Sanma-san's play

Today is
Akashiya Sanma-san’s play
“Produced by Akashiya Sanma Part. 15
Another skit this time
If you go on a liquid diet for half a year,
it’s tough but doesn’t it make you handsome? Special”
is what I went to go see




it was just waaay too funny!


I’ve been to stage/theatres before,
but laughing out loud like this was a first for me!


It was seriously funny (≧∇≦)
It started around 7pm, and scheduled to end at 9pm
It ended at 10pm (lol)


But still, it felt like they ended it early today (lol)


I think a part of it was scripted, a part ad-libbed,
and a part of just happenings,
I’m not really sure myself


But anyway, it was incredible how funny it was!!!


I’ve been getting tired of rehearsals and complaining and all that,
it’s kinda made me feel silly


I mean with the kind of funny atmosphere he has, it makes me kinda envious


But of course
that’s just something Sanma-san creates with his own cheerfulness


Sanma-san often says
“I like to surround myself with funny people”
and after seeing his play
I really thought “wow he really draws people to him”


Sanma-san is just


And of course
incredibly funny!
but that’s obvious


And I guess
when I think about it…


I wish I could be cheerful
like Sanma-san


and funny like Sanma-san!


Today Sanma-san made me laugh so much that it moved me
to want to make someone else laugh!


is what I thought


Anyway, it was funny
and the crowd had a good sense of humor too,
so it made it even more funny


The entire 3 hours!


was all funny ♪


Like Sanma-san’s Kikkoman soy sauce commercial song
“Just what is happiness?”


It is smiling as much as I did today!


If I had to say something bad about it thought
it would be laughing too much
because I could feel the pain in my stomach from it (lol)

Donuts ☆

Today I had dinner while riding in the car ♪


I had fried rice and dumplings (≧∇≦)


Yesterday’s dinner was pike fish,
and then today for breakfast I had nattou as a side dish with rice,
and now to end it all with dumplings


My mouth is full of different food smells from what I ate since morning ( ̄∀ ̄)

And when everything mixes together


something weird happens


You get like… some kind of lavender scent? o(`▽´)o


Oh well, life’s not that bad (lol)


As time passes,
those smells will get bored of me and hopefully go away
so I can only wait (^_^;)


After having fried rice and dumplings in the car,
for dessert I had


Mr. Donuts ☆


I had a Pon De Ring and D Pops!


I love those ~ ♪


Especially these D pops ☆


There are a ton of different bite sized donuts ☆
You have this toothpick-ish kinda thing to grab them with
so your hands don’t get dirty


and since they’re bite sized, your mouth doesn’t get dirty either


I can eat them in a lady-like way, so I very much like them (lol) ♪


Also for ladies, don’t you like trying out a bunch of different flavors one bite at a time?


As for me, I’m that kind of girl ♪

Piko piko lovely

Some time around this morning-ish
we had a rokkies rehearsal ♪


The three of us are Piko piko lovely (*^o^*)


Us rokkies are seriously funny!


We are just kinda doing our own dance


and ignoring the teacher (lol)

But the three of us have incredible concentration skills as well,
even though we’re always so noisy


if you throw some food at us


everyone will become silent all of the sudden (lol)


Our tension just goes up and down from being so busy, it’s funny (^_^)v♪


Eri and Reina gave me their mustard
So I had 3 people’s worth of mustard that I used on my
fried chicken and shuumai (≧∇≦)


I love mustard ↑


And I love spicy things too, not just mustard ↑


When it gets too spicy


and you’re like “hot! hot!”


Ahh I love that feeling ♪


It kinda gives you a little boost doesn’t it (b^ー°)

I'm so glad

Once again,
good morning!!!! ♪


I was pretty worried about not being able to sleep
but in actuality, I fell asleep pretty quickly ☆★


I’m so glad O(≧∇≦)o


I have rehearsals once again today ★


I’m getting pretty used to the muscle pain,


so hopefully I can move around a lot better than yesterday (>_<)


Today is another day where we’ll be adding a learning a lot of new dance moves (^o^)/☆


I’m focused and ready to do my best!



Also, this morning
I made sure to double-check
that I shut off my laptop power switch, my hair iron switch,
and my heater switch ↑


I don’t want to make the same mistake again! (=゜-゜)(=。_。)

I messed up…

Good morning!


Yesterday night
I failed to update (;_;)
I was thinking “Ahh I’ll just cancel this post”
but then, after making it, I was like “nah, I want to show you guys” (lol)


So please take a look at how yesterday night was for me m(_ _)m↓↓↓↓


Ahhh ahhhhhhh ~~


I fell asleep ( ̄○ ̄;)


And oddly, for only 20 minutes ↓


After that, now I can’t sleep tonight (;_;)


But I fought back
by taking a bath ☆


For an hour ☆


And then, when I went to the sink to dry my hair with the hair dryer…


I found I had left the straightening iron on (」゜□゜)」


Before I cut my bangs
I had straightened them out


That was about 2 hours ago…


So they have been heating the entire time ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛


Since it was piping hot, it was a waste
so I “straightened” out my soaking wet hair
even though it was pointless to do so (lol)


I fell asleep
And forgot to delete
Ahh what a double blow


I wonder then if
I can sleep soundly today!?


But since I fell asleep earlier, it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to (ノ△T)


What do you guys do on nights like this? ♪


And also, how do you guys fall asleep?


That’s all!!!
And since I failed to update


That means
I ended with a triple blow (lol)

What do you think?

I cut them!


I did my best to arrange it


but it’s still all over the place (∋_∈)


but, it’s kinda refreshing!


I was at the sink, cutting my bangs
when I thought “Oh I should take a pic”
So I went to my room to get my cell
but on the way back to the sink

A ton of hair had fallen down


I was so scared!


I thought it was a monster or something!


It made me jump!


I was so close to screaming too!


The finally I was like, maybe that’s mine!


And I quickly realized!


It wasn’t a monster!


It was my hair!


Those were the hairs I cut a minute ago!


I’m so glad it wasn’t a monster ☆

My bangs right now…

Today, at rehearsal


I think the mean attack of sleepiness on me


was also partially due to my nice bangs!


My bangs have grown quite a bit


They probably casted a shadow
and therefore
made my eyelids heavy
when that happened, I think the sleepiness easily walked right in!

So that’s why!


Today I’m going to cut my bangs ♪


I’m just going to cut it a little bit,
so please don’t say “You don’t need to blog about every little thing” (;_;)


A girl’s bangs are her life after all

The magic word ☆

Today after rehearsals,
I was fitted for 1 outfit ♪


My outfit was so cute ~(≧∇≦)


Today I met a new stylist? for the first time


And she complimented me so much――――! (o^∀^o)


like “You’re so cute” ♪


Even though my hair got all messed up during rehearsal


she said “You’re so cute” ♪


That means, when I’m properly dressed
that ~
I must be overloaded with cuteness right (lol) ♪♪


Today I was being attacked by muscle pain and sleepiness
so I was kinda feeling down


But after being told “cute”
My tension went up in a blink (≧∇≦)


I’m such a simple ♪♪ girl! (b^ー°)

Feeling like autumn

After having pike for dinner


Somehow I kinda feel like
in a very autumn-ish mood (^o^)/


Ah hopefully it’ll be fall soon ~ ♪


Pike is very delicious
And and also the pike in the fall
is cheap!!!!


Having my mom at dinner
had out pike one piece at a time
is such a fall thing (≧∇≦)♪


But, right now


Working out from rehearsal


the pike




came back up a bit ↑
*close to puking lol


Ughhh, gross。。(∋_∈)


is how I felt (;_;)


When you eat pike, it’s so delicious
But having it come back up later on is quite troublesome (ρ°∩°)


What do you think of an idol
with pike breath? (lol)


Best without it huh ♪


I know I know ☆


I mean, beyond my own displeasure, I shouldn’t annoy others too ♪


Ahh I wonder though
If I have pike breath
would anyone ever kiss me??!


Well, not like I have plans for that any time soon, so it’s ok (lol)


For me, I am always in
a pike eating mood ♪

Pike fish

For dinner I had pike fish bentou ↑


Pike is the best fish, I love it ♪


The kinda bitter part in the stomach?
is the part I particularly like!


This pike here is fried,
but grilled pike is the best (≧∇≦)


After dinner, I’ll be back to practice for a long while
I’ll do my best

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