Bench coat

Today, the weather is good in Tokyo
But it’s morning, so it’s still cold ~ (┳◇┳)


which means
I’ll warm myself up with this bench coat (*^o^*)


It saved me so much ~ (≧∇≦)


You know, when I put on a bench coat
I really feel like a celeb!!!
They just have that image o(^-^)o
Feels like I’m outdoors on a drama set or something (lol)


When I put on a bench coat
I feel like
“Ahhh I’m a celebrity now” (lol)


But it’s seriously cold over here
so you absolutely need a bench coat anyway (;_;)


Although in the filming I did earlier
I was so into it, I wasn’t even wearing my bench coat ↑ (lol)


It was so fun (^_^)v


Hopefully I’ll have fun all day today (*^□^*)


I hope you guys have a fun day too (≧▼≦)


Then this blog will be complete (*^_ ’)。。





A convenience store in the corridor

Today, from morning til night
I’ll be doing a music video shoot
for our song “Seishun collection” that
comes out on sale on June 9th (^_^)v


This morning, I was in the dressing room
and I heard voices in the corridor (≧∇≦)


“What is this!!!! A convenience store!!!!!!!!”


That was Tanaka Reina-chan’s voice


I went to take a look
and it seriously looked like a convenience store in the hallway ↑(^_^)v


There were onigiri, sandwiches, sweet buns, candies,
small sweets, and drinks ☆
there was a huge selection (≧∇≦)


That made me so happy ♪


So I went and had a mentaiko onigiri
and salad roll set for breakfast ☆★


actually for the salad roll
Reina shared hers with me (^o^)/


After I ate breakfast, I felt a lot more lively (・o・)ノ


So now, I’m doing make up


After make up finishes, I’ll be full of vitality!


I’m a pro after all (lol)

There are expectations ♪ (lol)

I screamed ~

Good morning ☆♪↑


since I was nervous about waking up early
I had a dream


I dreamt I was at Barby of Fall in love’s show
and I had to be really excited…
* a comedy group


that’s the dream I had… (-.-)




I woke up screaming because I was also screaming in the dream (lol)


But we all have these kinds of mornings right! (b^ー°)


Fall in love ^ー^)人(^ー^

Scream (≧∇≦)

I screamed so much today
it was so fun ~


For tomorrow


I have to wake up early, so early it makes me want to scream (lol)


Probably so early I’ll be able to shout together with the roosters! (b^ー°)


Yep! I


have to wake up at 4:30 ☆




I guess I’m already shouting (lol) \(+×+)/


well then


Oyasayumin ♪

Just a little…

During intermission at the game


We ate a lovely bentou that was given to us before the game started


Kamei Eri-chan, Linlin, Niigaki Risa-chan



It was really delicious o(^-^)o


I brought mine back home with me, so I just had a little ♪


And given the time, just a little…


Well, I suppose
“a little” has a different meaning for everyone!


But I had what was “a little” for me


But the flavor was anything but little, it was delicious (≧∇≦)













When I got home
I checked out my blog from my laptop (^_-)


Uwahhhhhhhh (´;ω;`)


I was sooo close (ノд<。)


28,999,999 views ゜。゜。(p>∧ 

Just one more would’ve been the jackpot (__;)


Ahh I hope I can get the 30,000,000 pic… (lol)



I added a (lol),
but I’m darn serious about it!!


I don’t like losing matches you know \(^ー^)/


Since Rakuten won today,
I hope I can do it, since I’m a goddess of victory…


wait how about, guys just give it to me! (lol)


Just kidding, just kidding


Let’s have a match for 30,000,000 views!


Let’s battle this out fair and square!

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