiEmoji


But I’m still giving my all to memorizing the script, I can only go with the atmosphere
Right now I feel like I’m doing my best to get completely absorbed into it


For me with the level of the role I’m acting
there’s gestures, and relation with people too


Imagining things I don’t understand, thinking about it while looking at the original mangaEmoji


The expression when I heard my partner’s words
I want to treasure the words I’m projecting myself, that’s how it feelsEmoji


Acting, it’s hardEmoji


And so, during practice everyone is franticEmoji
Tomorrow I’ll do my best too


Everyone, what kind of day did you haveーEmoji


It kinda seems like the classes closing due to influenza and things like that have been increasingEmoji


Ah, The Morning school student members are currently all okayEmojiEmoji


Everyone please be careful too kayEmoji



Tomorrow is ISHIDA AYUMISO unsealing dayEmoji
I wonder if it’ll turn out yummyー?


Those of you without AYUMISO in your household
Let’s drink Morning Misoshiru〜Emoji


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Oーdon☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-04-23 22:35:19
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today was concerts in Kagawa prefecture♪
Since PRISM, it’s been about 2 years for KagawaEmoji


With a grand venue, the 3rd floor was really high but waving hands going around made me happyEmoji


Together throwing our hands out to the beat, calling out, getting energetic replies, that all made me happy tooEmoji


Thank you so much for the fun concertEmojiEmoji



Before the performance we had oudon
Mizuki and Duー had shoyu udonEmoji
I went with simple assari〜Emoji


Before, if I remember right I went with shirasu oudon but
of course for udu〜n I like assari styleーEmoji


I wanted to eat it so much when it was in front of me… I forgot to take picturesーEmoji


Today, with that kind of Kagawa udon power was full throttleEmojiEmoji
And speaking of Shikoku
there’s an Anpanman train going around huhEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji


Aa〜 for myself I wanted to come hang out in Shikoku tooEmoji


I want to ride the Anpanman trainーEmojiEmoji
with my feelings for that…


Today is Anpanman T♡Emoji
A Donburiman Trio Tshirt!!
The breast pocket area is one of my favoritesー♡


EmojiODA Solo Con Breaking 300th Performances, CongratulatioーnsEmojiEmoji





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Osaka Haーchin☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-04-22 23:23:17
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today was teh first concerts in 2 weeksEmoji
it was Haーchin’s home area OsakaEmoji


Lately she’s clinging close to me, it makes me happyEmoji
In the picture, it’s Mizuki clinging to her though huhEmoji


First time in 2 weeksー we were fired up hotEmojiEmoji
It was really funEmoji
Until the end, it was really very excitingEmoji


The concert was such joyEmoji


The big part of the venue, we sang keeping in mind that we’re dancing greatly and like we’re projecting farEmoji
I wonder if it came throughEmoji


Thank you so muchEmoji





And today it was announced
Morning Musume。’17 Concert Tour Spring 〜THE INSPIRATION!〜


5/26 Nippon Budokan performance
Thanks to everyone the tickets are sold outEmojiEmojiEmoji
Really thank you so muchEmoji


Well more over accompanying that!


An addition show has been scheduledーーー!!!


6/23  Nippon Budokan


This stage, getting to stand there 2 times on the same tour!!!
It’s over 1 month but, I want it to be a concert that’s fun and exciting the whole timeEmoji
We’ll be waiting for youEmoji
By all means please come to it kayEmoji



We’re on the move in a bus right nowEmoji
Today I talked about it at the MC but
Harunan’s recommended game app 「IDOLiSH7」


a tap game which has living like an IdolEmoji


The story is impressiveEmoji
The songs are fun tooEmoji
I’m into it because of those reasons but
for a tap app it’s deep you knowEmoji


I’m a beginner so I don’t know how to raise cards and stuff at all but
Today on the move to Kagawa I’ll learn about it〜Emoji


I’m also playing Hello!Pro Tap Live all the time tooEmojiEmoji


And Garden scape you know〜♪
I’m going up to 452ー(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧


Continuing with these kinds of apps might be a first for meEmojiEmoji



Well, tomorrow is concerts in the Kagawa prefectureEmoji


I loーve Kagawa♡ I loーve Shikoku♡
Feels a step closer to Yanase Takashi-san Emoji


I’m already deciding tomorrow’s rehearsal TshirtEmojiEmoji


We’ll be waiting at Sunport Hall TakamatsuEmoji







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