All the regulars gathered together!

The recording for “Aimaina!”
just finished——– ♪


Here is a pic of all the regulars for the show!!
Last time, Ooshima-san wasn’t present…
I’m so glad to be able to get a pic of everyone gathered together (≧▼≦)


But, the happiest thing for me was
being next to Ogura Yuuko-san! (lol)
Banzai ヽ(´▽`)/


there is an “Aimaina!” broadcast too
so please check it out (-人-)

All bread!

I had bread for dinner~!!!


☆ Mentaiko french bread
☆ Leaf mustard bun
☆ Bagel
☆ Black sesame bun


All of them have different good points
and all are delicious (o^~^o)♪♪


Right now, I think I’m right about to head off
to my Aimaina! recording..


I’m still nervous
and in addition to that, with all the pastries ugh (>_<) I didn't even eat that much...


But my stomach is bloated
and so now my face is bloated…


My brain is also bloated from being in
the “Aimaina!” dressing room with
Ogura Yuuko-san who I just adore…


We’re all in the same dressing room
And today, again because of the loud camera shutter noise
I don’t have enough courage to take pics of myself in front of everyone
even after having my make up done perfectly and putting on this outfit
so, here is a pic of me from this morning with no make up…




It’s because I don’t have courage that I can’t show you guys
how cute I look with my make up (;_;) (lol)

Change ☆

In regards to the air date for the show
I recorded a little while ago called “Unbelievable”


I was just informed that the air date has changed


May 13th


To those who were gonna watch it
please renew your feelings! (b^ー°)


To those who weren’t going to
please exchange your feelings! (b^ー°)


please ☆ check it out!


This pic was from Unbelievable


Right now, I’m doing make up!
I’m doing a recording tonight
for my regular show “Aimaina!” ☆


It’s only my 2nd show, so I’m still nervous p(´⌒`q)


I’m all tense! (・_・;)


Scared stiff station ☆

Ai-chan and the bakery

I do a radio show every week with Takahashi Ai-chan ♪


Today, although I already said bye to Ai-chan,
we went to a bakery together
and I bought a ton of bread ♪(≧∇≦)


Tonight’s dinner~~
*grin* (⌒~⌒)



I love bread (*^o^*)☆


I’m hungry too!!!!


I’m gonna eat some on my way back ♪♪


Although I’ll be careful not to eat too much
or else my face will swell up..


ah but swelling… (lol)


forget all that, I’m gonna have some bread!!


Ahh I’ve got such a long road ahead of me towards getting a small face… (;_;) (lol)

Today's fashion check

Is Michishige Sayumi



Last time I had a black leather jacket? Riders?
thing and because it was so popular
I’m gonna continue on with that,
but this time I’m gonna challenge it with brown!!


As for compliments
I do want to get complimented again
so I wore it so that it looks similar to last time


And earlier, the moment I met Takahashi Ai-chan
she was like
“So cute!” ↑


I knew it! ( ̄∀ ̄)


The results of my hypothesis: “So cute!” (^_^)v (lol) ♪


I am such the spoiled type

Yesterday's dinner and cakes ♪

Allll these cakes here


Yesterday at our Fukuoka concert,
The Tanaka Reina-chan household brought these refreshments (^_^)v


I had them for dessert after dinner \(^ー^)/


For dinner I had hamburgers ☆
and of course as you can see here, potato salad ~ o(^-^)o
Yay for pote-sara (≧∇≦)♪
Dinner and dessert were both delicious!


By the way
Kamei Eri and I
went with the Mont Blanc tart and white cheese cake (^_^)v


When we were eating
Takahashi Ai-chan came in
and the three of us shared the above two
plus baked cheese cake, strawberry tart, and a custard ♪


The three of us were so chatting away with delight as we ate
and before we knew it, we stayed past the time we were supposed to exit the concert hall
when we realized it, us 3 were the only ones left in the dressing room
The 3 of us didn’t see anyone else around (lol)
The entire time our eyes were only on the cakes ☆


Our manager who was still waiting for us, came to us
so we rushed really fast and stuffed our face with cakes (*^o^*)


I still had some Mont Blanc in my mouth
when Kamei Eri-chan stuffed
all of the remaining strawberry tart into my mouth
I was thinking
no way!
but thanks for the smashed cake in my mouth
there wasn’t any space left in mouth
so I couldn’t say anything (lol)


Everything was so delicious, and best of all I had
such a great time with the 3 of us ◎^∇^◎


We barely made our departure
and the 3 of us were still munching and laughing away ♪


And that ends our flashback of yesterday ☆
Well then!
I’m off to the radio ヽ(´▽`)/


Yesterday at Morning Musume’s Fukuoka concert
our opening act was
Smileage ☆☆
These 4 super cute girls (≧∇≦)


I wanted to get a pic of Smileage
so I ambushed them in front of the dressing room
right before they were about to go on stage
First off is Fukuda Kanon-chan and Ogawa Saki-chan~!
Both of them have short hair cuts (^_^)v


I feel like these two are always making noise (lol)


From the Smileage dressing room, you can always hear laughing from it
and for the most part, it sounds like its the high pitched giggles
of these two girls playing around (lol) (*^o^*)


and then
I got a pic of Maeda Yuuka-chan, who popped out after ☆


She’s soooooo cute (´∀`)
I think her cuteness is just amazing (*^□^*)
She has a small face, pale skin, black hair, long straight legs,
a gentle facial expression, a soothing voice, and she always looks like shes gonna cry…
A perfect idol! ♪♪


And for the last person… DA-WA aka Wada Ayaka-chan


I caught them too close to the start of the show, so I couldn’t get a pic of her (;_;)


That girl though
is the best ↑
as to what she’s the best of
just her very existence (lol)
Her face and style are perfect
and her words just fly at you (lol)


And as you would imagine, she was getting ready right up until the end too!
Just as you would expect! (lol)


For those of you who want to see a pic of DA-WA
please check out Wada Ayaka-chan’s Gree blog!


I often check out Wada Ayaka-chan’s blog too (^_^)v


Those 4 Smileage girls
are having their major debut on May 26th
with the song “Yume Miru 15” ☆(≧∇≦)
I can’t wait ↑↑

Stolen by Eri

I was eating some BlaMon ice cream a little while ago
and Kamei Eri-chan was there
I was like
“Want a bite?”
she said
and then she took a bite ♪
“It’s soo good”
she said
*munch munch munch*


Ehh, Kamei-san
hold on, you’re eating too much (°□°;)


My Black mont blanc…
she was eating it like crazy, and at that rate was gonna polish off the whole thing
“Leave some for me!”
I said
“I know I know~”
she said as she kept munching away…


“Ah, thanks”
she said as she handed it back to me, you can see in the 2nd pic…


So little!!!
Well technically she did leave some for me ~ (¬з¬)


Ahhh, by the way
Black mont blanc has a “winner” or “loser” score on them,
Mine said “loser” (;∇;)/~~



Old school ice cream ☆

Hey hey, do you know
what this is??


☆ Black Mont Blanc ☆


For the most part, it’s only sold in convenience stores in Kyuushuu ☆


But the convenience stores in my hometown of Yamaguchi prefecture
also sells black mont black,
so I was always constantly eating them ♪♪


My siblings both love black mont black (≧∇≦)


Unfortunately, they don’t sell them in Tokyo though (∋_∈)


And so for those BlaMon (I’m just shortening it ↑ (lol)


they got some for us yesterday at the Fukuoka concert hall — ♪


I was so happy!


Oh man! It got me sooooo excited ↑\(^ー^)/


Because you can only eat them there ya know~


so I was really worked up ♪




Ahhh such good memories ~~~~ !


It’s a simple flavor, of vanilla ice cream coated with Crunch chocolate
it’s a flavor that brings back a lot of memories
so it was very moving (T_T)


If you guys ever get the chance, eat some BlaMon \(^ー^)/

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