Now, I’m watching a tv show with my mom that she recorded ♪


And on that show, they have curry ♪


I was like
“Ahhh that looks so good~~”
to which my mom said
“Ehh that doesn’t look that good”


ever since the curry showed up on the show
my mom has been saying


“I wanna eat some curry”


I don’t understand my mom’s thinking
in seeing curry that doesn’t look delicious to her
but makes her want to eat curry (lol)

A minus isn't good!

Rehearsals just ended
and I’m back home now ☆


I had to think over a lot of things..


Especially about messing up lyrics and dance moves


This year’s goal of “thinking things through calmly”
well, I couldn’t put that into play (;_;)


Because today
A kinda bad thing happened, and I didn’t handle it very well speaking wise
and it made me want to cry ↓

So today is a minus day for me ↓↓


As for having a minus feeling, well I can’t help with that
but speaking out and acting on that minus feeling
that just made me so sad,
and I probably caused a lot of trouble to everyone else


Only bad things result from it,
so from now on I’ll be careful not to speak out like that!!


If I have spare time to say bad things,
I should be using that time to double check the lyrics (lol)


If I do that, there won’t be hard feelings towards anyone else
and I’ll be able to remember the lyrics
all sorts of win from that (≧∇≦)


Well as for checking lyrics
I can’t completely replace that with speaking out on bad things,
because it’s always tough to not do the first thing you think of (lol)


Today, after rehearsal, the dance teacher said
“Please double-check on everything for tomorrow everyone”


So for tonight
Part of spending my time
will include that checking
as well as consulting with myself on various things and calmly thinking about things!


During rehearsal…


“I wanna go to karaoke!”
is what Tanaka Reina-chan shouted
completely ignoring everything going on around her..


I was like
“Ehh, but isn’t singing at rehearsal just like that (^。^;)”


“OBVIOUSLY there’s a different between rehearsal and karaoke!!”
she said as she forced comprehension into me (lol)


although she couldn’t actually go to karaoke
she filled her karaoke craving
during our break
by doing Air Karaoke by herself
Yep, that’s Tanaka Reina-chan singing by herself..


She got pretty in to her song too, that Tanaka Reina-chan


Behind her, she turned her head around to look
and the energetically singing Tanaka Reina saw
a surprised Linlin (lol)


And then for some reason
Mitsui Aika-chan joined in as well
and things really picked up


As she continued to sing along,
she seemed like she was enjoying herself waaay too much
Tanaka Reina somehow turned the break area
into her own personal area
and before I knew it,
I was complimenting her
“Reina, that’s so great”


I guess
I am a Tanaka Reina follower (lol)


maybe that sort of thing just comes out easily (lol)

Matching pony tails

The 3 rokkies girls aka Piko Piko Lovely
are really good friends and we put up matching pony tails for rehearsal


The 3 of us were like
“Pony tails are so cute ~ (≧∇≦)♪”
but all the staff people around us and our dance teacher said
“You guys look stupid when you’re all wearing the same thing!”


So I guess us rokkies
were just complimenting ourselves


Because apparently to everyone else, we look dumb (lol)


that doesn’t mean us rokkies are dumb looking (>_<)


Although we are kinda dumb sometimes (゜∇゜)

Feeling in a pinch

The other members are having their lesson in the studio right now,


So us 3 rokkies
are doing our own private lesson… ♪


Yeah, in front of the trash cans (lol)


But the practice is worth it though,
So our lesson in the studio will be perfect…


Yeah right, I wish (>_<)


I made sooo many mistakes (ρ_;)


Uwaahhh (∋_∈)


We did the same song about 10 times
and I didn’t make any mistakes on the words
except once (ρ_;)


Sayumi-chan!!!! (>_<)


If I could use magic

Ahh I wish
my lower body would just move… what should I do– (;_;)


I can’t remember the dances or the lyrics– (∋_∈)


Right now, I if were able to use magic
it’d be nice if I could make myself remember them right away ↓↓


Well ok,
if I really could use magic, I’d think harder about it
and probably use it for something else (lol)


If I had magic powers, I’d definitely escape from reality


But since I don’t
I’ll give it my best effort, yeah.

The sun

I’m in rehearsals——-


For some reason today, my lower body feels so heavy (ρ_;)


It feels like once I sit down, I don’t want to get up (ToT)


Not good for Sayumi huh


The studio we’re rehearsing at,
doesn’t have any windows
so it’s kinda easy to start feeling that way


But I’ll do my best to move forward and be positive about things ♪


This pic
was taken outside in hopes to request a studio with windows o(^-^)o


The sunlight is helping me out here~ (≧∇≦)

Koko Ichi?

Good morning!


lately… well more like
Coco Ichinen


…Ahh wait I messed up


I mean this year*
*CoCo curry and this year are pronounced the same


by the way I wanna eat some CoCo Ichi curry!


That stuff is so good!


.. or so it looks (≧∇≦)


I love curry,
but I’ve never stepped foot inside a Coco Ichi shop before,
I wanna go though!


Anyway, back to what I was talking about…


this year,


I’ve been wide awake at midnight


also, I’ve had times where I couldn’t fall asleep for the longest time (;_;)


today, I was able to sleep soundly until morning ♪♪


It felt so good~ \(^ー^)/


Days like these


make me wanna eat Coco ichi curry (o>ω<o)♪

1 month ☆ anniversary !!

Today, on March 9th
is my blog’s


1 month anniversary ♪


Crazy isn’t it?


For me, this month went by in a blink of an eye!


Having wanted to have one for so long and then being able to
I was just soooo happy V(^-^)V


I’m still feeling happy about it
And am very grateful at the moment


This past month~
Everyday, I’ve been thinking about my blog
and always carrying around my cell phone…


I’m completely absorbed in it! It was fun
which is a given,
but it was also hectic (>_<)


For everyone reading my blog
I kept hoping they’ll think “Ah what fun!”
or “Ah I’m glad I read it!”


So I was thinking of so many things,
Well I do like thinking about stuff to write
Because up til now, I’ve kept a personal diary as well
But now uploading to a blog, and having a screen for people to see
It was the first time I ran into the difficulty of writing like this
It was quite the trial-and-error process


Ahh ♪
Trial-and-error, that’s a new word I’ve remembered lately!!
It’s a word I’ve been into lately, and it’ll probably pop up in my blog again (≧∇≦)
I have a tendency to use words I’m into over and over (lol)


But for me, the #1 thing was
Having a place to be able to convey my feelings to you guys in real time
And having you guys accept those feelings…


is the happiest thing for me o(^-^)o


Thank you so much (;_;)


I will make sure to accept all of your comments as well!


To all the kind comments that make me want to cry
and even to all the mean comments that do make me cry (lol)


All of your feelings are very important to me ♪


In short!
I love this blog!!!


So from here on, let’s continue to
keep this blog going forever and ever together!
Please make it go on
Let’s make it go on


Because I will love this blog forever!


And I hope all of you will love it too!


I want all of you to feel the same way as I do


And I’ll give my best effort to do so


So that next time,
to be able to have another anniversary like this
to be able to continue to blog… ♪


to be able to continue sharing my feelings with you all… ♪♪

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