Otsu-curry rice

Today at Odaiba
there is an event called Hello ☆ Festival ♪


First off, there was a meal lol


and of course, it is curry rice ☆


more supplies for being a curry rice idol again today ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛


Curry rice is so delicious


Lately, whenever I’ve been eating curry rice
I always happen to spill it on me or something


and since I can’t get my white outfit dirty


I’m using a scarf as a cover while I eat ♪


and I was able to eat it
without getting myself dirty ♪


The event was fun too!!


Thanks to all you guys who came out in the heat


Be sure to drink plenty of water though!







Today's fashion check

Is Michishige Sayumi


It is a one-piece completely covered in a floral design ♪


Today I’ve got a full body of flowers
Well after all, I’m just as sweet as a flower
right lol



Ahh by the way, I’ll be putting on a jacket when I go outside


I’ve got the Odaiba event today ☆

A friend from 1st year middle school ☆

Yesterday at the Kobe concert
a friend from 1st year middle school came to see it ♪
Seems like she is attending a university in Kobe
and it was her first time seeing Michishige Sayumi of Morning Musume on stage


When the concert finished, she phoned me and said
“Ah I cried”
when I heard that, I wanted to cry too (lol) (;_;)
I was thinking she probably cried around the last few songs
but she said
“The moment I saw you appear, I started crying”


That’s strange


We haven’t seen each other since 1st year middle school
and she cried from just seeing me…
that just made me feel like I’m so blessed
to be surrounded by these people ☆


Unfortunately, I couldn’t meet her in person
but my manager
delivered some famous Kobe treats ☆ Gaufres,

Oronamin C, and
her autograph on colored paper from her \(^ー^)/
I was super happy to get the gaufres and oronamin C ♪


the autograph!?
shouldn’t it be the other way around (^_^;)


It made me think that I’m surrounded
by a lot of different people (lol)


Good morning!


I feel asleep in the living room yesterday as I was getting a massage
and I’m still in the living room ♪


I’m just puttering around (*^o^*)


Putter putter putter putter ~ ♪♪♪


I’ll do a parody of “Oh la la”
and make it “Oh putter putter”
♪♪♪♪~θ(^0^ )


Today, on the flight back home
for some reason my stomach was hurting (T_T)
I happen to get stomach aches often, but today it was reaaaally hurting..
I think it may have been related to the flight cabin pressure ↓


I’m feeling better now but
my body is feeling kinda worn out
I guess because I’m over 20 years old now (lol) (ノд<。)゜。゜。


Ahh, that was kinda rude to everyone older than me (lol)

But honestly now, lately I’ve… because I’m past 20?
been feeling like my body has changed or something
even though nothing really has?


Well I guess you just feel like that at times (≧∇≦)


My body is so different now compared to when I was a teen (lol)
I’ve been giving it something extremely luxurious ♪


and that is..


an acquaintance of my mom who is a masseur now comes to our house!


Right now my mom is in the living room spreading out the futon
(do I rely on her too much? (>_<)) I'll be getting a massage today (*^o^*)


And it’s possible that I may end up
falling asleep in the living room while getting a massage (-.-)zzZ♪


So… oyasayumin ♪


Can I get some sympathy
from you guys about my body (*^o^*)

Something I thought on the flight back home


I just got out of the bath ♪


Ahh you can’t beat taking a bath at home ~ (*^o^*)


Today, on the flight back from Kobe to Tokyo
I had this thought


I don’t want this tour to end


I am having so much fun on Morning Musume’s spring tour “Pika pika!”


Normally tours feel like they end in just a blink of an eye,
but this time it feels even faster than that..


There are only 2 days left – Tokyo ☆ Nakano Sun Plaza
only 4 shows left


No one will be graduating on the last day
but still, it just feels kinda sad p(´⌒`q)


While I was in the middle of thinking that
I fell asleep! (lol)


I wasn’t even thinking that hard
but in the middle of it, I just lost consciousness
I’m starting to doubt my own senses (lol)


I’m starting to think
there’s some great power hidden in my sleep!! (lol)


That’s why I’m always like this
That’s why I’m always sleepy (lol)

Reina who's into Linlin now ☆

In the first pic, it’s Tanaka Reina-chan ♪


In the second pic, it’s Linlin-chan ♪


I got those 2shots (≧∇≦)


Lately, Reina has been really into Linlin (lol)


When the 3 8th gen girls (Mitsui Aika-chan, Junjun, and Linlin)
were doing rehearsals
I went with Reina to go watch them
and every time Reina was like
“Man Linlin is so funny”
to everything (lol)



To me, it was pretty funny that Reina kept saying
the same thing was funny over and over (lol)


It was funny and cute at the same time ♪


(funny + cute)


I just discovered a new genre (lol)




I wonder if it’ll catch on ♪♪


“Ai-chan, look this way, ok good and now pose”
I said, and then she faced the camera and did a cute pose
and smiled!


As expected


My idol, Takahashi Ai


Ahh, sorry to all you Ai-chan fans


Ai-chan doesn’t belong just to me (^_-)



As expected
of everyone’s idol, Takahashi Ai


But sometimes I hog her (//∀//)
Hehehe (*/ω\*)


She is loved so much by everyone, and at the same time her name means “love”
and she was born with a smile and character that is just so lovely
that is Takahashi Ai


“Do a 1shot act” I say out of nowhere
and she does the Murakami Shouji-san’s
“Don!” (●´mn`)


Thanks Ai-chan ♪


Next time, I’m expecting an original act (lol) ↑

Refreshments ☆ a baby ☆ and Sayumi ☆

We got refreshments,
pork buns and umeboshi!~


The pork buns were soo good ~ (⌒~⌒)


They were pretty big
so I just had one before the 2nd concert started ↑


I put a lot of mustard on it too ♪


I love mustard ♪


Pork buns or meat buns
anything in the bun category,
if there isn’t mustard on it, I’m not satisfied (≧∇≦)


And when you put too much mustard and it gets to your nose
I think that’s such a good feeling!


Now here is GakiKame being weird with the umeboshi ♪


I was also very glad to have umeboshi as refreshments here (^O^)


Oh yeah, so the person who brought the refreshment
I gave her baby a hug
but the kid went “wahhhhhhhhh”
and cried (;_;)


I like kids, yet they hate me (lol)


so I said


“Is it because I’m so cute that it makes you embarrassed?”


and then the baby cried even more…
and then everyone started backing away from me


Ahh well
people walking away from me
is something that’s been happening a lot to me lately (lol)


Well, I’m cute so I can’t help it!


maybe it’s because I’m so cute they walk away? (lol)


if that’s the case
I’m so cute, I’ll attract them all to me (lol)

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