Earlier I upped a pic of “Onna ga medatte naze ikenai”‘s jacket picture
but I kinda suck at it and you can’t see part of the picture (>_<) When I checked it myself on my cell and PC, I couldn't see it well either (*_*) Sorry about that m(_ _)m


I guess you won’t be able to see my Sayumin cuteness after all (lol)
But I’ll be sure to fix it tomorrow ♪
So please be sure to come back tomorrow ya? ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛♪


To make up for it…
I’ve upped a pic of the new costume for the new song ☆
It’s again me taking a pic of myself…


Actually since I’m fixing the jacket pic tomorrow,
I’m actually kinda glad cuz it lets me upload a pic of myself (lol)


You all feel the same way right? (lol)


Sorry for the downward stare at you guys..


But when I was taking the pic, the camera was tilted up towards me
But it’s not really any different than usual… o(`▽´)o


This pic is from the H!P New Years concert (^O^)


Do my bangs…
look good?
Just got them done
They were recently cut


I’m pretty worried whether or not people will like it… (;_;)


What do you guys think?

Onna ga medatte naze ikenai

Sorry for being so sudden about this…
But I have an announcement to make m(_ _)m


Tomorrow on Feburary 10th, Morning Musume’s 42 new single
“Onna ga medatte naze ikenai” goes on sale!!
The theme for this song is “Flowers of women”


All women, regardless of who they are, have
many charming good points about them ♪
With that in mind, this song is about girls
who just want to stand out and move forward in life
in their own way, kinda like “Ok time to get going!” ♪


Speak of “in their own way”
I have a solo part ♪


I don’t normally get solo parts (;∇;)/~~




For some reason, this time…!!


I’ve been given 3 solo parts (o^∀^o)


Kyaaaa (≧∇≦) soo happy ↑


there’s are these
1 word parts
a total of 3 altogether
that go by so fast, so please keep an eye out for them (^_-)


In English it’s “Ahh”


Its a nuance kinda thing, with the “Aaah”
but I can show off my sexiness in them


The “A”, the first syllable in our alphabet, is something I also get to say 3 times ♪♪♪


Isn’t that something?
I mean back in elementary school when everyone is learning hiragana for the first time
Isn’t “A” like the first one you remember? ♪
Well I get to say that 3 times ♪~θ(^0^ )


Well everyone, please support Morning Musume’s Onna ga medatte naze ikenai 八(´∀`*)

Hairband ☆

I’ve reaaaaally wanted to blog ☆
and now ↑ I am ↑↑
but now that I’ve started, I’ve got some concerns…
it feels like there’s some kind of pressure now…


I’ve upped a pic I took of myself (which I’m good at doing?)


I love hair accessories and hairbands, I have a ton of them
Lately I’ve been using hairbands made out of real hair O(≧∇≦)o


But adding this on ups my fashion style way up ↑↑


My cuteness as well…(>_<)


By the way, I sport braids quite often,
but I can’t actually do them myself (;_;)


So that’s why lately I’ve been using these hairbands
they are such a lifesaver

Finally ↑

I am Morning Musume’s Michishige Sayumi ♪☆


At this point in time, I have been given a blog on Gree.
I am so happy (≧∇≦)


I’ve wanted one since forever!
and ever!
and ever!
even in my past life!!! ☆


In short, I’ve wanted a blog
and my wish was granted ♪♪


I’m sooo happy~


From here on I’ll be expressing my thoughts, my feelings, everyday things that happen to me… a lot more different things and pics too!


And of course I ♪
hope to make this blog enjoyable for all the people reading it
cheers ♪☆

Aika blog "25days"

Helloooo (^○^)☆

aika blog

Here is some Aika therapy, some of C-ute’s Hagiawara Mai goodness (lol) (^^)d♪♪
We dressed up in some fancy attire ☆ for a magazine photoshoot ♪
On this day, there were sooo many H!P members (^-^)v

aika blog

Next up is a pic from the H!P Mobekimasu concert in Nakano Sun Plaza \(^^)/
We kinda have the same hairdo don’t we? (^.^)
Lately we’ve been told we’re just like sisters ♪♪
That makes me happy (*´▽`*)
I hope we can continue to bond even more and more!!!! (^^)

Aika blog "24days"

Heeeey there (^-^)v
Sorry about being behind on the updates (>_<) I've been bustling around quite a bit ...(+_+;) The New Years H!P concerts are over too (;_;) *tear* I'm so sad (;o;) There's so much going on during H!P-wide concerts huh (*^^*)☆ You don't go out as much as normal concerts, but I still had fun ♪ And also it lets us meet with the other fans we don't normally see at MM concerts as well as bond with the other groups I love it (^^)d After this though we split back up into our own groups again and do our own thing (^∀^)>

Oh by the way, during the New Years concerts,
we debuted our Guardians 4 new song “Going On!”♪♪
This time we’re in cute yellow outfits ☆
And another reason why I love it is… (*^^*)♪
I was able to take a 2shot with Mr. Lion,
so please check out the Making Of for our PV (^▽’*)/
What did you think of Aika during the H!P New Years concerts?
You all got healed right? (>_<)☆

aika blog

aika blog

Aika blog "23days"

Helloooo (*^^*)♪

So just the other day ya know… I ate some giant shellfish ☆
It was lunch time so I was checking out a grocery store
to see what would be good to eat
I was craving some seafood so I bought some shellfish and a seafood rice bowl (^-^)v
The shellfish were cooked in butter and soy sauce (*^◇^*)/
They were soooo good ☆★
Eating good food makes you wanna work harder doesn’t it (^∇’)/☆

aika blog

Also, there was another healing event!!!!!!!
A little while ago, my faaaavorite favorite type of dog,
a siberian husky, had puppies (*☆∨☆*)
I was super excited~!!!!!!! ☆☆
And so, I uploaded this ♪
Her sleeping face is sooo cute isn’t it (>_<*)(*>_<) Her paws are still pink too!! Sooooooo cuuuute (*∨▽∨*)☆ I was really thinking hard about whether or not I should take this puppy home (..) Well cuz.. the mom abandoned her (T_T)*tear* So sad (;o;) But... the puppy is at our house now ♪♪ I'll be sure to raise her up properly (^^)d☆

aika blog

Also, this picture was taken quite a while ago,
and since I’ve posted nothing but Izu pics lately
I was thinking I’d post it now (^^)☆
This is a pic from an event we had at the Budokan a little while back!!!!!
It was so nice to talk to everyone so I thought I’d show you this too ♪

aika blog

Aika blog "22days"

aika blog aika blog

Ladies and gentlemen, this brings us to the end of the Izu tour pics (^_^)☆
Thank you for following along!!!!!!
You guys had fun right?!?!
A shot from the last day ☆
Izu’s atmosphere and scenery was so refreshing ♪♪
We surprised everyone with a farewell (^_^)/~~
It’d be nice if we could do another bus tour ♪♪
I think that’d be great (*^^*)
By the way, I never gave a proper
Pastel Color Days New Years greeting huh (–;)
Sorry about that f(^_^;
Happy new years ☆m(__)m☆
Please continue to support
Morning Musume, Mitsui Aika, and Pastel Color Days this year too!!!!

Right now we’re switching up to the Shuffle Date set list,
we’ll do our best at Nakano Sun Plaza ☆★
Please, please come to see us ~\(^^)/

Aika blog "21days"

Yahoooo o(^o^)o☆☆

The cold days keep on coming don’t they…
It looks like it’s gonna snow (^∇^)!!!!
To the people that hate the cold, I’m sorry but I hope it snows ☆☆(^人^)

Just a little while ago we had a Guardians 4 event!!!!
It was really fun ☆☆
It seems like I’ve also become the temporary leader (^^ゞ
I’ll do my best!!!!
But we’re all good friends so we’ll all do our best together ♪♪
Please continue to support us m(__)m☆

aika blog

★ Izu ★

There’s still a little left in the Izu Corner!!!!
Sorry for having this go on so long (..)

aika blog aika blog aika blog

These are the clothes we wore at the dolphin show (^^)
A purple jump suit!!!
On this day, we took our group shots ☆☆
Thanks for bearing with the cold during that time m(__)m
I drew pictures on the shoes ☆

Here is a 2shot with Kusumi-san ☆★

aika blog

Have a merry Christmas (∨▽∨*)

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