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2018-06-13 21:48:20


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Today, Our, Morning Musume。’18’s 65th New Songs 「Are you Happy?/A gonna」 have released〜〜(*´◒`*)♡



For this today from the morning we were very busy, Budokan rehearsals, shoots, release event rehearsals, the event! It felt like that( ^ω^ )☆


And so now you know… I’m burned out…!!



Decisively, I came home and first save myself a bath!


I’m always a shower only person so, today I’m properly warming myself!




…what a declaration huh (*≧∀≦*)





But it was this kinda hard day but, there was such a happy thing it blows that away!!





Oricon Daily 1st Placeーーーー!!!!




Yaaーy!PachiPachiPachiPachi clapclap!88888!
[tl note: 8 -> Hachi -> Pachi -> claps]









Thank you so much




Happiness you know…(*´◒`*)!



First new song in half a year, for Ogata Haruna-chan it’s her last single, and the first and last single for the current 13 of us so


I feel like I want to aim for Weekly 1st Place☆



Please continue to support us (*´꒳`*)!!








Yesterday was a day off but, I spent it really scheduled!


Woke up early, took a morning bath, went to pick up my updated passport, went to the bank, and went to the dentist!


I did all the things you have to do! lol





And in the evening, the Hyper Projection Theater 「Haikyuー!! “Hajimari no Kyojin” 」’s Tokyo Return Performance


I went together with Ishida Ayumi-chan, and Takase Kurumi-chan!










I went to see the Tokyo performance before their Return one too but, I’m glad i got to see it again!



For Ayumi, she hadn’t seen a 2.5D beofre so I invited her and, she’s impressed〜


Right! 2.5D is amazing!!



For the Tokyo Return Performance, it’s the same series of performances but the production and stuff, the movement changes so there’s freshness too☆


Of course Haikyuー‼︎ is the best, they’re always updating what’s the best so I think it’s amazing.


The episodes I like from every season is in it so I cried ( ; ; )


Wada-san’s music too, every time I say it but, it’s amazing yahhhhhh




The play we’re doing now has music made by Wada-san!
Nella’s new song too yah (*´◒`*)♡



From Friday there’s performances at Osaka’s Meilparque Hall but,
Here is the masster of the manga world too Takemiya Keiko-san’s work 「Pharaoh no Haka」 we get to present it as a play so it’s a little different from a 2.5D but those of you who are interested by all means come see it kay(*´꒳`*)!






For my clothes today, I made my shirt with line pants〜
And twintails.
Look at it KAYーーーーーーーー
My WEAR flowers hit 430,000 people, thank you so much!


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#NipponBudokanPerformance #Rehearsal #ManoErina san Iikubo Haruna


2018-06-11 21:42:50
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Today was Budokan rehearsals〜!









For the first tim in a while I met with Ogata Haruna-chan!


She came to see the play too but, we were mostly apart so you know _(:3 」∠)_




As cute as ever, and she bought Hokkaido souvenirs for everyone☆


Thank you〜〜





For the Budokan rehearsals, it’s really very fun.


Getting to dance for the first time in a while first off it was fun, free movement with cerry songs, everyone was playing around! lol



After the rehearsal itself there’s just one day so, now I think we want to firm it up solidly (*´◒`*)!






And the other day, I went to eat with my senpai Mano Erina-san〜〜♡










Our first time having a meal together so I was nervous but, Mano-san is so kind kind…!



I’m a director Sono Shion and Nojima Shinji-san fan but, even more Mano-san performing in a work from the two of them has my respect and envy!!




For birthdays and HinaFes, I often get to sing Mano-san songs〜!


I’m grateful for such a fantastic senpai (*´꒳`*)
If there’s time again I should invite her somewhere soon I think (*´◒`*)huhu





There’s something I’m looking forward to tomorrow, huhuhu



Tomorrow too I’m goin to have fuーn!










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#USA #IiNedance Iikubo Haruna


2018-06-06 18:08:40
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We who are currently in the play at highly praised Ikebukuro Sunshine Theater!



Before the show, we went to take a peek at Fountain Square〜!!













That said, we went to a DA PUMP-san release event!












Their new song 「U.S.A.」、


It’s got the same feel as a Hello!Pro song, we’re listening to it a lot too (*´◒`*)


In the dressing room we’re doing the “Ii ne dance” too〜☆





The play performance is from 19:00 so we could only see a little bit but, I’m glad we got to see the live Ii ne dance〜(*^o^*)






We’ll do our best with the show coming up too♪




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#Koi wa Ameagari no Youni Iikubo Haruna


2018-06-04 21:26:29
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Yesterday Nakagawa Shouko-san an dKudou Haruka-chan came to see the play〜(*´◒`*)!!












Nakagawa-san, even though you said it was your day off, thank you☆


You gave us really high praise, with those words I can do my best tomorrow on too (*⁰▿⁰*)



You’re appearing in this year’s pokemon movie too and so, this year I’m going to see it with Kuduー too kayー!♡





After the play, with Nakagawa-san I went to eat, and saw the movie 「Koi wa Ameagari no Youni」!









My belloved manga is the source material.



If I were an actress I’d want to be Tachibana Akira-chan so much! lol


Ah, in my first photobook 「HaruIro」, I got to wear the same uniform as Tachibana Akira-chan, going to high school and the station GachaGacha clattering of Mukihiko, we pilgrimaged there and got to do a shoot! lol lol
The same location was used in the film too〜(*゚∀゚*)




The movie, I watched it all WakuWaku excited but, it was very much a fantastic film.



Komatsu Nana-san’s sense of transparency isn’t holding back, Ooizumi You-san as the store manager, seeing them it was a perfect fit.



I love both of them as actors so there was more than enough value with that watching but, in terms of the view of this world, getting to feel the KiraKira psarkling radiantness that I felt from the manga in this movie, as a fan of the original work it made me very happy.


From the original work, it’s awesome!!
The pure high school girl’s awakening love and, an adult store manager she has a proper direct relationship with even after being told by the high school girl she likes him!
It’s a manga where two people smouldering in their own fondness, mutually encourage each other〜




I’m a fan of the original work so there’s ways they stand and pose, and lines that make me happy.
This line will come next right, I know that so, I got to pick them out,
It’s a fantastic movie that I could think about it totally from this side too!




Aーーー, that made me happy!



Getting happy after seeing the live action version of a work, I feel like it’s an amazing thing.



And so by all means, for fans of the original and thoes who are just interested in it normally, it’s a movie I recommend (*´◒`*)







I was nervous today but it was fun work〜
I’ll announce it on another day♪




For my clothes, I used the Tshirt I got from Sanma-san, made an all black coordi.
Look at it KAYーーーー


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#PharaohNoHaka #CheeryNoMatterWhatNella Iikubo Haruna

2018-06-01 22:13:44
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We opened up the plays opening dayーーー!




Everyone who came to see, thank you so much (*´◒`*)



With the members even with the dressing room was WaiWai noisy, during the show we gave our all focused, and seriously struck at it!


For several of the members they’ve said they can hear sobbing but,
for scenes where me as Nella comes, they’re cheery scenes so, getting to hear the audience’s laughter makes me happy (*´꒳`*)♪


#CheeryNoMatterWhatNella, I’ll do my best☆



For make-up I had orange make-up to make my outfit accessories〜









And my hairstyle has braids (*´꒳`*)












With Ankensen-sama, Makino Maria-chan♡




Really, it’s fun, the dressing room that is! lol


Today we held a imitation rally but, Kaga Kaede-chan’s 「I’m Anpanman!」 mixed with Nonaka Miki-chan’s 「I’m Doraemon」 and stuff
deadset Maria went, 「Stitch」 lol lol


By the way what I can do is Pokémon’s Togepi and Yubaba from Spirited Away. lol






On tomorrow’s broadcast of NHK「Shibuya no Oto」 we’ll be appearingー!
Those of you who can’t go see the play, please watch this tomorrow kay (*⁰▿⁰*)!




Athlete Hanyuy Yuzuru, congratulations on being awarded the People’s Honour Award!!!
Banzaーi! Banzaーi!!!





For my clothes today I’ve got a denim belly showing off-shoulder but, for some reason the look matched with Morito Chisaki-chan so we took one together〜!!
Look at it KAY♡



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#female #HandshakeEvent Iikubo Haruna

2018-05-31 22:34:56
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At Hello!Project Official Shop Osaka Store



My visual photobook 「female」’s Talk & Handshake event has been scheduledddd (*´◒`*)!!

















Moreover you know, the MC is the two Lovelys☆


I haven’t gotten to talk with them a lot so, I feel like thisi s a good chance to get closer (*´꒳`*)



For details go here!






From tomorrow the play finally starts!
Now that think of it, it’s opening dayー!











I’m making a face like this. lol






We’ll be waiting in the desert ( ^ω^ )



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#ANGERME #JuuNinToIro #Kuduー Iikubo Haruna

2018-05-28 21:11:35


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Today during my free time I went on a day with Kuduー, Kudou Haruka-chan (*´꒳`*)











Duーchan♡ Duーchan♡



It’s ended up being about 2 months since we’ve met up!


We could only be together for about 3 hours but, it was very fun (*´◒`*)!



Simply shown but, she’s wearing the denim skirt I gave her as a hand-me-down (*´꒳`*)
When we meet, always having some kind of hand-me-down or another on when she comes, isn’t it so cute?(`・ω・´)




We went for a meal and karaoke〜











Duーchan holding a mic, it’s been a while〜




We got excited with Anison [tl note: Anime Songs]. lol










And for the evening, I got to go see Angerme-san’s Nippon Budokan performance!


I wonder how many more times I’ll get to see Wada Ayaka-chan as part of Angerme from the guest seats like this?



They were supremely cool.


I couldn’t take my eyes off them, their coolness had me shaking, I felt like I was gonna cry.


You’re not alone
As an encore like a final blow, my tears wouldn’t stop.



「Juunin Toiro」 [tl note: 10 people 10 kinds, a Japanese idiom about each having their own] that title is the perfect detail, it’s really fantastic, each and every person’s personality in a big eruption.




For next month’s Nippon Budokan Performances, I’ll do my best!







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#HallLast! #EiEiOgataー! Iikubo Haruna

2018-05-27 20:43:45


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Today was concerts in the Fukui Prefecture ☆



And in a flash, it’s the spring tour’s last hall performance!



Up to here we’ve done 38 performances, what’s left is just 6/19 and 20’s Nippon Budokan performances!




Really it went by in a flash, sensibly it seems like we could go for 15 more performances or so but, time is finite ya know.




Hall performances, for Ogata Haruna-chan it’s really her last, and it’s the last for us as 13 of us too.



Really, it felt like that 13 of us had become one (*´꒳`*)




It was very very! fun!!




Fukui prefecture, it seems it’s been 7、8 years since our last solo performance here so we’ll do our best so we can come back again soon☆




I’ll put up cute Ogata kay〜!!

























We’ll do our best with Nippon Budokan too (*´꒳`*)




Before that is the playyyyー!



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#IshikawaPrefecture #Kenrokuen #Scenery #Mexico Iikubo Haruna

2018-05-26 22:20:56


Theme:Iikubo Haruna









Today was cocnerts in Ishikawa prefecture!


Lots you coming made me happy(*´◒`*)


I was already really very excited so, from beginning to end it was totally funーーー!




That’s because, before the show I got to go Kenrokuen that I totttttally wanted to go to!!!♡



I could only og for a short time but, even that made me happy〜(*´꒳`*)













It was prettyyyyyyy!!!





In one of my treasures, the 「365nichi Sekai Isshu Zekkei no Tabi」 [tl Scenic Journey Around the World in 365 days] book, among all the scenery around the world, they presented kenrokuen as Japan’s scenery too☆



Among the 365 locations chosen, it was one of the scenes from Japan! Isn’t that amazing?(*´◒`*)!!!



I got to go 2 years ago to Kyozan that was in the same book, the joy getting to see the scenery live is stronger than others, I can brag about it (*´꒳`*)♡



Next time I want to visit it privately for sure
Kaga onsenkyou too ya know♡














Today it was announced,






a Mexico performance has been scheduledーーーー!!!!






I cried, cried.





Well, it’s the place I want to go to most right now!!




Mexico is in the book I mentioned earlier, I want to go to Guanajuato and Cenote Ik Kil,


The Mayan historical ruins too!!!!




But realistically thinking about it, I couldn’t go to the Mayan ruins in the Cancun area it seems so… I’ve given up on that (TT)
Maybe some day!! I’ll go!!!!




Getting to go to Mexico from here I’m very much looking forward to it so, no matter what I can’t die until November!! lol




For details, look at the home page kay☆





On today’s WEAR, I’ll put up another shot from Kenrokuen kay! Look at it KAYーーーーー



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#WatashiNoShounen #JouKairi-kun #Agonna Iikubo Haruna

2018-05-24 11:32:03


Theme:Iikubo Haruna








Reading manga, there’s ones that I want to have live-action・anime adaptations and those that aren’t but,


For works I think I want to have a live action version, I fantasize about what cast I’d pick inside my head you know.
That’s something I get excited about with the make-up artist but,


Yesterday I fantasizing about that with the make-up artist



The pretty boy acting in the movie 「Manbiki Kazoku」 releasing next month, 城桧吏(Jou Kairi)-kun, the moment I saw him it hit me hard



My bible of a manga 「Watashi no Shounen」 if by chance they did a live action adaptation, I felt like I want to see Jou Kairi-kun acting as Mashuu-kun (*´◒`*)



Adorable features, with slightly long hair, slender, it’d be a perfect match for Mashuu-kun yahh!
Like a Kitamura Takumi-san when he was a child! Like from Juuryoku Piero time.




The author hasn’t said anything, I’ll say anything though yah lol lol



In any case, yesterday was a fun time fantasizing like that!
By the way Satoko-san is Kimura Fumino-san,
Satoko-san’s boss・Shiikawa-san is Hosoda Yoshihiko-san,
fantasizing about it calmed me! lol



Speaking of Yoshihiko Hosoda-san, he’s bridegroom in the recent Zexy CM,


the bride played by Igeta Hiroe-san is so cute, I was watching my fill of the Zexy CM makings and SNS.


The making’s Hosoda Yoshihiko-san and Igeta Hiroe-san’s relationship is so comforting, I recommend it!(*゚▽゚*)







That reminds me yesterday’s release of Hello!Ste has from the release of the 6/13 new song 「A gonna」’s MV (HaroSute Edit)〜〜!!




Those who haven’t seen it yet here





















All over As appear.
It’s on everyone’s outfits too! Try looking for it kay!



Ogata Haruna-chan and Me and, Kudou Haruka-chan, it goes together with our unofficial unit, Triple A but,


I’d want to have done it before Kuduー’s graduation ya know〜 I talked about it like that.


Oh no, maybe it’s now that Triple A can’t get together that we can do it this song now?? lol



But the color of the ladders shaped like As is what Kuduー’s member color was, there are orange spots, it being hidden made me NiyaNiya smirk.






















That is so not smirking
( ´∀`)Hahaha





A, this time Iーkubo-san has high twintails.


I thought what should I do〜 but it matched so ya know…( ´∀`) lol←
I’m feeling like from here I want to go showy showy so next time I can do it too I feel like I’m gonna go do it (*´-`)




I’ve got lots of offshots so I’ll put them up now and again ya know!




I’m off to play practiceー☆




My WEAR followers broke 420,000 people(● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾
Thank you so much!
Look at it KAYーーーー



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