Yesterday my solo photobook 『La』 went on sale but,
Tomorrow, on April 4th, my solo DVD 『Sayu』 goes on sale too(≧∇≦)


『Sayu』 is an easy to understand title isn’t it(lol)


that’s right. It’s a DVD of Sayu!
Just Sayu♪
Wearing things like a swimsuit in Guam, it really feels like I’m dressed in Forest Girl-like fashion,
Anyways, you can see a lot! of
Michishige Sayumi’s facial expressions of the present day Sayumi(*^o^*)
There’s lots of image scenes♪


Oh and,
I also talked a lot.


So that Sayumi can pass along even just a little bit of what she’s thinking…


Well, the number 1 thing I wanted to get across is that Sayumi is cute!


Well, even if you don’t want to hear about it I told you about it anyway~(lol)


I did the recording for,
CBC Radio’s 『Konya moUsachan Peace』↑↑


Today I had a fun and cute talk too(≧∇≦)


Next is the magazine photo shoot and interview.
With all of Morning Musume together(^_^)v


In the meantime, while we’re heading there,




Lately, I’ve been falling asleep most easily while moving around.


The rocking motion while in transit calms me down more than my bed and other things I guess♪


I want one of those cradles adults use(≧∇≦)
a hammock↑↑

Berryz Koubou ☆

Yesterday, when I was at the office,
I ran into Berryz Koubou!


First pic ☆
To my right
is the always reliable Captain! Shimizu Saki-chan
She’s a very good dancer!
Even though her dancing is really cool
For me, like, her smile is just so comforting (´∀`)
She has such a kind face, I love her ♪


And then, to my left
with straight black hair, Sudou Maasa-chan
I think Maasa is pretty my-paced! She probably is (lol)
But also the type who gets lonely easily! (lol)


And in the second pic ~
I uploaded this at lunch too (≧∇≦)
Natsuyaki Miyabi-chan ☆


During my lunch blog
I wrote about getting that strap forced onto me
well here is a pic of that strap (^_^)v


It’s a Rilakkuma pen ♪
It’s so cute isn’t it~!
I love Rilakkuma!
It’s such a soothing character!


There is a pink and light blue version of this pen
Miyabi-chan was like
“I’ll go with the pink one!” so I handed over the pink one
Because when you write out “the bigger person”, it becomes “adult” ~

Today's fashion check

is Michishige Sayumi


Today I’m wearing a graded skirt ♪
It’s a one piece (^_^)v


You can’t tell from the pic,
but there’s a ribbon on my chest (^_-)


And the back of my pink mouton boots also have 2 ribbon marks




Yeah, that’s what I’m wearing today ~ (lol)








I fell asleep!

Good morning (^-^*)/



In the end,
after I updated, I fell back asleep (-.-)zzZ


After I slept and woke up again, my stomach is feeling a lot better ↑
that was a quick recovery ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛


I wonder if today will be a fun day?
I hope so (*^o^*)


I hope you guys all have plenty of fun moments too today…



off to work ↑


Starting off my first step running ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛♪


Good morning


Ahh my eyes are already awake →(∋_∈)


But to be honest, I could sleep a lot more


I guess I won’t get much sleep today (;∇;)/~~


Oh well


Having my eyes open on their own I guess is
my body telling me I don’t need more rest ↑


Yesterday morning, I had a chocolate bar that I had saved
and it made me feel so bloated ”(ノ><)ノ


That really wasn’t good (lol) ↓


Ah I guess I’m still sleepy after all


I don’t really understand myself


I don’t really understand myself


I don’t really understand myself


I don’t really… I can’t think of any other ways to say it
* she says different phrases that mean the same thing


By the way, there were so many ways to say it
I’ve confused myself too much now (◎o◎)


I’m kinda weird right now


The only thing normal about me this morning is my cute face (lol)

Sleepy sleepy



Good work again today guys ~ (o^∀^o)


So um, this was supposed to be a secret,
but when I came home, i kinda fell asleep ~ (>_<)


I’m so sleepy right now (∋_∈)


So I’m gonna go
take a bath right now
and then sleep like Sleeping Beauty (-.-)zzZ


Today, I’ve been doing forest girl fashion
so might as well continue with it (lol) ↑


Well, for the beauty part at least,
no matter what day it is, that never changes (≧∇≦) (lol)



everyone be sure to get plenty of rest too (*^o^*)


Oyasayumin ヾ(´~`)ゞ♪


The day has changed
Yesterday, my solo photobook “La” went on sale…


And here is the bikini for the front cover ☆


Brown x white, it’s super cute ♪


It’s a “Fruits de mer” bikini!!


If you like, please check it out (≧∇≦)


Ahh, but please don’t forget to check out
the rest of the photobook before you go for the bikini (^_-)♪


Actually when I think about it, after joining Morning Musume
I’ve never bought a bikini for personal use yet (>_<)


Maybe I’ll go buy one this summer (o‘∀‘o)


Although I never have the chance to wear it outside… (>_<)


But I can use it for cosplay (lol) (≧∇≦)


If I buy one, I’ll let you know ☆



Although, as to whether I’ll up a pic of me in it…


If you guys are good boys and girls (lol)


First pic!


The usual stuff ~ ♪


THE! ☆ Morning Musume’s Michishige Sayumi sparkling ~


Second pic!


Trying to look formal ~ ♪


I’ve turned completely forest girl,
so I’ve got a forest girl expression on (*^o^*)


I did so many expressions
I think I
may be an actress ~ ヽ(´▽`)/




Ok, sorry, that’s saying too much (.. ;)


Ah, don’t get so annoyed now (`∀´#)



A smile looks best on you (≧∇≦)

Toothbrush ♪

I really ate a lot of sweets today


and so


as soon as I got home, I went to brush my teeth!! ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛


I get cavities pretty easily ~ (>_<)


When I was a kid,
I used to think that

as long as I didn’t bite the candy
I couldn’t get cavities
and also
since gummies were soft
it made it harder to get cavities!
I thought stuff like that, for no real reason


But, I was wrong ( ̄○ ̄;)


Now, I know that candy and gummies can give you candy
so even after 1 piece of candy, I need to properly brush!


My top teeth~


My bottom teeth~


Front teeth~


Back teeth~


*play on words/rhyming

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