For Sunday Morninga☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-01-12 22:55:19    Theme:Fukumura Mizuki



Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


2017/12/11 graduated Kudou Haruka-chanEmoji


After her graduation, her first performing work has been announcedーーーEmoji



2/11(Sun) Broadcast StartEmojiEmojiEmoji
Every Sun Morning 9:30〜10:00


TVAsahi Station
「Kaitou Sentai Lupanranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger」


EmojiEmojiEmoji2018’s Super Sentai SeriesEmojiEmojiEmoji


As LupinYellow/Umika Hayami
A regular performerEmoji


LupinRed/Yano Kairi (Itou Asahi-san)
LupinBlue/Yoimachi Touma (Hama Shougo-san)
LupinYellow (Kudou Haruka-chan) the 3 of them as rangers are fighting to protect everyone dearEmoji


Duー really congratulationsEmoji
I’m really looking forward to Duー’s YellowEmojiEmoji



With Morning Musume。’18’s members
I want to see the broadcast soon yah♡
I’d be great if it’d be 2/11 soon thoughーー
The Musume。 excitement when anything happy gets announced has us in a racketEmojiEmoji



We’re rooting for youシャンパンロゼワイン


Everyweek recording & on standby in front of the TV♪
Please give Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger your your supportEmoji


From now I’m toーーtally TanoshiMizuki♡




Tomorrow is Nakano Sunplaza Hello!Project concertsEmoji
We’ll be waitingEmoji






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With Kanon-chan☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-01-11 23:14:44
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki



Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Before work I was with Suzuki Kanon-chan〜♪




Kanon-chan, having longs phone conversations we haven’t even each other but we’ve felt close so
today it didn’t feel like it was the first time in a long time at all〜 yahEmoji



There’s lost I wanted to talk about but
today we went to karaokeEmoji


I super sang with Kanon-chanEmoji


Saying Let’s sing current Morning Musume。 songs!
Kanon-chan → Mizuki requested 「Dokyuu no Go Sign」 and
after that wanted me to sing 「Style of my love」


For Kanon-chan
I got her to sing 「Watashi no Nanimo Wakacchainai」Emoji
She was overjoyed about the album release tooEmoji


It was just a little bit but I’m happy we could meetーEmoji


Her singing voice I heard for the first time in a while was fantastic too, more than anything her copying having lots of repertoire was the best too Emoji



By the way! Mizuki highest scoring song today
was 「Ai wo Komete Hanataba wo」 EmojiEmoji



I want to see her again soonEmoji
Next I want to meet with the 4 of us you knowEmoji





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Aーriー☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-01-10 21:47:39
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


We had recording for this year’s first episode of 「Fukumura no Heya」ーーーEmoji


Haa〜 it was funEmojiEmoji
Since 2017’s last recording won’t the net recording day come soon〜 I had been looking forward to itEmoji


What was even more enjoyable than that was
the guest that came
Juice=Juice’s Uemura Akari-chanEmoji
Aーriー is such funEmojiEmoji
we were excited a lotEmoji


Excitement was high making all kinds of voices and faces is really funEmoji


The common ground with Mizuki and Aーriー
From the fans it seems there isn’t much maybe…? I feel that but
the feeling when we talk and stuff, it seems we kinda have matching points, feeling that we did the radio showEmoji



Things that happened coming back from Hello!Con rehearsals and new years aspirations
for some reasion things with Satou Masaki-chan came up as a topic a lot tooEmojiEmoji



There were lots of letters for the new cornersEmoji
Thank you so muchEmoji


1/16 is the scheduled releaseEmoji
By all means please listenEmojiEmoji







The skirt for the outfit for today’s shoot was cuteEmoji
So, I feel like I want to put it up on the blog in about 2 monthsーEmojiEmoji




Even so today :( ´ ꒳ ` ): is cold huh
My hands got numb, my hands writing the bloggggEmojiEmoji


I want to get home soon and warm them up PokaPokaEmoji


Everyone too let’s drink a hot drink and spend our time PokaPoka warmed upEmojiEmoji







Renewed, and updated today
「Hello!Ste #252」


I got to be the MC〜♪


From this episode it’s MC with 1 person, and new corners too!


With all of Morning Musume。 there’s a dictionary making corner and a fixed point observation corner


EmojiOda Sakura’s make-up courseEmoji
The hair arrangement corner also becomes the 「Styling lesson」
The corner’s 1st part has Oda Sakura-chan appearingEmoji



☆「Hello!Ste #252」 is here☆






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Itoshi no Muーko☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-01-09 23:00:41
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki




Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Mizushina Takayuki-san’s 「Itoshi no Muーko」
I got the new volume Emoji


Thank you so muchEmoji


This year is the year of the dogEmoji
It comes with a Muーko-chan calendarEmoji


It’s superーcuteEmoji


The Fukumura home, going from the entrance to the livingroom
we have a dog calendar and a cat calendar, 2 calendarsEmoji


and, the family checked the puppies and kitties they’d have for their birht monthEmojiEmoji


And we ended up tracing our birthdays with ◯ and stuff!EmojiEmoji



For this Muーko calendar, I’m using it in Mizuki’s roomEmoji



Haaa I’m still not use ot my recent glasses lifestyleEmoji


Even at yesterday’s handshake event, I feel there were those of you who were worried, “Fukuchan can you see?” but
I totally got itー♪


I’m fine




Yesterday, Daily magazine 「Daily Sports」-san
had Hello!Project leader
Wada Ayaka-san
Hello!Project sub-leader
Fukumura Mizuki, the 2 of us got to do an interviewEmoji


Daily Sports-san
Congratulations on your 70th anniversaryEmoji


For Hello!Pro it’s the 20th Anniversary‼️
From here on too please continue to support usEmoji


With Wada-sanEmoji


Since yesterday Satou Masaki-chan, Nonaka Miki-chan have both returned, Morning Musume。’18 has all members together♪


From tomorrow it’ll be cold again they said
everyone please be careful too kay





Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」
Next guest is scheduled to be Juice=Juice Uemura Akari-chan!


Currently collecting mail!
For the subject put the show name・corner name on top, and please send it from your radio membership registered address
The deadline is 1/10(Wed) 11:00 AM


Testing a new corner
「Mizuki no Kyuukyoku Serekushon!」 [tl: Mizuki’s Ultimate Selection]
We’re taking in questions for the ultimate 2 choices!
Example) Bread and rice, which is totally your staple food?


We’ll be waiting with the 「Mizuki-sensei’s Hello!Pro Lecture」 theme, and the usual news!







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Furisode☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-01-08 22:48:56
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki



Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


2018 first individual meet-upEmoji


Everyone who attended thank you so muchEmojiEmoji


We got lots of New Year’s greetingsEmoji


Moreover today was the first clear file hand out meet-upEmoji


Clear files can be used at the work place and at school〜♡
you can decorate you house with it too〜Emoji


And! After the hand over meet-up finished we did an exchange between the membersEmoji


At home I have lots of clear filesEmojiEmoji


Everyone thank you so muchEmojiEmoji



And today is Coming-of-age DayEmoji


To all the new adults, congratulations音譜クラッカー


What kind of day did you have?はてなマーク


There were lots of new adults who came to the handshake meet-up too♡



In Hello!Project there’s lots of 20 year old members too!


Nakanishi Kana-chanEmoji
Takeuchi Akari-chanEmoji
Takagi Sayuki-chanEmoji
Yamaki Risa-chanEmoji
Manaka Inaba-chanEmoji


And from Morning Musume。’18 Ikuta Erina-chanEmoji


Everyone congratsss~ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ
Except for Mizuki it’s new adultsEmoji



I want to see everyone in furisode soon yah~♡


For all the new adults this year, Morning Musume。 is the same age huhEmoji



Mizuki had shots done afterEmoji
I never properly put them on the blog so, today I’ll put it upビックリマーク
I wore 2 but, with this kimono I had my hair down〜Emoji


By the way the other 1 was redEmoji




Today was a fun day tooEmoji
Thank you so muchEmoji





Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」
The guest next time is scheduled for Juice=Juice Uemura Akari-chan!


Currently collecting mail!
For the subject put the show name・corner name on top, and please send it from your radio membership registered address
The deadline is 1/10(Wed) 11:00 AM



Testing a new corner
「Mizuki no Kyuukyoku Serekushon!」 [tl: Mizuki’s Ultimate Selection]
We’re taking in questions for the ultimate 2 choices!
Example) Bread and rice, which is totally your staple food?


We’ll be waiting with the 「Mizuki-sensei’s Hello!Pro Lecture」 theme, and the usual news!






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Celebrate 16 Celebrate 21☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-01-07 22:58:10
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki




From the land of fairies Oba(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


1/6 Birthday
Nanagawa Nanami-chanEmoji


1/7 Birthday
Ishida Ayumi-chanEmoji


With that feeling I greeted the 2 of themEmojiEmoji



Yesterday and today at Nakano Sunplaza we had 5 performances of the Hello!Project concertsEmoji


Everyone who attended
thank you so much for the lots of support♡



Yesterday, today, both of the days, for the 2 of their birthdays, we got to celebrate both during the concert and in the dressing rooms〜Emoji


All the Hello!Mem basically call her 「Yanamin」 but
All of Juice=Juice go with 「Yanachan」 yah. You know, I like thatEmoji


Clever YanaminEmoji
Cute YanaminEmoji
Sexy YanaminEmoji


Getting to see lots of Yanamin doing her best at Hello!Con is fun♪♪
I’m supporting you on your goals for 16 year old tooヾ(*´-`*)o尸







Today you turned 21〜Emoji
Morning Musume。’18 Ishida Ayumi-chan


AyuMizuki are once again the same ageEmoji


During the concert everyone did lots of 「Sharp turn backs」!!!Emoji


I love Ayumi-chan’s KoroKoro rolling changing facial expressionEmoji
Tomorrow is Coming of Age Day!
Since then it’s been 1 year huhEmoji


From here on let’s support each other kayパー Same Age Buddyビックリマーク




I ended up enjoying my eye so I had an eyepatch during performances, I ended up having to be careful of stairs and moving around during performances.


I’m sorry for worrying everyone.


It’s healing okay so please don’t worry kay!!!




Today, preparing for their Nakano Sunplaza performance the day after tomorrow
All of Ciao Bella Cinquetti came to see us♪
We got to see each other for the first time in a while〜Emoji


There’s a day 1 space but it’s a baton-pass huhEmoji



Morning Musume。’18
Tomorrow has various meets our first handing out meet tooEmoji
We’ll be waiting at Belle Salle Shibuya First





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Berry Tea☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-01-05 22:55:52


Theme:Fukumura Mizuki



Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Last night’s 25:00~
「Hello!Project no All Night Nippon」
Did you get to hear it?


The first time for that combination on the radio!
It was full on DokiDoki heart-poundingEmoji



Mizuki also listened to it in real timeEmoji
Staying up late Fu~Emoji


Those of you who fell asleep and haven’t heard it yet
you can listen to it on radiko so please support usEmoji



Yesterday I stayed up late because
today was OFF so, I did nothing but stayed home and sleptEmoji


There’s something I wanted to do but… Sleepiness won outEmoji


But in the evening I went out shopping a little with my mom and little broEmoji


After shopping we went for tea and went home♪


I thought he was just playing with my phone
but it ended up being (my littl bro) taking so many selfies that it filled the screen… stop it!!Emoji


By the way my little bro taking pictures is about as bad at it as my MamaEmojiEmoji


Saying that from both of them, I played innocent about my own workー What? like that I played straight manー(ノД`)


The elevator we rode on the way home
there was a really good pushing sensationEmoji
It was the bestEmojiEmoji


Today my eyes hurt so all day I had my glasses so shopping was roughEmoji


Tomorrow we’re going back to Nakano SunplazaEmoji


Everyone attendingEmoji
Please give your support to Hello!Pro MembersEmoji


Let’s have fun together kayEmojiEmoji





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For Tonight’s All Night Nippon☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-01-04 23:00:29


Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji



From the Hello!Pro’s 6 groups, 1 person joined in


Nippon Broadcast-sanEmoji
Tonight 25:00〜
「Hello!Project All Night Nippon」
We get to appear!


Mo→ Fukumura MizukiEmoji
A→ Nakanishi KanaEmoji
J→ Kanazawa TomokoEmoji
Ka→ Ozeki MaiEmoji
Ko→ Hirose AyakaEmoji
Tsu→ Ogata RisaEmoji


(I tried writing it like MobekimasuEmoji)
With these 6 on a radio showEmoji
naturally this is a firstEmoji



Kananan making everyone laugh
Elder sister Kanatomo bringing us togetherEmoji


Of the 6, 5 are leader/sub-leaders but
1 was 15 year old Mai-chanEmoji
Of course she was chill tooEmojiEmojiEmoji
Well it ust made me happyEmoji


Hirose-chan got all excited like that you knowーEmoji and
Risamaru is the cool type and the 2 of them know each other well tooEmoji


The return of that corner?! andEmoji
Super nostalgic Hello!Pro songs
once again, talking about Hello!Pro and each groups goals too
Really it was excitingEmoji
the 2 hours went by in a flash!


Usually there’s Ninty Nine’s Okamura Takashi-san ANN butt
For tonight it’s a welcoming the 20th Anniversary Hello!Project SpecialEmojiEmoji


By all means! if you stay up to listen to it for me I’ll be happy you know♡♡♡
Please give me your supportEmoji



Yesterday’s Hello!Con
the influenza members increased
Morning Musume。’18 Satou Masaki
Angerme Wada Ayaka, Katsuta Rina, Murota Mizuki
Juice=Juice Miyampoto Karin (Physically unwell) Uemura Akari
Country Girls Yamaki Risa
Kobushi Factory Wada Sakurako


They were allowed leave.
We’re sorry for causing everyone worry and trouble.


We’re also firmly wearing masks and washing hands!
Everyone too please be careful.



Yesterday, the present we got from all of Morning Musume。’18Emoji the Chipe and DaleEmoji hoodies, we wore them and did rehearsals〜{C437D89C-8058-4B7A-B289-C6A50E307BE8}
It was hotEmojiEmoji






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9ki→7th Anniversary☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-01-02 23:06:05


Theme:Fukumura Mizuki



Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Our yearly customary New Year’s Hello Concerts門松
started todayラブラブ


To all the fans
for the lots of cheers, thank you so muchEmoji


EmojiHello!Pro 20th AnniversaryEmoji
With everyone’s support I very much enjoyed today’s performances 😂



Did everyone break through a good start for 2018?!Emoji


The group too changed to Morning Musume。’18
today we did our first showing of a new song too, it was DokiDoki heart-poundingEmoji



And, well that is to say, today 1/2 is!


EmojiEmojiMorning Musume。9ki membersEmoji
      EmojiBecoming a Member7th Anniversary〜!!EmojiEmoji


it’s been 7 years since that day when Tsunku♂san called our names huh😳Emoji


At the venue, lotso f you where there holding uchiwa fans and boards saying things like 「Congratulations on your 7th Anniversary」 that made me happyEmoji
Thank you so muchEmoji



There hasn’t really been days in private where the 4 of us have gathered butEmoji
Our daily (trivial) contacts has us being scrambling children EmojiEmoji


9ki supports each other and does our best!
Even now we report and consult with each other
Looking at 9ki picturess it always cheers us up!


The Nakano Sunplaza dressing room with always be a the dressing room we messed around in with the 4 of us
Now it’s the 9.10.11ki, the 6 of our dressing room.


After the concert finished getting called for information, all of us gathered in the dressing room


For an unbelievable surpr〜〜〜ise🎉🎉🎉


Matching with Eripon we got Chip and Dale hoodiesEmoji



It’s very cuteEmoji It makes me happyEmoji Thank youEmoji


Having fantastic members is a joy〜Emoji
We get to do our best in our 8th year tooEmoji
Please continue to support usEmoji




Once again today
Wada Ayaka, Satou Masaki, Uemura Akari, Yamaki Risa, these 4 due to influenza could not participate in the concert.


We are sorry for causing everyone to worry
taking care of our health too, all the Hello!Members together will do our best



Today Takahashi AI-san came to see us with her husband as a couple♪
Getting lots of words of praise , impressions, and Takahashi-san voiced her congratulations on our 7th anniversary


The day Mizuki joined, Takahashi-san gave me a pat on the head NadeNade so
today addressing us made me feel like crying



And, 3 years ago today all of Kobushi Factory formed too
Getting to celebrate together every year makes me happy-yonEmoji



For tonight〜♪
「Utakata Saturday Night!」
「Maji De sukaSUKA!」
Please listen to those going to sleep kayーー♪♪♪


♪(*´▽`)ノ(´▽`)/ ヽ(´∀`)人( ´θ`)ノ9 ~♪





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Year of the Dog☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-01-01 22:34:07
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki




Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


The New Year rises, it’s become 2018〜!!


Thank you so much for the comments tooEmoji


Everyone how did you spend the New Yearー?


Mizuki, this year too she ended up getting a New Year’s gift〜EmojiEmoji


[tl pic approx: To All of you Reading my Blog,
I hope this year we can have really joyful time together and a WANderful[Wonderful+Bark] year,
Please continue to support ’18
Morning Musume。 ’18 Fukumura Mizuki]


From today we’re Morning Musume。’18
Aiming to be a group that lots of people can give love too, II feel like I want to do my best all year this year tooEmoji
Please continue to give us your support♪♪




Yesterday at the countdown party
we cross the year together with everyone at Nakano Sunplaza, and the live viewing🎉


Hosting, Kumai Yurina-san Nakajima Saki-san
Joujou Gundan, thank you so muchEmoji


The 1st part was Morning Musume。’17’s last liveEmoji


The 2nd part was with the over-18 members
「THE Matenrou Show」 「Genki PikapPika!」 「OK YEAH!」 「Be Alive」


This time it’s increased to 9 of usEmoji
Usually the 2nd part had few of us so, with a lot of us the dressing room was funEmoji


And OG Takahashi Ai-san, Niigaki Risa-san, together we got to do
「HOW DO YOU LIKE JAPAN?〜 Nihon wa Donna Kanji Dekka?〜」 「Ren’ai Hunter」 「Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game」 「SEXYBOY〜 Soyo Kaze ni Yorisotte〜」 we got to show these 4 songs!


This songs that we got to sing again like this doing activities with the 2 of themEmojiEmoji


All the fans cheers were amazing!
Thank you so much for your support!


From tomorrow Hello!Con starts too!


2018 is the Hello!Project 20th AnniversaryEmojiEmoji


We’re doing it at Nakano Sunplaza!


The New Year, we’ll be firing it up magnificently so let’s have fun!!!


2018 is also Morning Musume。’18
Please continue to support usEmoji





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