Thank you

I gave Becky Cruel
a biiig hug


But when I hugged her
I was afraid I was gonna break her or something
She’s so delicate


We danced together to “Danjou”, a video Becky Cruel is known for upping to the internet


We also danced to Morning Musume’s Kimagure Princess


I was so touched that Becky Cruel knows
Morning Musume’s songs perfectly!


Although we couldn’t really communicate
We laughed together, and had a good time together
it was very moving


Becky Cruel-chan’s style and appearance
are, of course, cute and have no bounds
and her personality and inner self
are also cute and have no bounds! (≧∇≦)


She has a truly captivating smile,
and she takes on everything with all her might,
and she’s the type who always looks forward
I wanna have a cute personality just like her!
I really do


Becky Cruel-chan is always
laughing like “Kyaaaa ♪(≧∇≦)♪♪♪”


Even that is just sooo cute ↑♪


Every move she makes is so natural
and very docile
and the cuteness from her personality just oozes out of her ☆


Thank you very much for a lovely time today


And thank you for giving me valuable feelings, something that can’t be seen


Becky Cruel-chan thank you so much for today!


Well then, I
am a bit too excited right now… (lol)


So I’m gonna take a long bath,
and finish up some writing I have due tomorrow
and then head off to sleep early
because I have to prepare for tomorrow..


thank you for following along with me
on my super excited blog posts today


Being able to share with you my stories of happiness
in itself is another blessing for me!


I’m so glad I have all of you (*^o^*)


Please continue to support me from here on out (人´∀`)


With a smile

Becky Cruel-chan gave me these gifts
Ahh I’m so touched (;_;)


Just meeting her was moving, but now gifts…
Ahh but exciting me beyond this point
will turn me quirky


Yep, I’ve definitely turned quirky


I’m at an insane level of excitement
and I can’t stop smiling ( ̄∀ ̄)


All thanks to Becky Cruel-chan ♪


Thank you very much


She gave me
her CD “Tsubasa wo kudasai”
and her DVD “This is Becky Cruel”


and this scarf personally chosen by her
and these ball-point pens
and these pin badges


Thank you


I’ll be sure to treasure them!!!!


But, I definitely won’t use them!


I’ll be sure to store them in a safe place!!!


She signed both the CD and DVD


I’m so grateful!!!!


Anyway, I need to stop smiling now




……….. *smiles*


Ah it’s no use, it’s become my mouth shape
It won’t loosen up


Angel ☆

Becky Cruel-chan
hops with a pyon~


She’s so cute (≧∇≦)


Next is Becky Cruel-chan
going “Ooo!” raising her fist


Her cuteness has no limit (≧∇≦)


I’m quite full on it


And my feelings have swollen up


But you know…
After I said bye to Becky Cruel-chan
I’ll got all teary and cried


Angels do exist!

Dream ☆

I’ve finished all my work m(_ _)m


I guess today was kinda a hard day? But it was
absolutely terrific ↑♪


I met the world’s
Becky Cruel-chan!!!!!!!!!


Becky Cruel-chan is
a big internet hit
She is a 14 year old British girl who loves to dance


I love Becky Cruel


Lately I’ve been watching her videos on my laptop
and her DVD as well


And so today!


We met (≧∇≦)


Oh man!


My heart is pounding


Her cuteness goes beyond what you can see (>_<)


Meeting Becky Cruel-chan, who I love and is so cute, was like a dream (*^o^*)


Was it just an illusion…


Well… it felt all cloudy and white…


Well, that’s fine though!


Because I was able to get a 2shot with Becky Cruel-chan (>_<)


I asked her to do a heart mark with me!
I guess that was a bit shameless of me… now that I think about it…
But, iya!
I win for getting a pic!
A heart sign together with Becky Cruel!


As for this blog
I’ve alwaaaaays wanted to blog you know!


And I stubbornly would not give up on that idea
Now I’m glad I kept saying “I wanna blog” ↑


I’m also glad I said I like Becky Cruel and I wanna meet her ↑


I had heard it was always good to talk about your dreams and aspirations
but now I really think that’s true!


Dreams don’t just stay as dreams


When you talk about them, and put some effort in, many doors open up
And never giving up, that is very important


I mean because in reality today,
I was able to meet Becky Cruel-chan, who I love and is so cute
I wanted to blog this right away so you guys can all get the message


I’m so happy


My dreams turned into reality…


Today Becky Cruel and I did a photo shoot for FLASH magazine
and had a cute conversation!!


Please ☆ check it out ☆★


I still have some more pics, so I’ll up them V(^-^)V




Hot huh! Becky Cruel-chan!!!!


Excited! Excited!

Oh man! Oh man!


I’m so excited right now (゜∀゜;ノ)ノ


Oh man oh man!


I got the OK for me to say it on my blog
but now I’m so excited I can’t write properly
my hands are shaking!
I need to calm down… and tell you guys slowly


But oh man!


Anyways, it’s not just me, there is another person I’m working with!


I’m very excited, but my concentration is just shot (=゜-゜)(=。_。)


Ahhhhhh man


Anyways, I need to go change my clothes for the photo shoot!


Everyone please look forward to my evening report ~♪~θ(^0^ )


Ohhhhhhh man (゜∇゜)



Well now ☆★


Tonight at 10pm
“Downtown DX”


Morning Musume’s
Tanaka Reina-chan ★
Junjun ★
and myself Michishige Sayumi ★


us 3 musumes will be appearing on the show (^_^)v


I took this pic with Junjun during our recording session!


This time, the three of us wore matching checkered outfits ♪


The show itself was full of laughs and of course very interesting!
Please check it out


And if you could check out our matching checkered fashion on the side
I would be most thankful ♪♪


And now ~♪
Some very very fun work!!!!


I’m very much looking forward to it, but I’m also very nervous…


When I get the OK that I can tell you guys, I’ll do so right away
so please wait!


Well, more like I just wanna brag about it (lol)

A different power

My hairstyle for today is a suuuuper cute one ~★!♪☆


They are woven together


My hair and this string are woven together (^o^)/


I don’t know how to do this kind of weaving
So, beyond just the hair
adding in this one string like that
How the heck do they do it, it’s so strange (=゜-゜)(=。_。)


Professional hair stylists are truly amazing ~♪


This kinda makes my Kimagure hair arrangement show yesterday look sad (∋_∈)
*rubs eyes* (ρ_;)


Well, please notice all the effort I’ve put into this too!


Right now!!

I’m recording!


For the show “Minna no katei no igaku”


I’ve learned a lot from this show and
again learned some new ways to better myself ↑


Please ☆
I want you to see what’s in this show
in addition to my cute self
“Minna no katei no igaku”
airs March 2nd!
Please watch!


Please support me (^人^)


My outfit is like this ♪
A one piece ☆ from beberose
A lace vest ☆ from Rojita !!


After looking at these pics,
allow me to say for you what you’re all thinking! (b^ー°)♪


“How cuuuuuuute (≧∇≦)”


At lunch…

I spent the entire morning matching my clothes ☆


I tried on a ton of clothes ☆


I think I probably changed my clothes today…
the same amount you guys do in 2 weeks ♪


Right now, I’m having lunch with my manager and
my favorite, always helpful stylist ♪~θ(^0^ )


Seafood curry rice ☆
I’m soo full (⌒~⌒)♪
The squid was squidtastic (lol)


Also, even though I was full, I had some cheesecake too ☆


I really ate a lot


Right now I’m on the move again!
I’m in a tunnel at this very moment


Ah, just exited the tunnel!


Sorry there isn’t much to this blog post


Probably because I…
Ate too much squid that it made my squidy


Everyone, maybe this’ll be the perfect squid
for those of you who are just starting to squid me


Well, it’s all squid ♪
* Let me know if you think the squid jokes are unclear



Good morning ♪


Since this morning..
well more like since it is morning?


It’s suuuuuuuuper cold {{(>_<;)}} In Tokyo ☆


The weather forecast had the snow symbol!!!


And the lowest temperature showed 1 degrees!!!




I’m pretty sure that water starts to freeze over at 0 degrees though?


Unless my elementary school teacher was mistaken, that’s what I learned…


But some how, at 1 degrees there will be snow!


Weird, how does that work (?_?)


Well first of all, did I fail to understand
the science of it when I was in elementary school!?


Understand science.
Understand science..


…and now I shall end with a pun…


It’s cold again in Tokyo today!


And it seems like I’m just as lame too 彡(-_-;)彡
* Cold temperature and lame joke are the same word