From Tokoro George-san☆

This is,
something I got from
Tokoro George-san during
our greetings backstage!!!!!!


I think he told me the name of it
but I didn’t really hear it( ̄○ ̄;)


It’s probably some kind of badge thing you would iron onto your shirt.


Well, I’m happy with anything if it’s from Tokoro George-san! ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛


To get this from Tokoro George-san is too amazing(≧∇≦)


I’ll take good care of it↑↑

My favorite…

I have a stylist who I love and
is always helping me out ♪


And when I went to Guam for my now on sale photobook “La”
and my DVD “Sayu” that comes on sale today


that stylist went with me too ~ ♪


and that stylist
today, burned me a DVD of the Guam photos
and gave it to me \(^ー^)/


I’m so happy ♪
Thank you ~


Lately, it was my stylist’s birthday, but it ends up
with her giving me a present (≧∇≦)


Did you guys check out my solo photobook and DVD ~ ?


From the DVD I got from my stylist, I enjoyed watching
the offshots from the Guam trip ~ (lol)


Here are some freebies for you guys
Lemme give ya an off shot pic

Jumbo Dorayaki

Look look~!


Isn’t this dorayaki huge!?


When I was eating at the place where Unbelievable was recorded
the master there gave it to me(≧∇≦)


It’s surely,


The master and everyone else around,
said, “isn’t it bigger than Sayu’s face?”
Looks like it was a complete victory for Sayumi(・_・;)


The largeness of Sayumi’s face
compared to the jumbo dorayaki
isn’t even a worth opponent eh(lol)(;_;)


Well then☆
I’ll eat this jumbo dorayaki,
then give it my best at work tonight(*^o^*)


I just finished the recording ♪


And just like the title says
it was! (°□°;)




I was pretty nervous
but Sekine Tsutomu-san
kept saying I was cute
and that made me so happy
it just made me smile on the spot (*^o^*)

back in the dressing room, he came up to greet me
and say “Sayumi-chan, you’re so cute”
the whole time
his kindness was like, well Sekine Tsutomu-san’s kindness
was just
unbelievable \(^ー^)/


airs May 20th


as for the show!
my cuteness was just unbelievable (lol)
so please ☆ check it out

Today's fashion check

Is Michishige Sayumi


This one-piece here, I don’t know why but it’s so wrinkly
I had it hung up properly too (lol)


On the left side of the chest, there’s a black ribbon attached!!


And the red x black checkered coat
is something I don’t get to wear often,
so I feel kinda bad for it











Good morning(^-^*)/


Last night I gave myself a manicure right before bed!


Last time I did it right before I took a bath, and it didn’t really dry well, so I couldn’t take a bath,
then everyone commented saying it’d be fine if I just did it after I got out,
so I’ve taken everyone’s advice
and am doing it now☆(≧∇≦)


It feels like I did a manicure under the proper conditions this time\(^ー^)/


Thanks everyone~(^o^)/


It’s kinda like
I realized there’s only a little bit of April left!
Let’s have a happy day—–↑(*^o^*)
*Sayu made a pun where 4(shi) replaced the usual shi in しあわせ(shiawase)

Good stuff

I’m already in bed ↑


And I’m gonna fall asleep with Rilakkuma-chan (-.-)zzZ


By the way, Rilakkuma is seriously awesome ♪
He’s so refreshing!!
I love this Rilakkuma plushy so much!


I have absolutely no complaints
He’s not even greedy!
I don’t even give him anything
and yet he relaxes me so much (*^o^*)♪


He’s just so nice (^∀^)ノ


When I think about it, I’m like the exact opposite of Rilakkuma (°□°;)


I have such a foul mouth
and I’m quite a pig too ( ̄○ ̄;) (lol)


Ahh but I think I am like Rilakkuma in the sense that
I am very comforting to all you guys
So I guess it’s all good ♪(o^∀^o) (lol)


I guess I’m good too!


But the best thing out there
are you guys who read this worthless Sayumi’s blog (*´ο`*)=3


To all you guys who didn’t quit reading this post!
Much respect ↑(^o^)/


You guys are really good!


Thank you so much! (≧∇≦)


Right now, I’m gonna have some more of that chocolate cake
I ate earlier \(^ー^)/


But this time, not bare handed – with a fork ↑(^_^)v


Actually I took a nap eariler♪ (lol)


It was great ♪






My blog’s friends list
passed 100,000!


I’m so happy O(≧∇≦)o


Thank you!! (;_;)♪


100,000 is such an amazing number…


I’m very touched →→(;_;)



I hope to continue to talk with all these friends
and listen to what you guys have to say as well
and it would make me so happy to build up trust with each other


also, I hope to make a lot more friends (≧∇≦)

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