Thanks for the comments

Good morning (^-^*)/


Last night
I was reading the comments from the most recent blog post
and I really teared up (ノд<。)゜


Comments that really struck me in the chest
teary comments that made me cry
funny comments that made me laugh
harsh comments that hurt a bit
and some… comments that said a bit too much
and those comments that were like no way (lol)


I was so glad
to read all of them o(^-^)o


Thank you guys!!!!!


“You gotta keep going on, from here on, it’ll be tied to happier times as well”


I believe in that, and I’ll keep on going!


Looking at the comments
In the end, I really do like myself (lol)
and really prioritize things that make me happy (lol)
but before that, I also seriously think it’d be nice if
we could all be tied together through happy things


I mean, not just for myself
but for everyone around me,
for the people who keep on working to support me
so that they’ll keep moving forward and staying positive ♪


I owe it to you guys ♪ thank you ☆
once again, I owe it to you guys ♪


For today’s pic, I’ve already put make up on (^_-)
From the crying? my face was all swollen and my eyes all messy
no way I could post a no-make-up pic today ~~~ ゜。(p>∧ 

I’m posting this pic because of the swelling from all the things you’ve said (lol)
Next, I may cry from the comments that mean other things (lol)


So that’s why I put make up on (lol)



There’s been a lot of happenings because of you guys huh (´∀`)


Rather than having to put on make up because I owe it to you guys,
it’s more like I have to because of you guys (lol) (≧▼≦)


What a good meaning (lol)

I love myself (lol)

I’m kinda beat from today (lol)


I don’t really want to admit that I’m tired (;_;)


but to be honest…


I’m beat ↓



And like, tomorrow I’ve got a ton of things to think through–
…I think
Oh man, so much stuff (∋_∈)


Well, I wonder if I can call it a day now
I wonder if tomorrow will be ok
I wonder if I’ll make it in time
How scary
If I rest up today, will I be set for tomorrow
I wonder if I’ll be ok for tomorrow


I’ve gotta be positive though!


To show that I’ve turned 20 after all! ☆


This morning, as I said myself
“You gotta keep going on, from here on, it’ll be tied to happier times as well”
I’ll do my best!


I didn’t think my morning self would be cheering myself on (lol)


Thank you me!


I guess I really do love myself (lol)
Don’t ever stop~ (lol)


At today’s interview
things got very interesting (lol)


It was the first time
I was called “Michishige sensei”
at an interview (lol)



There were a ton of questions that were tough to answer (lol)


but it was pretty fun ↑


I’ll be blogging again as to what is gonna be published



The end!


That was my Bunny Sayu assault report ~ ♪


Did you guys enjoy it? (≧∇≦)


Everyone in Morning Musume is pretty interesting huh ε=(>ε<*)



Lastly, here is a 2shot of Kamei Eri-chan
and Michishige Sayumi-chan dripping in sweat (^_^)v


Now to the very end, don’t forget my freebie
and please give me some compliments ♪





A satisfied look

Here is Tanaka Reina-chan taking a pic of Aika and Junjun going at it ♪


She got a pretty good pic for her blog,
so she had a very satisfied smile on ☆ヽ(▽⌒*)


But, sorry Reina. I think the pic I took
might be better than that (lol) b(・∇・●)


I have an even more satisfied smile on my face than Reina
as I take this pic (lol) (^∀^)ノ

Very popular fruits

Ai-chan’s grandma’s refreshments,
the strawberries,
are what we’re pretend fighting over…
but in the end, we end up screaming kyaa kyaa
and eating them together like good friends V(^-^)V


And then comes Linlin Man ↑↑


Since food was brought in
and she heard our voices say
“These fruits are sooo good”
Linlin Man reached out with her arms to grab some ☆☆


By the way,
she ate so much food (゜∀゜;ノ)ノ


Ah Linlin, you’re still growing
eat lots okay (^_-)


Well, even without me saying that, she’s always eating anyway (lol)


Pro Reina

From Takahashi Ai-chan’s grandma
we received these strawberry snacks ☆


During the concerts, I felt like eating fruit
so I am very grateful for this (*^o^*)


Thank you Ai-chan’s grandma \(^ー^)/


They are super ♪ sweet ♪
So delicious!!!!


Tanaka Reina-chan was also eating some
and I was thinking about taking a cute pic
of Reina eating the strawberries
but the instant I turned my camera




The strawberry fell…


I don’t know if its good or bad, but the timing was perfect!!!


So now it’s not just a normal cute eating pic
but there’s a whole story attached to it
Ah Tanaka Reina-chan also shows a high sense of professionalism here too


As expected of her~ ↑ (lol)


Yo! Pro!!

Toothbrush ☆

Here is Fukui-native Takahashi Ai-chan, Morning Musume’s leader ♪


Here is a pic of her brushing her teeth ☆☆


She is of course trying to polish up her teeth
so that during the real thing her teeth will sparkle brightly
as she smiles (´∀`)


Ya actually
I guess it also brightens up your smile (*^□^*)


Ai-chan, what a high sense of professionalism
although she’s brushing her teeth 3 minutes before the real thing ~ (゜∇゜)
Hurry up ~~ o(^∇^o)(o^∇^)o


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