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2018-08-09 12:26:22
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Recommended by the fans, recently i’m into this manga










「Nagi no Oitoma」



It’s really very interesting!


Still only 4 volumes have come out soo, I bought them all at once (*´◒`*)



A protagonist who reads the atmosphere so well and is driven by it・doing calm word, a lull, with work and with love, all of it done minimalistically, and leisurely, it’s that kind of manga but,
The courage having been reset is amazing, and then the broad world from there is amazing too!




Starting from 0, the relationship with people they meet is interesting too, ah, it’s easy to get or rather, it’s like a modern version of 「Mezon Ikkoku」.



The author, Konari Misato-sensei regularly does things like this, there’s trivia and a recipe to it that’s understandable, it’s a manga that when I read it I kinda want to do something myself too!



That said, I made can tuna toast like what was in the story! lol









Yesterday’s breakfast〜♪




It was yummy!
To the way they do it in the manga, I tried adding black pepper (*´꒳`*)




To my family’s third daughter(Otaku)I recommended 「Nagi no Oitoma」 too and she’s been into it, the 2 of us were UkiUki cheery together while we made the canned tuna toast〜〜♡



It’s what we called a manga meal yah!




I look forward to continuing with it too




Getting to be an otaku and having fun, Otanoshi![tl: Otaku + Tanoshi/Fun]
(I made that just now)



That said, yesterday was an Otanoshi day but,
for the afternoon, I got nabe at Mogami Moga-san’s house (*´◒`*)


Moga-san, Moga-san’s little sister, and Komiya Arisa-chan!



I just met her little sister and Arisa-san but, talking games, talking anime, talking manga, I had a very fun time (*´꒳`*)


Of course, AiNana, Idolish7 was present too! lol


From her little sister I got recommended GranBlue but, I gave up on that midway through in the end…
In a day there’s lots I do you know!


But with AiNana and stuff, reaching a pausing point in various things, I’ll look for time, and I think maybe I’ll restart it…!



That said, AiNana is frazzling so these days I’m there without reading chapter 14…
I’m just doing the lives…



I’ve gotten my resolve, in the coming days I think I’ll advance through it!





Well then, let’s do our best today tooー!



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2018-08-01 20:41:33
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Today is my beーーーloved Wada Ayaka-chan’s birthday(*´◒`*)



Aya-chan, Happy Birthday〜〜!!















Reaーーーlly you know, now we’re in Hello!Con so getting to see Aya-chan every week makes me happy, it’s my comfort.


A tranquilizer.














This Aya-chan face. I surpremely like it (*´꒳`*) lol



I want to do an event with the two of us before Aya-chan graduates too you knowー!
A graduation trip DVD too!♡






Today I went to see Aya-chan’s birthday event too〜♡



A birthday event in the form I haven’t seen before now, it was fresh!
There were all kinds of songs too (*´◒`*)



Once again, Happy Birthday〜〜!!!!




The pictures I took there today, I’ll put them up later on WEAR kayー!


Look at it KAY ^ ^



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2018-07-31 10:52:37
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Good Morning!



Today is all days shoots〜〜(*´◒`*)
There’s an interview with an often read magazine too so I had fun♪



This morning leaving my house, just like every year there were semi, cicada, in front of my house.


Every year you know, they come, upset, I end up not being able to catch them moving about, these semi.


That is, every year with help I take a two shot and put it up on the blog but, I do it while saying I’m a Semi-pro〜 (*´◒`*) lol



This year too, I was successful in taking a two shot so I’ll put it up okay,



I can’t handle semi〜〜!!



Those of you like that please scroll pass it quickly (`・∀・´)










I’m putting it up?





























It’s body is kind of a small child one.



I tried to put it on the tree outside but it wouldn’t come off at all, it was kinda cute (*´꒳`*)



Iーkubo-san’s face is different when doing make-up! there’s nothing to pointing it out huh! lol


If I drew in my eyebrows it’d be different! It’d be seriously different! lol lol







Ah, but incidentally speaking of no make-up, I’ve been careful of drinks and have tried taking all kinds of supplemental medicines! lol lol


I think it’s thanks to the skincare though!
Of course it’s the MelanoCC I think, it’s strong on acne!


In the comments of an earlier blog, there were those saying, “please tell us about the supplements you drink and sunblock,” so I’ll put it up kay.



For me I drink these every day!












The sunblock I drink
Sunbtan block one day 2 pills



Vitamin C pills one day 6 pills









L-Cysteine throughout one day 1〜3 pills



LypriCel one day 1〜2 packets




That’s it!




For the drinkable sunblock, right now I haven’t seen the effects for myself, I think it might be different per person but… and so for those taking vitamins it’s an important note!



For the vitamin C pills, I’ve already been taking them for years so, with this already I don’t know how many bottles I’ve gone through! lol



Every day on the way home I visit a convenience store, I buy KireーtoLemon and ChokoraBB then head home but,
For the ChokoraBB of the kinds I don’t make that kind of fuss picking one but, I pick the one that includes vitamin B2 and B6 (*´◒`*)




For the L-Cysteine and LypriCel I order the kind with iHerb.
Here is what the fans asked for in the comments〜!!


There were lots that fans were telling me things in the comments, the mediheal pack I introduced the other day are, I learned you can get your hands on it as a good deal from the site called Qoo10 so, next time I think I’m gonna order it from there (*゚∀゚*)kya




And, lately, other than the KireーtoLemon and the ChokoraBB I’ve only been drinking water ya know〜


I’ve ended up not really drinking juice at all!


To counter heatstroke, I drink Pokari and stuff too but, basically it’s water and, salt tablets.
I’m using Weider in Tablet salt plus but, not just salt it has 7 kinds of vitamins in it so it’s happy thing (*´◒`*)


Before now I thought if water costs money I’ll get juice〜〜, but, I’ve remarkably changed☆


A, but just once a week during Yantan, I drink whate I like♡
Milk tea latte is one of my favorites♡
DOUTOR rooibos tea latte~ mint prep~ I really like it too♡!





Well with that kind of feel that was Iーkubo-san’s drink preferences!



If you have anything else you want to ask, I’ll be waiting in the comments (*´꒳`*)♡




I’m off to shootーs!




For my clothes today, I went with a white shirt and chino pants, it’s simple!
Look at it KAYーーー



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2018-07-30 18:28:18
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Today before work I had a date with Kudou Haruka-chan (*´◒`*)♡





In the afternoon we ate at Bikkuri Donkey (The rate I have meals with Duー at Bikkuri Donkey is high)


We saw the Movie「Gekijouban Poketto Monsutaー Minna no Monogatari」 [tl: Movie Pokemon Everyone’s Story]( ^ω^ )


This year too Nakagawa Shouko-san appears in it!
The boy who broke his bone was good〜〜(*´◒`*) hihi


The recommended Torito, was OdoOdo coweringly infatuating☆



It was a warm and kind story (´;ω;`)
I cried〜〜
Pokemon is amazing huh, this lady cried〜〜


Lots of nostalgic pokemon appeared, and it depicts human drama at parts too, it was fresh!


The illustration is soft, the little girl (risa)’s thighs were impressively pretty! lol





After that kakigoori, japanese shave ice〜♡








Cute Duーchan




Today too you know, she wore the leopard patterned miniskirt I gave her as hand-me-downs, cute.



Sheesh you know, the machine gun talk didn’t stop〜〜!! lol


We each like talking so we don’t stop!


And even more so, Duー’s responses are the best or rather she’s a good listener so I end up wanting to talk you know (*´꒳`*)












Duーchan taking a bite. Cute.



With her movie and stuff it seems tough but when we meet she’s always energetic so I’m relieved (*´◒`*)


We’ll do it again when there’s time in August kay!




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#Festival #Shokotan #AiNanaMusume Iikubo Haruna

2018-07-28 20:25:31
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Yesterday after work,


I went to a festival with Nakagawa Shouko-san♪




Moreover in yukataー!!










Ihihi (*´ー`*)




Since joining Morning Musume。, it’s my first time in private wearing a yukata and going to a festival!


Every year I bought one but I don’t get the chance to wear it you knowー.
But for the yukata I wore yesterday, it wasn’t a new one it’s oen I had last year that was one of my favorites so I went with it♡


With the vivid colors it’s pretty (*´◒`*)




Excited, we hopped from the Kagurazaka festival, to the Shinbashi festivalー! lol



It was really fun★



On Nakagawa-san’s blog there’s loーーーーts of other pictures put up too so by all means please look (*´꒳`*)









Today, I talked a lot with Juice= Juice’s Miyamoto Karin-chan♡












Talking about the things Karin-chan likes and talking about the things I like, we recommended things to each other, it was fun♪


I saw Karin-chan has the makings of an otaku so, I recommended Idolish7 (*´꒳`*)


I want her to get into the Karin-chan like THE・Idol for sure〜♡


Immediately she downloaded it so, I look forward to her progress next time♡♡♡



It’s the first step to my dream Hello!Pro AiNana club!←




By the way, at lastく(?) we exchanged contact addresses too! lol


I’d be great if we could get close enough that we could go out together some day yah(*´◒`*)♡!






For today’s WEAR, I’m putting up my jersey kay!
Papa bought this Shimamura and Haikyuー‼︎ collabo Tshirt for me(`・∀・´)
Fukuroudani! Hei Hei Heーーーi!!


Look at it KAYーーー★



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2018-07-26 21:32:28
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At yesterday’s 「2018 FNS Uta no Natsu Matsuri」, from Roselia-san I got a CD(*´꒳`*)♡














We couldn’t meet directly but, seems Makino Maria-chan went to greet her, and I heard she got one for me too!


Waー! That makes me happy



When we get to appear together again, I want to go thank her directly☆




A, speaking of Maria, today I really totally recommended AiNana to her.
I wonder if she’ll start it up, WakuWaku exciting( ^ω^ )! lol





And Manager-san too, 1 person, installed it for me! lol lol
Widening the AiNana circle♡









Today after work, I went to a candy store with Satou Masaki-chan!










First time going to candy store in a while〜!



While Maーchan and I were both getting excited with various nostalgic candies, for my little sister’s portions (the gyaru second daughter, and otaku third daughter) together, I bought a lot (*´◒`*)



Then, Mama took my candyー! lol lol



I think I should go to the candy store again☆





For my clothes today, with my dot off shoulder, white wide pants!
Look at it KAYーーーー




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2018-07-25 22:39:29
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On 「2018 FNS Uta no Natsu Matsuri」, Morning Musume。’18 got to appear〜!!




A dream Collabo with DA PUMP-san!!




We showed a 「U.S.A.」〜「Are you Happy?」「The☆Peace!」 Special Medley (*´꒳`*)











With all of DA PUMP!


From the rehearsals with everyone, they were frank and kind, it turned into a very fun performance!
I’d be happy if we got to do another collabo for sure (*´◒`*)





The outfits prepared for us for this day too, the blues in this heat were cooling yah(*´꒳`*)










With Leader Fukumura Mizuki-san!



Ah, on top of my outfit I put on my pink cardigan, it’s Idolish7’s TenTen Kujou Ten-kun’s cardigan♡ lol
Yesterday’s AiNana heat pulled so strongly… lol lol




Today I had half twins split in the cetner and, getting contacted by Mano Erina-san saying how my senter split bangs are cute made me very happy(*´꒳`*)♡
Mano-san, once again congratulations on your marriage!・:*+.\(( °ω° ))/.:+






This time too, please have fun watching the 「2018 FNS Uta no Natsu Matsuri」 kayー!




On WEAR I put up a full body shot with the TenTen cardigan yah!
Look at it KAY♡




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#AiNana #Namjatown #AiNanamjatown #AiNanaMusume。 Iikubo Haruna

2018-07-24 21:41:13
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Today work finished early so!!



With Fukumura Mizuki-san, and Kaga Kaede-chan!!!!



we went to Namjatown!!!!



Kimi to Ai-dolish Naito! in  Namjatown
















This picture, we got it taken on the scene with the AiNana fellows♡


Well, it’s like the Morning Jogakuin you heard the other day, you heard Fukumura-san and I having a fired AiNana talk and stuff…!


Happiness, such happiness…/////




We talked about wanting to make a Hello!Pro AiNana club but, we couldn’t find any so, for now it’s 「AiNana Musume。」 yah lol



Kudou Haruka-chan couldn’t come today〜_:(´ཀ`」 ∠):




AiNana collabo menu, I of course went with TenTen, Kujou Ten-kun♡













The bromide TenTen-god.



The best.




Sheesh well, I had such a fantastic time I can’t write about it on the blog.




But you know, there’s lots of menu items I want to eat still, tomorrow is TV so I held back but I’ll come again!!!! lol






Ah, on the way home the 3 of us went to Animate too.


Celebrating as much as we could for Fukumura-san’s first Animate!!



Well you know, at the AiNana goods corner it was all sighs, a frazzling that could only come out as 「frazzling」.





Well, the 3 of us were fantasizing but, at the Hello!Project Official Shop, the next time an AiNana Live DVD comes out couldn’t we do a viewing party??


With AiNana Musume。 as MC!



Let’s gather the people who like Hello!Pro and AiNana. Like a support viewing!



And more we could get comments and stuff from special guests and surprise clips from AiNana characters, it’d be the best!


It was our fantasy. lol





Haaーーーーー, it was a joyous day!



Tomorrow, from 19:00, on the broadcast of
FujiTV Group’s 「2018 FNS Uta no Natsu Matsuri」 we get to appear



By all means please watch kay〜〜!!




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#Asakusa #GlassBead Iikubo Haruna


2018-07-23 20:33:17
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Today was a day off so, I went to Asakusa with my close friends〜(*´◒`*)♡




I took lots of pictures so I’ll put them up later but!


For now, I want you to see this fantastic picture!











Cool granny style★




I have experience making glass beads and, I’m working using the provided sunglasses.



This picture, my friends and I were bursting out laughing
I really ended up with a cool style (*´◒`*) lol




With the glass beads, I made piercings〜〜♡










They’re relatively big!


I went with a clear base, and honey color polka dots♡


Honey color, I unintentionally picked it you know〜(*´꒳`*)



It’s one of my favorites!




In Asakusa, eating soba, eating ningyouyaki, eating kakigoori, eating melonpan, eating monjayaki, and we ate daigakuimo too.



…we were really eating it up…!



I was holind back a bit so, it’s plus/minus 0! lol


Just for today yah, just for today! (My will is weak)





On WEAR I’ll be putting up another cut too kay〜
Look at it KAY♡




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2018-07-22 22:30:32
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Hello!Con Nagoya 2 days, thank you so much (*´꒳`*)!




The 2 days were very fun★
For Hello!Con we end up being closer than the usual concerts too yah!
Looking at those with honey color gave me power
Well, the girls, there were lots who came with lots of cute things, everyone was cute!
The guys, everyone was energetic and enthusiastic yah! This here power was overflowing〜(*´꒳`*)




With comments and stuff, there were those asking to show my skincare〜 so I’ll show you kay












For face lotion, Aqua Label White Up Lotion
With that I mix it with Mentholatum MelanoCC medicinal concentration and use that!



In the even, before this face lotion I’m using Mediheal packs〜!


Shin’Ookubo I look around countless buildings, mainly 1 was 350〜359yen but, TonyMoly had 10 for 3000 yen, what a deal! 1 for 300yen deal! Moreover now it comes with a BTS collabo postcard like set thing, what a deal!



And now, I’m trying out NULL WHITE but, I haven’t erally gotten any real results! I stopped after one use though.
It’s still just the 1st week I think, but with my hands and feet my skin is getting really very SubeSube silky. lol






AiNana’s Namjatown has started huh!


I want to go!









If we could, it’d be great if I could go with Fukumura Mizuki-san, Kaga Kaede-chan, and Kudou Haruka-chan, the 4 of us…!


I hope we can match well with Kuduー’s shoot schedule★




It’d be nice to have a Hello!Pro AiNana club!! lol





For my clothes today, I went with a blue no-sleeve knit dot skirt!
WeWeWell! My WEAR followers have broken 450,000 peopleーーーー(*´◒`*)!
Thank you so much♡
Look at it KAYー!





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