Right now, I’m gonna have some more of that chocolate cake
I ate earlier \(^ー^)/


But this time, not bare handed – with a fork ↑(^_^)v


Actually I took a nap eariler♪ (lol)


It was great ♪






My blog’s friends list
passed 100,000!


I’m so happy O(≧∇≦)o


Thank you!! (;_;)♪


100,000 is such an amazing number…


I’m very touched →→(;_;)



I hope to continue to talk with all these friends
and listen to what you guys have to say as well
and it would make me so happy to build up trust with each other


also, I hope to make a lot more friends (≧∇≦)

Chocolate Cake

After I ate dinner today
I ate the chocolate cake(≧∇≦) that my mom bought?
Or maybe she received it as a gift?


Black Diamond☆
It seems famous↑↑


The raw chocolate was delicious(o^~^o)


I’ll even eat it bare-handed\(^ー^)/

Fan letter

Today, I received fan letter presents from the office ♪


There were so many!
It made me so happy (*^o^*)


Thank you guys!


I can’t read them all at once,
so I’ll read them a little at a time (≧∇≦)



When I was a kid, I used to send fan letters to celebs too (^_^)v


Like to Fukuda Kyouko-san and
Uchiyama Rina-san!!


Also, after I got into Morning Musume
I sent a postcard to author Yamada Yuusuke-san!


Writing fan letters are so exciting ♪
Because you’re like ahh when is it gonna arrive
or like I wonder if they read it


Receving this many letters has made me just too happy (∋_∈)


And since I know how it feels on the other side, to send letters of,
it has made me extremely happy!!


Thank you guys
very much for everything
I’ll keep on working even harder now! (^∀^)ノ


Here is a 2shot with Tanakacchi ♪(^_^)v


Reina doesn’t really like to be called Tanakacchi


so whenever I’m in front of her, I never call her that
otherwise she’d get mad at me (lol)


Well like (^_-)
although Reina has that kind of angry character,
she’d never get that angry!!
Well maybe sometimes… (lol)
But her frankness is very cute ♪


Ahh that Tanakacchi ♪♪♪


Tanakacchi! Tanakacchi! Tanakacchi!


Since she’s not here
I can call her that ~♪~θ(^0^ )


Tanakacchi! Tanakacchi! Tanakacchi!


Ah I guess if you keep saying it over and over like that
it’s only natural to start disliking it… (lol)


Well, I don’t think Tanakacchi reads my blog anyways (^_^;)


Go easy on me ~ !



With make up and without..

I just got back ~~ ↑
I’m hooome ☆


I took off my make up


These pics are me with my make up perfectly on and then without any at all…


When I line them up side by side
I really don’t prefer having no make up (lol) (>_<)


but looking at all the comments ~
and seeing everyone say they like me with no make up on…


it really lifts my mood ~ (lol)


stuff like “you look so cute with no make up”
makes me not scared of it anymore (≧∇≦) (lol)


Right now, I’m gonna go change into my home clothes,
and eat dinner while watching tv ~ (o^∀^o)


Tuesdays always has a lot of TV shows I like to watch ♪

Too cute!

I was interviewed by
“Monthly The Television”
“G Television”!
It comes out on May 24th!!
And also
I made a web comment as well ~ !


Please ☆ please ☆ check ☆ it ☆ out ☆


And now to today’s hair ☆


So cute!
And also, not just any ordinary braids,
it’s a katyusha braid!!


it’s so cute it makes your chest hurt (*^o^*)♪


I wonder if, when you guys see
the cute Sayumi, do you feel pain as well?


I apologize for my cuteness
causing you pain (>_<) (lol)

During the photo shoot (≧∇≦)↑

Here I am with Kamei Eri ☆


In the first pic
we’re two ballerinas ☆
As a child, Eri used to study ballet ♪
such pretty lines ↑
and out of Morning Musume, she stands out as the best dancer!!
she’s always teaching me stuff (*^o^*)
Ah, I never told anyone before but, I also took ballet too (lol)
that’s funny (lol)
I also took aerobics and hip hop…
and yet, I still suck at dancing (゜∇゜)



In the second pic
our theme is “A cute pose”!
although, this combination makes you think
that our energy levels are pretty different (゜∀゜;ノ)ノ
it doesn’t really feel like we’re doing the same theme! (lol)



In the third pic
I am scolding Eri
and I’m treading on Eri… (lol)

Oi you!
Like Mesubuta or something (lol)
* Mesabuta is an adult film company lol sayu








Bacon lettuce tomato

Today, all of Morning Musume
is doing a photo shoot and interview with “B. L. T” ♪


This white one piece is so cute ♪♪♪


During the photo shoot, I was laughing so much (≧∇≦)


I did my hair in braids again today, it’s been a while since I had those
but I’m in a good mood today
so I figured why not


“B. L. T”
comes out on May 24th ☆☆☆
please check it out! ♪♪


Ah by the way,
The title “bacon lettuce tomato”
and the magazine “B. L. T” are not related lol





Sugaya Risako-chan ☆

Yesterday, I met up with Berryz Koubou’s Sugaya Risako-chan ☆


Sugaya Risako-chan really loves Iwao-san from Football Hour
* comedy group


and thus, I love Risako-chan!
I won’t lose to her in love (lol)


I often watch Risako-chan’s photobooks and DVDs ♪
She’s seriously so cute (*^o^*)


Also, Risako-chan
may be the most talkative person in Berryz Koubou (≧∇≦)


she says whenever she’s approaching me
it’s not too much either!
It’s too cute!
and makes me too happy!!


And “Zoku Biyuden” is a group that we were in together too
We sang together at Hello! Project concerts and stuff
It seems like I have a mysterious connection with Risako-chan (^_^)v


And during work, we have really deep conversations!


Looking at Risako-chan, she’s already a 1st year high schooler!


So grown up (*^o^*)


I mean her words and expressions are very shocking!


And her singing voice is so solid, everything is just great!


I really like Berryz Koubou ♪
Ahh! It’s almost time for their concert tour
of Berryz Koubou, who I like so much ↑↑


I wanna go watch them (≧∇≦)
I wonder if I can go though
Well hopefully I can!


Manager-san, please free up my schedule thanks (lol) o(`▽´)o

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