The location of Ma-kun the doll

And lastly, we have him in Junjun’s hood →





Here is Ma-kun being covered by Junjun’s hair ☆
Even his proud lion hair can’t hold ( ̄∀ ̄)





And lastly,
here is Junjun nicely setting down Ma-kun (≧∇≦)








And in the blink of an eye
he has silky hair (lol)


How handsome o(`▽´)o







Good mood

“Rakuten vs Lotte”


I was so worked up, it really put me in a good mood


and did you guys know this about my personality?


When I get in a good mood, I become really witty..


When Kusano Daisuke was up at bat…


“Dai-chan! If you hit a home run here, I’ll give you my love as a reward”


is what I shouted (lol)


And then


Smack ↑
Hit a home run!! ↑↑


What a shock!
I guess my cheering got to him~ o(`▽´)o
It was thanks to me~ (≧∇≦)


Ahh, yeah yeah I know
it was due to Kusano’s ability…


But I was so happy at that moment V(^-^)V


Then I was like,
I need to give him his reward
So I blew him a kiss (lol)


But he didn’t look at me at all
so I don’t think it got to him (-.-;)



Ahh but that’s ok!


It’s all about self-satisfaction!


This past 2.5 hours was so intense (≧∇≦)

The Rakuten fans next to us

Usa chan megaphone!! V(^-^)V


Ahh (´∀`)
Rakuten vs Lotte
was super intense ♪
I’m still worked up about it now… o(`▽´)o


But um
during the match…
we didn’t really know the rules that well
so the Rakuten fans next to us were so kind
as to explain the rules to us


I’m really grateful m(_ _)m


It was really helpful!!


And those people
When the Rakuten Eagles scored


they cried (;_;)


I guess they were deeply moved!!!


But to those people who were trying to concentrate
and support them to the verge of tears, we were like


“What just happened?”
“Eh, did something happen?”
“What’s going on right now”


is how much of a bother we were,
although we weren’t trying to be annoying on purpose…
but they kept us updated on the rules and what was going on
the entire game!!


Seeing the tears of those kind fans…
it was just so beautiful (;_;)


Getting that worked up over something is just wonderful isn’t it!!!!


I won’t forget today’s victory or the tears of those fans


To all the players, job well done


And likewise to all the supporters that were there


I am so glad I was able to see this match today ♪
I’m glad to have cheered on together with everyone ♪


That was really intense ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑


I really cheered a lot ~!


Being in charge of shouting
in Morning Musume songs really paid off here~ (lol)
* she is refering to how she always get spoken lines instead of singing lol


I reallllly shouted my lungs out~!


And my throat kinda hurts a bit now (lol)
but it doesn’t really bother me that much
it’s more like a ahh whatevers level
it’s so fun! (≧∇≦)


And the results were…


The Rakuen Eagles won!!!


I knew it, I guess we were
goddesses of victory after all!?



I wanna go again sometime!

Hurray Hurray!

Everyone is cheering ♪




Do your best!!


I’m so worked up ↑(^O^)


Just being this much worked up is so much fun (≧∇≦)


And I don’t even know the rules of baseball that well
but it’s still super fun!


With this
I know how the people who are into it feel like now \(^ー^)/


Now I wonder if us girls
can be goddesses of victory for them?












Rakuten Eagles

Kyaa ♪


Oh man ☆


Whenever they get a hit
and score, I’m so happy my body aches O(≧∇≦)o


It’s like, everyone focusing on
cheering for 1 thing is so wonderful ☆


When you take everyone’s voices
and put them all together
you get loud cheering


It’s incredibly powerful support!!


And of course, I’m also
in that big group of people cheering! o(`▽´)o


get fired up!


Tokyo Dome ☆

Home run~!

Right now, all of Morning Musume


is at Tokyo Dome


“Rakuten Eagles vs Lotte Marines”


watching that match!


And also, we’re really close to the net!!


Oh man!


It was super super intense (≧∇≦)


It’s like the ball is flying right at me ~♪~θ(^0^ )
Looks like it?


Anyway, watching live baseball really gets me excited ↑




Good luck!


I’m rooting for you ♪♪



Hot green tea?

After the Himitsu no kenmin SHOW recording ended
I went outside and




Cooold {{(>_<;)}}


so I went to buy a hot drink ♪


On yesterday’s blog
and I wrote I was in the green tea group, so of course!


I bought hot green tea! ☆


…well not exactly


Hot roasted green tea! ☆


Even though I’m in the green tea group
I picked roasted green tea (lol)


I guess I really am not that picky at all when it comes to drinks


And when I wrote yesterday that
I’ll drink anything!
But when there was an alternative to green tea, and I picked the other thing
With you guys believing that I was in the green tea group,
I can understand your surprise (lol)


In conclusion!
I’m not in the green tea group after all
Whatever I’m drinking, it’s more like whatever mood I’m feeling for the day
and it just happens that most of the time, I’m feeling in a green tea mood


Which means
I have to revise my green tea group announcement from yesterday (lol)


My apologies m(_ _)m

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