22 Years Old Mizuki☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-10-30 23:40:21
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki




Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji




I turned 22Emoji
ANd today at Zepp Tokyo is my birthday eventEmojiEmoji


It was a joyEmoji
It was funEmoji
I was nervous〜Emoji


1 Performance plenty
It felt like I was with everyone together all day, it made me happyEmoji


Everyone who came
Really thank you so muchEmojiEmoji


the whole venue turned deep pink…
These moments I really like.


Thank youEmojiEmoji



Host Suzuki Keita-sanEmoji
Thank you so muchEmoji


At the event, I got a surprise message VTR from Kudou Haruka-chanEmojiEmoji
Mizuki-chaーn💕 her saying that made me happyEmoji
It’s FukuDuーEmojiEmoji


Yoyo world champion
After showing a performance with Morning Musume。’s song, we got a lecture
and did a challenge with a balloon relativelyon Keita-san’s head and a Yoyo with a tableclothEmoji


Mizuki, might have talent with yoyoEmoji
I got words of praise from TOMMY-san so
with the yoyo I got I’m gonna practice kay!




And Hello!Pro Trainee’s
Shuttou Anna-chan
and Kanmitsu Ruru-chan came tooEmojiEmoji


I was surprisedEmojiEmoji


TOgether we danced 「Kanojo ni Naritai!」Emoji


Hamachan Choーdai but
it became Fukuchan ChoーdaiEmoji


It was excitingEmojiEmojiEmoji


That said everyone even when Hamachan isn’t there always says Hamachan choーdai !Emoji


To those 2, thank you so muchEmoji



Questions about Mizuki from the fansEmoji
For collaborating on the plan too, thank you so muchEmoji
Surprisingly I could answer them ヽ(*´з`*)ノ




And, for the live corner


M1 Urahara (Buono!)
M2 Yuki/Ai×Anata≦Suki (Morning Musume。)
M3 Koishitai Shintou (Hello!Pro Trainees)
M4 Aishuu Romantic (Morning Musume。)
M5 Umbrella (Tanpopo#)
M6 Doki! Kouiu no ga Koi nano?(Canary Club)
M7 Kioki no Meiro (High-King)
M 8 Skip! (Melon Kinenbi)
M9 Onna Day by Day (Matsuura Aya)
M10 Mirai no Taiyou (Morning Musume。)


I got to sing a lotEmojiEmoji


Mizuki’s loved songs! Songs cause I’m 22, songs I can sing from now!
Songs everyone wanted to hear, songs that I want us to get excited about together


Lo〜ts, excited so much〜EmojiEmoji
It was hard but it was reaaally funEmojiEmoji


During the song the signed balls hit around went pretty far it was impressive笑い泣きドキドキ
But those seat they couldn’t reach in the back, sorry yahEmoji


I’m glad they made it to those in the 2nd floor tooEmoji


Getting to hear everyone’s voices
getting excited together
seeing the deep pink


The goods counter also appearedEmojiEmoji


All day was funーEmojiEmoji
Thank you so muchEmoji


It seems like 22 years old will be fantastic tooEmoji


For the fun joyful day, really thank you so muchEmoji







This year’s most pushed birthday good
the hood included towel…*cry*


After more time have it in production, it’ll be sold on the website Emoji
I think there are those of you who didn’t get Get it too… I’m sorry.


After the performance I heard it from the staff but
Fukuchan might be sad or worried… I learned the fans had said that.


It’s sad but
Getting it later, I want you to use it at concerts too kayEmoji


11/6(Tue) 18:00, mail order applications are scheduled to start.
Please look at the Hello!Project Official Fanclub!










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Last Day Being 21☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-10-29 23:00:17
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki





Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today after shoots
I went to cheer for Juice=Juice’s Budokan performance♪♪


For Inaba Manaka-chan it’s her Budokan performance


I could see she seemed nervous too but
her enjoying it with her whole body was impressiveEmoji


After the curtain raised they didn’t stop at all so
When are they gonna talk?! Are they going into the second half like this?!
I felt like that but
It was a three part system they say right?


Cute, sexy, COOL, they’re split between that, Juice=Juice was fun and fantasticEmoji


Unbelievable we heard that songEmoji
there were lots of songs like thatEmoji


Juice’s song are number 1
「Hadaka no Hadaka no Hadaka no KISS」 had me going YaーyEmojiEmoji
And my loved 「Kindan Shoujo」 tooEmoji




BEYOOOOONDS freshly did their best too!
Momohime’s dance when they first came out was surprisingly good!


After htat too, Ame no Mori Kawa Umi, CHICA#TETSU
It became their stages
There performances were without mics so
you could get everyone’s dance too♪


I remember Juice’s first Budokan but
Their expressions and presentation from then is different


It was fun then too I was impressedd but
feeling everyone’s unity, the feeling of having fun with your full body, that was fantasticEmoji


I enjoyed itEmoji
Thank you so muchEmoji




And, today is Tsunku♂san’s birthdayEmojiEmoji


This year getting to see him in Hawaii made me happyEmoji
Passing things on through songs and
Knowing things directly by hearing it
That kind of feelings and things come throughEmoji


I’m nothing but grateful


Please have a fantastic yearEmojiEmoji




And at last tomorrow
Fukumura Mizuki’s latest photobook 「Makana」 goes on saleEmoji


I’m happy for my first birthday releaseEmoji


11/2(Fri) 19:00~ at Shosen Book Tower (Akihabara)-san there’s a release commemoration handshake event tooEmoji


Inquiries are here  By all means please participate kayEmoji
I’m waitingEmojiEmoji




Tomorrow is… Tomorrow is…!
My birthday event (*´д`*)Emoji


Every day I’m nervous, every day, I’m staring down the lyric cardsEmojiEmoji
Haaa it’s tomorrowEmojiEmoji


More than becoming 22
I’m nervous for the birthday event yah〜EmojiEmoji


Goods details are out too〜


Mizuki totーーーally wanted to bring it out
What I wanted to bring out constantly since I was 19 is made into goodsEmoji




Hood included towelEmojiEmojiEmoji
(A nonchalant 22 (NyanNyan) style)


This, by all means I want you to GET it♡



Tomorrow at Zeep Tokyo I’ll be waiting!
I’ll do my bestEmoji


For giving support to 21 year old Fukumura Mizuki, thank you so muchEmojiEmoji











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Same Age☆ Fukumura Mizuki


2018-10-28 22:57:17
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki




Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today was Ayumi-chan’s home areaEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji
It was concerts in Sendaiーー😊Emoji


Today with it finished, it’ll be about a 1 month break until the next one so, we freely hit with our current !



Cool songs we’re sporting up to now and stuff
getting to mess around freely for some time and stuff


Getting to have a fun atmosphere with everyone


Because I have trust in the other members
with all the fans watching over us, laughing, getting to have fun, it’s all because of that yah! I felt htat once againEmoji


Thinking about that
It’s our “Jiyuu na Kuni” our free country here yah. That’s how I felt.


It’s thanks to everyone’s support
Thank you alwaysEmoji



Today was Mizuki’s last concert being 21!


In this 1 year, the way I approach concerts has changed even more.


Each venue, 1 performance, more with treasured feelings, I’m doing performances


Everyone who came todayEmoji
Thank you so very much (*´Д`*)ノ))



Today you know〜
With Halloween 🎃 soon for the evening performance we did a little costuming


While singing we ended up laughing, it’s something to reconsiderEmoji
But seeing this Ayumi-chan, it’s impossible not to laugh you know!


It was the bestEmojiEmoji



Niigata, Sendai, the 2 days of Ayumi-chan’s rehearsal wear
it was Mizuki’s Birthday T and AyuMizuki Bus Tour T EmojiEmoji


Because of that, she was a person matching meー! I was saying yahEmojiEmoji


For celebrating thank youEmojiEmoji
It made me happyEmoji



Everyone celebrated as a surpriseEmoji


I could hear a banban sound from the window outside the dressing room that isn’t usually opened
opening it… all kinds of fruitsEmoji
Everyone got some
thank you so much. It made me happyEmoji



I talked about it at the MC but
For Mizuki part of what gets her fired up in a moment is Ayumi-chan!!


We’re the same age but we’re so different it’s seems uneven I think.
But together when we dance it’s really tight!


That Ayumin’s home area of Sendai
it was strongest of excitementEmojiEmoji


After that continuing with overseas performances I feel we can do oru best tooEmoji


And, I want to be able to show a fantastic performance and come home myselfEmoji




For the evening performance, Yokoyama Reina due to poor health had to leave midway through


We’re sorry for causing worry.
She’s taking care and resting.


Everyone excited for Yokoyama’s part too
Really thank you so much!






Gekkan TVFan Now on Sale!
Fukumura, Ikuta, Iikubo



☆「CD Journal November Issue」 Now on sale!


☆「Gekkan Songs November Issue」 Now on sale!
Fukumura, Iikubo, Oda, Nonaka, Kaga


Up To Boy Vol.272
Ikuta × Nonaka     Fukumura Appears!



→JFN「JAPAN Hello!Pro NETWORK」 Takeuchi Akari-chan, Wada Sakurako-chan, Fukumura Mizuki, the 3 of us going over 3 weeks delivering radio! 


HaroMoba registration is here
Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」
Takagi Sayuki-chan guest episode now distributing!




→12/15(Sat)’s Budokan performance, blog pre-order Applications are here
Application period:10/25(Thr) 12:00〜10/31(Wed) 23:59













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All Rice Peopleー☆ Fukumura Mizuki


2018-10-27 22:35:29
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki




Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


For today
it’s Niigata prefecture concertsEmoji


The first group solo concert in 2 weeksEmoji


Between them was SATOYAMA events and release events, we got to see you, and with blog comments and stuff
you said things like I’m going to the tour!
I’ll be waiting in Niigata kayー!
you called out so, I’m super looking forward to it♡


For coming to the Niigata performances, thank you so much (*´Д`*)ノ))


When you think of Niigata…
I think of my deep memories of NaruChika!


Duー and Odan and Mizuki, the 3 of us
singing 「Nanimo Iwazu ni I LOVE YOU」


(Duーchan Happy Birthday! I love you!!)



We said it in the NaruChika MC are there those of you who remember the 「Rice Pose」⁈
Mizuki, is pretty into it ♡Emoji


During today’s live too I did lots of rice posesーEmojiEmoji


It’s a bit like the Barutan Seijin poseEmoji



The cheers were very very loud too I was happily surprisedEmojiEmoji


Masaki-chan brought everyone up saying, let’s go rice peopleー!…EmojiEmoji


「Eeeー?! lol」 going with that
everyoen was really very fired upEmojiEmoji


Aー, rice, it’s really yummy cooked huhー that’s how I felt!Emoji





And, for the afternoon performance
Niigata prefecture native Melon Kinenbi’s Saitou Hitomi-san came to see us✨


When we met the other day too,
she told me she’ll be coming ot Niigata and to look forward to it! I was really happyEmojiEmoji


The other day, watching Saitou-san’s performance
Her “Eye expression power” is aamzing yah〜 I watched while thinking that so
Mizuki too today did my best with that insight 〜JiriJiri〜 bit by bitEmojiEmoji


Mizuki’s fighting spirit being conveyed to the venue made me happy yah
For hte live, every time it becomes a place to challenge myselfEmoji


Noticing that too, Mizuki is superー overjoyedEmojiEmoji




And, getting to talk about my beloved Niigata Jikomi (Osenbei), I’m gladEmoji


Until the next time we come, Fukumura promises to properly train Fukumura tooEmoji
I’ll do my bestEmoji





Tomorrow is Ayumin’s home area, Sendai concerts!
Fukumura’s last performance at 21


I’ll put my spirit into it and do my best!



Did you see caribadix「Ren’ai Revolution 21」 Cover MV?!✨
The MV is here〜Emoji


The drummer Chippa is so cute tooEmojiEmoji


Good will be on sale at the venue too!











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Y Jiro no Tochuu☆ Fukumura Mizuki


2018-10-26 22:26:23
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki





Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Tonight, late night 25:49〜26:49


NipponTV-san 「Buzz Rhythm」
Morning Musume。’18 gets to appearEmojiEmoji


The 66th Single
「Furari Ginza/Jiyuu na Kuni Dakara」, from it we get to sing 1 songEmoji


By all means please watchEmoji





And〜 Today from the morning was new song recording〜♪
Morning Musume。 from the morning is energeticEmoji


And after that〜
with Ayumi-chan it’s Hello!Moba Radio recording!
Somehow we wore outfits that matched somewhatEmoji


Ayumi-chan’s 2nd appearance☆
We really talked〜
I’m worn out ya know〜 that’s how much we talkedEmojiEmoji


It seems our recording time went longer than usual too!
And even though the news was short too we gave a lot, it made me happyEmojiEmoji
(I missed the announcement it passed yesterday, I’m sorry!)


AyuMizuki it’s the two of us so we talk lots too!


I want to do ○○! I want to do ○○! It really ended up being a radio show about wantsEmojiEmojiEmoji


And, about Hello!Fes and Team Opposition Singing Contest too, we talked a lotEmoji



It was funEmoji


It ended up ba bit of an early recording though,
the distribution day is…11/6(Tue)
After you finish listening to it for sure I want it on your playlist for sureEmoji


Look forward to itEmojiEmoji





At Ario Kawaguchi-san the release commemoration talk & handshake event


Everyone who came thank you so muchEmojiEmoji



With the new song’s 「Y Jiro no Tochuu」


Pick the ultimate 2 options! with that feel we talked about stuffEmoji
I was pretty unsure yah〜Emoji


Among them one that was funny was…
Chuunibyou boss or girlfriend, which is betterEmoji


Both are bad〜Emoji
But the one acting as the chuunibyou was Oda Sakura-chan, and she was so goodEmojiEmoji


After using the right word choices!



That said, her pose was like this!
Odan is already a splendid chuunibyou yah (˚▽˚’!)/Emoji



For the handshake event too, thank you so much
It was a short time but it was really funEmoji



66th Single Release Event
This week was day by day, here and there, getting lots of support, thank you so much
The support from everyone, all the members are thanksful
really thank you so muchEmoji


Listning to songs, watching MVs, your impressions in comments, they made me happyEmoji
Thank you so muchEmoji




Yesterday I did birthday event rehearsals too but
it’s so DokiDoki heart-pounding every day has me nervous 😚EmojiEmoji


It’s totally like a prayer, I’m chanting the lyrics…🤒


At the release commemoration event, lots of you were there saying 「I’m goingー」…Emoji




But before that〜
Tomorrow is concerts in Niigata prefectureEmoji


Are you coming tomorrow〜?


TanoshiMizuki, I’ll be waiting (ㅅ´ ˘ `)♡




乙女のトキメキY Jiro no Tochuuおすましペガサス
MV released today! By all means watch it kay












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#FurariGinza ☆Fukumura Mizuki


2018-10-25 21:44:34
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki






Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today is 「Shuukan Shounen Champion」-san’sEmoji


Morning Musume。’18 on the front coverEmoji
Opening it first off Fukumura comes out yonEmoji


Wearing a Halloween outfit but
With Shounen Champion-san seems they don’t really do costumes so, it made me happy to 🎃


Mizuki is a witchEmoji


I’m doing another sporty look tooEmoji


Mizuki, is reading Itagaki Paru-sensei’s 「BEASTARS」Emoji
right nowEmojiEmoji




Today at Ikebukuro Sunshin City-san, we had a release commemoration mini-live & handshake eventEmoji


Everyone who came
Thank you so muchEmoji


With 「Jiyuu na Kuni Dakara」, there was a water fountain performance tooEmoji
The water fountain rises and the excitement rises tooEmoji


Even during the mini breaks during the handshake event, you called out for us
waving their hands in the break, with a Baーn🔫 we came together and it was fun beyond the handshakes Emoji


Mizuki-chaーn and Fukuchaーn, you called
Where where?! I didn’t notice right away, sorryEmoji
But 360° of all the fans being there made me happyEmoji



For Harunan, it was her last release event at SunshineEmoji


Ren’ai Hunter, our first standing at the water fountain plaza
From there, when we brought out the single the guests coming increased, it made me happy… Really it’s a place of memories.


And the 9ki 10ki improvized story contest and stuff too…(Something I’d want to forget)


Every time we are standing on this stage
I’m really happyEmojiEmoji
The memories are increasing by a lot too yahEmoji


From here on too please continue to support us ☆



Puramutan wasn’t giving me hugs so
I enticed her with treats (*´ω`*)Emoji
After she finished eating treats she left me againー *cry*




Tomorrow iin Ario Kawaguchi it’s a release commemoration Talk & Handshake Event!


The members are


Fukumura Mizuki
Iikubo Haruna
Oda Sakura
Makino Maria
Yokoyama Reina
Morito Chisaki, these 6EmojiEmoji


Won’t you comeーEmoji








☆TVFan Now on Sale!
Fukumura, Ikuta, Iikubo



☆「CD Journal November Issue」 Now on sale!


☆「Gekkan Songs November Issue」 Now on sale!
Fukumura, Iikubo, Oda, Nonaka, Kaga


Up To Boy Vol.272
Ikuta × Nonaka     Fukumura Appears!



→JFN「JAPAN Hello!Pro NETWORK」 Takeuchi Akari-chan, Wada Sakurako-chan, Fukumura Mizuki, the 3 of us going over 3 weeks delivering radio! 


HaroMoba registration is here
Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」
Takagi Sayuki-chan guest episode now distributing!


Next episode’s guest is Ishida Ayumi-chan!
Now accepting mailEmoji





→12/15(Sat)’s Budokan performance, blog pre-order Applications are here
Application period:10/25(Thr) 12:00〜10/31(Wed) 23:59










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It’s On Sale Today!☆ Fukumura Mizuki


2018-10-24 22:21:24
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki





Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today, 10/24


66th Double A-side Single
「Furari Ginza/Jiyuu na Kuni Dakara」


has releasedーーーーEmojiEmoji



Daily 2nd place!!
Thank you so much for the supportEmojiEmoji




Earlier at a convenience store, 「Furari Ginza」 was playing〜♪
Without thinking I ended up seeming like I was dancingEmoji
I have to be carefulEmojiEmoji



Today, continuing from yesterday it’s events at Yamano HallEmoji


Everyone participating thank you so muchーEmoji



Reaching release day or rather the members have been excited since yesterday




Ayumin, Chiichan, Mizuki, the 3 of us
and Eripon with her own sunglasses


Danced 「Furari Ginza」 ヽ(*´з`*)ノ♪


I felt like I couldn’t see with sunglasses, I was staring, and while looking serious Chiichan said she could see! Seriously (*ノД`*)ッ! I got like that笑い泣きEmoji





Tomorrow at Ikebukuro Sunshine City Water Fountain Plaza
there’s a mini-live & handshake event so by all means please come kayEmoji


We’ll be waitingEmojiEmoji


Give us your support power kayEmojiEmojiEmoji




Everyone which of the enw songs outfits do you likeEmoji






☆「CD Journal November Issue」 Now on sale!


☆「Gekkan Songs November Issue」 Now on sale!
Fukumura, Iikubo, Oda, Nonaka, Kaga


Up To Boy Vol.272
Ikuta × Nonaka     Fukumura Appears!



→JFN「JAPAN Hello!Pro NETWORK」 Takeuchi Akari-chan, Wada Sakurako-chan, Fukumura Mizuki, the 3 of us going over 3 weeks delivering radio! 


HaroMoba registration is here
Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」
Takagi Sayuki-chan guest episode now distributing!


66th Single Release Events at a Glance







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On Sale Tomorrow〜☆ Fukumura Mizuki


2018-10-23 21:59:26
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki





Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today is
「Up To Boy Vol.272」’s release day〜〜〜EmojiEmoji


Front page is Tsubaki FactoryEmoji


I saw it together with Asakura Kiki0chan who I had work with todayEmoji


It was her first swimsuit she said
Kiki-chan and everyone was cuteEmoji


the back cover is Yajima Maimi-sanEmoji
A beauty!!
WIth out thinking “It’s a beautiful person〜” came falling out of my lips


Eripon × Nonaka also appear〜EmojiEmojiEmoji


Mizuki’s page too…♪*゚
It’s a grand showing of an unpublished cut from the photobook 「Makana」!
There’s an interview too so please check it outEmojiEmoji




「Gekkan SPA!」-san also releases todayEmoji
Here too there’s an unpublished shot from Fukumura Mizuki’s latest photobook 「Makana」Emoji





And and〜☆
Today is… the new song release commemoration event in Yamano Hall


Everyone who attended, thank you so much
Did you have funー?



For the corner, going with Jiyuu na Kuni Dakara
the 「Impaired Shiritori」 game was also funEmojiEmojiEmoji


Well tomorrow what will we do〜EmojiEmoji


For the handshake event, thank you so much tooEmojiEmoji



Kaediー by chance version
we took one together yonEmojiEmoji



Tomorrow is a release event in Yamano Hall tooEmoji
A mini-live & handshake event


We’ll be waiting for youEmoji







At the 「NTV RanRan hall」 inside Yomiuriland


A Christmas Event is Scheduled!


22(Sat) is Morning Musume。’18
23(Sun) is Tsubaki Factory
24(Mon Holiday) is Angerme appearing.
For Christmas day look forward to outfits too!










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Glasses Best Dresser Award☆ Fukumura Mizuki


2018-10-22 23:04:53
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki




Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


This time, we Morning Musume。’18
got a 31st Japan Glasses Best Dresser Special Award


Fukumura Mizuki
Iikubo Haruna
Oda Sakura
Makino Maria
Yokoyama Reina
Morito Chisaki


the 6 of us got to participate in the award ceremony.



At the award ceremony, as representatives, I got to talk about the meeting of myself and glasses.



Actually, for me, before I got glasses
I bought a glasses case…Emoji


but, 3 years after, around when I was a fifth grader in elementary school
I was already taking classes wearing glasses.


Wearing glasses didn’t just make it easier to see, I felt kinda intellectualEmoji
In the upper left of my desk I properly put my glasses case, I remember lessons were fun tooEmoji



For today I got to pick glasses, and wore them all day but
I’ve never tried wearing bottom rim frame glasses before.


And so today I tried it for the first time!!!
BOZ-san glassesEmoji


The color
is one I like too, and the side has butterflies 🦋
It’s cute but matureEmoji



Today surrounded by lot sof glasses being tried for the first time, it was a fun joyful timeEmojiEmoji



I got to talk at the award ceremony
I want to do a performance with the 12 of us all wearing glassesEmoji



With the day after tomorrow’s, 10/24 releasign new song
「Furari Ginza」


Mizuki and Ishida Ayumi0chan dance while wearing heart sunglassesEmoji


Like that, doing activities from here, steadily wearing glasses
of course even in private time too


I’ll do my best from here aiming to be fantastic females suiting glasses!!
For the special award, thank you so much!





Last night’s broadcasto f 『Love music』
Did you get to see it?Emoji


KanTV-san, tonight from 25:57 it’ll airEmoji
By all means please watch it kayEmoji











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2nd Day〜☆ Fukumura Mizuki


2018-10-21 22:42:32
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki




Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji



Coming up 24:30~


FujiTV-san 「Love music」


Morning Musume。’18 is appearing so


By all means please watch it❣️❣️❣️





【10/20(Sat) 10/21(Sun) SATOYAMA & SATOUMI with Nyaozane Matsuri in Kumagaya】


I learned about the charm arriving in Kumagaya
went around the booths too
helped out
got to eat some yummy food
got to be in contact with lots of kids


It was really fun yahーEmojiEmoji


Thank you so muchEmoji



The part that was fun, it wore me outーEmojiEmoji



Shopping and handshake events, Satoyama events, lives
for your participation, and support, thank you so muchEmoji





【The Team Opposition Singing Contest!】


Until we finished singing I was completely nervous…EmojiEmojiEmoji


But, it was really very funEmoji


For this event, from quite a bit before
we studied a lot with our own team members, what kind of songs fit us? we thought of stuff like that a lot, with Risa-chan and Rikoriko, we contributed lots of ideas


There’s the easy path songs too but
we said we should put in songs that you don’t really get to hear at Hello!Con, and group solo tours usually!
that was Fukumura Team’s themeEmoji



Starting with this it’ll be cute〜 Yanagawamura wrapped in thatEmoji


The feeling that’s out of Mitsuboshi☆Miracle’s anime EmojiEmojiEmoji


A sexiness far beyond the expectations for a sexy cat/////


With Eripon who splendidly thought about the position for girls scrambling for center, and Tanimon Kurumi-chan who did it completely, I’m grateful


Dreams and reality, no matter what I want to sing
it was the perfect 3Emoji


The FRESH 4 voice quality was really good , that was a breakthroughEmojiEmoji


The nabe party and the venue was fired upーEmojiEmoji



The finest is  CRAZY HeartEmoji
for exciting beloved Masaki-chan
seriously putting out “cute” all the time, Saorin
these two who aren’t run of the mill girls sangEmoji


Masaki-chan wanted to touch her kouhai
Saorin’s voice was cool but, the way she shows her personality is cute so


For these 2 it’s a perfect song, thinking that it was decided!



And, for Mizuki’s group
Rinapuー, Kiki-chan, with these 3, 「Delicious⁈」
When the just the group name came out, everyone felt like they wanted to do Buono! songs for sure but
Until songs were chosen we couldn’t have expectations with it!


Can we do it deliciously like Buono!-san?! With that meaning, we added on the [?!]question and exclamation marks but how was it?!Emoji


「SoLaTiDo〜NeeNee〜」 was Buono!-san’s latest song too, would it be ok singing that?… We were uneasy but


From Risa-chan we got pushed with an It’ll be fine‼︎ and decided on thatEmojiEmoji


Rinapuー’s pretty soprano
and Buono!-san loving Kiki-chan, getting to sing with them was a joyEmoji


The sound was comfortingEmoji



For the contest, we ended up losing, it was frustrating but
it was really fun♪



More than anything
Ayacho♡Miimi’s Robokiss was so cute I ended up KyunKyun’d with my heart skipping a beatEmojiEmojiEmoji



It seems the winning team gets to sing at Hello!Con region performancesEmoji




for all the fans of the members in the Fukumura team, my apologies m(__)mEmoji


But please look forward to there tooEmoji




And! More than anything!
Today they came as guest
Melon Kinenbi-san🍈🍈🍈🍈


Reuniting after 5 years!


It’s a miracle of mine to be present for them 5 ago on stage and todayEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji


The joyous atmosphere flowedEmoji


Saitou Hitomi-san and the 9ki〜♪





From tomorrow too I feel like I want to do my best with manuka honeyー!!!







☆「CD Journal November Issue」 now on sale!


☆「Gekkan Songs November Issue」 now on sale!
Fukumura, Iikubo, Oda, Nonaka, Kaga


Up To Boy Vol.272
Ikuta×Nonaka     Fukumura Appears!



→JFN「JAPAN Hello!Pro NETWORK」 Takeuchi Akari-chan, Wada Sakurako-chan, Fukumura Mizuki, the 3 of us going over 3 weeks delivering radio! 


HaroMoba registration is here
Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」
Makino Maria-chan guest episode now distributing!


66th Single Release Event at a Glance










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