Small things

As I said in the previous blog, that certain member is…


Morning Musume’s sub-leader Niigaki Risa-chan~♪↑


I can’t show the outfit so instead I’ve covered
everything up with hearts (≧∇≦)


Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!
So with that in mind, this pic isn’t so bad right?!
Hehe (`∇´ゞ


It seems that Gaki-san reads my blog cuz when I wrote
I had caught a cold, she was the first to mail me about it


She’s so kind (;_;)


I always taking for granted Gaki-san’s kindness and her small face


My heart hurts… (>_<)


I want to be as caring to other around me just like Gaki-san!


I want to have a small face just like Gaki-san!


Although the small face thing might hard
considering skeletal structure and other problems


As for the kindness, I can do that some how…


You know what, from now on I’m gonna follow Gaki-san’s example


Time to get a face massage ↑↑↑ (lol)


Sigh… At this rate I’ll never be that kind ↓
I don’t think God will grant me a small face either ↓↓
Getting a small face is a long ways off isn’t it (;∇;)/~~


Seems like I’ve developed a small heart too… let alone a small face




That makes your tongue click… (lol)


Aw man
Messing around with tongue clicks like this… I really do have a small heart (;_;)

Chocolate ★

Just the other day, I went out to shop for Valentine’s Day chocolates ☆


Every year I do an exchange with the Morning Musume members, the managers,
the people who help out at the company, my grandpa,
my father, my brother, people I meet on that day,
and on years when I’ve made too much, I give some to the taxi drivers too ♪


Last year, I worked really hard on making the chocolates


and I mailed some back along with some famous brand-name Macarons
to my grandpa that I love so much back in Yamaguchi


“The macarons were delicious” – completely ignoring my chocolates…
was the honest thanks he gave me (lol)
So this year… I bought chocolates instead o(`▽´)o


Hm… so what was it I wanted to say today…


Oh, I love sweets!!!!!


Whenever we have a huge stock of chocolates and chocolate-flavored sweets
I end up eating them all


Actually, earlier I ate some…
And actually… it was 4 people’s worth… ah…
I gotta go buy some more again…


But ya know ↑
Giving them out without sampling isn’t proper right? (lol)
That’s why it was necessary to eat 4 people’s worth of chocolates…
Although, that wasn’t my intention…
But they were so delicious!!! (≧∇≦)


Giving these out to everyone without knowing that delicious flavor
would have been frustrating (lol)
So, I’m glad I tried them ♪
Delicious food is just happiness isn’t it (*^o^*)♪


Valentine’s is so fun ♪♪


Today, all of Morning Musume had work together ☆★


I took a 2 shot with a certain member (^_^)v


I’m still checking if it’s ok for me to show the outfit,
so in the meanwhile enjoy a pic I took of myself m(_ _)m

Global economic recession

So I was out, and what the… snow in Tokyo!? o(`▽´)o


It was cold, but for some reason, when it rains it’s kinda gloomy
but snow is kinda happy (≧∇≦)☆


But ya know, I didn’t have an umbrella ↓
So I went to the nearest convenience store ⇒ ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛


In addition to the umbrella, I was hungry
so I bought 1 rice ball and some tea


Then at the register…


The total was 741 yen
I took out a 1000 yen bill, but then I thought… I wonder if I have any coins
So I checked to see if I could hear any coins rattling


For some reason, I had a ton
so I was like, well I should use some of them then


First, I found a 1yen coin


Well, pretty good so far


Then I took out 2 100yen coins, 200yen total


I think this is where things started to go wrong


So as for the 741 yen, I gave 1201 yen


I figured in my head that I should get 560 yen back,
I was expecting a 500 yen coin


But in actuality…
I only got 460 yen back




When did the world become like this!?


Is it because of the global recession that they docked me 100 yen!?


Or perhaps… they inputted it into the register wrong!?
Or perhaps… the store register was broken!?


…or perhaps I miscalculated!?


Even now I’m still not sure (?_?)


But in the end, my purse was still rattling from the change…
I ended up with more coins ( ̄○ ̄;)


The shop clerk with my change has this weird expression too,
for some reason he was sweating a lot (・_・;)


I, however ♪
was able to hide it, but I was panicking inside ”(」゜□゜)」


Even now though, I still believe that I didn’t make a calculation mistake
I’m stubborn like that…


Ahhh… I hope the recession ends soon…


My mood and my wallet is heavy…


And you know how my last name… is Michishige, right?
After the michi, is shige (lol)
*shige = heavy

Fruits ♪

Good morning ♪


Yesterday the usual staying up late Sayumi went to sleep early ☆


Although I woke up a few times, I had a really good night’s rest!!!! (^_^)v
And thanks to that ♪
I’m back to 100% ↑
Thank you


I guess regular eating habits, sleeping habits,
and lifestyle in general are important huh


So everyone, whether it be school, studies, homework,
work, things that don’t require thinking…
things that I can’t even imagine…
all those things that make you busy, despite that
please try to eat properly and sleep properly ♪


Having said that, for breakfast today
I had a chocolate scone and a persimmon from yesterday’s radio show
Are persimmon’s in season?
I think these can go in the fridge ♪
They are individually wrapped!!
Isn’t that something?
High quality stuff →(≧∇≦)
Right? Right? ↑↑↑↑
Sounds good, they are so delicious when they are juicy ♪


By the way, as for fruits


I like peaches
In saying “I like peaches”, it makes me sound cute doesn’t it? ♪


I also like pears
In saying “I like pears”, I’ve never heard of anyone who thinks otherwise
I hope you’ll all agree with me ♪


I also like figs
In saying “I like figs”, I hope you guys will think
“ehhh, she likes some of the lesser known fruits too” ♪


I also like blueberries
In saying “I like blueberries”, since they’re good for your eyes
I hope you guys will be like “wow she’s really takes care of her body” ♪


I also like American cherries
In saying “I like American cherries”, it makes me sound refined doesn’t it? ♪


In short, I like fruits ♪


In short, I hope I’ve given you a good idea of what fruits I like (lol)


Matching set ♪

Okkkk ☆
Here is a 2 shot with Morning Musume’s leader Takahashi Ai-chan ☆


We’re both wearing Western-style clothes ♪
We’re matching ♪
We did the radio show as a matching couple ♪♪


I love Ai-chan and she always makes everything more fun


Also, Ai-chan is very trendy and always cute and cool
She has excellent fashion coordination
Being together with Ai-chan is just fantastic ♪


We have teddy bear designs,
with mine being colorful
and Ai-chan’s being black/white


Ai-chan’s is kinda boy-ish ☆


Upon seeing what we wore
we were like “Ahh!! We’re the same!!”
and we got super excited, I was so happy (*^o^*)


And now today… ah no I mean tomorrow…
Morning Musume will be on Music Fighter!
We’ll be singing Onna ga medatte naze ikenai ♪
Please check it out ☆♪


I’ll be recording that tomorrow
I know it’s early, but I’m gonna head off to sleep now
I want to get back to full energy so I need to get plenty of sleepy (≧∇≦)


Oyasayumin ♪♪


I also got to take a 2 shot with Yasuda-san (^_^)v☆♪


I kinda have a weird facial expression though (>_<)


Yasuda-san is just too nice, she simply is too nice.


Despite all of the rude things I’ve said on
variety shows and other various shows
She has such a huge heart that she just takes everything in


What’s more, she listens to me when I need to have a serious talk
and she also gives me her opinion on things


She makes it easy to understand
and also says everything in a gentle way
She’s such a kind senpai (^O^)


And also, one thing for sure about Yasuda-san


is that she’s so funny ♪


I know right? ♪ ~θ(^0^ )


I also just love how “Yasuda Kei” sounds
so even when she’s not around
I use her as the punchline of many jokes (lol)


Yasuda-san is so funny ♪


And so nice… that she even laughs at the mean things
I’ve been saying about her…


Thank you!


I look forward in continuing to work with you


as the punchline of my jokes ↑ (lol)


Usa-chan peace ♪

I had a radio recording session today ♪
It was for the show “MBS young town saturday”
a radio show featuring Akashiya Sanma-san, Murakami Shouji-san
Morning Musume’s Takahashi Ai-chan and a different weekly MM OG ♪


Today’s OG is Yasuda Kei-san ☆


We took a pic together ~(^_^)v


Here is a pic of us 3, and without me saying anything
Yasuda-san and Ai-chan did the Usa-chan peace pose for me ☆


Usa-chan peace is…


A pose that I normally do a lot, and it is basically where
you put both hands in a peace sign
and place them above your head like bunny ears! ♪


Please give it a try!
Ready… and go!


Hehehe ♪ Was that too much to ask? (≧∇≦)


But I’m sure that there were some of you who did it ♪


It’s so cute ♪♪

Health first ☆

Sorry for making you all worry.


I went to the hospital ↑


But ya know,
even before I went to the hospital, I was already feeling a lot better ♪


But just to be safe, I went in to get an IV treatment (>_<)


It made me so alive again, you wouldn’t even have been
able to tell I was the same person as last night’s Sayumi


It even gave me back my pre-sick appetite (lol)


I had 3 rice balls and a bowl of soup (^w^)


Since I was eating nothing but sweets yesterday…
I’ll eat rice today to get my strength back ↑↑


Although, later on, I think I’m gonna end up reverting back to my old self
That’s what I predict ♪


But what I got out of this was…


☆ Health comes first ☆




Health is so important


Any pain
Any adversity
Is tough isn’t it
And not just for you, but it affects everything around you (>_<)


Without your health, everything you do just isn’t as fun is it? (;_;)


When you’re healthy
things like “I’m happy!”
and “This is fun!”
and “This is delicious!”
and “What a blessing!” just feel better don’t they…


After reflecting on this event, I really didn’t take care of myself at all…


Normally, I kind of take my health for granted, but now I am grateful that I am healthy


From now on, I’ll try to avoid unhealthy habits as much as possible ↑↑


Health banzai \(^ー^)/

Good morning ♪

I haven’t updated my blog since yesterday noon,
sorry about not blogging m(_ _)m


Actually yesterday, I went home around 8pm
and then just had dinner and ate some sweets (>_<) Then before I knew it, I fell asleep (-.-)zzZ


Then around 11pm, I woke up shivering,
and it’s been crazy since


It’s been a while since it was this bad (;_;)
I put on a ton of warm clothes, I looked like a snowman!


My shivers have gotten pretty bad


So around noon today, I’ll be going to the hospital!


Everyone, please be careful about catching colds,
please take proper care of yourself ok?


This is a pic of me
in a very unfashionable state… (lol)


Please be sure to keep warm!!

Instant energy ☆

Today all of Morning Musume is at the Ryōgoku Kokugi-kan
for the NHK Fukushi Oozumo program*
* an annual national charity event


It’s almost show time ↑


I’ve been lacking on sleep a little more than usual
So I’m replenishing my energy with this drink (・o・)ノ


One of my favorite drinks “Instant energy”


It helps me out at least once a month ♪


And it really is instant!!


Alllllright ♪
Off I go with energy ♪(≧∇≦)♪


There will be plenty of guests, so it’ll be fun~


I wonder if there’ll be any of our fans though ♪
I’m so excited ~θ(^0^ )


Today’s sumo program will air on February 21st ♪


Also today!
February 11, the Secret Citizens SHOW
airing at 9pm ♪
I will be on representing the people of Yamaguchi
Be sure to watch k! (b^ー°)

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