Pizza 2

We’re so happy to have pizza for dinner ♪


“Well since we’ve had this, we’ve got to give it 110% now ^ー^)人(^ー^”


is what the overly excited Morning Musume girls are saying ♪


We’re around that age where
we are easily lured by food (lol) ♪



For dinner tonight at rehearsal ♪


We had a pizza party ~ (≧∇≦)


Maybe because today is Girl’s Day?


This is the first time this has happened at rehearsal!!!


Thank you so much staff members (;_;)


I’ll be sure to try harder in rehearsal now!

The girls during their break part 2

☆★ Continuing on the 10 minute break ★☆


Earlier, there was someone unaccounted for
So I went to look for Kamei Eri



I found her






And she wasn’t doing this just for my blog
she was seriously asleep


This doesn’t mean that she’s sick


Just that this girl is really sleepy


Good night


I’m at rehearsal right now!!!!


It’s only noon,


but I’ve had all I can take (;_;)。。



I’m talking about my stomach (lol)


Well I’m good to go for rehearsals again though ↑


Omelet rice is sooo good ☆

Profile shot

So as you know, I often upload pics I take of myself onto this blog


For my self pic today,


I have a profile shot!


It’s kinda a serious, frantic look (lol)


Everyone around me can see this~…


Which makes looking frantic pretty embarrassing (->_<-)


But you know what,
the profile shot actually looks a lot better than I thought! (lol)

Sore muscles

Good morning!!


I’ll be at rehearsal from morning til night


Packed ”(ノ><)ノ


But before the 2nd day of rehearsals has even started


my body…


my muscles are sore (>_<)


I don’t even really have muscles (;_;)


Like you know when you flex your arm,
your muscles tighten up right?


Mine don’t (゜∇゜)


I guess it’s harder for me to use my muscles than most people ↓


Ahh I wish I had muscle strength!!!


Whenever I feel muscle pain,


that’s the only time I actually feel like I have muscle


So I guess I kinda like it when I have muscle pain after all (lol) (≧∇≦)

On air today

So guys, did you watch me on air?


I was also watching while sitting in seiza position


Especially London Hearts, that gets me the most nervous every time
to the point where I get a stomach ache
I give it my all every time I go on that show
so please watch me!!


When I watch myself on air


of course one of the things I notice is my cuteness


But I also have a lot of things to learn and a lot to reflect on


So from here on out, I’ll be sure to polish up on all of those things!


Time to for big progress (lol) ♪

Today on TV

Today, March 2nd
at 8pm~ “Minna no katei no igaku”
at 9pm~ “London Hearts”


Both are on TV Asahi,
so please change to that channel
and watch both of them ♪♪♪


Thanks for your support 八(´∀`*)



I’m actually pretty nervous right now (lol)
I get nervous whenever I go on air.
Just anxious for some reason ↓


I hope I’ll be ok (>_<)


Especially on London Hearts (lol)

Right now

I just finished chatting ~~ (≧∇≦)


The job I’m at right now is


a recording for CBC Radio’s
“Morning Musume Michishige Sayumi’s Konya mo Usa-chan peace” ♪


I love radio ♪


I have learned a ton of things from doing this Usa-chan peace radio show
and I think it has taught me quite well ↑


Writing via blogs,
Talking via radio,


For all my everyday happenings
for all my thoughts and feelings
I have a place where I can convey all the things I want to
I am such a fortunate person (;_;)


But I guess that’s obvious


Because there was a time when I had nothing


No radio, no blog


So my thoughts,
my writings,
my words,
It was rough not being able to share them (>_<)


For this reason,
I feel strongly about appreciating these things


I mean, being able to transmit things via blog in real time
As in not tomorrow! But today!
And I can always share what I’m thinking of that very same day


So from here on, please continue to accept my thoughts and feelings ♪



Well then, without any further delay
I’d like to share my
“feeling as of right now”!


Since when did my bangs grow this long~!
How come only my bangs grow this fast~!


I want to cut themmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

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