Cheese fondue

At the restaurant with my mom and sis
we had soy cheese fondue \(^ー^)/


My sis was like
“I wanna eat chenzu fonshu”
she really messed up saying “cheese fondue” (lol)


and then, when we were ordering, my mom was like
“Can we get a chenzu fondue”
she really messed up saying “cheese fondue” (lol)





As expected of mother and daughter huh


Although, I’m part of that too
and I had a feeling like I’d probably mess it up too
so I was determined not to say “cheese fondue” that night (lol)

My sis (lol)

Today, I finished work early
so I went out to eat with my mom and sis ♪♪


It was so fun!


Oh yeah, the moment I saw my sis
her skirt zipper was wide open… \(^ー^)/


and also, on her arm, she had a sticker
from some random store (゜∇゜)


When she pulled it off, it hurt (lol)


I mean come on ~ !
Well no, that’s expected ( ̄○ ̄;)


Thanks (lol)





Junjun next to me


In this pic it’s me with Junjunjun
Ahh, 1 too many jun’s (@゜▽゜@)


Fail (-ω-)


The correct answer is Junjun of course (●´mn`)


Junjun was next to me during the script reading


Although, even though we were, we didn’t talk to each other


Not because we don’t like each other or anything


That’s just howw it went todayy


Ahhh one too many “w”s (@゜▽゜@)


Fail (-ω-)


The correct answer is “how” of course (●´mn`)

Reading the script ♪

We just got finished doing our play introduction
and script reading ~ o(`▽´)o


In the first run through, I was so nervous when I was supposed to speak up ~ (^o^)/


But I was still happy to have a place to do so ( ̄∀ ̄)


After reading the script, I have a really good feeling about this play (´∀`)


If I were the director, I’d be like
this is so good, we should start the real thing tomorrow ↑(*^□^*)


Is that too naive o(^∇^o)(o^∇^)o


But, and this is for real now,
even though I was only reading the words, I could really feel the emotion in it
and I was really touched


I’ve got about a month of practice now, I’ll do my best ☆




I wonder how the play will turn out, I can’t wait (≧▼≦)


In this pic, it’s the rokkies ♪
Kamei Eri-chan, Tanaka Reina-chan and Michishige Sayumi-chan ♪♪♪
Us 3 are so cute aren’t we~! I love them ヽ(´▽`)/

Today's fashion check

Is Michishige Sayumi


A dotted pattern one piece ☆★


This is the first time this year! That I’ve worn short sleeves~o(`▽´)o


Although, I’m going to be wearing a jacket (^_-)



In the first pic, I’m holding my face
because I’m trying to hide the swelling (lol)


In the second pic, I’m holding my skirt
and my cuteness is just flowing out (lol)


I’m so good at appealing to people





Pony tail with a scrunchy

I’m all ready now ~ ↑♪~θ(^0^ )


Today’s hair style ☆
Pony tail with a scrunchy


Lately, I’ve been liking the low hung pony tails ↑


It’s kinda the not-so-young look (lol)



This scrunchy is cute isn’t it?
It’s got hearts on it


If you look closely, you can see a hidden Hello Kitty too (^_-)


For today’s work,
I’ve got to work on Morning Musume’s play “Fashionable”
that starts in June


We’re doing an introduction and script reading ♪
I’ll be the first time we all meet
I wonder what it’s gonna be like, I’m so nervous ~ (≧∇≦)



I have an easy day today at work
so I was just loafing around at home mainly (lol)
and right now ☆ my mom just made me some spaghetti (o^∀^o)


This little one is carbonara


It’s so good!


I ate the whole thing at once o(`▽´)o


There was quite a lot of it, and my mom had planned on splitting it up too
but I just gulped it all down myself (lol)
thanks for the food (^o^)/


Well ☆
Time to get ready I suppose?
Sayumi-chaaan ↑(*^o^*)





Caramel potato chips

Ja jaan ☆


A little while ago
when I was at the office
I had some
“Hanabatake bokujo angel potato chips” V(^-^)V
there was caramel flavor
and caramel chocolate ☆


Both of them were sooo delicious-!
These were so crazy good, soo swee~~~~t ( ̄∀ ̄)


They were delicious no matter how many I ate (o^∀^o)


I had some at yesterday’s concert,
and it really gave me an energy boost ↑


I myself prefer the caramel ☆


it’s sweeter ♪♪♪


In addition to Hokkaido ↑

There is a Hanabatake bokujo store that sell it in Tokyo ☆


Please check out these sweet treats! (^_-)








By the way ☆

Yesterdays jersey (lol)


my cat ears are cute aren’t they ♪


This jersey,
I got this at (shibuya) 109
for about 3000 yen (lol)


For our Morning Musume single Resonant Blue
during our song’s PV
there’s a dance lesson scene

and at that time, to make it feel realistic
everyone was not wearing costumes
we were wearing our real jerseys ♪


Leftovers from the video (>_<) I thought that was the only reason I bought it ☆(≧∇≦)


But it was meant to feel real
so “the only reason I bought”
doesn’t really make sense… (lol)


Well, I really did pick this one out myself though (^_^)v


And now here’s a full body shot of me…


A turning around beauty (lol)

Morning announcement

Good morning (^-^*)/


I’m sleepy to the MAAAX!!!!! o(`▽´)o


That is my morning announcement
Right now, I’m watching TV while eating breakfast


Although, my entire body is pretty much
only paying attention to the food,
so I don’t really know what’s going on in the show…


I honestly can’t remember what the show was about —(・_・;)


Ahh that went by fast
I guess it really wasn’t
eating while watching TV…


It was just eating!


Yes, that is plenty to report as is (lol)

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