Vibrating machine

Do you know what this is?


This is
a vibrating massage machine thingy {{(>_<;)}}


You put your feet on like this!
and then it vibrates your calves–!!!


Because of my body aches
I’m relying on this vibrating machine,
something I haven’t used in a while (^_^;)


This vibrating machine
well, about 2 years ago
I went with my mom and sis on an onsen trip
and there was this machine there that we really liked ♪


My sis
was using it the entire time (lol)
I mean the onsen felt great too
but I think the vibrating machine
felt the best on the trip ( ̄∀ ̄)↑


And so we ended up buying one…
so we can enjoy that good feeling at home too ↑↑


It’s like “good feeling take out service” ~ (^_^)v♪


I’m getting a massage as I type up this blog ~ ♪


I hope it breaks up the muscle pain a bit \(^ー^)/


Muscle pain?

I just woke up ★☆


Good morning (^-^*)/


My body kinda like
hurts a lot →(>_<)


Is it muscle pain from yesterday’s concert!?


It’s not like I haven’t moved that much in a while either (┳◇┳)




Although, I guess the pain gives me motivation to work
so it may be a good balance ♪


I’ll be spending the whole day at a magazine photo shoot
and sharing information with them (≧∇≦)


I’ll keep it up even with my full body pain ♪♪♪

Just got out of the bath ♪

I just got out of the bath ☆


The spangle and fish scale thingys from my concert outfit
were floating in the bath water ↑ (lol)


I wonder where they were stuck on my body (lol)


it was soooo ☆ refreshing ☆★


On concert days
I use a lot of spray to harden my hair
and I sweat a lot
so I shampoo’d 3 times!!!!


It was seriously refreshing (^_-)


And now
once I sort out stuff for work
I guess I’ll go to sleep?


You guys shouldn’t stay up that late too
be good boys and girls and go to sleep (*^o^*)


Oyasayumin ♪

What day is today?

The day has changed,


is April 26th


Which means the release date for my solo photobook “La” — ♪


The photobook, just like this pic here
has straight bangs Sayumi
bangs to the side Sayumi
a lot of different views of Sayumi!


the title “La” means “sun” in Hawaiian


Living under the sun, it is an essential thing for us ♪


And for me, to be just as essential for you guys…
Yes, I want to be just like the sun!!!!
well I guess that’s too grand of a plan (-.-;)
but my dreams and goals are very large \(^ー^)/


Besides, the sun is really huge isn’t it
Bigger than the Earth right?
And super hot too!
I wanna be a person with a heart just as big and warm as the sun!


If that “sun” in me can come out, I’d be so happy!
So hopefully I’ll be able to be like that one day… (*^o^*)


Although the radiance of my cuteness
is already about the same level as the sun’s radiance (lol) ♪


Takahashi Ai-chan ♪


Here is Ai-chan wearing a cap, it looks so good on her!
She’s too cute! So mischievous! I love her!


At today’s concert, I got to kiss her
and not on the cheek either
mouth to mouth


It was the first time it happened on this tour!!!!


I’ve come close several times
but Ai-chan just wouldn’t lean into me… (lol)


Well if she’s not gonna lean in, I’ll pull her in!


I figured, well lately I haven’t gotten close enough to kiss


So today, I got closer than I have in a long while ↑


Ai-chan was unprepared for it ~ ♪


Pan pakapaaan ♪


It was an amazing kiss


When we were changing, she tugged on my sleeve
and was like
“Sa~~yu~~~” (lol)


“That was a surprise attack~”
she said!


“But you haven’t done that in a while so I was lonely, it made me happy”
she said!


what she said was just too cute wasn’t it


Well, I
wonder how many times I can kiss Ai-chan before the final ~ (≧∇≦)

In the shinkansen

In the seats behind me on the shinkansen are these two ☆


Kamei Eri-chan and
Mitsui Aika-chan ♪♪♪


They are getting along so well and talking so much ↑☆ヽ(▽⌒*)


On the shinkansen, once I ate the beef tongue bentou
I fell asleep right away (>_<)


I woke up once
and ate some of Sendai’s famous “kikufuku”
and then I fell asleep again
“Kikufuku” is mochi
and mochi is just really chewy
so it’s mochi! (lol) ♪
they were so delicious (^_^)v
green tea flavored ☆


For these kikufuku, Eri made me carry these against my will
on the trip back!!!


“Here Sayu!”


like that


She didn’t leave me any other options (lol) ♪


Well, it was still delicious
so I’m completely grateful ♪♪♪


Sendai has so many delicious goodies!

I took Linlin's cell phone…

We’ve arrived in Tokyo


Next to me on the shinkansen was Linlin-chan (lol)


By the way, umm before like (maybe like 2 weeks ago?)
I took Linlin’s cell phone without asking and
took a pic of myself


I was wondering when she’d notice it…
then I was like hmm she’s not noticing it…
then I was I can’t wait anymore…
so yeah, I turned myself in earlier (lol)


“Hey Linlin, aren’t there some pics of me on your phone you don’t recognize?”


I said


“I knew it! Those were pics taken by you!
I didn’t recognize them so it freaked me out!”


she said… (lol)


what was supposed to be some fun
ended up scaring her… ↓↓


This is the first time one of my self shots
has caused someone discomfort (lol) ☆


The two of us, me and Tanaka Reina-chan are doing


* a gag pose from a comedian


since we’re still high from the concert,
we’re just doing a lot of random stuff ~ ♪


inochi!!!! is kinda old though (^_^;)


Reina is wearing heels though, so she was kinda wobbly
while on one leg (lol)


Because of that, it gave me an odd feeling like my balance was
way better or something ☆(^_^)v


I’m in such a good mood today! ♪

Beef tongue bentou ☆

On the shinkansen from Sendai → Tokyo
I had a beef tongue bentou —– ♪


I was waiting for this beef tongue bentou \(^ー^)/


I was so happy!
It was delicious (≧∇≦)


I really love barely rice, so this was just a blissful time!


Oh man I’m so stuffed (o^∀^o)


By the way, in regards to Eri’s “izayoi” from earlier
thanks to you guys who told me what it was!!


I was like “Oh so this is what izayoi means” to Eri,
as I explained over and over
but she was like “Ahhh beef tongue~ beef tongue~~”
and didn’t listen to me at all (lol)


I guess beef tongue was more important to her than my explanation (lol)


Well, it does taste the best ☆
Good food gives you such happiness ↑(o^~^o)


Anyway, as in the comments as well, I think
Eri just likes the sound of “izayoi” (lol) ↑
* Based on the comments, the fans say that izayoi means to be slow / lagging / late, a word that fits Eri perfectly XD

Today's fashion check

Is Kamei Eri


Eri right now is next to me in the car
annoying me with
“Izayoi, izayoi” (lol)


“What the heck is izayoi?”


I asked


“Izayoi, izayo~i”
is what she keeps saying…


I don’t get it, Eri (lol)


Guys, do you know what izayoi means?


If you know, please tell me!!


I’ve been together with Eri for 7 years
and for the most part I feel like I know Eri
but the moment she kept going “izayoi” over and over
I have no idea anymore (>_<)

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