Cute ~

Rehearsals ended in the evening


I went to record
the CBC’s “Konya mo usa-chan peace” (^_^)v


The guests that came were the 4 girls from Smileage (≧∇≦)


Aw man they are soooo cute ~~~~~~~~ ♪


By the way, Smileage are our Hello! Project kouhais!


Everyone is just so cute!


And that’s coming from the cute Sayumi, so there’s no mistake about it o(`▽´)o


For Morning Musume,
every member always gives a gift to the birthday girl
but when it’s on a work day, we all congratulate her ♪



tells the birthday girl “Congrats”
which makes me think Morning Musume is so great
Every time, no matter whos birthday, I think its great


But of course, the best birthday of all is when it’s mine
and I can be the star of the day (≧∇≦)


With everyone blessing Linlin today,
you can’t help but get a little jealous! (lol)

The order we lined up for cake

This is what I saw ☆


The order in which the girls ran to the cake…


#1 → Tanaka Reina-chan
(She was faster than the star today, Linlin (lol))
#2 → Linlin
#3 → Kamei Eri-chan
#4 → Niigaki Risa-chan
#5 → Michishige Sayumi-chan
#6 → Mitsui Aika-chan
(she doesn’t like sweets that much, but she was just going for the strawberry ♪)
#7 → Takahashi Ai-chan


I didn’t catch where Junjun was


The cake was sooo delicious — (o^~^o)


Linlin was so happy, she kept saying “It’s so good, it’s so good”
while eating her cake
I’m glad ♪


Linlin, enjoy your last year as a teenager!



Cake ♪

Linlin turned 19 today ♪


I can’t believe it!


Just 1 more year until she turns 20!
Linlin is turning into an adult ~ (>_<) I still think of her as a junior high school student ( ̄∀ ̄)


I wonder why~

It’s not like she doesn’t try hard or anything…!


But like… Linlin just has like a young image


When I was 19
I said stuff like “I wanna be more adult-like!” (lol)


Anyways, the cake looks so delicious ♪♪♪♪


I wanna eat it already — !


Linlin (≧∇≦)

Reina's offensive

The cake looks so good ♪



Here, Morning Musume’s TsundeReina
Tanaka Reina said


“Linlin, you should smash your face into the cake!”


To which the pure and innocent Linlin said


“No! That’d be a waste of cake! A waste!”


Linlin went against Reina for a second there (lol)


Since Linlin loves to eat so much,
she went so far as to go against Reina,
I guess she really wanted to eat that cake (lol)

A birthday

Today, March 11th
Is Linlin’s birthday ♪


We had a celebration for her
after rehearsals (*^o^*)


We brought out a cake
and sang Happy Birthday to her ☆♪♪


Here is Ai-chan with the super happy Linlin ♪


Linlin, congrats on turning 19 (*^▽^)/

Filled with emotion

Hallooooooooo (≧∇≦)


I finally got down the dances and positions


for all the songs ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \(^ー^)/


Yaaay \(^ー^)/


We worked so hard you know (;_;)


now the problem is can we continue on after this…


because we still got one more push to go..


but anyway for now, we have a sense of achievement!! ♪


Everyone keeps saying
“Let’s work towards an awesome final day~”


Even though we haven’t even started opening day yet (lol)

Going well!

I’ve got a tough rehearsal today too o(^-^)o


If today’s rehearsals go well,
I’ll have the dances and positions down for all the songs ♪


I feel like I’m slowly getting these things down
so I’m pretty happy O(≧∇≦)o


But right now, I’ve got some new dance moves to learn
so I’m feeling pretty nervous (>_<)


No! Saying that is not necessary!
I need to do my best!!


Because if I put my mind to it, I can do it
So, good luck Sayumi (*^o^*)

Aika blog "28days"

Good afternoon (^O^)☆

Lately, I’ve started to cook (*^^*)♪♪
The first item I made was fried dumplings (^0_0^)!!!!
Oh and also, I made some soup dumplings too~ ☆★
In my opinion, I think the soup dumplings were more delicious (^_^)!
If I get a chance, I’d like to treat everyone to them ♪♪

aika blog aika blog

Ahh the FC events are over now… (cry)
It was so fun ~ (VωV*)
It had a very rough feeling to it,
like we were allowed a lot of freedom in doing stuff (^^)
I really tsukkomi’d Junjun pretty hard,
but I made sure to properly apologize to her m(__)m ☆
It was interesting to be introduced to that strong side of me (>_<)(>_<) Well the next FC event is Hawaii ☆★ We have a tour going to Hawaii (^▽^)

I can’t wait ~ ♪♪
Please please come along with us (>ω<*)!!!!

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