Small Face Gakisan

Niigaki Risa-chan☆


You’re eating kishimen aren’t you~!


It’s hiding your face Gaki-san(>_<)


Small faced Gaki-san, your face is too small Gaki-san.


By the way、that t-shirt you’re wearing Gaki-san.


“This t-shirt, it’s L size you know~ Sayumin~”


she said.


Ahh so that’s it!
But Sayumin’s is LL size you know, Gaki-san!


That’s because
Gaki-san’s face is S size,
and Sayumi’s face is LL size,、
Gaki-san~ (T_T)

Nagoya at night



I’m always only getting pics of you joking around~


But I can see through you trying to hide your embarrassment~


And your personality~


Is so cute, I’m so jealous~


With that Eri, and Gaki-san, the 3 of us had dinner together
at the Nagoya hotel~


We had some sweet or spicy or some kind of weird curry
and spicy nasi goreng, well actually famous spicy nasi goreng
and in that mood, we topped it all off with cheese
we had some meat sauce pasta too
we had some potatos & fried chicken things
some fancy salmon marinade thingy
and some grape fruit which for some reason had some black pepper on it~!


I liked the curry the best (⌒~⌒)


I pretty much only ate the curry and nasi goreng
I was kinda in rice-only mood


I really stuffed myself, it was a super satisfying meal ~ \(^ー^)/


The only thing I regret was not knowing what the point
of using the black pepper ~

Reina's look from above

Tanaka Reina-chan’s


angle that you can’t really see well of!!


I super lied down to take this pic!
It’s pretty rare to see a from below point of view pic from me too (lol)
* other meaning is she is always (fake) acting snobby, here she isn’t


With so many different meanings to that, this is one valuable pic (lol) o(`▽´)o

I just noticed

Alone in the corner of the dressing room
is my goods towel…


I myself hadn’t noticed that at all from the beginning! (lol)


And it is such a cute shot of me too
putting me over here in a place like this
rather than “cute”
it’s more like “I feel sorry for you”..


“Cast pearls before swine” I suppose you could say!! (≧∇≦)

Linlin (lol) Linlin (lol)

Linlin (lol)


For some reason like… Linlin, just from her very existence, is funny (lol)


I mean that in a good way (^_-)


She’s so cute, Linlin (lol)!!


Here she is wrapping up her rice and soup right before reherasals (⌒~⌒)


“I’ll be eating them later”


well you could’ve just grabbed food later!
It’s not like the food is gonna run away…
is what I think, but she probably just can’t control her appetite (lol)


That’s very Linlin
Yesterday, sent me an email after the concert


“Michishige-san, best of luck”


isn’t that something. That made me tear up. She’s such a good girl, Linlin (lol)


Right away
I responded with
“Thank you I love you~


Then she said
“Wow you sure responded fast! Ahaha~”
Then I said
“Of course! Don’t take me lightly now”
Then Linlin said


“I’m not laking lou lightly”


She made a mistake in her Japanese… o(`▽´)o


Maybe she is taking me lightly after all (lol)

Yesterday's concert

After yesterday’s concert ended,


because I didn’t have much time,


I couldn’t upload pics I took during the concert
or post about what was going on (;_;)


I was really pushed to my limit right away (>_<)




This is a day late, but here is a pic from yesterday
and let me get started on telling you guys what happened ♪♪~θ(^0^ )


Look forward to seeing it (^_^)v


Even to those who aren’t very interested


I won’t push it
but you’ll probably enjoy it too!!? o(^-^)o


It’s important to get other people’s opinions after all (゜∇゜)


Well then


get the fun times started~ O(≧∇≦)o


Good morning (^-^*)/


I slept ↑↑↑♪


I wanna sleep more… (┳◇┳)


But I’m hungry
so I woke up (^_^)v


Lately, I get hungry pretty quickly (lol)


I guess that’s proof of good health huh ♪♪♪(≧∇≦)


Lately… I’ve been very health conscious (^_-)


And as to what I’ve been doing~!


I’ve been eating rice!


Rice, rice!!


Rice gives you a lot of strength ↑♪~θ(^0^ )


Also, I’ve been taking baths! Long baths ☆
And in doing so, it builds your immunity ↑


Speak of immunity, lately, I’ve learned something
so after I calm down I’ll tell you!


not like I’m super hyper today or anything… (lol)


I guess I’m just
feeling a bit snooty ♪


That’s the age where I at ♪♪


Yeah, anyway
once I calm down from feeling like that, I’ll tell you guys (≧∇≦)

Hey guys!

I’m done~~!


So yeah,
I just finished a very nerve-wrecking job!


And after seeing everyone’s comments showing their concert
and support for me…


I just feel like saying


“I’m back~ (≧∇≦)”!


After doing that nerve-wrecking job,
coming back here is such a relief (*^o^*)


Thank you!!


And I felt like “I just wanna share my feelings as quickly as possibly!”
Although I haven’t really expressed my feelings yet
I’ve just written a lot of stuff that doesn’t make sense
If you guys are completely lost
I’m sorry ↓(;_;)


But I’m going to try to
write down my feelings as best I can!


And today
I’ll do the best I can in my own way o(`▽´)o


Now let me try to put all my energy into expressing this m(_ _)m


But as to what happened at today’s work
when the time comes, I’ll be sure to tell you again ♪♪♪♪


And so now guys, without any further delay ↑


that brings us to
good job to everyone
for a hard days work!


It’s expected that I feel like crashing after taking a bath..
Batan kyuu-!!


Oyasayumin ♪

I'm here ↑

I just got to Tokyo!


On the Shinkansen ride back,
Nagoya’s famous ☆ tenmusu and tebasaki o(^-^)o
*tenmusu = tempura onigiri, tebasaki = chicken wings


My face when I’m eating tebasaki
looks pretty stupid huh… (lol)


I’ve got pink headphones on too, and what I was listening to was…


Morning Musume ♪♪♪
I was listening to Morning Musume’s “10 MY ME” album


On the way back on the shinkansen, I was listening
to the songs we sang during the concert (lol) !!


I mean, if I don’t, I can’t settle down (>_<)


When I hear the other members’ voices, it relaxes me


Now I may be a member of Morning Musume
but I’m also a Morning Musume fan
Morning Musume songs always give me energy, power, motivation,
comfort, and warmth


On today’s trip back on the shinkansen, I had so many important things ↑


but, I fell asleep midway, so I don’t remember them (lol)


but sleeping is important too ♪


Although, I was feeling kinda restless
after 30 minutes of sleep, my eyes opened up! (゜∇゜)パチッ


That’s ok though
Today is that kinda day
Being restless should be expected!
Since I’m the type who gets stomach aches when I get nervous
I’m still trying to figure out why my stomach hurts!!!


Although if I had to make a guess
During the first and second concerts, my hair (particularly my bangs)
I sprayed them and they kinda turned white (lol)


My precious?? black hair… turned white (lol)


Wa→i (;_;)♪

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