A view of rehearsal

I just had rehearsals ☆


In this pic you can see a view of our opening act,
the 4 Smileage girls, rehearsing (o^∀^o)


It’s a rare side shot ♪(^_^)v


And in the 2nd pic, you can see Tanaka Reina-chan
singing and dancing along, trying to copy Smileage ☆



Well maybe I should go eat lunch now
should I
should IIIII
should I?
Should I!



Sorry, I don’t make sense (>_<)





Today is another full day of ~

Good morning (^-^*)/


Ahh I’m so sleepy (-.-)zzZ


But! Today’s concert! Even if I’m sleepy,
I won’t let it show!!


I say that but
I feel like as soon as I do, I’m gonna say I’m sleepy again… (-.-;)


Anyway, today’s concert will be filmed for the DVD ☆☆


Kyaa– filming for the video, I’m so nervous (>_<)


But I hope to have a good time like always (o^∀^o)↑↑↑


And today, aside from the concert…
I have one other big job to do!


So today will be another full day..


where I have to work hard ~~


and be super energetic ~~ o(`▽´)o


even though I’m sleepy… (ρд-)zZZ


Ahh, I knew I was gonna say I’m sleepy again so soon (lol)

My mom

Today was our concert at Nakano sun plaza
when I got home, my mom
had made me some cream cheese salad ♪♪


Cream cheese is sweet and it’s got the texture of eating a cake
so it felt like eating dessert \(^ー^)/



Well, maybe “dessert” is going too far…(>_<)


Today, for refreshments, there were a ton of cakes
and pastries, but I controlled myself
well, I mean I ate a little (´mn`)


But I mean compared to the usual me
I barely ate any sweets!


So the cream cheese salad was a life saver ~


It was like my mom knew how I was feeling ♪
Thanks mom ♪ !!


After I finished eating, my mom said


“Take your time in the bath, but get out quickly”


Wait, take your time… but quickly?


That’s like a contradiction ( ̄○ ̄;)


…I didn’t get it………. (lol) (;´Д`)


Well ☆
Sleep time now!!


Oyasayumin ♪


I really did it now…


I was thinking I’d go write in my diary
and I was really fired up about it
so I went to open my drawer where the diary was
and everything came out like baaam ↓↓↓



I just lost to gravity



Having to clean up is such a pain
I mean, it’s even more scatter than what you just
see here in the pic (;∇;)/~~




I guess before I write in my diary, I gotta clean up (-o-;)


The day before the concert is kinda painful…

My partner

Today, Kame- Eri-chan (Kamei Eri-chan) and I


have identical looking jerseys!


So much that you’d think they are a matching pair ♪


Actually, a matching set was purchased
…but just for me \(^ー^)/


Do we look like twins?


or rather, in this pic


it’s like looking into a mirror!


Sayu ^ー^)人(^ー^ Eri


From now on
Eri and Sayu
will always be together!
Eri and Sayu
will always act stupid (lol)
and with the 2 of us together, we’ll always be laughing ♪


And if Eri comes crying to me, I’ll cry with her too


Really just like a mirror
we’ll do the same things (lol)


I love mirrors
and I love Eri ~


From now on, Eri and Sayu
will go through life together like a mirror ♪~θ(^0^ )

10,000 yen bill

10,000 yen bill


I’m wrapping my head with it \(^ー^)/





10,000 yen bill


I’m hugging it (≧∇≦)




I love money!! (o>ω 

Just kidding (@゜▽゜@) (lol)


I can use this 10,000 bill towel over and over
and it won’t decrease in value
I’m glad because it’s money (m’□’m)
* her joke is basically she can “re-use” the 10,000 bill and it’ll still be 10,000


Although if I keep using it, the color will eventually fade (-ω-)


I guess you need to be careful about using money! Yeah!(b^ー°)

Yoshizawa Hitomi-san ☆

Yoshizawa Hitomi-san came to see our concert today!


And Yoshizawa-san
just came back from Vancouver!


Yet she still came just to see us,
I’m so happy (;_;)


Yoshizawa-san comes to see our concerts every time ☆
and on our opening day, she always sends us emails ♪♪
She is a senpai that gives us so much love (*^o^*)


After today’s concerts ended
“That’s great! It really feels like a new Morning Musume”
and she really shared her thoughts with me
I was so glad ♪


Yoshizawa-san is such a wonderful person…
I wish I could be a strong, kind person just like her…
I’m gonna try to follow in her footsteps o(`▽´)o


Here is a 2shot with that Yoshizawa-san ♪


Yoshizawa is making a funny face… (^。^;)


I wonder if it’s okay to follow in her footsteps
for that too (lol) (lol)


Today is Morning Musume’s concert in Nakano sun plaza~!!


So um yeah…


Earlier, the 2nd concert had finished
and I had written up this long blog
but somewhere along the way, I had put my phone in my bag
and when I looked at it now
it was on the loading screen (┳◇┳)


I think what happened was, I put it in my bag but my phone was still open
and something must’ve pressed the power button or something (;_;)
sooo sad (∋_∈)


Wahhhh (ToT)


Well let me regroup a bit


Today’s concert ☆



was ☆
so so so ↑
fun O(≧∇≦)o


I was so happy everyone was smiling so much O(≧∇≦)o


I didn’t want to leave..


But I thought, well until we meet again
I’m going to keep on working really hard


I’m going to keep on working
because of everyone’s smile


As for you guys, I’m glad to be living that kind of life (^-^)


Thank you so much ~ !

In between time ☆

Morning Musume’s Nakano sun plaza first concert
just finished ☆♪


It was sooo fun v(^o^)


Thanks you guys


I’ll be checking out comments until the 2nd show starts~


So everyone~




I bet you’re all cramming food in your mouth now trying to finish (lol)


And everyone’s hair is rustling in the wind (lol)


But don’t forget to smile now


I can’t wait for the 2nd show~ waii ↑↑










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