Hawaii Live Performance


Hawaii Fan Club Tour
Live Performance finished♪


Soo much fun (≧∇≦)


It made me really happy (*^o^*)


Like I was wrapped up in
such a warm atmosphere。


I thought everyone’s support for
Sayumi was so wonderful and so strong!


For this Hawaii performance
Morning Musume sang their own solo song
Sayumi sang her favorite song,
and everyone was listening so thoughtfully,
I got excited with everyone,
and after the live there was the handshake event,
and when I heard,
『I really enjoyed it』
Sayumi was really so happy (^O^)


I really understood everyone’s feelings。
I wonder if everyone understood Sayumi’s。。
I tried to convey them with all my might
but I’m kinda worried I wasn’t able to。
But it’s okay!
Cause everyone was smiling♪
Because of everyone’s smiles, I’m sure I did!


The second day of
the Fan Club Tour
was so much fun!
This whole time here is so precious to me…
it was a super nice memory!!


Thanks so much。


Love you!!!!





Busy (>Σ<)


I’m hungry~!


and so,
today’s lunch is a bento♪


I’m wolfing it down ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛


Fish, meat and nimono are in abundance♪\(^ー^)/


I don’t feel bad at all!


It was great!


And now, I’m so full (^o^)/


So since I’m full, I want to sleep (∋_∈)


Sayumi’s a very busy person ”(ノ><)ノ


Kya- o(`▽´)o






Japanese is hard


I’m wearing a Hawaiian-type muumuu \(^ー^)/


On this, our second day of the Fan Club Tour,
Morning Musume and the fans took the 9shot photos♪♪♪♪


It was a lot of fun~~O(≧∇≦)o


Today too I’ve been laughing so much
since this morning (o^∀^o)


Something especially funny,
Sayumi said,
『What kind of ceremony (gishiki) is that?!』
to which LinLin replied,

『What kind of hijiki?!』
she got ceremony and hijiki mixed up♪


LinLin, again thinking about food (lol)


LinLin asked,
『What’s a ceremony?』
so Sayumi said
『Oh, well…umm…there’s that thing…』
rather unskillfully。
“There’s that thing…” what was that!? (゜∀゜;ノ)ノ


It was a moment where I realized, how
can I explain the nuances of Japanese
in Japanese?




Scenery and Sayumi


Hawaii~♪♪~θ(^0^ )


The scenery is so beautiful (≧∇≦)


Such pretty scenery along with
a cute Sayumi,
makes a miraculous collaboration shot!!!


aHa (●^ー^●)


I have to be careful with what I say (^m^) (lol)


Hawaii is so much fun!

It’s not in the picture, but there
was a rainbow!
Super pretty (*^o^*)


Altogether it was so nice♪












For today’s bwuffe,
I had the standard washoku staple…natto♪♪


Yep, I really like washoku↑
Even while travelling, washoku
is the number one thing in the end (*^o^*)


I had sausages and french toast too (lol)


Well, today is Fan Club Tour Day 2!!


I think the fun will be
the same or better than yesterday (^o^)/


I changed the picture!
It wasn’t because I mistakenly put
the same one up before (lol)





Morning (^-^*)/


Today I kinda, my nose was kinda junjun (;_;)
*Play off of words. JunJun is similar to jurujuru…a runny nose*


Crap (>_<)




Am I allergic to anything in Hawaii?
Is it the hibiscus???


Oh, if I eat some bwuffe will I be cured?♪
Right now, I’m on the way to eat some bwuffe o(^-^)o



Greedy idol


On our second day in Hawaii, we’re eating (lol)


When you think of “idol,” you don’t
think of a greedy person。。(lol)


Well this
greedy person,
would occasionally need
some encouragement right? (lol)


greedy idol Sayumi,
went to get some washoku
for dinner tonight♪


And out of everything
Sayumi’s number one
interest was
tonkotsu soup…


Don’t say that I’m destroying myself (;_;)(lol)


While in Hawaii, my blog got over 20,000,000 hits!!


When did that happen。。


I never thought I would hit
20,000,000 but (・_・;)


Man, I’m happy~!
Thanks so very much! m(_ _)m


Next I’ll
work for
30,000,000 hits


…ah..that’s not it…(lol)




No problem


Morning Musume all members together♪


Now Morning Musume is 8 members!


『When there’s so many girls together
a lot of things happen don’t they?』
is what I’m often asked。


“Nothing like that!”
I readily reply (lol)
“All of us are such good friends”
is what I should say but,


The fact that were girls coming into
adulthood, there’s times when we clash (lol)


But, we do like and respect each other (≧∇≦)


Each of us has our own ideas and thoughts,
but we all love Morning Musume♪


I’m glad I came to Hawaii with these members o(^-^)o


Since we seem to be going home tomorrow,
I’ll be writing on my blog,
but I’m still going to totally enjoy Hawaii (≧∇≦)




Destroying myself…(-_-メ)


I didn’t really (~ヘ~;)


Well, whateverz。
This is Hawaii (lol)↑↑↑↑↑


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