Perhaps…☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-09-04 23:00:10


Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


It’s sudden butEmoji
Are you a meat typeEmoji or are you a fish typeEmoji


Perhaps if you could only eat one in your lifeEmoji if someone told yo uthat which would you pickEmoji


Everyone is this! Is there a deciding factor like thisEmoji


For Mizuki you know… Mm〜hmm…… 「Fishうお座」 I thinkEmoji


Kawahagi, tai, and hirame doguro天使


sashimi and grilled it’s yums〜(*´ч`*)Emoji


Hokke! Sawara!


I’ll occasionally eat broiled fish tooーEmoji


…Haa〜 I wantai eat tai shabu♡♡♡Emoji



When hI was talking about it with Eripon and Duー both of them were meat typesEmojiEmoji


For Duー she could go with just karaageEmojiEmoji





While saying this I love meat dishes too〜Emoji
Eating with everyone it’ss yummyEmoji


Thank you for always making some for meEmojiEmoji


I don’t feel like I make it myselfーEmojiEmoji



The fall tour rehearsals are startingEmoji
Today too was funEmoji
We’re doing shoots and stuff! Every day is fulfilling!


Tomorrow too, I have to wake up earlyEmoji






Morning Musume。 20th Birthday Anniversary Concert Tour 2017 Fall ~We are MORNING MUSUME。~
Blog priority application startedEmoji


10/15(Sun) Fukuoka City Meeting Hall Grand Hall
※It applies only to the 17:30 starting performance.


11/27(Mon) Aichi prefecture Arts Theater Grand Hall


★Applications are from here★
Application times are 9/11(Mon) until 23:59


「MUSICSTATION Ultra FES 2017」 Performance is scheduled!
64th Single
「Jamashinaide HereWeGo!/ Dokyuu no GoーSain/ Wakaindashi!」 10/4(Wed) Release


キラキラMagazine Appearances流れ星


9/5(Tue) Release 「Shuukan SPA!」
9/20(Wed) Release 「non-no」
9/20(Wed) Release 「CD Journal」
9/30(Sat) Release 「Gekkan Entame」
9/30(Sat) Release 「BIG ONE GIRL’S」
10/24(Tue) Release of Gekkan The Television





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Hello!Con Last In HiroShima!☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-09-02 23:00:42


Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today it was Hello!Con in Hiroshima
The summer Hello!Con final day〜あせるEmoji


All of the performances are finishedーEmoji
The Hello!Con that started in July today have concluded.
It went by in a flash〜あせるEmoji



Summer this year the Hello!Con became new, each group appeared with a new organization in this Hello!ConEmoji


Each performance, it gave me lots of motivationEmoji



And today, for Kudou Haruka-chan it was really her last Hello!ConEmoji


Well you know… it felt more lonely than I thought


It being likethis, what’ll happen from here〜EmojiEmoji



「Before the time limit comes
let’s try to do everything we can」


It being sung by all of Kobushi Factory, the lyrics echoed in my chestEmoji


Really it’s just like those lyrics you know.


Before the limit comes
we should do aーll we canEmojiEmoji



Lastly with everyone we sang 「I WISH」
the venue enveloped in orange EmojiEmoji


It was a joyEmoji



Everyone who attended the Hiroshima performanceEmoji
Thank you so much for the fantastic timeEmoji








Danbara Ruru-chan in the dressing room
gave us momiji manjuu yo〜n♪


The first Hiroshima being a member〜EmojiEmoji
she said, before the show she was WakuWaku filled with excitement and her face showed her enthusiasm yonEmoji



For the shuffle song, with the feel like we’ll bring out thoes songs that represent the goups! everyone each did their best〜♪


Yokoyan’s singing also day by day got sexyEmoji
Kaediー’s full power feel is something I really love tooーEmoji


Mizuki together with Oda Sakura-chan sangEmoji
「Koisuru♡ Angel Heart♡」


It’s a song I loーved from long ago
Getting to sing the soprano part made me happy tooEmoji
I did my best going full throttle Ure-pink auraEmojiEmoji


In any case it was a fun Hello!ConEmoji
It’s over but
from tomorrow I’ll do my best again wtih workEmoji


Each area, each venue, each performance
everyone who attended and supported us
thank you so much for the fun summerEmoji




「MUSICSTATION Ultra FES 2017」 Performance is scheduled!
64th Single
「Jamashinaide HereWeGo!/ Dokyuu no GoーSain/ Wakaindashi!」10/4(Wed) Release


キラキラMagazine Information流れ星


9/5(Tue) Release 「Shuukan SPA!」
Fukumura・Ikuta・Kudou Oda Makino Yokoyama Morito
9/20(Wed) Release 「non-no」
9/20(Wed) Release 「CD Journal」
9/30(Sat) Release 「Gekkan Entame」
Fukumura Morito
9/30(Sat) Release 「BIG ONE GIRL’S」
10/24(Tue) Release of Gekkan The Television





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Announcing!!!☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-09-01 21:00:34


Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


To all the fans always supporting us
a happy announcement from Morning Musume。’17EmojiEmoji


Everyone has been for it….


Morning Musume。’17


For the first time in 7 months, a NEW single release has been scheduled!!!!


(*゚▽゚ノノ゙☆PachiPachi clapclap


For Kudou Haruka it’s her Last Single
And for 14ki’s Morito Chisaki since joining Morning Musume。 it’s her First Single, the song titles are…


「Jamashinaide Here We Go!」 [tl approx: Don’t Hinder Me Here We Go!]

「Dokyuu no GoーSain」 [tl approx: Dreadnought Go Sign]

「Wakaindashi!」 [tl approx: It’s Youth]


This time too it’s a triple A-side single〜♪♪♪♪


The release day is ……10/4(Wed)


For Duー her lasts are gradually increasing…


There’s feelings of loneliness but I want to send Duー off with a smile!!!!


These members feelings and, the hope for the future, they are put in the lyrics for these songs, and you can see various sides of usキラキラ


I feel like these 3 songs packed into our 64th single!!!!!!


Please look forward to it kayハートのプレゼント


Those of you who want to hear the song soon〜!


The on air day is decidedEmoji
That is, tomorrowEmojiEmoji


22:00〜 broadcast with Iikubo Haruna・Kudou Haruka regulars
MBS Radio 「Youngtown Saturday」


24:00〜 Broadcast of 9.10.11ki regulars
Radio Nippon/Gifuchan 「Morning Musume。’17 no Morning Jogakuin 〜Houkago Meeting〜」


That’s when it’s on airEmojiEmoji


By all means, please listen to themEmojiEmoji




In the magazines I announced in yesterday’s blog
there’s lots we go to do for the shoots and interviews with our new song outfitsEmojiEmoji


For the 9/5 release of 「SPA!」-san♪
we got to do shoots in the Jamashinaide Here We Go! outfitsEmoji


Please wait until then〜Emoji


And so today is MV shoot’s Haruchan shotEmoji
For the HaruCamera all the members got taken in lots of picturesカメラキラキラ
There isn’t much of the crucial Haruchan (the photographer) so
I’ll put up my fill of Haruchan ヒヨコラブラブ


Morning Musume。’17
For these 14 members it’s the first and last single
Everyone please continue to support usEmoji


This time’s MC’s are LoVendoЯ Okada MarinaEmoji
Morning Musume。’17 Fukumura MizukiEmoji
・GAME / LoVendoЯ (8/12 Shinjuku ReNY) ・Utakata Saturday Night / モーニング娘。’17


UpComing Official Site





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MemoMemo〜♪☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-08-31 23:09:00


Theme:Fukumura Mizuki



Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today wearing light blue clothes I got to tell Chiichan she was cute♡Emojiブルーハーツ
Chiichan seems to be into light blue〜Emoji
The picture isn’t from today though〜EmojiEmoji


The interviews and shoots we did the other day has had their info ban lifted so I’ll put them up kayEmoji


Please take a memo memoEmojiEmoji


9/5(Tue)★Shuukan SPA!★
we got to do a shoot in a very pretty place♪✨


The outfit, make-up, and nails were fantastic🎀
It’s filled with talk about Morning Musume。’s 20th Anniversary✨


9/30(Sat) Release ★Gekkan Entame★
The first interview with Chiichan and I, the 2 of us♪
Cute outfits, cute accessories, and cute Chiichan
Morning Musume。’17, Country Girls thoughts and such!


9/30(Sat) Release ★BIG ONE GIRL’S★
Kouhai as viewed from the senpai
Senpai as viewed from the kouhai, our feelings in an interview💖✨


The first time with this 5 person combination too💕
Chiichan’s fired up talk was interesting lol



And, a TV appearance announcement💖


9/18 (Mon・Holiday)



Morning Musume。’17 is scheduled to appearEmojiEmoji



For the 3 13ki, 14ki’s it’ll be their first MSte appearanceEmojiEmojiEmoji
I’m looking forward to itEmoji
please watch it kayEmoji



And and!!!
The other day I went and did a recording as UpComi MC〜EmojiEmoji


With LoVendoЯ’s Okada Marina-sanEmoji
Talk with OkaMari-san was funEmoji
It’s been a while since we got to see each other〜Emoji
In any case it was funEmoji
Look forward to it’s releaseEmoji





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Asobista☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-08-30 23:15:44
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


『Idol Nama Kassen Kunitori Tenka Tooitsu Hen 〜2017 Natsu no Jin〜』


Today was the last match day!!!



For the Morning Musume。’17 Red Army
Even now, we hadn’t gotten good results at all… it’s been that kind of operationEmoji


So we could get the last win〜Emoji


Well, that’s the bluff I had been saying but


Unbelievably that became realityEmojiEmojiEmoji


It made me really very happyEmojiEmojiEmoji



The red army won over all!
プレゼントキャップハイビスカスチューリップWe did itEmojiEmojiハートタコりんごランドセル



The 8th battle… The Tekken Warメラメラメラメラメラメラ
Fukumura, she took 1st placeーーーハート


My gratitude to ARISA、KAZUMI、DEVILJINキラキラ


I hadn’t thought of winning up to now soあせるあせる
It was surprisingゲームハート


In the dressing they put Tekken, and taking turns we got to practice but,
at that point, it was like, which characters are easy to use for me I wonderー?


And then in the 8 battle I triedi to outふんわり風船星


And during the matches I somehow got the knack for it so I’m glad ( ̄▽+ ̄*)Emoji


It’s prove that red flames get stronger?! Isn’t it?!


And, I’m left handed so, to mash the buttons I held the controller upside down tooEmojiEmoji


Tekken is a game I had my eyes on from long time back
but but getting to do it this time like this made me happyEmojiEmoji


Fukumura hasn’t really been able to show results from saying she likes games from long ago but


Here, this 1st place made me really very happyEmojiEmoji


Well you know〜
I love games♡♡♡


Playing and watching is funーEmojiEmoji


Red team was overjoyedEmoji
Stage fright Emoji Tension MAX Fukumura
was totally supported by these 2EmojiEmoji


Nonaka did character analysisEmoji
Ogata won and advanced with the holding pattern of the individual computerEmoji


That we were able to GET the 2 of their home areas too, that made me happyEmoji




Today the Idol Nama Kassen finished so it feels lonely but, Morning Musume。’17 in a match, the members get fired up togetherメラメラ


If we get a chance again, I’d be happy to do another Idol Nama Kassen you know♪♪♪



I talked with Eripon on the way home but, we didn’t even think that the semi-finals would be a match with the 9ki you know!Emoji


We weren’t the PONPON combi
maybe we should change it to the Tekken combiーEmojiEmoji


we just said those kind of thingsEmoji


I should by Tekken 7ーEmoji



For about 2 hoursEmojiEmoji


Everyone who watched the broadcast
and cheered, and gave hints to the war council, all you soldiersEmojiEmoji


And everyone who came to cheer at the venue even to the extended end m(_ _)mEmoji


Everyone cheering for us, thank you so ver muchEmoji
I got the overall victory prize tooEmoji





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BowMeow☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-08-29 22:53:28
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today was filled with fun work tooEmojiEmoji



But while I was on the move…… there were puppies and kitties being playful


they were cute〜♡♡♡


I love it♡


I realized that 3 of the kitties were following Mizuki’s hand…EmojiEmoji


Moreover, of those 1 of them
had an unknowing expressing them jumped! It was lke that, very much adorableEmoji


One of the dogs were friendly too
This dog was a miniature dachshund so
I ended up remembering the day we had the DVD Magazine shoot♪*+°
Those puppies were energetic huh〜EmojiEmoji


At home Kura-chan gets all the patsEmoji
it’s a luxurious time〜♪♪Emoji



After coming home, since the 20th Anniversary Event and the fall tour rehearsals are starting
I have to do my best now with the time to memorize things!!
With that feeling every day is KotsuKotsu steady practiceEmoji


And so the time being comforted by animals
probably lets me really relax〜EmojiEmoji



「Idol Nama Kassen Kuni toori Tenka Tooitsu Hen 〜2017 Natsu no Jin〜」


The final battle has comeふんわり風船星


The final battle stage is…メラメラThe Tekken Warメラメラ


Speakin of Tekken, I played it a little a long time ago
And I played the Wii’s Pokken!


And so whether I’m good at it or not…
and whether I could win or not I can’t even imagineあせる


But you know…


The red army, we haven’t really won many matchesEmojiEmoji


We just have the will and spiritEmojiEmojiEmoji


And so, we can only win from hereEmojiEmojiEmoji


The last battle is tomorrow.


19:00〜 A live broadcast!


Everyone coming to the venue to support us directly, please give us your supportEmoji


The red army will do their bestEmojiEmoji






A girl in a kimono with building blocks now. You shouldn’t do thatEmoji








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Interviews☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-08-28 23:00:06
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today all day I’ve been together with everyoneEmoji
It’s interview day〜♡



9/20 (Wed) Release ★CD Journal★
Interviews split into interesting combinations?!♡


10/24 (Tue) Release ★Gekkan The Television★
I think we get to make a happy announcement with everyoneEmojiEmoji



We got to do lots of other interviews too
when the information ban lifts I’ll announce them kay


Please check it outかに座




Mizuki’s current ultimate uncertainty…
am I a dog person or a cat person…


Which, I just can’t decide!!!
I have Kurara at home though…Emoji


Chiichan is a dog person she said.
ODA is a cat person〜.


My cat person Mama recently has done various presentations it’s temptingネコ足あと


Mmーhmm… I don’t know!Emoji


Everyone, which are you?!
This is a kappaEmojiEmoji



There’s an announcement on the official site
Juice=Juice’s Miyamoto Karin-chan from 8/31 she’s schedule to return to workEmoji


I’m gladEmoji
Karin welcome backEmoji


I loーve karin bursting forth singing and dancingEmoji
we see each other at hte office and stuff but, I want to see Karin at a live soon〜Emoji


But, still watch over your condition kay
rest, and support from everyone will be power I thinkEmoji
please continue to give your supportEmojiEmoji





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Confession☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-08-27 22:33:51
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today was concerts in Aichi prefecture, day 2Emoji


……before that


Nippon TV-sanEmoji
「24 Jikan Terebi Ai wa Chikyuu wo Sukuu
Kokuhaku 〜Yuuki wo Dashite Tsutaeyou〜」
[tl: 24 Hour TV, Love Will Save the World
Confession ~Summon the Courage and Tell Them~]


this morning, we got to appear on itEmoji


Morning Musume。’17
「Dekkai Uchuu ni Ai ga Aru」
& with a flying drone specialist’s excellent technique, a live broadcast of the beautiful scenery!


With the prett〜y flower field scenery, we got to sing at Nippon BudokanEmojiEmoji


For everyone in front o their TV
Did we deliver our smiles and powerEmojiEmoji


We send it out with engines full-throttledメラメラ



This year’s Charity Tshirt has flowersEmoji
「An equilateral triangle」 and 「Square」


This 2 together, make this warm kinda design you knowEmojiEmoji



Every year we get to sing it but, even though it’s the same song based on the show’s theme we change how we sing it entirelyEmoji


This time the theme is ConfessionEmoji




A confession pose with Yokoyan♡Emoji
(8/29 OhaStar 7:05~ Morning Musume。’17’s Yokoyama Reina-chan and Angerme/Country・Girls’ Funaki Musubu-chan are appearing. Please do us the favor and support themEmoji)



Getting to collaborate for charity fundraising, we remained in Budokan watching videos but


The challenge whether or not in 24 hours how many Guiness World Records can we getEmoji
For the giant jumprope challenge midway through we got to watch in personEmoji


For all the challengers they had their mind on the record I think but
I think there were lots of people who totally got energy seeing everyone doing their best todayEmoji


For Mizuki, getting to call out with everyone together, and seeing everyone doing their best, it gave me energyEmoji


Everyone shining was coolEmojiEmojiEmoji


And Blouson Chiemi-san唇キラキラ
Congratulations on running the race \(*ˊᗜˋ*)/♡
A Job Well Done流れ星ハート


24 Hour TV this year had me feeling all kinds of things this year tooチューリップ赤


It was funハート
Thank you so much音譜




After that back to Aichi
The last GATHERING performance!


Everyone who came to it♪
Thank you so very much (*´Д`*)ノ))


Finally the last GATHERING performance…あせる


Already it’s finished huh〜あせる
It’s lonely〜あせる
there are feelings like that too but…


We’re handling the concerts without cutting our engines out of full-throttle キラキラキラキラ


Already it was really funドキドキ


Well anyway, I got to have fun with all my strength♪


The last 2 songsEmoji they’re the best you knowEmoji
GATHERING getting hot here, I loved itメラメラ


The part where it’s like 「Call out the rhythm!」 and using our hands to the beatEmoji
The last one is special I think?!
I got to laugh as always but, today was much more funEmojiEmoji



The next time we get to see each other at Hello!Con is
We’ll be waiting for you with our MEETING performanceEmoji


For today too, thank you so muchEmoji





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It Went In A Flash☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-08-26 23:00:02
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today was Hello!Con at Maria’s home area Aichi prefecture〜♪
It was fun there v(^-^)vEmoji


Especially! The last number excitement, this time it grand excitement tooEmojiメラメラ


Every year summer and winter we have our customary Hello!Con.
The end is already approaching soon but
thinking back to rehearsals, it’s refreshing to have done my best with everyone!


This year already summer will be over soon you knowあせる
Already it’s gone back in such a flash


It might be the last song sung with Duー at Hello!Con!


I feel like I want to enjoy what’s left of Hello!Con tooドキドキ




The make-up product I bought the other dayEmoji
Gel eye shadowEmoji
How is it〜Emoji


Looking closeーly
It’s got deep pink in itEmoji


Today was the first time I used itEmoji It’s one of my favoritesEmoji


1 more shot〜
Hello!Con → Shuffle song singing membersEmojiEmojiEmoji
With these 6 people what could we be singingEmojiEmoji



Morning Musume。’17
gets to appear on 24 Hour TVEmoji


Please do us the favor and support usEmojiEmoji


The 24 Hour TV RunnerEmoji
This year it’s Blouson Chiemi-san!


Please do your bestEmojiEmoji



And, Hello!Con Aichi prefecture’s 2nd day too, let’s get fired up-shoi!Emoji





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Radio Day☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-08-25 22:54:26
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today since this morning the whoーーle time I’ve been doing work talking for radio and stuffEmojiEmoji



First off, an appearance on MoーJo!
「Morning Musume。’17 no Morning Jogakuin〜 Houkago Meeting〜」


Mizupon-san, Ayumin-san, Eripon-sanEmojiEmoji


The 3 of us were attendingーEmojiEmoji


Harunan wasn’t there but it’s the Big Sister Group


go around, we…… didn’t do that though lolEmoji


In any case, it’s a fun radio showEmoji


Standing around talking before recording
Fukumura → Class President
Ishida → Lunch Duty
Ikuta → Deliquent←?!


We talked about things like that Emoji


Eripon-san being a deliquent, what?!!!Emoji







After that, Hello!Moba original radio


「Fukumura no Heya」 recording♪Emoji


My partner for it was〜
Kobushi Factory”s Nomura Minami-chanEmoji


MinaMina you know〜
she has an existance you’d be interested in or maybe
she’s a member you’d always think it’d be great if we could talk more you know〜Emoji


Cause we don’t get that much time together you know


And so today getting to talk about all kinds of stuff made me happyEmoji


She’s very cute
I got to know even more about MinaMinaEmoji


We ended up making a promise-yonEmoji


It’s scheduled for distribution 9/1天使Emoji





Morning Musume。’17 are on the front cover and back cover ofラブ
With high praise it’s on sale nowービックリマークビックリマークビックリマーク


The 14 of us are all there set up in characters at an academy音譜
I makes you think about it huhニコニコ


By the way Mizuki is the school infirmary doctorEmoji
I think it has all kinds of content so
by all means please Get it kay♪
Please continue to support usドキドキ




Tomorrow is Hello!Con in Aichi!
Tomorrow I’m looking forward to getting to see everyoneEmoji





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