Good morning♪


Today is Hawaii Fan Club Tour Day 1 \(^ー^)/


Meeting with fans is so much fun =^・ω・^=


I’m really happy when I get to meet my fans
at concerts and events in Japan but,
Hawaii is so much different (^!^)
Right~ it’s Hawaii so (^ .^)~~~
Yep~ in Hawaii you don’t want to
do anything (*^□^*)


So let’s make a LOT of happy memories o(^∇^o)(o^∇^)o


No matter how trivial a thing,
it makes me so happy to be with the fans (≧▼≦)


First, I want to make the fans
say I’m cute, so I’ve got to
do my make-up (゜ _゜)(。_。)



Mom's love for my blog


While in Hawaii, if you get a
picture mail from Japan there’s
this standard fee。


It’s the same if I update my blog。


So, I mailed my mom about the
expensive fees so that she wouldn’t
be so surprised。


And then my mom replied


『But your fans like it when you update.
Do your best!』


I was really happy (;_;)


No matter what happens,
I’ll keep doing my best with my blog。






I just got out of the bath!


Even when traveling, you’ve got to take baths!


But you know,
Sayumi was going to take her
awesome bath salts with her…


that’s what my intention was!! (°□°;)


I was going to bring them since
I need them to feel happy in the bath but,
I forgot my bath salts…I was seriously
about to faint ( ̄○ ̄;)


No bath salts,
thoughtlessly forgotten,
I feel so disappointed but,
I’ll completely turn myself around,
and forget this oversight,
and definitely
let myself go!


Feels so good~ ( ̄∀ ̄)


*Smiling* (≧∇≦)








Today after our work here in Hawaii
everyone went to the supermarket
for a little shopping♪


Was a little confused while
looking for a small water




I tripped (ノ△T)
Gaki-san and Eri were like
『You okay?(giggle)』


After that,
I tripped in the same place
when I was by myself,
so that’s my confession to you guys...(lol)



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