Good morning (^-^*)/


For breakfast this morning I had this ☆


Fluffy bread ~ ♪


Have you heard of it??


It’s pure white bread that’s so soft it’s fluffy (´∀`)


It’s unbelievable (≧▼≦)


It’s light and fluffy
and I had 4 slices this morning ~ ♪ (lol)


I had too much of an appetite this morning! \(^ー^)/
I was pretty assertive for breakfast ~ ♪


I hope this assertiveness carries over into work (lol)


I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately,
I guess we should be assertive for everything we take on ☆


If you don’t speak up, you regret it later
if you do speak up and still regret it, it’s not as bad though


So, moving on with assertiveness!
That’s my new goal~ (≧∇≦)


Ah but nevertheless, forcing your way through things isn’t good either…
you should always be calm and composed about your decisions…


In short, it’s good to have balance (lol)


Make sure your balance sheet checks out~


I guess I’m still a kid,
it’s kinda complicated, but I’ll do my best ☆\(^ー^)/☆


Today after coming home, I felt like in the cooking mood
so I cooked (lol)


That’s a funny thought huh? Sayumi cooking! (lol)





I stir fried some pork…
and stir fried some beef…


and added some seasoning in the end ( ̄○ ̄;)


I added some sukiyaki dressing


It was delicious!
Well, the sukiyaki dressing was (lol)


My small cooking repertoire has increased ☆


“Sukiyaki styled stir fried meat”


Even though I can’t really cook,
I have times where I feel like I just want to be in the kitchen!!


Even with just doing the dishes etc ↑


It’s just like – I wanna be in the kitchen! ♪


I’m not really sure why
but don’t you get the feeling I’ll make a good wife (≧∇≦)


An onigiri after dance lesson ♪


3 onigiris though, is that too greedy!!??


Oh well, whatevers



When it comes time to eat, I’m always looking forward to it ↑


Personally, I think the pork miso nuts onigiri is #1 most delicious


I guess as the saying goes “birds of a feather flock together”
Maybe I like the pork one the most after all (lol)


Next up, it’s me doing the same pose ♪


Don’t we look like twins!?



Well, it is the same Michishige Sayumi after all (lol)


But the pic of me is definitely cuter though


It’s proof of how incredible professional make up artists are (lol)

Signing autographs

Dance lessons are over now
so now I am signing autographs and writing down
the names of fan club members for a mail order pic!


I went about 2 hours straight and was super focused ♪♪


I said each name out loud
as I wrote them down one at a time (*^o^*)


I was happy when I recognized some of the names,
and I tried to imagine their faces as I wrote them down (≧∇≦)


When I got to names I didn’t know,
I thought it’d be nice if I could get to know their face! (^O^)


So, in this world there are soo many different names,
I felt like there are so many people I still don’t know
I hope I can meet them all some day \(^ー^)/


I was sitting at the office desk the entire time
seriously writing down all the names in kanji
I felt like an OL ☆

Ginger chai tea!

The dance lesson is over!!


This pic


was from before the dance lesson


when I was drinking some hot ginger chai tea ♪♪♪


It was soo good (^~^)


Mmmm so warm ~ (*^o^*)


Anyway, so right now I’m off to a job where I really need to concentrate (^_-)


But it’s a fun job ☆


I’m off sushi (lol)




Moving about

Right now,
on CBC radio
I just did a recording for
“Konya mo usa chan peace” (^_^)v


Today I had a lot to talk about, it was very fun O(≧∇≦)o


I love talking ♪


Actually, lately I heard that that my home town,
Yamaguchi prefecture, can now hear the broadcast too!


I’m so happy (≧∇≦)



Well then, I’m on the move again ↑
Right now, all of Morning Musume has a dance lesson~ ♪(^O^)
After having my mouth move so much from talking a lot
Will be my body moving a lot from dancing!


And then after the dance lesson, in order to blog
My fingers will be moving a lot from all the typing!


I’m out right now, and it’s soooo warm~ (*^o^*)


I’m so happy \(^ー^)/


And the cherry blossoms are blooming ♪♪♪


Today’s taxi driver
is that guy
who likes to say “sorry” a lot


“What is your destination, sorry”
“Right, I got it, sorry”
“That’ll be ___ yen please, sorry”
and etc, he’s always saying “sorry”


I started keeping count midway through the ride and counted 8 times,
so he probably said it about 15 times total… (lol)


I’m taking advantage of the taxi driver!




That’s just so cute though (≧∇≦) (lol)




Sorry for annoying you, sorry.

Barely morning

Good morning (^-^*)/


Well, I suppose it’s barely morning (^_^;)


It’s almost time for “Good afternoon” (*^o^*) instead huh (^_^;)


Today, the news for Tokyo is that it’s gonna be warm (≧∇≦)


I hope that report isn’t false…


I’m gonna be dressing lightly ☆\(^ー^)/☆

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