Linlin's Tsukkomi

Linlin is
Morning Musume’s Chinese overseas exchange student!


And she has particularly unusual tsukkomis


Morning Musume has a manager
that is kinda short with a bob hair cut


and to that manager’s appearance


she tsukkomi’s with


“Are you a chibiko maruko or what!”


You mean Chibi Maruko right (^_^;)


I mean to be a Chibiko Maruko,
You’d have to be a shorty and a roundy at the same time (゜∇゜)


What’s more, Linlin, you aren’t far off from being that short or having that hairstyle anyway
so you shouldn’t be talking (≧∇≦)


Linlin and the manager-san should be a pair
of chibiko maruko (lol)


Well we had a big laugh at rehearsal today ~ ♪


It was hilarious \(^ー^)/


During a break at rehearsal,


I just happened to look out the window


and it was s-s-s-snowing o(^-^)o


Yay o(`▽´)o


Somehow snow always seems to get me excited ↑↑↑


Back in the day, my sis
used to make dolls of snow…
her “snowmen” if you will


And she took them and thought it’d be a good idea
to store them in our fridge to preserve them


So then
the snowmen melted in our fridge
and the snowmen were no longer snowmen
but just water
our fridge got flooded
and our mom got angry (-.-;)


As I was watching my sis
as a elementary school kid at the time
I was thinking, the fridge wouldn’t be cold enough…
Even a little kid knew that (・_・;)

Looking natural

Even though she said she wasn’t hungry


She finished the entire tomato lasagna


and Ai-chan managed to eat a chocolate fondant for dessert too \(^ー^)/


As you can see,
there is just something nice about
a natural view of a girl eating and not looking at the camera!


Ai-chan is sooo cute (≧ε≦)


Right now, I’m in the middle of rehearsals!
Everyone is trying their hardest ~ o(^-^)o


I’m trying my best too

L-L-L-L-Lunch ~ ♪

I had a little time between the radio show and rehearsals,
so I had lunch
with my manager-san and Ai-chan at a family restaurant ☆★


I had
a tomato lasagna,
and mentaiko mayo potatoes (⌒~⌒)


Even though Ai-chan said she wasn’t hungry
she had a tomato lasagna just like me and finished it off!!


I’m sure it’s cuz Ai-chan
looks up to the cute me (≧∇≦)


Before an explosion?

I did a guest radio appearance with Ai-chan ♪☆


My apologies for all the rude things
we said to the radio personality Mochizuki-san m(_ _)m


But while our song was playing
she was so kind and said
“It’s no problem at all ♪ Keep it up”
I was so glad o(^-^)o


She is just about to turn 40,
but she’s so nice and easy going
I had such a fun time on the radio with Mochizuki-san ♪ (lol)


Oh also, I took a pic together with Ai-chan ♪
Click! (b^ー°)


Ehh so dark ッ(°□°;)


Well our cuteness is still overflowing from our silhouettes (≧∇≦) (lol)


In the lighter pic,
it’s right before a cuteness explosion dontcha think o(`▽´)o


Now I’ll be in rehearsals for the spring tour until night
it’ll be chaotic.. (lol) but I’ll try my hardest ☆

Tokyo Sky Tree

The radio show ended ♪


From the radio location,
we could see the currently under construction
“Tokyo Sky Tree” ☆


It’s supposed to be bigger than Tokyo Tower!


Ahh I don’t mean wider, but taller ↑(^_^)v


Here’s a pic of me pointing ♪
The tower I’m pointing to is Tokyo Sky Tree!


And then,
I pinched that really tall tower between my fingers (o^∀^o)


And then lastly,
I’m pushing down on it with my finger (≧∇≦)


Tokyo Sky Tree
I can’t wait for it to be finished (≧ε≦)



Right now!!
On the radio show “Blue Ocean”
Takahashi Ai-chan and I
are appearing as guests V(^-^)V


It’s live ♪


I love doing radio
And in particular, live radio shows (o^∀^o)


Doing the show live is just so much better ♪~θ(^0^ )


Ahh, but you know
You gotta be careful of what you say!


Back in the day, I used to get in trouble… (lol)


I say that but…
even to this day, I still get warned… (^_^;)


Not good!


But before you guys shout
“You should just speak your mind”
My goal for today is
to practice
★ Being calm and thinking things through ★ (^_-)


But of course it’ll still be loads of fun (o^∀^o)↑↑


So everyone
to help me not say anything NG
“Blue Ocean”


Please ☆ listen to the show (≧∇≦)


Sorry this pic looks so similar to the previous one m(_ _)m


Next I’ll upload a pic of cute Ai-chan! ♪♪

A build up

Good morning! ♪


So the reason for the tv breaking
I was talking about yesterday…
(I was reading the comments and
it looked like everyone was curious (^_^;))


Dust had built up inside the TV
and blocked off stuff~!


I didn’t even know that could happen (ρ°∩°)


It looked like cleaning it out with a vacuum
would’ve done the trick ( ̄∀ ̄)


I guess its only natural that after using it for so many years
it gets dirty and random things build up inside
making it break down (-_-#)


I need to be careful about building up my cuteness too
or else I’ll explode (≧∇≦)


And for all those that are reading this blog
you’re probably going to explode soon from the built up irritation


Well then today,
I’ve got a radio show to do ☆★


Together with leader Takahashi Ai-chan (^_^)v

The reason I'm smiling

A few days ago,
just the worst thing happened,
our TV was shutting down every 20 minutes


But today, the repair man came!


When I got home today,
My mom was watching TV and smiling (o^∀^o)


I thought she was like “Ahhh finally the TV is fixed”


but actually it was because “The repairs were free yay (≧∇≦)”


Yep, that’s why the smile!


Well, more importantly.. ( ̄∀ ̄)


She should’ve started off with why the TV was broken (lol)


Anyway, the TV is working again, so I’m glad (^_^)v


And it was free ♪


Watching funny shows on the fixed TV
brings back smiles again (*^o^*)

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