Live broadcast


Today ♪♪♪


Waratte Ii Tomo!
Telephone Shocking


All eight members of Morning Musume
will be on it!!


I’m reaaally happy but
I’m reaaally nervous too (・_・;)


But it’s okay to be like that.


Even though I was nervous,
I wasn’t all like
“Ah, what should I do?”


At that time,
the only feeling I had was
“This is so much fun” (*^o^*)






At the end,
when I ordered dessert,


I only orderded one ice cream,
but two came instead V(^-^)V


When I asked the server about it,
is what he said!


Yay~ \(^ー^)/


For doing my very best all three days,
the gods must have given me
a reward♪♪


Yahoo (^∀^)ノ


… is my greedy way of showing how
thankful I am (≧∇≦)



Eri from beginning to end


(1st pic)
Yesterday, from beginning to end,
Kamei Eri was having so much fun
and smiling the whole time。


Usually she’s just
playfully smiling but,


yesterday her energy was so high,
she was smiling kinda sexily↑ (lol)


(2nd pic)
Halfway through, Kamei Eri
began sleeping in
Sayumi’s lap。


Yep, Eri always
seems to want
to sleep。






Good morning~♪


After the concert yesterday,


in Tokyo, we said
for the three-days-straight shows
then Morning Musume’s
Niigaki Risa-chan,
Kamei Eri-chan,
and myself all went to eat together (≧∇≦)


And since the three of us are all just over 20,
we asked for some drinks for our first toast (^_^)v


Adults V(^-^)V


During the live our energy is at MAX,
and since we’re so hot, we need to unwind o(`▽´)o♪♪


It was fun o(^-^)o


I wanted to blog in real time but at the restaurant
I didn’t have any reception。


Along with GakiKame-san, the three of us try to
go out to eat at least once a month (^_-)♪


“Ah, but we have concert rehearsals
and live concerts this month, and we’re
going to Hawaii at the end so maybe this
month is impossible”
is what we said but,
the three of us fulfilled our plans♪


Even though it was a short time,
our stomachs and our hearts were
satisfied (≧∇≦)


This pic was taken when we were finishing
and when I looked at it
I thought,
『Wow, the three of us look awesome together,
we look like we’re really good friends』


Gaki-san said,
『We sure do~』
Kame-san said,
『Eh, I had my
eyes open~』


Gaki-san and Sayumi had a dare to keep
our eyes shut while it was being taken!
it was like we wanted her to keep her eyes open


Yep, seems like Eri always wants
to sleep! (lol)



Tokyo Kousei Nenkin Kaikan


Today marks the third day,
of Morning Musume’s concert at
this concert hall,
『Tokyo Kousei Nenkin Kaikan』


For Morning Musume,
and for Sayumi herself,


there’s a lot of memories here。


Until the end,
I’m happy standing on
this stage,
and I’m grateful for
everything (*^o^*)


As I stand here today,
I don’t think I can leave
from it。


It will be lonely,
but there will be a
new place and a new
drive to do my best!


Everyday, all of us
are striving forward。


If there is a beginning
then there must be a end。


So then,
there must be another
new beginning!


To Tokyo Kousei Nenkin Kaikan,
thank you so very much!!!。










from the two cute ones,
to everyone out there,
we send out our “Happy” (≧∇≦)


Even though,


the super cheerful
borrowed LinLin’s
bunny ears…


some things never change…


I felt really relaxed♪


When I see that innocent
bunny-eared Ishikawa-san,
Sayumi has that Happy feeling♪。







Ishikawa Rika-san


At today’s concert,
Morning Musume OG
Ishikawa Rika
came to visit♪


Seeing Ishikawa-san
there was great
and she danced for us(≧∇≦)


After the concert,
I said to Ishikawa-san
『I saw you! I saw you dance!』
then she replied
『At first I was shy、
but at the end I was
really dancing!』


No no Ishikawa-san!
Ishikawa-san didn’t look shy
at all while she was dancing,
in fact she doesn’t seem
like the shy person type
at all right? (lol)


She seems like the
going-all-out greedy
type doesn’t she? (lol)


When I saw her
from the stage,
she really lifted
my spirits! (lol)


She might fake being shy
but she really tries hard
to make her cuteness appealing♪


That’s not true,
Ishikawa-san truly
is very cute♪


Sayumi is
no match for her! (lol)


…that’s not true。
…Ishikawa-san is cute♪
Really cute♪
I love her♪
I admire her♪


If I praise her anymore,
it’ll start to look
like I’m lying again (lol)


…but for real!
is cute。
I love her
Honest and truly
thanks very much (^人^)


From the
Ishikawa-is-cuter Sayumi(≧∇≦)(lol)。



Introducing ☆my hairstyle☆


Introducing ☆my hairstyle☆


For today’s first performance
two tails(^_^)v


For today’s second performance
straight (*^o^*)


and finished!


When I had it straight,
Sayumi had this
good-girl appeal,
but it got to hot
so right in the middle
I pulled it back into
a ponytail o(`▽´)o


So, I thought I’d be
cute either way,
and still have that
good-girl thing (lol)♪


Right, so this was
introducing today’s


Satisfied (≧∇≦)





Each and every one


Today’s second performance is finished♪♪♪
Also, it’s the end of our 3-day run♪


Fun (≧∇≦)


Everyone was so great!


I’m glad everyone was there。


Because everyone was there,
I could do a super nice
and fun concert!


Everyone along with
us members made
a extra special memory。


It’s because of you!


It couldn’t have happened
without everyone。


Everyone everyone
each and every one of you…


I love you guys (*^o^*)


Thank you!!


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