[Site News] The Troubles Keep Coming!

Hey Everyone,

It’s a sad update but one that I think is necessary since I’ve left you guys hanging in limbo for so long.

It is unfortunate that I have to say that right now my work is being quite a bit of a pain. And while I’ve been able to manage being both a student, a teacher’s assistant (both in the teaching and grading capacity), and a translator for you guys, right now it feels like the fates are not in my favor. Weekends, and even holidays are being ruled by the need to play catch up to expectations from everyone.

So let me give you guys a projection because I feel it would be unfair to leave you hanging in the air.

For the rest of this semester, I’m unfortunately putting translations on hold.

Now at the same time I realize what happened last time I did that. You guys were forced to wait for the catch up or abandonment of the old entries.

SO, when I come back I’m going to finish the translations I have already partly done before this big problem, drop them back in time so I can have a big hole for the “sometime possible fill in” and then just jump to the present after that. This way you’ll be able to celebrate Christmas with Sayu and Gaki if possible.

It is my sincerest apologies that it’s come to this, and while words may be cheap it is the only thing I can give to express how troublesome the situation has become in my real life, and how much I want to be able to come back to this.

I promise I will return, translating is still fun for me, and perhaps one day it won’t just be me giving you guys what you want. But until that day, or until the day this site becomes irrelevant, we just gotta keep on keeping on.

Usachan Peace for everyone,

[Site News] Quick Update

Apologies, Just giving everyone an update since I’ve been forcefully taken away.

It’s “Midterms” here, meaning that since I am a Teaching Assistant for my “Real World” job, and I’m a student, it means I’m in a never ending hell fueled by rage and learning wrapped in stress and fire from which the very little soothing I get from H!P stuff helps but hurts.

That said, I’ll be back soon ^^;

Thank you for your patience!
Give your best Usachan Peace people, we’ll keep chugging along.

[News] Quick Update

Past couple days I’ve been locking my schedule in, so I’ve been running around and at home I’ve mostly been trying not to sleep while doing stuff. I’ll get Sayu’s stuff up to this point up within the next 24 hours (Already started on them) and Gaki stuff is still being done when work and/or homework doesn’t call.

Hang tight, Semesters starting are always rocky, just wanted to let everyone know I’m still here.

Update: Thanks guys! Sayu Up!

[News] We survived!

So, if you noticed about 2 days of dead air, then you were witnessing the magical power of science!

What I mean to say is, we’ve moved servers, and we’ve survived the summer dilemma! (lol). Well, it seems we have, I haven’t noticed any problems yet but there are a couple of here we are facts to put up for now.

1. We should be having less random server outages, though I’m not sure if there will be any problems with it. The folks over at TKMR are still providing us shelter so please give your thanks and support to them!
2. I don’t have the access to the system I use for smilies, that means for a little bit you’ll see some broken images when new smilies are around (the old smilies still work)
3. Due to the sheer number of images from the blogs themselves (OVER 20,000 files) we had to clear out some of the files for transfer. For now we’ll see if there’s a demand to have them back, but for the time being any image from before 2013 does not exist here, so blogs and smilies from before the recent blog style change will not be visible. In all honesty you can go to Sayu’s real blog for that ^^ ;

Now, I’m not sure how long it’s gonna take to catch up to Gaki Blog and it concerns me. My summer vacation is almost over and once back to the grindstone I don’t know how well I’ll be able to maintain consistency, so when the time comes I may once again ask a poll about what you my readers think about where we go from here.

For now, relax, we made it,

Quick Question!

Hey Everyone Quick question!

Try Checking out things I’ve written for TKMR the past couple weeks (Nostalgia Trip, Late Night Rant) and let me know what you think about the ideas and my writing style. Would you care if that ended up on here? Or would you prefer the translations things (blogs, articles, subs, PVs, announcements, etc. if I can get to doing that stuff) stay here and stuff like that be on someplace else?

Let me know with this poll, cause that may help me figure out what’s gonna happen soon! (think positive)

[Fall2017] Which blog translation is your priority (Your number 1 here)

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State of the Whatever Part 2

So after a couple of days it seems like more people cared then didn’t care to know what’s going on.

But before that, a comment was raised about possibly adding twitter and/or facebook buttons to things? I honestly don’t know why you would want that, cause I don’t tend to use that stuff for this kind of stuff (let me know please, I’m curious!) but I can look into that if the call is strong enough. So that means to find out…another poll!

[Fall2017] Which blog translations do you read? (Select all that apply)

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Anyway, you wanted to know why we need to be prepared for a possible move so I will tell you. I believe in transparency to some level, so letting you know why may help you remember the backup plan in case the site does suddenly disappear.

As of right now the state of Takamaruyo is in question. I’m not saying this to cause a panic or to make people try to convince them otherwise, but as of this moment there is an uncertainty if Takamaruyo will remain. Normally, I wouldn’t bring this up to you, my readers here, because TKMR is not Nantonaku, but if you haven’t noticed by now, for the past 6 months or so we’ve been hosted on Takamaruyo.net.

When that switch over happened, I mentioned that at the time I didn’t feel like I could pay for the domain not just because of money but because of responsibility, and knowing how far behind I still am now, I can’t say I’m ready to own the site in that way yet.

Now with TKMR possibly considering letting their site expire, it would mean that this would with it. If they stay we’ll be fine, but I don’t know which direction things will go. I am working on securing another location IF that worst case scenario happens, but if for some reason there is trouble, or if I can’t get it down in time, we may have issues.

To summarize, there are 3 possible situations:
1. TKMR renew their site, we stay alive, everyone happy
2. TKMR decide not to renew their site, we move, most people happy
3. TKMR decide not to renew their site, I can’t secure a place right away, we in limbo but I will try to get back and tell you where we are, we mostly happy.

And that’s what could happen. So now you know, and knowing is hal….I’m sorry it’s like 7am and I’m on the sleeping side not the waking side of a day.

The State of the Whatever Address

My fellow….actually let’s just skip the formalities and let me make sure everyone knows what to do if it comes down to the issue.

Recent things have happened to the point where I don’t know the future of this domain. I am doing what I can to keep things together, and I am planning to continue with translating as best I can. At the same time I need any of you, my audience, to know what to keep an eye out for if we disappear temporarily. Last time we disappeared I feel like some of my audience never returned and I don’t know if it was the lateness of informing everyone where we moved to was the reason.

FOR NOW! If something happens and I disappear I’ll try to update the information on my Hello!Online profiles (invisibleguy) with a new domain/address or news if anything happens.

In the future I hope to expand socially to have a twitter but my plans for that are a bit faded with the catch up project taking much longer than I thought!

As for the details of what’s going on, well I guess I can update it here if you wish to know. How bout we do a poll if you want to know or not?

[Fall2017] What brings you to Nantonaku usually?

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Thanks for the visit,

Blatant Self Promotion

For anyone who doesn’t check out Takamaruyo, our gracious host for this site, Invis recently posted his first in what he hopes would be a series of stories about fandom stories from fans.

Check it out if you want to support people!

That’s all ^^;

Nantonaku: Summer 2013 Feedback Time!

Hey Everyone!

I am so happy that we’ve caught up with the Sayu blogs and keeping up with them as Gaki continues to be brought up to speed as well. I hope i’m not the only one and that everyone is spreading the word that we got Sayu blogs back!

At the same time we need to make sure that we’re appealing to people who want things as well. And that means, a Nantonaku feedback poll!

I am asking that everyone who comes here answer if they feel like this is somewhere they’d like to keep visiting, because it not just lets me know what you think, it also lets me know that I’m still helping you, the community, out.

[2015夏] How often do you need to clarify special terms (Ex: TanoshiMizuki, OyasuMizuki, etc.)

View Results

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[2015夏] Do you want greeting terms (even special ones) converted? (ex: Konbanpon, Konnichiwan, Ohayon)

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[2015夏] Do you prefer Senior/Junior or Senpai/Kouhai?

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[2015夏] Would you donate money for translations of this quality? If for what level?

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[2015夏] Sayu Based Question: What Sayu thing left would you prefer focus on?

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[2015夏] How often do you visit

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Do you care about Gakisan Instagram re-blogs?

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If you would like to add anything else you can drop a comment to this post, but that’s pretty optional unless you really want to define what other projects you’d like to see done.

I look forward to seeing the results, you guys giving feedback always makes me feel like I’m connected to the community!


Quick Question

Quick Question: Since I caught up to Reina’s Graduation time, I’m planning to post in realish time now (so next burst will be dated on the day that I do it) but does that really matter to you the readers?

I’ve been thinking, I could (after catching up) work for several days on adding another form to the system that would allow the real date of translation posting to be maintained while allowing the archives to be sorted by the date of the post for the respective blog (well minus a day probably cause otherwise it might not post until the follow day I’d have to figure that out)

That said, does that really matter, cause I ain’t doing it if you guys don’t care.

[2015夏] !Single Choice! Which blog is your MAIN blog here?

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Feedback with words is always good too,


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