Excitement Hiーーgh! Iikubo Haruna

2017-08-29 21:03:18
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Today was shoots with the 4 10kiーーー!




All day! It was filled with fun things (*´◒`*)☆












I want to tell you the details soon〜〜!



The thing I wrote about yesterday that I was looking forward to, it was the shoot with the 4 10(*´꒳`*)




It’s been a while since we got to spend tiem with the 4 of us, it made me very very happy (о´∀`о)♡♡♡





Haaーーーー, today it feels like I’m gonna sleep soundly…♡








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Yummy Face. Iikubo Haruna

2017-08-28 22:12:29
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Yesterday, after the appearance on 24 Hour TV, was Hello!Con in Nagoya〜!



Those of you who watched hte show, and those of you who came to the concert, thank you so much☆



The charity Tshirt, it’s full on Honey color, it was a delight〜(*´◒`*)←



Hello!Con too! I fiーーーーrmly, and clearly could see the honey color!
Genuine honey color you know (*´꒳`*) huhu








Today was interview too〜!


What the interview was about, I’ll announce it on another day you know☆





The prize for doing our best with work, jelly♡


















her face (*´◒`*)



Food, it brings joy huh.



I, eating, I love it





This morning too, since this morning I ended up eating raーmen (*´-`) huhu



From Ayumin, I got this Sanma Raーmen!


「When I saw it, Harunan came to mind〜」 she said.



It was yummy! Even making it myself it was yummy!



Thank you for the fantastic souvenir♡




Moreover, from Angerme’s Wada Ayaka-chan too, I got this yummy nori♪



This, I’ll eat it tomorrow〜s!












With the end of summer vacation, speaking of the joy surrounding the members…




Tomorrow there’s also something to super super super enjoy so


super super super look forward to it (*´꒳`*)♡!





For my clothes today it’s a merry jenny pleated one piece♪
Look at it KAYーーーー(*´◒`*)






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Moisture Is Serious (T_T) Iikubo Haruna

2017-08-26 21:19:29
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Today was Hello!Con in Nagoya〜!



Everyone who came, thank you so much (о´∀`о)



There’s more tomorrow too!




But tomorrow, before Hello!Con, we get to appear on 24 Hour TV so, don’t miss us there too!







Changing topics, I for this past week have constaーーーntly had a stuffed nose (T_T)


It seems it came from the dryness when we stayed at a hotel the other day _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):
Even though I went to sleep with a humidifier on and wearing a mask too〜



And so today too, my voice was nasal (T_T)(T_T)(T_T)




Moisture is a serious thing…!




Everyone too, using coolering and stuff so much, please take care not to get to dry kay☆



















A picture from the other day with Nanba Shiho-san〜




Shiho-san, she alllways makes a wicked face (*´-`)


And so I got lured into it I did a wicked face too (*´-`)











Today for the first time in 1 week all the members are gathering and, I got souvenirs from the members who went back to their home areas and stuff (*´◒`*)♡






I haven’t taken a step out of Tokyo.
I don’t have souvenirs. Sorry!



I want to be able to take a trip solo like Angerme’s Wada Ayaka-chan you know(*´꒳`*)






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10ki Bus Tour Scheduled! Iikubo Haruna

2017-08-25 22:01:05
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Everyone, today will have an announcement!










A 10ki Bus Tourーーー!!!!

Has been scheduleーーd!!!!!


The title is!



Morning Days Happy Holiday 10ki Members Iikubo Haruna, Ishida Ayumi, Satou Masaki Kudou Haruka Fanclub Tour in Yamanashi




That’s it (*´◒`*)












The other day I wrote on the blog, the 25th announcments was about this☆




The details, hearing it for a moment…



A, amazing…!




Wonderful or luxurious…





But for me I’m waiting for what will probably be me crying a lot (T_T) lol





It’ll be on my mind probably??





The 10ki 4members together for our first and last bus tour,


By all means, all of you fanclub members, we’ll be waiting for you (//∇//)




Just, the 8th and the 9th are weekdays huh (T_T)
Well it’s weekdayssss! I think there are those of you who feel that way but, the weekend is concerts and events and so we could only do it on a weekday (´;ω;`)
I hope you can take time offー!



And so well, the previous day the 7th is my 23rd birthday but… it’s missing the event by a little bit but that’s fine you know←… lol



Well for all of you in the Darling group, it might be awkward for 3 consecutive days…!! It’s hard you know (T_T)!



I don’t know if we’ll be doing a Birthday event yet either though! lol
i’d be great if lots of you could schedule it so you can come (*´꒳`*)♡





In any case, I’m happy to finally get to announce it




Let’s have fun together kay ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡








From today work started but, until yesterday we were on a 4 day summer break, it was fulfilling (^^)!



For hte last day yesterday, I had lunch with Nanba Shiho-san♡



We hadn’t been able to meet up since April so, finally (T_T)(T_T)(T_T)
Up to that point we’d been meeting every month (T_T)(T_T)



Shiho-san meeting for the first time in a while, it was really really comforting♡
Shiho-san, I love youuuu



Including pictures, I’ll write in another day’s blog kay ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡





After that, I went to the salon, and got treatment for my hair and cut about 10cm!



Cut a pretty good amount!



…but of course, when a person with long hair cuts it no one really notices huh.



Today too, no one noticed it either! lol
It’s like that!










It’s been a long wait to have it set, so I got a picture taken (^^)



NEW Iーkubo, I’ll be showing her at tomorrow’s Nagoya Hello!Con♪



It feels like it’s a little short you know (^_−)−☆ tehe






For my clothes today, all black with red katakana Converse☆
Look at it KAYーーーーーーーっ





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JoJo Iikubo Haruna

2017-08-23 22:07:33
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Today, finally,


at last,



I went and saw it.





The live action adaptation movie 「Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken, Daiyamondo wa Kudakenai Daiisshou」
[tl aka: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Diamond is Unbreakable Chapter One]















I went together with LoVendoЯ’s Miyazawa Marin-san (*´◒`*)






Well, the stand CG was wonderful!!


And, Okuyasu was wonderful!!


He hadn’t just seen the original work but the anime too huh, with the way he talked!




That scene that god me in the original work, it got me in the live action version too you know



And then, the next one? Chapter 2? the way it ended makes you look forward to it!







We had lunch, and there was time until the movie so


At Bunkamura we went and saw 「Yonimo Kimyou na Kaigatachi -Kiseigainen eh no Chousen-」 [tl approx: Very Bizarre Paintings -Challenging the Stereotypes-] that we heard about!



It kinda has a title that runs into JoJo too! lol



It’s very worthwhile, it was very interesting!!


Based on the artist there’s a taste of pictures, it’s a space with all kinds of picture gathered, looking around carefully, the satisfaction was high you know (*´◒`*)


Of course there are different tastes so, Marin-san and I both, going around looking at pictures of course at different speeds and liking different pictures.
I felt like it was interesting (´∀`*)



The artist I liked was, toru nogawa-san and, Tateishi Shuuji-san☆




By all means those of you interesting please try checking it out kay (*´ー`*)






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Fireworks Iikubo Haruna

2017-08-22 22:22:30
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Did everyone know??



Now, on LINE if you type 「花火」 [tl: Hanabi/fireworks]



Fireworks go up in the background.










Today too, continuing from yesterday, I was with my otaku friend (WoTomodachi) and, this became a popular topic.



I, learned that functionality finally the other day with a report about going to a fireworks show from my friend.



That moment, I was taken aback.



I see… the young people of the world, will make promises for fireworks show and stuff so they knew about this function long ago huh?



I unfortunately didn’t have plans for fireworks shows with friends,


and so, just the other day, I learned this.




Telling this story to my WoTomodachi you know, these girls too, didn’t know. They learned today.




Well, the 2 of us ended up laughing,



Next year we should go to a fireworks show together huh, we talked about it.





Comrades are important huhーーー(´∀`*) lol







By the way, after separating from my WoTomodachi I spent time with the second daughter (The Gyaru) but, when I tried asking about this fireworks functionality, of course she already knew it.


To make matters worse I got to hear her boast about going to a night pool (*´ー`*)




It looks more fun than anything. I had super fun too.
Our worlds are totally different huh lol




That second daughter, she hangs out with her friends a lot too but, she’s often at home.



And, yesterday too laughing about the Tshirt thing…




「Doing it like that Haru said it was funny so I felt like staying homeー you knowー」



She spoke out about it.




That too had me bursting with laughter again. lol





Really, today too, when the second daughter came to pick me up after work finished



「Mm well, even though I thought you’d ignore meー」



came up.
Even though I asked her there.




Really it’s funny, my family. lol









It was long awaited so here,


I’ll put up a picture of what the young people of the world are doing today too kay



















Watermelon Dress, Chiichan ver.




The watermelon got the focus but, this Chiichan whole face was smiles, it’s super cute.




It’s 1 of my favorites pictures ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡













Another picture with cute girls (*´꒳`*)



This Akanechin’s mouth is a cutie.!





This summer vacation, I’ve experienced lot sof interesting things, once again the dressing room will probably be exciting huh〜(*´◒`*)



I want to listen to everyone’s stories soon!






Yesterday, and today, I had time so the blog ended up long huh! lol




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Honey Day Iikubo Haruna

2017-08-21 22:53:24
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Today is 8/21,








Honey Day



Yup ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡






Earlier, from Nakagawa Shouko-san, she contacted me saying, “It’s Honey Day huh!” that makes me happy っ(´∀`*)



I wrote it on WEAR but hte other day, I got to go along for a meal with the Nakagawa-san parent and child ☆












Yummy yummy yakiniku place!


It’s the first time in my life I got caviar…



I heard it they were salty but, it’s not salty at all! It’s a mysterious food texture!



It was a really extravagant day so, it was already awe-inspiring, I felt like I need to get more mature so I can some here myself (`・ω・´)!


I want to become an adult that doesn’t seem brazen eating food like this!










Returning to talk about Honey Day,



When you ask how did I spend it…





From today I got a summer break so, I went to lunch with the friends I’ve been associated with since elem・middle shcool time!




I’ve occasionally wrote in my blog, it’s my 「In middle school we were together as kids in art club and since becoming adults everyone become otaku」 friends(´∀`*)



Still the flowers of Ota-talk bloom, I very much got to enjoy it!!!!



I, for phone apps that I always read manga, I just have pixiv, Shounen Jump+, and GanGanONLINE but,


I got XOY recommended to me so I installed it!



「Gaikenshijoushugi」 and 「Cheese・In・The・Trap」 were recommended to me so, I look forward to reading it!!



But now, the manga I’m into are, 「Haikara-san ga Tooru」 and 「Inosan」 you know〜〜!



Yesterday at least I finished readin up to the newest remastered vol.8 of Haikara-san Ga Tooru!
The completed manga compilated in vol.8, 「Anna to Matsuri Bayashi」 is such a masterpiece…(´;ω;`)!!


I was wailing…!!



By all means I want you to read it.





And for Inosan, on Shounen Jump+ you can read it now from the 1st chapter for free.
Trying it out and erading it, it’s wonderfully funny!
For me, it was so funny reading it I couldn’t stop, so I read until it was 6:30 this morning you know! lol
It’s a story of French executioners but, it’s a story with real people so, learning history is interesting too! The pictures are very pretty.
But, it might be better if those of you who aren’t good with grotesque representations stop but, if you’re okay with that level of it I thin kyou’ll very much get into it.


This already, I decided in my heart ot get all the volumes.
Buying a buy shelf I’ll buy them. lol
Inosan rogue too!



My friends are reading Inosan so, I was still even more excited♪






And then, funnily hearing the story from my family at home all the time


My families second daughter (The Gyaru), the othe day I was convinced it was a regular Tshirt, but she went out wearing a good Tshirt (´∀`*)




That design Tshirt.



Well, I wore it for the encore of the Okayama performance, My arrangement added to it. lol


She went with it and denim shorts, with her stomach out. lol lol




I’m glad, Cool Hello is great worn as casual clothes too ╰(*´︶`*)╯ Huhu






Third daughter (The Chuuni) is a splendid otaku you know, a Nagimitsu Oshi Otaku.



She likes AnSta, and TsukiUta, and B-Pro, and Pristo,


A lot her older sister doesn’t know Σ੧(❛□❛✿)




She’s a 2nd year Middle Schooler, at the age where she’s into phone apps, isn’t it amazing?


Today too talking about memories, when I was in middle school second year playing around,


It’d be at a friend’s house, after cutting rice in the field, we’d use a digicam to take pictures like a suspense manga. lol


We’d play around taking things titled 「Love Triangle Hideko」 too… lol



And, during the end of the school day we’d go around like a couple holding hands…←


HaiHaーi, saying that, when we made an arch it was humiliating…




…what were we doing huh. lol




That kind of(?) middle school time!






And today for me, while being watched over by my friends, I went shopping at Animate!!!!








And well!!!!







My IDOLiSH7’s Oshimen Ten-kun’s Cardigan!!






















I ended up buying itttttttt





I ended up getting the special included color page and, 7 ticket style cards toooooo




But… yesterday it was my 2 year anniversary so…
for a while I wasn’t shopping for goods so…
it was the reward for my waves of days up to now…



I searched for lot sof reasons and bought it!



But well trying it on,



What, doesn’t this look good!?



it was exciting. lol




I’m brimming with the feeling that I could use it as casual wear so one day I might put it up on WEAR too←






Yaーy! I ended up a good day off☆




But the blog got drawn out, I’m sorry(´∀`*)tehe






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Talk Springs Up! Iikubo Haruna

2017-08-20 22:05:08
Theme:Iikubo Haruna








The Nakano Sunplaza Hello!Con’s 3 performances finished〜〜!!



3! Per! formances!



It was amazing yah, of course (´∀`*) huhu



Among the fans too, there were those that were in it in full weren’t there!?




Everyone, everyone who came, thank you so muchーーーー╰(*´︶`*)╯♡














When heading home, they came to greet us, juice=juice’s Miyazaki Yukanya & Uemura Aーriー。




This cuteness even with a surprise shot (*´꒳`*)♡







Toda y I went home with Angerme’s Wada Ayaka-chan♪


It was just for a little bit but it was fun you knowー!


Our tastes are similiar, it’s very fun (´∀`*)
Talk springs up






Speaking of talk springing up, today is my beーーーーーloved IDOLiSH7, aka AiNana’s 2 year anniversaryーーー╰(*´︶`*)╯♡



With Fukumura-san and Kuduー the talk sprung up☆


How Trigger’s new song was and, the icon changing and stuff




I still, haven’t gotten my things transfered since changing phone so, when I get home I’ll swiftly transfer it!! lol











I’ll put up this Duーchan from her last Nakano Sunplaza kay







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Sacred Grounds Nakano Iikubo Haruna



2017-08-19 21:30:07
Theme:Iikubo Haruna








Hello!Con, we’ve returned to Nakano Sunplaza〜〜!



Everyone who came, thank you so much☆




Unbelievable unbelievable rain (´;ω;`)
And fierce thunder (´;ω;`)


Is everyone doing okay??



Even going home, since it was a Hello!Con, please be a careful going home kay!




For today’s Hello!Con, I got praised by the sound engineer-san who we’re always indebted to!
For singing! I got praised!


It made me really really happy (´;ω;`)♡



Maybe it’s the result of the NaruChika huh (´∀`*)


Tomorrow too I’ll do my bestttt!







Speaking of Nakano!?



Nakagawa Shouko-san came to see us〜〜╰(*´︶`*)╯♡


















Despite being invited suddenly, she came, it makes me very happy (´;ω;`)



Since being friends, it’s already been about 6 years but, it’s the first time she’s come to a concert (*゚∀゚*)


I’m glad her schedule fit it〜〜♪



Every day we’re back and forth in communication ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡




Kind, she gave me Oogusokumushi senbei lol lol



I want to go to a deep sea exhibit you knowー!






The sacred grounds Nakano, I feel the various powers swelling


Tomorrow is 3 shows, please continue to support usーーー(*´∀`)♪





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Stillness And Motion Iikubo Haruna

2017-08-18 21:24:08
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Yesterday I took these, cute pictures












Akanechin noticing I was taking them.



Her hair like this, don’t you think it looks very good?(´∀`*)



Naturally it’s stillness and motion.



Of course, Chiichan behind her is cute too.




And behind them without realizing Ishida-san is looking this way too. lol





Everyone, they’re all cute huh!!














Yesterday, Ikuta-san helped me with my hairstyle〜〜( ^ω^ )



My ponytail, three strand braided.



Cuase it’d be no good to end up saying Ramenman yah!Σ੧(❛□❛✿)



I also helped with Ikuta-san’s hairstyle.


two layer kururinpa.



I think it came out looking good〜〜♪




But, for my ponytail, during the live, just the braid part go caught up.


Dancing, it becomes a weapon!



It’s like a whip, there’s a danger that I’ll hit the members!


Cause I can say with confidence that it hitting a face or back hurts! lol





A, not related but, I have my own whips〜〜. A chocolate color and honey color one.
A contest whip! A sports whip!


Cutting vegetables from far away, and making a pretty sound.



Well, I haven’t practice at all so I can’t do it though you know (´∀`*)Hahaha



For that 10,000 in 1 chance I can make it my special skill, it’d be cool huh!







Well! Tomorrow is Nakano Sunplaza Hello!Con


Returning to Nakano for the first time in 2 weeks〜〜!



Everyone coming, let’s have fun kay♡






For my clothes today, for my top it’s fur iwth flower and bees on it〜〜♪
Seeing the bees, against my better judgment I ended up buying it…
Look at it KAYーーーー(*´ー`*)




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