The naked boss

Here is a pic
from today’s
“Mecha 2 Iketeru!” (lol) (lol) (LOL)




Ahhh, this is for those of you who couldn’t see it!


This isn’t the normal Sayumi you know!
This is special make up!


The normal Sayumi is cute


I do hope you’ll realize that much 八(´∀`*)



This pic is pretty embarrassing (・_・;)
I mean, I was pretty worried about
what would happen after I upload this pic (lol)
But I mean, this took about 3 hours to make so <(´△`;)>


I’ve upped my courage!


Anyway, normally on this blog, I upload nothing but cute pictures of me
and if you guys get tired of that, I’d be very sad (;_;)
so maybe it’s a good idea to upload a pic with some spice every once in a while… (lol)


Ahhh but
please don’t save this pic (lol)


I mean seeing this pic outside of my blog would be too embarrassing (//△//)


If you wanna see this pic again, just please come visit my blog ♪


The naked boss welcomes you!

I hate myself for being so useless

Yesterday I blogged stating that
“I was pretty down from rehearsals, but I’m gonna pick myself up
and do my best”
I also got a lot of support from my friend too
But today as it turned out, I failed again in rehearsal ↓


Lately, I’ve really started to hate myself


I’ve been pushed to the limits for holding my composure
and feel like I’m always on the verge of…


Lately, I’ve been making a conscious effort to stop,
but I used to always say “I wanna go home”


I said that so often,
even when I was at home, I’d say “I wanna go home”


In that above case, where exactly would I go then huh! (^-^;


Even though I haven’t said it lately, I said “I wanna go home” a lot today (;_;)。。


But even if I say “I wanna go home” it’s not like I can go home right away anyway
Whether I say or not, I go home the same time every day
I shouldn’t be trying to run away like that either..


In the end, I stick with it anyway


Of course this isn’t just for me, everyone has their share of problems and pain
everyone has worries they want others to listen to
but despite all of that, everyone still keeps on working


They keep on trying!


If you run away, things just end there
but if you keep trying, somehow things will manage!


That’s why its more enjoyable if you just avoid saying those negative things o(^-^)o


I’ve finally realized that simple point at last (lol)


Although, even though I am aware of it, I still said a lot of negative things today


I’m still reflecting on it now (;_;)


Today I let some negative words unintentionally slip out
but once I caught myself doing that, I stopped any further slip ups from happening
it was such a big change throughout the day!
I’m not sure specifically why, but I think I’m heading in a good direction now ↑


That’s why I just need to toss away those negative feelings and words ↓


I am aware of that, and yet I couldn’t do it…
which is why my goal this year is to
“think things through calmly”


When I am able to do that,
no wait, rather
When it becomes possible for me to do that, I don’t know…
But please watch over…
…no actually, please keep checking up on me (>_<)

Was it funny?

“Mecha 2 Iketeru!”


Did you guys watch it??


I was on the way home…
so I failed to record it (;_;)


Tohoho (-_-#)


I haven’t seen the show yet,
but I read all of your
nice comments and harsh comments ~ ♪


After reading them, I don’t wanna see myself on air that much ~ (≧∇≦)


This pic was during the special make-up progress (lol)


Even though I’m doing usa-chan peace, it’s not cute (lol)


This is such a rare usa-chan peace here!

Mecha Iketeru outfit

Here is my mecha iketeru outfit (^∀^)ノ
It was so cute ~ \(^ー^)/


My one-piece outfit,
and my hair accessories, and my hairdo were all so cute ~ ♪


But of course,
those are just attached to the cutest thing of all, me (lol)


And to see that cute Sayumi… ↓




“Mecha 2 Iketeru!”


■ 19:57~20:54 ■




You can see a cute Sayumi,
and maybe even a not cute one? (^o^)/


I once again said bye bye to my friend (^∀^)ノ
This time I have to leave the house first, while my friend
stays at home still… (lol)


When I was leaving,
My mom followed saw me off to the entrance way as usual
while my friend was puttering around on the bed (・_・;)


“Don’t loaf around, aren’t you normally supposed to see people off”
is what I said, then
“I’m not loafing around, I’m puttering”
is what she said

I don’t think you can see people off when you’re puttering ( ̄○ ̄;)


Well then ☆
Today we have connected rehearsal!


We’re connecting the blocks we split everything up to,
and go through everything without stopping once!!


And also,
today, I’ve been eating nothing but sweets since morning
so my mom made me a rice ball,
I’ll eat that and do my best (o^∀^o)

Girls Shiritori

My friend took these pics here as well ↑♪☆!


After singing practice…
we had girl’s talk!!!



… okay, no we didn’t
we played shiritori the entire time.. (lol)


We played like 3 letters only, 4 letters only,
electronics only, celebrities only, we made up a ton of different rules (^o^)/

During the nuance only game
“ru” came up and my friend answered with
which ended the game (lol)


I win!




My friend took these pics for me! ♪☆




we took a bath together (^o^)/


Even though back in middle school, it was embarrassing
even just seeing each other in our underwear while changing for P.E. (//△//)


But now that we’re 20, we can enjoy a long bath together (lol)


The both of us
have grown up to be strong characters (≧∇≦)


While I was in the bath,
I had a waterproof DVD player
so I was watching yesterday’s rehearsal (the block connecting) part on DVD (^_^)v


My friend was like
“Just now, someone was off key”


Ah, that was my solo part…


And then, I sang really loud in the bath for practice ↑


My friend did too ☆


Being able to have fun while practicing singing and reviewing the rehearsal
is so refreshing!

The president's anger

Right after I said bye bye to my friend
I instantly felt lonely without her and I really wanted to see her again
So I called her up and she came back over to spend the night at my house (≧∇≦)♪♪♪♪♪♪♪


Waiiiii o(^-^)o


My friend
is using my laptop to
check out my blog in detail (^_-)

She was looking at the “Founding of a company” comments
… well the Gekimo Corporation president was very offended!


“Why are all these people asking the vice president Michishige Sayumi
if they can join the company~ Shouldn’t they be asking the top person, the president!”
She kept saying over and over (lol)


also in response to those comments that were like
“I’ll follow the vice president”


“If you follow the vice president, you guys will never be promoted”
is what my friend said (lol)


My friend, the president
seems to be angry and quite jealous of the vice president’s popularity (lol)


But all of you who were like
“I wanna work for Gekimo Corporation”
after seeing those comments, my friend was like
“Maybe it’s about time we start taking applications seriously”
is what she said!


If you’re looking for a job, please ☆ come to Gekimo Corporation!

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