Fan Club Tour Day 1


Today was our Hawaii Fan Club Tour Day 1♪


I was so happy to see everyone’s energetic
faces, voices and bodies (*^o^*)


The power from each fan,
made us smile so much。


For tomorrow’s Fan Club Tour Day 2
let’s be smiling together okay! (o^∀^o)


For those of you fans who couldn’t
join us on the Fan Club Tour,
keep smiling too↑↑


Let’s all be joined by our smiles!


So umm,


The fan’s power,
it was so huge, just as expected!


It really was!



Thoroughly prepared


Morning Musume’s youngest, Mitsui Aika☆★


Today for dinner, we all went out to eat,
and everyone was talking so much o(`▽´)o


“Ooh, Mittsui Aika’s pretty quiet~ what’s up?”


I asked, and looked over at her,
and she was going over the plans for tomorrow’s
fan club events!


When I saw her being so quiet
all by herself,
I was so shocked,
and really moved (;_;)


When I see that from Aika,
the extremely talkative Sayumi
then came back to herself,


and started being impatient for
tomorrow’s events (-.-;)


*Dissapointed* ( ̄∀ ̄)。





Oh no!!!


Leader Takahashi Ai-chan was crying (;_;)


The cause,
was that while we were enroute,



she laughed too much。。


Today is definitely a day of laughs♪


Those smiles and tears brought a nice
end to a wonderful
Hawaiian Fan Club Tour first day(*^o^*)




Kya- kya-


Because we met our fans today,
our excitement is through the roof☆


But, with such a big bed,
it’s only natural to become horizontal~(≧∇≦)


The bed covers, so soft ヽ(´▽`)/
Eri did a hula dance!!


Today everyone was at full-throttle from
start to finish♪~θ(^0^ )

















Day 1


Fan Club Tour Day 1
is finished!




Perfect (≧∇≦)


I laughed too much!
Everyone was so awesome \(^ー^)/
At the end we did this talk show,
and by sheer happenstance,
there were these fireworks,
unfortunately for me I couldn’t see them,
but I was happy anyway o(^-^)o


For standing under the hot sun,
thanks everyone!♪


I have soooo many fun memories! (*^o^*)


Since I took so many pics,
I’ll be sure to put them up (^_-)♪


Oh, by the way, the bandana in my hair
was made by Kame Eri-chan (≧∇≦)






Hawaiian Lunch


Today’s lunch is~
These two pics+I ate a loco moco♪


And a wiener is on top of the curry and rice!! \(☆o☆)/
Junk food!
Of course I totally scarfed it down。


Rather uncivilized (≧∇≦)


For lunch, me and Niigaki Risa
and Kamei Eri all ate together!


The three of us together were pretty
noisy I think (lol)


Eri had my hair spray and I was so worried
I had forgotten it, (why was Gaki-san so quick to think
I had lost it…just as expected from
the impatient Gaki-san★♪)


Eri wasn’t being serious at all
and then she said
and pulled out my spray…。


Kamei-san was smiling the whole time。


Right now we are enroute and
next to me totally asleep is Kamei-san。


Even in Hawaii, you’re still so carefree...♪






To the fans,
each and every one,
I gave them a Sayumi original stamp
for their postcard (o^∀^o)♪


Sayumi’s Alo-Hello name is
『Surprise Shige!!!!』♪


I want to give the fan club members a big surprise (≧∇≦)


I’m not usually called that but…(lol)
Being in Hawaii, I’m feeling more
open than usual o(`▽´)o

coming all the way to Hawaii, I wanted to
show the fans a different side of Sayumi (^_-)☆


Still more fun to come♪~θ(^0^ )


In the first pic, the stamp is the main focus
and then in the second, Sayumi is the main focus。


When I was taking them,
it just happened that way↑


Sayumi’s phone seriously knows
how to take good pics (^_^)v





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