A pic my sis took

This pic was one that my sis took yesterday ☆☆


She was laughing really hard so the pic is all blurry (lol)


When my sis was taking this pic
she said
“Ahhh Sayu, you look like a little girl here!”


Then 3 seconds later
“What do you mean little girl!?”
I asked


The pic may be blurry
but more than that
so is my sis (lol)

With my sis ↑

After dinner with my sis
the two of us went back home together ♪
There, we went on my laptop together
and just admired a lot of idol stuff
Despite going to karaoke during the day,
we continued to sing loudly at home as well (lol) (≧∇≦)


We were singing together on my bed
when my sis all of the sudden said
“Ah! This bed cover, I don’t have one either”
she shouted
Her Japanese was really sloppy, so I had
no idea what she was trying to say (lol)


I couldn’t think of how to respond to that,
so we ended up just laughing like crazy about it (lol) ↑↑


We were playing on my bed,
and before I knew it I fell asleep (-.-)zzZ


During that time, I guess my sister had gone home


Ahh, so lonely


I wanna play with her again soon ~ (*^o^*)

Something I don't get

I had dinner with my sis
we went out to a restaurant ♪♪♪


My sis was like
“Let’s get something that doesn’t make sense”
she suggested
so we got something that we didn’t understand


As for “what we didn’t understand”
there was something on the menu we couldn’t figure out


And even now, the name was so weird
I don’t even remember any characters from it (lol)


So my sis
was interested in this thing we didn’t get
so we ordered it ☆


When it came to us, I took a pic of it




Um, how should I explain this?
The texture is kinda like naan, but the in the middle is like
packed with a tomato base and ground beef!!


It was pretty spicy (>_<)


As for flavor…
It was kinda an adult taste, I guess a little to early for us still (lol)


Well as for this food, I’ll leave off here where it doesn’t make sense
just like the food itself didn’t make sense (lol)

Song parody

I went karaoking with my sis ♪


For the most part, my sis sings really passionately
and I just kinda do the interjections
I saw the comments (^_^)v


My sis was like
“Ahh I hate how I suck so much as singing. It really sucks.
It’d be nice if I could sing well~”
then after she said that
Def Diva’s song
“I love you so much I look like an idiot”
came on
and I was like
“I’ve got a request for you, change all the ‘suki’
in the song to ‘heta’ (sucks)”
And she did, so the song became
“I suck so bad I look like an idiot” (lol)


♪ I suck, I suck so much, I don’t even get it
I suck so bad I look like an idiot ♪


She got all the lyrics perfectly,
seeing my sis like that was so hilarious (lol)

The answer to what I was looking forward to ☆





I looked at the comments
and some people guessed correctly to what I was
looking forward to!!!


You guys have a 6th sense (@゜▽゜@)


Anyway, what I was looking forward to
the movie “Alice in Wonderland” ~ ♪


I went together with my sis to see it (^_-)☆


In 3D ↑↑


Back when I was a kid, I loooooved Alice in Wonderland
I had soo much fun watching this movie!!
My sis loved it too,
the both of us were like “I can’t wait, I can’t wait”
the entire time on the way to it (≧∇≦)


It was really funny~
and really thrilling (^_^;)
Alice, the main character, was really cute (*^o^*)


I was wondering when Johnny Depp was gonna appear
and before I knew it
the movie was over
I didn’t notice him at all


And then I thought about it
and I realized I don’t know what his face looks like ( ̄∀ ̄)

Right now ↑

Right before I was leaving my house
I realized I didn’t take any pics of me
after I had changed from my lounge wear to my regular clothes
So I took a really quick picture about 30 seconds
before I left the house (lol)


Right now I’m having a blast
sooo exited ((o(^-^)o))


So then ☆ where do you thing I’m going →?♪


Here’s a hint, it’s for my private time (not work) (^_-)


It’s something I’ve loved since way back when!
I can’t wait ♪

The jackpot

Ahh ahhh ~~!!


I was aiming for that jackpot ~ (>_<) but I failed ↓↓


I was so shocked, I wondered if I should even take a pic (lol)



But the fact that it’s so hard to get it
means that there are a lot of people reading this blog (o‘∀‘o)


that you so much for your constant support (●^ー^●)





is a pretty crazy number!!


I’m so happy ♪
I hope from here on, a lot more people will be able to enjoy it
I wanna keep on blogging (≧∇≦)


I really love having this blog ♪
and so that you viewers will feel the same as I do…
I’ll continue to work really hard (*^o^*)


Blogging is so fuuu~n ♪


The #1 most fun thing o(^-^)o


But I wonder when I’m get that jackpot
It’s the most fun thing for me
but my #1 dream right now
is to get that jackpot!!!!!! (lol)

Squid cartilage

I was hungry


*stomach growl*


so I ate some squid cartilage


so crunchy


I ate it with a lot of wasabi mayo




Ahh squid is so delicious




It’s about time for lunch for all of you guys too right?


Be sure to chew properly now


After your meal, I recommend some squid cartilage


It’s soo good (≧∇≦)♪♪♪

Loungewear check ♪

My loungewear for today looks like this ♪


This fluffy parka thing here
is something I wear outside sometimes too (lol)


It’s something I can pretty much use whenever ↑ (lol)


It’s got a hood too, so cute!


Best of all though, I love how the material feels
when I put it on!!


By the way ☆
A while ago
on Ame Talk, there was that potato salad celeb thing
and on there they said I’m like always eating potato salad ♪


And I didn’t even tell her
but yesterday, my sis bought me some potato salad!!!


I guess that’s just sister communication there ~♪~θ(^0^ )


My dear potato salad
was so delicious (^_^)v☆


Although for me
the potato salad with extra cucumber
made by my grandma is the #1 most delicious (o^~^o)


Ahhh, I want some of that (_´Д`)

To my futon

I’m baaack ~ ♪


I’ve come back from my 2nd nap
and from the dream world ~ (≧∇≦)♪


I wanted to fall asleep while watching TV
So I spread out my futon in the living room
But when I woke up, I realized the padding run away
from the futon (┳◇┳)


My body hurts… (ノ△T)


Normally I just sleep on the bed
so this wasn’t where it normally works


but I mean it was his time to work
and with me tossing and turning on it
it couldn’t really work properly, sorry (;_;)


spreading it out on the living room like that
kinda rendered it useless, sorry (-∥-)゛


good job anyway though


until your next job, rest up in the closet okay ♪♪


Ahh, but, I’ve been thinking…
in the closet, stop expanding out into the space!
it makes it hard for me to take out my clothes! (lol)

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