Risa Deco "Episode 3's present"

The one of a kind Niigaki decorated “pen stand” will be awarded by lottery to a fan club member who answers the following questions below!

1. What do you want Niigaki to decorate?
2. What do you think of Risa Deco?

I’ll be waiting for all your responses ♪

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For cell-phone users, please answer the above questions and send them to the below

※ The winner’s pen name will be announced at a later date
※ One entry per person please

☆Present application deadline☆
January 5th, 2010 18:00 (Tuesday)

Aika blog "20days"

It’s almost Christmas~(^-^)v♪
How does everyone plan on spending their time? (*^^*)

The streetlight illuminations are so pretty
walking down the street just fills you up with Christmas spirit doesn’t it (*>▽<*)!!!! I put up a small LED Christmas tree in our house entrance hallway (^□^)v If you guys want, please decorate your houses up as well ★

☆Izu☆ Rushing into Day 2!!!!!
We went to see a dolphin show ♪
They let us copy the trainer on some moves (^ε^*)/
The dolphins are soooo cute (‘▽’)
They’re so smart and their reflexes were amazing, it was a surprise for me (☆∨☆)!!!!
I was so happy they followed all of my signals (^_^)♪

aika blog

aika blog

aika blog


Aika blog "19days"

Hello m(__)m☆☆

The cold weather is pretty noticeable nowadays,
you guys haven’t caught colds or anything right???
I don’t feel the coldness at all actually, so I’m fine ♪♪
I wear down-clothing so actually its quite the opposite, it’s pretty hot (+_+;)(LOL)

Continuing on with Izu!!!
You’re not bored with it right!? It’s ok… right? (;_;)

aika blog

aika blog

This was during the live concert ☆(^^)
The t-shirts have rhinestones attached to them (^-^)v
They were given to us like that!!! (^^*)LOL)
Were you guys surprised when you saw us come out? (*^^*)
I was pretty surprised… everyone moved up closer to us f(^^;(LOL)
Including the members, I’m glad we all got through that safely!!!!
It was a bit dangerous, but it was a lot of fun when everyone got out of their seats ♪♪
That’s something that can’t be done when the whole group is there (^_^)☆
I’m sure you guys all enjoyed it (^^)!!!!
The setlist wasn’t the stuff we normally sing
and we formed mini units as well…
I think it turned out to be a very special live ☆★
We all had a great time, what about you guys? ♪♪
I think the Izu concert was a great success ☆☆

Risa Deco "Episode 3 Part 3"

It’s done!!
Ja Ja Jaaaaan ☆
The pen stand for this project has 4 sides and this is how they ended up ☆

risa deco

And it does not matter which side you look at…
because it was designed so that guys and girls can use it ☆
The first side is red

risa deco

The second side is blue

risa deco

The third side is black

risa deco

The fourth side… is a secret ☆

It’s pretty special so whoever wins this can tell everyone what’s its like once he/she gets it ☆
because… the winner will understand the 4th side the most ♪

very special ya know ☆

Look forward to it~ ☆

Aika blog "17days"

Fufufu (^3^)☆

The Izu FC tour was fun~(>▽<*)/
It was my first bus tour in Japan ♪
I thought it was gonna be fun, but not this much fun (*^ー^)☆☆
“Tanaka-san presents” was a big success (^∨’*)/♪
For me, the scenery and hearing the “It was fun!!!!” from the fans really healed me ♪
Everything was just so lovely ☆
The most touching scenic moment I saw was the stars that looked like a sea of diamonds in the deep black sky. ♪♪
I don’t think you can see that sort of thing back in Shiga!!!!
At least not since I went camping in the mountains (∨∇∨)☆☆
The atmosphere was beautiful, seeing the night sky like that was amazing (*^^*)♪
…what am I saying!? lol Was that a bit too romantic?? (^^)

I will be uploading all the pictures I took for those of you who were unable to make the trip this time ☆☆

First off, day 1!!!!
A 5shot (!∨!)☆
We shot them in yukatas ♪♪
Does it look good on me?? (”)

aika blog

Before things started, we ate some vanilla ice cream (^-^)v

aika blog

Also, although we were far from Mt. Fuji, we could still see it!!!
The summit was white with snow and clouds, I don’t know if you can tell though??
Here’s the pic (^◇^)
There’s still a lot more though ☆

aika blog

But for now, we’ll end here ♪♪
Til next week ~(^∀^)>☆
Well, bye (^3^)/

Aika blog "18days"

Hellooo (^3^)/♪

Well it has finally come…
this weekend is Kusumi-san’s graduation (*_*;)汗)) 汗 = sweat
And I was just thinking that there was still more time left too (-.-)
These days sure went by fast ↓↓↓ Like Kusumi-san though, I’m not gonna cry!! (^ー^)
But because of that, this graduation feels different from all the others (^-^)☆
Well I gotta take care of myself and prepare for this weekend (^∀^)>♪

Now.. now.. time to post some pics from Izu!!!!!
This is a board we all wrote on ☆(^^)

aika blog aika blog

I drew a lion and a tiger (^▽^)!!!!
It’s obvious those are a lion and a tiger right? (^○^)☆
They’re so cute (*☆▽☆*)♪
I’m not really good at drawing so,
I tried really hard to draw this lion and tiger ☆★
Here’s a 2shot with Jun!!!!
2 beauties in yukatas right!? (*^^*) lol

aika blog

Aika blog “16days”


This cake, it was made for when I was with Risako-chan and Kumai-chan, for the PARTY TIME promotional video~(*^^*)♪♪
Under the whipping cream is actually, bread crust!!!!!!!!! It was delicious(^ー^) During the filming, I occasionally snatched bits from it, it was comforting(’∨^*)/

From here on, I’m going on a trip(^∀^)>♪♪
Breathing in the clean air can cleanse your heart(^^)v
I’ll be meeting with everyone~\(☆◇☆)♪♪PuPu
Please come and see Aika’s smile(-∇^*)☆

Risa Deco "Episode 3"

Did you all checked out episode 2??(^O^)/
It was an item that all girls need!!
This time, I’ve put in a lot of love into decorating as well!!
I’ve read all your messages as well!!
Thank you★
Reading everyone’s messages has given me more power★★
I’m storming into episode 3~~~~~!!(゛^∀^)/
The third item will be this!![Pen Stand]
This time it can be used by both male and female, it’s going to be a flashy design by Risa★Deco♪

Look forward to it★
I’ll be doing my best

Aika blog "15days"

Helloooo (^∀^)>☆

aika blog

This is a puppy (*^^*)
Can you figure out whose puppy it is? (*^∨-*)/ lol
She always hides her face when she sleeps ☆
Nobody wants their sleeping face to be seen right? (”) lol
Whenever I’m in the area I’ll stop by because seeing
her sleep always rejuvenates me ♪♪
I wonder why animals have such a powerful healing effect? Hahaha (∨▽∨*) lol

And then, since there weren’t a lot of pics uploaded from the
Kimagure Princess music video filming.. take a look at these!!!!

aika blog aika blog

More of this next time… ♪

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