Risa Deco "Episode 2's present"

One fan club member will recieve the one of a kind mirror decorated by Niigaki Risa by answering the following questions below!

1. What do you want Niigaki to decorate next?
2. What do you think about Risa Deco?

I’ll be waiting for all your applications ♪

For cell phone users, submit the above questions with the requirements listed below to the follow email address <〇〇〇>

Subject: Risa Deco Episode 2 Present
Fan club member id:

※ The winner will be announced via the pen-name given
※ One entry per person

☆ Deadline for application ☆
October 26 – 6 pm

Aika blog "12days"

Wow it’s already October, and only 3 weeks left of it too ☆☆
By the way… hasn’t it gotten really cold all of the sudden!???
Please try not to hurt your bodies (>_<)!!!

Right now, I’m in the middle of doing some stretches ♪
Tryin to get my body flexible and limber (^-^)
But.. I’m pretty much only flexible in stretching my legs apart (^▽^)v
Right now, I am stretching my legs apart (^^)

aika blog

Just the other day, I went on a date with my beloved beloved older sister (*>◇<*)☆★
We went to a buffet for lunch
and then we went to an indoor theme park \(^-^)/♪♪
Originally, we had plans to go to a place I’ve always wanted to go to…
But with the weather and all, we had to give up that idea (;_;)
But I wanted to go to the theme park also, so it was still fun~ (^^*)!!!!
I’ll be back to giving it my all starting tomorrow (^□^)v

aika blog aika blog

Risa Deco "Episode 2 Completed"

I’m dooooooone!!!
Here is the 2nd item ♪
Risa☆Deco ♪
I call it…
“Gakisan’s sparkly sweets!”
(o>∀<o)ノ Here is what you’ve been waiting for!!!!

gaki blog

gaki blog gaki blog gaki blog

All of the fans at the handshake sessions and release events kept asking
“Are you going to update Risa☆Deco?!”
Thanks for all that! It was in the works f^_^;

As far as decorating goes… even working quickly, it takes about 7-10 hours (>_<)。。 But it's like.. in the process you start thinking "Ahh but it doesn't have this" or "Ahh it doesn't have that" or "Ahhh I wonder what the fans would like" or "I wonder what color they like" etc... The staff members have been relaying messages to me from all the Risa☆Deco fans I've read them all! There were sooooooo many messages, I was so touched After reading them I was like "I need to hurry up! I need to hurry and present this to the fans!" Risa☆Deco has only just started but I hope to continue to make cute, one of a kind, Gaki-style decorations to present to all of you (ノ>∀<)ノ I'ev been empowered by this... really, thank you all very much Among those fan messages, there have been a lot of requests and stuff like "I'd like a customized bicycle lol" or "A glowstick!!!", it just makes me laugh out loud f^_^; I mean!!! I mean!!! Stuff like glowsticks are fine by me... adding jewels and stuff to a pretty glowstick lol.. But a bike... how many months would that take... lol There even was a "Put Omame-chan(her bean drawing) in it" request! I'd like to respond to everyone's request to the best of my ability so I hope to continue to be active!! I'll be waiting for your messages <(__)>

Also one message that got me all teary had this line in it
“You absolutely give it your all in everything you do, but please don’t work
yourself too hard. I am looking forward to all your future works”
I was so happy I cried (●>ロ<●)
You guys are always thinking about my well-being..
I will really try my best at everything!
Really!!! Thank you so much!!!!!
Also, this happens to be the 5th update p(^^)q and this last one
happened to take a really long time…
I’m so sorry about that

But yeah.. I wonder who’s gonna win this (●>∀<●) I’m so excited! Til we meet again!!

P.S. this last shot is my “sense of accomplishment” face lol

gaki blog

Aika blog "11days"

Heya all~ ^3^)/☆
Look!! Look!!

aika blog

This is from when we were filming the PV of Kimagure Princess,
our single that’s coming out on October 28th. (^o^)v☆☆
The weather was so amazing! It was the best ♪♪
Cuz on rainy days, it’s easy to start feeling down about things (~_~;)
Things just feel better on sunny days don’tcha think? \(^^)/☆
I took a ton of pictures during our PV shoot, so I’ll be uploading those next week ☆☆
For the people that came to our Music Japan recording on the 5th,
they got a good look at our Kimagure Princess outfit (^^)v
What did you think???!!! Hehehe ☆
That makes me kinda nervous (^^)
We’ll be wearing those costumes for the single release events too
so please please come check it out (^_^)
Also please also come because your smiles always heal us (*^□^*)!!!!!!

aika blog

Aika blog "10days"

Since the first show, the concert tour has been one big hit after another,
but now we’re taking a little break (^o^)/
You guys are all probably tired too,
thanks for all the energy you’ve put into your legs (*^^*)
And again, thank you very much ♪

Just the other day, I went on a date with Junjun,
something we haven’t done in a while (^з)-☆
We went to a Korean place to have lunch
Junjun ordered spicy stuff again and she pretty much cleaned off the plate herself (^^ゞ
It was the most delicious thing ever! (≧▽≦*)/
And then… Junjun treated me to the meal (>_<)☆ Ahh I'm so embarrassed (~_~;)汗)) *汗 = sweat Thanks (^∀^)>☆☆

aika blog

After that we went shopping, and Junjun bought a lot of stuff ♪♪
After going shopping with her,
I’ve realized that our tastes in clothes are quite different (^^)(LOL)
She pretty much only bought track pants (^^*)
After a lot of shopping we went to a yogurt place to grab some frozen ice cream and donuts..
after that we went back to shopping again!!!!
The next time I go shopping ♪ I’m gonna go to a picture club
It was such a fun filled day ~(^o^)/☆★
The weather was also great the moment I stepped outside and continued when we were shopping
It was just what I needed (*^3^)

aika blog

Coming up this weekend is another concert, I’m pretty pumped up about it (^^)v

aika blog

You probably already know right?!!
Kusumi-san will also be participating in the bus tour this November (^^)v
Looks like it’s gonna be fun doesn’t it? (^з)-☆
As for Kusumi-san, this will be her last bus tour and FC tour…
so I hope it’ll be a bus tour thats super fun and forever embedded into everyone’s minds ~~☆☆

Risa Deco "Episode 2 Part 2"

I’m crafting right now~!!
Look look~!!!

gaki blog

I’m sparkling things up with these simple donut things ~(>∀<)☆☆
Also for the round 2 we have..!!

gaki blog

*thinking about how to praise this* ~~~
Last time I did a cool and stylish design, but this time… it’s like this ♪
I tried to go for a pretty feeling >∀<
For the girls who love sweets
Please look forward to it~

Aika blog "9days"

Finally, Morning Musume’s concert tour has started ~\(^o^)/☆
Even now I still forget how nerve-wrecking the opening day is (>_<)!!!! But... it looked like Kamei-san and Junjun were even more nervous than I was, so I was like "Everything will be alright!!" (^^) and kinda hid my nervousness (^^ゞ (lol) Also, on the first day there was the shocking announcement about Kusumi-san's graduation, Crazy wasn't it... (~_~;) But Kusumi-san had a very Kusumi-ish reply to all of this... at the concert hall she let out a very positive "I'm gonna keep trying my hardest!!" which gave us all a little relief ☆ I want to really treasure the time I have left to spend with Kusumi-san... as well as during this concert tour (>▽<*)

Well, we still have until December to go and I hope to keep in mind these fresh feelings from opening day all the way through
For those people who are planning to come see us, please look forward to it (^з^)-☆♪♪

This picture was taken downtown in front of the
Morning Musume ad truck for this fall tour
If you guys see this truck around, please take pics of it (^∇^)

aika blog

Well then let’s see… just the other day I was walking around Odaiba in the Tokyo Big Sight area ☆★
When I was there, I saw a lot of airplanes ♪♪
It was windy too, it felt pretty good (^^)/
Sometimes walking long distances can be good too!!!!!!

aika blog aika blog

For next week’s concert, I’ll be pretty active again ~~ (*^^*)☆

Risa Deco "Episode 2"

This time for Risa☆Deco… tada!!

gaki blog

The very essential compact mirror ー(o^∀^o)ノ
so then.. what kind of design should I make…(>д<)!!
I’m thinking right now!!
By the way, I have that special space reserved in my room for Risa☆Deco remember?
But even then, preparation and setup still takes a lot of time (^ ^:)
But I’m gonna give it my best to make this

Wait for it yaーーーーーーーーーー

Aika blog "8Days"

How are you guys? (^o^)/☆

Just the other day we recorded Tokyo Friend Park ☆
It was my first Tokyo Friend Park!!!!!!! It was fun (^^)v♪
Tanaka-san really put a lot of effort into it (*^^*)☆☆
Thank you very much ♪♪ All of the members really appreciate it (*^o^)/ (^-^*)★

aika blog

Well, the tour is about to start (>_<)!!!! I'm pretty nervous (i_i)€(^_^) Well, although right now I've calmed down a little about it ☆ At the handshake session, everyone kept asking "What's the concert gonna be like?" Unfortunately I could only tell them "It's a secret (^^)" (^_^;) With this fall concert.. there are a couple songs we're gonna sing that people haven't heard yet... ☆ Be sure to listen (^∇^)/ The costumes are also very cute so pay attention to that!!!! Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine Smiles~ Even though its a concert, I hope people will be healed by it ♪♪ Please look forward to it~~ (^∀^)☆

aika blog