Right now

The real thing, the first event ☆


Here we go!


Here is how close we all are ♪


We were getting ourselves pumped up before the event
we got into a circle
and the leader yelled
“ganbatte ikimasshoi!”


Leader Ai-chan stumbled on it!
Today looks promising (≧∇≦)


Off to have a blast ☆



I’m in Osaka ☆


It’s so cold I can’t move {{(>_<;)}}


But we’ve got rehearsals now ☆


Alright, time to take off my coat I guess..


Ah seriously though, I can’t… (ToT)
*she wrote in Osaka-dialect


Ahh I’ve already picked up Osaka habits (lol)


I’m off to rehearsal (lol) ♪

Bumming around

Good morning!


Today there is a Morning Musume event in Osaka ☆


and today I had zousui* for breakfast o(^-^)o
* kinda like porridge with veggies/meat/fish


But it was early in the morning
and I just bummed around on my futon until the last minute
so then I kinda ran out of time
and I had to scarf down the piping hot zousui


In the end,
I burned my mouth
but then I cooled it down with some water


End result, I ran out of time so I had to rush everything


Had it been the other way around
I could have taken my time eating from the beginning
and that would’ve ended up faster




But I learned my lesson today,
next time, no matter how much of a hurry I’m in
I’ll take my time in eating zousui!


It’s all about efficiency isn’t it


Well you shouldn’t have wasted all your time in your futon!
Well I didn’t think about that this time


I mean being tucked in your futon in the morning is so nice isn’t it ( ̄∀ ̄)


Well, if you knew that was gonna happen, you should’ve woken up earlier!
Well I didn’t think about that as well


I mean, if you say it like that, there’s nothing I can really respond with p(´⌒`q)


And for someone who values the health of their mouth like me
If I can’t say anything more about it
I guess the only thing I have left of value


is my cuteness (≧∇≦)♪ (lol)


I do the radio show “MBS Youngtown Doyoubi” every week
with Akashiya Sanma-san ☆
and Murakami Shouji-san ☆


And today we were able to take a pic together!!!!


I was thinking he was gonna say
“What! No way I’m gonna get my pic taken!”
But I am very happy he gladly took a pic together with me (*^o^*)


There aren’t many 54 year olds as open as he is
I was very surprised!
Splendid isn’t it ↑


Sanma-san is
so cool!!
and great!!
and awesome!!


Well anyway I’m gonna stop that writing here before I get scolded (lol)


But yeah, Sanma-san is really cool!


His way of living is just cool!


He’s always talking
never really changes
he’s kind and funny, but sometimes harsh
I really like him (≧∇≦)


As for Shouji-san, he lives a very systematic lifestyle
Right now, it seems like he’s quite occupied with play rehearsals or something (*´ο`*)=3


He seems like the type that goes to bed at 11
and wakes up at 5am ↑


So in doing the types of gags he does is very impressive ☆


I mean wow! Wow!
How lucky am I to be able to see those two every week
and do a radio show with them (>_<)


Thank you very much


I have so much to take in!


I look forward to continuing to work with you 八(´∀`*)



I just did a radio show with Akashiya Sanma-san


and Yoshizawa-san was wearing this outfit


Akashiya Sanma-san was like
“You look like a portrait” (lol)


So, in the end, since she was wearing this today
I took this pic thinking “let’s take a portrait style pic ↑”


You can call me camera man Sayumi


After I took the pic
I showed it to Yoshizawa-san
and I said “I really made it look like a portrait~”
but she just looked at the pic in silence


Maybe she didn’t hear me, she didn’t even acknowledge me…




I guess this person


really doesn’t listen to anything! (lol)

A senpai who won't listen

I just got back from doing a radio recording ☆♪


It was MBS Youngtown Doyoubi!


Today’s Morning Musume OG Guest was Yoshizawa Hitomi-san! ♪♪♪


Yoshizawa-san is really funny (lol)
Of course she is trying to be funny but
actually she is a pretty big air head! (lol)


I’m not sure if I should be saying that but…


Yoshizawa-san isn’t the type of person that listens to other people anyway (lol)


Today too,
I couldn’t really talk much to Yoshizawa-san


“Eh… that’s what I just said earlier (>_<)" ran through my mind several times (lol)


I thought “Well, just as expected”
but that Yoshizawa-san who doesn’t listen was like
“let’s have a chat”
and invited me out to dinner


It’s not time to meet up yet, so I’m not sure what’ll happen
but I wonder when the times comes
will she listen to what I have to say? (lol)


Even if I were going just to find out,
going out to dinner with Yoshizawa-san is still worth it (o^∀^o)

Cute ☆

Yesterday, when I went to the office,
I met the 4 Smileage girls ♪☆
It seems like they had an event


“Smileage” is…


Hello! Project’s newest unit who are
working hard towards making their major debut!!!!


They are all junior high school students
They are all veeery cute ↑
They are all people who can fight through hardships ↑


To the right of me is Yukarin aka Maeda Yuuka-chan ☆
She has fair skin, a small face and outstanding style, a perfect 1:8*
* Having your head size:height ratio as 1:8 is considered ideal for women
When I look at her, I even see a bit of adult sexiness


To the left of me is Sakichi aka Ogawa Saki-chan ☆
She’s kind of audacious, but again also very cute,
I wish she was my younger sister!


To the lower right of me is Kanyon aka Fukuda Kanon-chan ☆
She is really good at making facial expressions! Great at making weird faces!
She must have soft face muscles huh


To the lower left of me is DAWA aka Wada Ayaka-chan ☆
I thought she was so cute! When I first met her,
before I told her she was cute, I said “how funny!”
it was kinda crazy (lol)


The Smileage girls are just overflowing with personality
and I really love their songs
I especially like their current indies song on sale “Sukichan”
The PV for that song is so cute (≧∇≦)


They are all so funny and work very hard ♪


I need to work hard as well to not lose to them o(`▽´)o


Alright, gotta do my best, time to go back to middle school ↑↑↑↑ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛


Ahh…but I can’t ”(ノ><)ノ


… I guess I lose to youth after all…


reality is harsh (lol)


Morning Musume

We just finished recording


Yeah, writing is definitely different from going lalala~♪
Having to bring out your voice in song is pretty hard


And there’s always a certain something you’re going for when you sing
but sometimes I can’t sing it the way I imagine it in my head
or I can’t get the right pitch that I’m told to sing in
It’s pretty tough


Thinking that makes think that
the Morning Musume members are really something!


Everyone has their own way of expressing and interpreting things
and everyone is sooo good at singing!
I’m sure they all have things they aren’t sure about as well
and are worried and go through slumps just like me


I think everyone really does shine


I really want more and more people to listen to Morning Musume’s songs!!!!!


And I hope you guys will continue to support me


So I’m gonna try even harder now ↑


Although, this has kinda turned into a negative post (-o-;)


Lemme redo that by saying I’ll do my best and keep positive (*^o^*)↑


This pic is the person that holds Morning Musume together!
Leader Takahashi Ai-chan ♪


I’m off to do a radio show now ♪
See yaaaa (≧∇≦)



Right now,
since Morning Musume’s spring concert tour starts in March
I am recording some tour information clips!


Morning Musume’s 10th album “⑩ MY ME”
also happens to come out comes out on March 17th
and should be a big part of the concert ♪


We haven’t started rehearsals yet,
but I am looking forward to opening day!


Singing is something that I really love,
and it’s something I really put all of my energy and strength into.
Since there won’t be any other jobs to get in the way
I can sing to my heart’s content ♪♪♪




You can’t hear pitch in writing so relax guys ♪ (lol)



Good morning!


Yesterday, in my sleep, I was recollecting the
various things I talked about with Becky Cruel


Becky Cruel is still studying Japanese,
so we spoke in English ☆


So, just to get to know her a little better
I remember trying to use some English that I wasn’t really familiar with


The English phrases I’m talking about are
“Thank you!”


…wait a minute, those are only single English words… (>_<)


For the first time I thought, “If only I could speak English!”


Thinking back to my junior high school days though… I was the worst at English


When I was taking English classes, I had an American teacher come to teach me regularly


That American teacher would always talk to me,
but I had no idea what she was talking about


At that time I,


would say “Sleep!”
and making a sleeping motion


And that was the only thing I did
with all my might


Since then, I guess that’s why I’ve only been able to say single words
I guess I haven’t grown up at all, even after turning 20 ( ̄○ ̄;)
So what do you say to that (・◇・)?




Right back to single words…


Seems like growing up is something that takes a long time ”(ノ><)ノ


The pic for today is me with bed hair (^_^;)


A word to describe my bed hair…




…of a reaction ( ̄○ ̄;)