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2018-01-09 20:13:56
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It’s sudden but, it’s the last act.










Iikubo-sensei, warning Makino Maria-san to guide her life.




Just what could I be warning her about〜?



A hint, warning her knowing what leaked out Maria has this expression☆










The answer will be on another day ( ^ω^ ) Huhu






Today before work I went to see the movie I wanted to see 「Kingsman: Golden Circle」 together with Mogami Moga-san〜♪
Moga-san always gets tickets for movies for me ( ; ; ) Thank you so much ( ; ; )!



The move was very interestingー!
From the very beginning it flew off into sction sceens!
It was supremely exhilarating (*´꒳`*)
The coolness of the characters was mesmerizing you knowー!!


But there’s lots of parts from the previous one’s details I’d forgotten so, I gotta watch it again on DVD I think.
It was really interesting, I remember that feeling though you know!




From here on it’s recordings, I’m offー^ ^




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#AiNana #Manga #Make-up Iikubo Haruna

2018-01-08 20:20:02
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Yesterday in real time with the third daughter we did AniNana Appreciation!



After the show finished, there as a shocking announcement huh…!



IDOLiSH7 1st LIVE details…!!


It’s AiNana day huh, congratulations (;o;)



I want to go with Fukumura Mizuki-san, Kudou Haruka-chan, and Kaga Kaede-chan you know, We’ve talked about it since last year but


It’s Saturday so…!
I can’t go (;o;)(;o;)(;o;)


Around that time it’ll be Summer Hello!Con rehearsals you know


Moreover Not just IDOLiSH7, TRIGGER and Re:vale are performing too…uu…_:(´ཀ`」 ∠):



I get to look forward to them doing another live after (;o;)♡! lol










Today for free time I read these 2 books〜!



Yakusoku Neverland vol.7


Hibiki vol.8



Both are surpremely amusing…
The time reading amusing manga is very joyful!



Hibiki, it’s cool you know〜
That kind of cool highschool girl, and other stuff I didn’t know!


The live action movie version! I look forward to itーーー!





And well SENSEI Kunshu is also getting a live action movie huh!
Reading it I always had wild ideas about the cast if they did a live action version〜!
In my wild idea, SENSEI was flumpool’s Yamamura Ryuuta-san or Mizushima Hiro-san. lol
But Takeuchi Ryouma’s Sensei is surprising so I’m looking forward to it!
It’s a work I like so, I think when the movie releases I should go (*´∇`*)





Today was the first clear file handing out meeting and, there were lots of girls (*´꒳`*)


I got asked a lot about my eye make-up but, for my newly bought PAUL&JOE eye color, just putting it on my eyelids was one point to it too♪







In this style on the corners of my eyes and above my eyeline I put this redl ike eyeliner
I put some below my eyelid too〜〜



This amazing picture, the look of it is bad huh lol



But make-up is fun so I want to try all kinds of things now you know (*´꒳`*) hihi



Lots of people are looking at my WEAR too that makes me as happy as I could be…!♡


Today I’m updating tooo so look at it KAYーーー



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#AniNana Iikubo Haruna

2018-01-06 17:20:39


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Last night, I bided my time and with the 3rd daughter (the Otaku)


We watched the anime 「Idolish Seven」.



Idolish Seven, Nickname AiNana.



I’m a big fan of the smartphone app Idolish Seven but, the AiNana anime, it’s being called AniNana huh. By all the fans.





After I finished doing everything to do at home,




「「It’s an AniNana Appreciation Meetingーーーーっ!!」」




saying that I brought my AiNana goods from my room and in front of the TV I stood my Oshimen’s figure stand and appreciated it!




Sheesh, I was impressed, impressed.



Not able to watch in silence, with the third daughter I watched it while being excited!



The voices and scenarios just like the app, the BGM is kinda like the app too, that kind of parts were impressive too!
Aー, here it’s Yoyogi right, Yoyogi park right? I watched while talking about it.
That! Cardigan! I have that! For whatever reason a character wearing a cardigan had me excited too. I’m glad I bought the official cardigan at Animate (● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾




And finally, Tsumugi-chan talking. Tsumugi’s impression just like that is greatly satisfying!!← What kind of position am I talking from?




For my oshimen, Soーchan, Ousaka Sougo-kun, Tenten, Kujou Ten-kun!


Basically the light color styles yup!


I favor the lighter color styled ones but, when it comes to Tenten that high professionalism, and the lots of wise sayings got me!


With the app’s story 「NmN〜 A famous saying huh, this here」 I have screenshots from that part you know.



Oshimen, Tenten’s coordinate I did is on WEAR here ( ˘ω˘ )




AiNana, all of it is precious, after I finished watching we sisters said a prayer. ( ˘ω˘ )



It’s broadcasting every week and well, I’m grateful for that.
I’m filled with feelings of gratitude.





I’m sorry for the odd excitement!




As an apology I’ll put up a Kaga Kaede-chan from this morning kay☆












It’s kinda girly and that said,


Yesterday new cosmetics went on sale from PAUL&JOE and, the record shaped face & eye color is cute♡


I went to buy some〜〜(*´꒳`*)♡











Green and red, I wasn’t sure which eye color to go for but today・tomorrow I think I’ll go with red (*´◒`*)




Those of you coming to Haro!Con by all means please by attention to my eyes too kay〜〜!





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Yesterday and Today’s Movies Iikubo Haruna

2018-01-05 21:20:34


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Yesterday was a day off!


And so, with Yokoyama Reina-chan we went to together to the advanced full screening of the movie 「Kita no Sakuramori」〜〜(*´◒`*)









We cried…!
Yoshinaga Sayuri-san’s acting is so amazing it gave me goosebumps!
Yokoyama and I, the 2 of us were bawling ( ; ; )



The story of a heroic parent and child post-war, or rather, the mother’s story is larger but, it depicts the serious events that happenedafter the end of the war so, I think it’s a movie that will change how it’s perceived based on the person watching it.


It depicts life that a young person now couldn’t image so, I also couldn’t understand all of it but, I felt I was glad to see and read carious works up to now.


Not limited to this kind of topic, I think maybe those having even a little knowledge can enjoy movies even more.



Knowing the end, seeing it a second or third time could make you cry for different points of view!



The visuals were pretty, I’ve got a lot of interest in knowing how they filmed it like that!


Sengoku Minami-san and Bitter & Sweet’s Tasaki Asahi-chan, Hasegawa Moemi-chan appear in it too〜!



After it finished I got to greet them but, Yoshinaga Sayuri-san is beautiful beautiful…!
So soon into the New Year, and I get to meet Yoshinaga Sayuri-san, such a thankful fortune (● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾
It’s become a treasured time in my life!








After work today, I went to see a movie alone〜!


The movie 「Katte ni Furuetero」 [tl aka: Tremble All You Want]


The movie starring Matsuoka Mayu-san (*´◒`*)



It was very funny! It’s fully packed with comedy moments but, the main character, Matsuoka-san’s role’s depth of feelings is grand, but I felt that Matsuoka-san’s acting was nature it wasn’t exaggerating that, it was amazing!


The sound too, there was lots of good incert sounds for feelings that went with the action, it felt so good I was grinning (*´꒳`*)


There’s parts where I sympathisize with the protagonists’s thoughts too, I enjoyed it☆




From today Kingsman 2 was releasedd so I want to go see that soon (*´◒`*)











I put on some of the manicure included with the magazine 「mini」〜!


Navy and silver♪


With the navy part I tried it french style with a matte top coat (*´꒳`*)




With tomorrow’s Hello!Con I gotta take it off though huh! Wahaha




I’ll do my best tomorrow too!



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It’s Been 3 Years. Iikubo Haruna

2018-01-03 22:04:58


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Yesterday a happy thing happened.



From Kobushi Factory’s Inoue Reirei, I got a New Year’s card (*´◒`*)♡!


My IchiOshi, ReiRei!



I also today, handed out New Year’s cards.



Until now, going near Reirei I’ve always had Kudou Haruka-chan come with me, but this time alone, thinking I need ot be strong, I went to Kobushi Factory’s dressing room.



But no matter what with my nerves I couldn’t knock I was all AwaAwa floaty, not able to let it go Yokoyama Reina-chan saved me. lol



Thanks to her, I got to take a picture handing over my New Year’s card too♡













On the New Year’s card, was written “Next time, please let’s go on a date,”



But I, don’t know Reirei’s contact address…



Of course I don’t have the courage to ask for the contact addrss, telling Yokoyama that after leaving the Kobushi Factory dressing room
Makino Maria-chan listening near by went, 「Iikubo-san! Let’s go!」 (゚ω゚)













Reirei and I


Our Contact Addresses

We Exchanged Them!



Thank you, Maria and Yokoyama (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)



Since Reirei started being my Oshi, it’s been 3 years.
Even though it’s asking for a kouhai’s contact address, it’s taken 3 years. lol




Waーi! Waーーi!




Still with Reirei, I could only send the picture that I put up above but,


What should I sent to a girl I like huh??


Please instruct me _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):










Changing topic,


Today, I bought the magazine 「mini」〜!



It’s amazing, the extras it came with!









Nail 11 colors!!



It’s easy to use with lots of colors so I think I should try testing it out (*´꒳`*)♪



Havign fun with my nails, Hello!Projects concerts, calming down from the intense day for now, I’m resting my body peacefully〜☆




Tonight I’m gonna crash asleep〜!



I’m updating my WEAR kay, Look at it KAYー!



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'18^ ^ Iikubo Haruna

2018-01-01 22:00:03
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A Happy New Year (*´◒`*)



From Morning Musume。’17 we’ve become Morning Musume。’18〜!









For 2018 let’s do our best too Wan Bark!U^ェ^U




Everyone who came to the Countdown Live ventue and the Live Viewing, thank you so much!



Nakano Sunplaza was really fired up, it was very fun!
we did it MeraMera firey! For the live!


When I got to see all the fans, the simmering happiness welled up.
I don’t know if I really should explain it but, geting to spend the moment the year changes together made me happy.



It’s already our 4th Countdown Live though huh (*´◒`*)



The first time Michishige Sayumi-san and I were the only 2 who got to appear at the Countdown Live too, and this time 9 of us appeared!
Everyone’s become an adult huh〜〜



With the dawn of the new year, getting to do the New Year’s greetings to our Morning Musume。 OG Senpai, and contact the other members are happy things too yah ( ^ω^ )
That’s right, Kudou Haruka-chan is an OG too huh〜 lol lol






Today is a day off but, for Iーkubo that’s staying home for the New Year’s


I woke up around 17:00!










Coming home, I took this quickly in my house wear, sorry ( ^ω^ )





Now I’m being WaiWai cheery with my relatives!
I’m finally on the side of giving New Year’s gifts ^ ^!


Comforted by the good parts of youth ♡



2018, it’s my 3rd year of the dog!


I want to spend it cheerfully Wan Bark(*´◒`*)!




Please continue to support the 13 member Morning Musume。’18 too!










Everyone who supported us last year, thank you so much.


If you give us your support this year too, I’ll be happy.



Cause we’ll do our best (*´-`)
Whatever it is or not, we’ll have that feeling (*´-`)





I’m updating my WEAR〜 Look at it KAY!




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Maria Meal Iikubo Haruna

2017-12-30 18:26:31


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Today from the morning I’ve had TV work, magazines, and countdown live rehearsals, it’s a day of all kinds!


In the time between I ate dinner with Makino Maria-chan〜♡










Yummy yummy pitzza!



Not pizza, pitzza, that’s the feel of this pitzza!



The 2 of us were talking the hole time, really, we laughed it up(*´◒`*)
Thanks to that I was pretty much recovered from my exhaustion☆



With Maria, we made promises for when we have time too!
It’d be great if we could make those happen soon〜〜!




Finally the other day too, I went and had dinner with Maira and Ishida Ayumi-chanー!









Yummy Italian!



After eating pasta for dessert we ate french toast too ( ^ω^ ) FuwaFuwa fluffy






For my clothes today, I’ve already updated it〜
Look at it KAY!


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Read These A Little Bit Back Iikubo Haruna

2017-12-28 22:32:27


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The consecutive days of Hello!Project concert rehearsals have also finished today〜^ ^


What’s left is the day itself!!



1/2, from Nakano Sunplaza it starts! By all means please come and hang out kay♡
Let’s Haaaーve Fuuーnnーー( ^ω^ )!





I haven’t had time to read the separate volumes of books but, I finally read these.









Amane†Gymnasium vol.2



Yume de Mita Ano Ko no Tame ni vol.1


Liar × Liar vol.10





Each of them is interestingーーー!!


Amane†Gymnasium is completly, a work that opened new doors for me yah. Yes like 「Wayashi no Shounen」.
I want to see Ball-jointed Doll soon…
When I’m in the Nakano Sunplaza dressing room all the time with Hello!Con, I can’t go to the Nakano broadway right in front of my eyes, it’s frustrating you know! lol
Influenced by this manga, I bought tights I can where that look like a ball-jointed doll. I haven’t worn it yet though. lol lol





For Yume de Mita Ano Ko no Tame ni, I like Sanbe Kei-sensei suspenses very much so I like it!←?
It’s different from the 「Hoozuki no Shima」, and 「Boku dake Inai Machi」 that I have at home, it’s a superb new line manga I can enjoy! This is something that could be falsely similar for sure☆





Liar × Liar, it’s the last volume!
My always indebted to beloved Kindaichi Renjuurou-sensei gave me an autograph and drew an illustration (TT)♡
Liar × Liar, it’s a work that really really made me cry!
It being over made me feel lonely you know(TT)
A Job Well Done!







Connected to manga, it’s a magazine 「B.L.T.」 off shot!









The manga reading 2 of us.



This kind of situation, it’s totally not something I’ve had come to mind though yah _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):♡♡♡ lol








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Merry Christmas! Iikubo Haruna

2017-12-25 17:40:28


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Merry Christmas (*^^*)!



It’s Christmas huh〜




The other day watching TV was the first time I realized this shocking fact.


They said Christmas is Jesus Christ’s birthday isn’t it?!


It’s the day you celebrate his birth they said!


Moreover the actual birthday is some other time, seems they don’t know if it was actually winter or not…!



It’s shocking huh〜! Interes〜ting!





Yesterday with the Christmas event, I got to have a fun Christmas Eve〜(*^^*)




Today is Hello!Con rehearsals!



My yearly custom, I exchanged presents with Angerme’s Wada Ayaka-chan〜♡












It was today’s fun (*^^*)♪



I got a cute earrings and scar so I’ll use it a lot〜☆







Christmas, it has a red and green image but,


there’s a white image too huh〜〜











that said, white I had in my picture folder.



The 10ki 4’s fantastic dresses (*´꒳`*)





Everyone please have a fantastic Christmas ^ ^




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Tomorrow Is The Eve Huh Iikubo Haruna

2017-12-23 11:17:17


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Tomorrow is Christmas Eve huh.


There’s a Christmas event ^ ^


With the members we’ll be doing our Christmas present exchange too〜


I wonder who we’ll get and who will get who!




But Christmas, unfortunately it’ll be rainy, the weather report I saw yesterday said so. Let’s take care not to catch colds kay.








I hope to see the sun soon.






The magazine 「smart」 is on sale!
The front cover’s Katori Shingo-san is the sign!


With DIESEL, men’s coordinate.
It’s my first men’s coordinate.


My outfit too is fullbody DIESEL (*´꒳`*)


By all means please try copying it kay〜


Or rather first, look at smart KAY(*゚∀゚*)









I’ll do my best so I can get called to do this kind of work again.




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