From the WEAR Master☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-12-06 21:56:31


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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today throughoutt the morning 9.10.11ki had workEmoji


These members gathering is nostalgic huh… that said


It’s a recording for 「Morning Musume。’18’s Morning Gakuin〜Houkago Meeting 9ki 10ki 11ki 6 members gathered special!」♪


Attendance number 5
Harunan’s last attendance.



Thank you. Wanting to convey that it always ends up being the same words.
Really I’m always greateful more than I can say with my mouth


With the time we have left, concerts and stuff
We gotta convey these feelings together yahEmoji



The recording was cheery fun, the usual us!
And with that we deliveredEmojiEmoji



This weekend, Fukumura, Nonaka, and Yokoyama are delivering
next weekend is the 9.10.11ki 1 hour special so
Please listen to both for sure kay〜♪


Today’s recordings nad shoots were fun
After that, we had work heading towards ’19 tooEmoji



That said〜Emoji


Mizuki’s today’sEmoji ShifukumuraEmoji [tl: Shifuku/personal clothes + Fukumura]
The clothes I got as a birthday present from HarunanEmoji


Mizuki’s boots she’s wearing (Navy) seem to match her! I’ve felt that they do!
These shoes are my most liked ones that matchEmojiEmoji


Of course that’s the WEAR MasterEmoji
(She’s being called that by everyoenEmoji)





Today’s Fukumura Make-upEmojiEmoji
The one I wrote about on the blog yesterday, I did my mascara and eyeliner in the color Mizuki likes〜♪


Can you tell I wonderー?? Can you see it I wonder?
You can tell can’t you?!!Emoji


Two-step mascara E


Liquid eyeliner S


At lives and stuff it’s dark brown and
black first so it can be seen clearly


For events and the usual here and there, I use these cosmetics♡


Being surrounded by colors I like makes me happy you knowEmojiEmoji


Today’s blog is just a little
high in girl powerEmojiEmoji






From today at KIDDY LAND-san
The sale of Gaokkiー plushies have started〜〜〜EmojiEmojiEmoji


By all means please Get it kayEmoji




12/12  Evening 7:00〜
「2018 FNS Kayousai 2nd Night」
4 and a half hour live broadcast766.gif


Morning Musume。’18 gets to appear 1075.gif




Released yesterday,
Fukumura Mizuki solo BD「One day」


Those of you who have already Gotten it too m(__)m
Thank you so muchEmoji




Hello!Moba Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」
Kobushi Factory’s Hirose Ayaka-chan guest episode
now distributingEmojiEmoji
→Hello!Moba Membership Registration is here





DVD 「Morning Musume。’18 Fukumura Mizuki・Nonaka Miki Birthday Event」


Nonaka and Mizuki’s Birthday Event DVD are being sold as a set478.png


Application deadline is 2018/12/27 (Thr) 1946.gif


473.pngApplications are here〜467.png











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Please Listen!

2018-12-06 11:46:30






Michishige Sayumi 「SAYUMINGLANDOLL~Tokyo~」 Original Soundtrack CD💿
Since yesterday, general sales are starting!!!お願いラブラブラブラブラブラブ





Happiness 😭😭💓



It’s got lots of new songs!!!!!!!!



Fantastic songs, we got to make lots.
I’m filled with feelings of gratitude.







I got to sing songs from my time in Morning Musume。 solo!


『Help me!!』
『Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe』


These 2 songs,
the lyrics and chorus, all of it, this time I redid them with my voice!!




When recording,
doing the chorus and all of it,
while listening to the at the time’s Sayashi (Sayashi Riho-chan)’s voice I sang itピンク音符ピンク音符ピンク音符




I thought once again I like RihoRiho’s voice yahー
I want to see her
I like her voice too but
I like RihoRiho yahー
thinking that I did the recording♡


I want you to hear it✨✨✨✨








Please give me your support❤️❤️❤️









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Attack No.1☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-12-05 22:34:43


Theme:Fukumura Mizuki




Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Angerme’s starring play
Theater Girl Troupe 「Attack No.1」


I got to go see it〜Emoji



Each of the characters
match the actual Angerme membersEmoji


With that significance without thinking there were parts I ended up tearing up, and I felt hte firely camaraderieEmoji



With Yagisawa Kaoru played by Akari-chanEmoji
Her Kansai dialect was cute〜EmojiEmoji


Coming out of Akari-chan’s mouth
O○○○○○ call was the best tooEmojiEmoji


Funakkiー and Kawamuー and Akari-chan as 3 sisters
It’s nice yah〜Emoji


Wanting to cheer for them even if they were the enemy team is amazingEmoji
That’s how real and how much heat I got so I felt like that, I was impressedEmoji



Seeing Angerme like that
was very funEmoji


Murotan’s character too, each and every movement
in all kinds of ways was really greatEmoji


The strength of the core Rinapuー has and her singing voice were both wonderfulEmojiEmoji


I like Kassaー’s songsEmoji
How she sings was cute tooEmoji


Kananan appearance was backwards?? the feelings I thought as the gap between the members was linked together


How Rikako’s impact and emotions were connectedEmojiEmoji


Kamiko’s friendliness and her voice matching with Wada-sanEmoji


They always have this WachaWacha chatty feel and
Wada-san, felt put together like a Kyu! too


It was like 「Tsugitsugi Zokuzoku」Emoji
↑This, I wonder if those who went to see it with have a similar responseEmoji


Hearing those lines made me happy tooEmoji


Ichioka Reina-chanEmoji
Shimakura Rika-chanEmoji
Nishida Shiori-chanEmoji
Eguchi Saya-chanEmoji


And Girl Troupe’s Onoda Ayu’s growth tooEmoji


The play songs had cute singing voices too〜EmojiEmoji


CHICA#TETSU girls are also Kansai Kantou
they’re divided just like that yah 😜♪


7 performances leftEmoji
Those who haven’t been able to see it yet by all means go to the theaterEmoji






For today at the shoot, the make-up artist-san did a manicure for meEmoji


Mizuki likes it, and occasionally she’s using
mascara of the same color


it’s a color I like〜Emoji






Announcement 672.gif
12/14 (Fri)’s release of Fukumura no Heya is the
「Right Before Iikubo Haruna’s Graduation SP」
We’re accepting mai until 12/6 (Thr) 19:00!
The 2 of us will be waiting for your letters✨


The address is halomoba@gmail.com25745.gif
→Hello!Moba Membership Registration is here




DVD 「Morning Musume。’18 Fukumura Mizuki・Nonaka Miki Birthday Event」


Nonaka and Mizuki’s birthday event DVDs are being sold as a set478.png















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Plushie〜☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-12-04 21:51:46


Theme:Fukumura Mizuki




Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


In my house we got GaokkiーEmoji


Kurara is there too〜Emoji


From the day after tomorrow 12/6, at Kiddy land-san (Limited to 4 stores)
they’re being soldーEmojiEmoji





Moreover you know, going shopping
it comes with a special extra tooEmoji


For details please look hereEmoji


Recommended Gaokkiー goodsEmoji
There’s lotsEmoji



I put it up on the blog earlier too but〜


Caribadix Morning Musume。
「Renai Revolution 21」 Cover MV


The Gaokkiー made it tooEmoji
It’s one of my favorites I’ve watched it countless timesEmoji


All of CaribadixEmoji
Gaokkiー thank youEmoji


Mizuki Ver. of Gaokkiー is
Deep pink with a Kurara at her belly too〜EmojiEmoji


By all means! Please totally get it kayEmoji
Please give your supportEmojiEmoji





Lately for my skin I’m not be using make-up 😣💦


I’m taking lots of vitamins
In Mizuki style I hurry to sleep
I take time ot get sleep
I drink lots of hot water too
my skin’s returned back〜😌✨


That’s still not everything but 😣
every day there’s medicine too!!!



I’ll restore it〜 I’ll restore it〜っ😌
Mizuki’s this year is to have SubeSube smooth skin that’s why yah 💖



From today (12/4)
Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」


Has been released⭐️


The guest is…
Kobushi Factory’s Hirose Ayaka-chan 🎀


For each of us an anniversary and
talking about being leaders
and about Eripon too…Emoji
End of the year talking tooEmoji


I think it became a Hirose-chan like episodeEmoji


It was funEmoji


By all means listen to it kay〜Emoji


→Hello!Moba membership registration is here




Even more! An announcement Emoji
For 12/14 (Fri) release of Fukumura no Heya It’s the

「Right Before Iikubo Harunan’s Graduation SP」

Mail accepting is until 12/6 (Thr) 19:00!
We’ll be waiting for letters for the 2 of us✨


Address is halomoba@gmail.comEmoji




FujiTV-san 「2018 FNS Kayousai 1st Night」
It’s tomorrow you know♪♪


For Morning Musume。’18, we’re appearing in the 2nd nightEmoji


Don’t miss it〜Emoji
Watch tomorrow too yonEmoji







DVD 「Morning Musume。’18 Fukumura Mizuki・Nonaka Miki Birthday Event」


Nonaka and Mizuki’s Birthday Event DVD are being sold as a setぽってりフラワー


The application deadline is 2018/12/27(Thr) Emoji


乙女のトキメキApplications are here〜おすましペガサス


The Mizuki towel including hood too
did you pre-order it I wonder〜はてなマーク


Mizuki wants it soon too〜EmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji











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#HarunanDesireTour #IWantToBePretty #Hancock ? Iikubo Haruna

2018-12-04 19:40:12


Theme:Iikubo Haruna







Yesterday, today, was solo various meet-ups!



Everyone who came, thank you so much (*´꒳`*)
People coming to see me, makes me very happy!


With this, there are those who said it’s the last we’d meet and, thoes that’d say we’ll meet at Budokan too.
And not necessarily, it seems there were those who would be there watching from home with live viewings (*´-`)


And, those asying “this time might be the last time,” and had the courage for the first time to come see me.



Everyone, everyone, thank you so much!



Giving me lots of happy words, lots of you were there that talked about how they understood me, the feelings of kindness were overflowing!



Those that said watching me they started having all kinds of hobbies!, and those there that told me how they did their best to be pretty too, it made me happy (*´꒳`*)


For me, I end up having an interest in everything so, similarly I’ve got all kinds of interests, and the things you like increasing a lot, I think that’s great!
People with lots of likes I think will have a fun life that’s why!



Being pretty too you know, it’s having confidence in yourself you know! That’s number one!
To be pretty there’s things you can start with that are easy too, and there’s harsh and scary things.
Me too, since fixing my teeth I can smile without worry about anything, that makes me happy! I want to smile with all I have!




Yup that’s right, the picture I took with everyone that came on the bus tour, since there were those that voiced they wanted it up.












It’s filled with great smiles (*´◒`*)




I want to gather together with everyone again soon you know.


…I tried saying it like it’s friends gathering. lol





Voices saying, The bus tour was fun! and, I want to do it again! Hearing them made me really happy.


I’m glad everyone got to have a fulfilling time (*´◒`*)
Hehehe, I want to do it again too!








My bangs have grown quite a bit but, at my current length it’s pretty much the same as ONE PIECE’s Boa・Hancock you know〜












…it’s presumptuous waーi! lol




I’m sorry for getting carried away. lol lol





I’ll do mybest to be a person who can charm everyone like Hancock ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ






It’s still continuing into a Cheki event!






Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji















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2018-12-04 17:51:21















these pictures from a bit ago!!!!!!!





Sorting through my picture folder
seeing pictures around this time
I ended up wanting to cut my hairーーーー💦










No but you know I want to grow it out.




It’s justー, looking at pictures around this time


All right, I’ll grow it out!!!! I thought back to thatイエローハートイエローハートイエローハートイエローハートイエローハート










Well well
me recentlyパー


It’s pretty
grown out yah〜ハート



Mmhmm! I won’t cut it I’ll let it growーバイバイ


That said
I’ll be funny if I suddenly cut it huhー!



I think I’ll probably let it grow though!!!!










This blog…


You’re just hearing me talk to myselfー just that yahー


Really, just whatever, or ratherー



Really yo uknow, do what you like!


That’s how it feels yah!!!! lol





And so, have you read it to the endー!?



Thank youハートハートハートハート










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Number One Lot!!!☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-12-03 21:57:02


Theme:Fukumura MIzuki




Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


In Hello!Project
the new close friends have increased yah!



First off, Angerme


from Hello!Pro Trainee Hokkaido
Oota Haruka-chan 15 years old


And Hokkaido native
Ise Reira-chan 14 years old


these 2Emoji



Successful applicants from the ONLY YOU Audition


Are going to BYOOOOONDS


Hirai Miyo-chan  19 years old
Kobayashi Honoka-chan 18 years old
Satoyoshi Utano-chan 18 years old



These 3 are picked to joinEmoji




For Hello!Project after this too please gie us your supportEmojiEmojiEmoji


It’s getting increasing bustling but
EveryoneEmoji please come along kayEmoji






Yesterday, when we went to Ise Jinguu I talked about it but…


Suddenly, I had a good luck incident!!!
👑 Number One Lot for KINGDOM HEARTS🗝❤


A Prize Sora & King Mickey statue
C Prize Blanket with hood
D Prize Keyblade pen
E Prize Hand towel
F Prize Glass×2
G Prize Charm Collection
I got themmm〜〜EmojiEmojiEmoji


Honestly which I got and getting any but


Unbelievably A Prize is amazing isn’t it?笑い泣きEmoji
I wanted C and D too so I’m really happyドキドキ


Coming home immediately I showed it off to my familyEmojiEmoji



And you know, Mama likes Shironeko Project’s
Hoshitanuki butEmoji


Looking at a convenience store, she was taken at first sightEmoji
She wanted the plushie it’s cuteー she said


And, talking about wanting plushies
I was still doing it so Mizuki pulled for another thing.


Then I got the Hoshitanuki plateEmoji
She was overjoyed, I’m gladEmoji



That unbelievable development
it was an amazing incident I couldn’t hideハッ


In the end of November I said I was saving up
it was for this number one lotEmojiEmoji


Just like that I got lucky it was great huh〜EmojiEmojiEmoji







12/12 (Wed) Evening 7:00〜
「2018 FNS Kayou Matsuri 2nd Night」
A live broadcast for 4 and a half hoursEmoji


Morning Musume。’18 gets to appearEmoji











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Doing Mikan Day!

2018-12-03 21:28:13





Good Eveningーーーラブラブラブラブラブラブ




Today, over and over



I spent time looking back at bus tour photos!!!!






From the 1st Day moment handing out hand warmers
to seeing everyone off
Slowly and carefully I’m looking at everythingニコニコニコニコニコニコ



























It’s pink yahピンクハートうさぎピンクハート





Sorry I put mosiac all over it yah
I thought there might be people who wouldn’t want to be put up on here maybe.
But seeing everyone off like this, once again, I, really had fun getting to put them upハートEveryone’s mood was so fun, Aa I really thought I like these people. Saying byebyーe felt lonely though yah…



By the way,
In my picture folder
everyone full of smiles are firmly there
When I see them it’s a joyピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート
I’m fill with joyful memoriesーーー!!!





The time getting to see everyone
It was toーーtally fun yah…


I felt full of love!!!


Thank youハートハートハート





And you know, today,


It’s Mikan Day


ya know!?



Did you eat Mikanー???




For me with the bus tour
the mikan I bought back from the mikan picking,
I ate those 🍊



Everyone who came to the bus tour
have you already eaten them all???✨



Hamamatsu mikan, they’re yummy yah !!




Yummy, that said, right before coming home I got to eat Hamamatsu Gyoza too though!
It was really yummy🥟












Mikan Sayuming, I put her upうさぎちょうちょUMAくん





Seems I’m still immersed in the lingering memories yah…ピンクハート











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#Family #JOJO Iikubo haruna

2018-12-03 17:14:43


Theme:Iikubo Haruna








This is personal but, yesterday, our family’s second daughter gave girth to a child〜(*´◒`*)!



Today, I had time in the afternoon so, I went to see them!









Cute ヽ(;▽;)ノ


Children are a treasure ヽ(;▽;)ノ!



I’m your aunt〜, I said that while holding them!




It’s amazing yah, this kind of big baby, a splendid baby was born!
It’s an honor!!!
I totally couldn’t do that!


For about 30 minutes, she was constantly in contractions so she probably staggering, seeing her I thought my little sister who I’ve never felt was like that before is really strong.



Oh my they were really very cute!
I want to see them again soon!
But I can’t see them until they get out of the hospital ヽ(;▽;)ノ



I, really really want to pamper them (`・ω・´) lol
I’m gonna get them to really listen to Morning Musume。 songs! I’ve got so many songs I want you to hear!
Now I’m listening to 「Mikan」 but you know
Listening to Mikan I cry! lol lol



Grow big kay〜!








Yesterday Fukumura Mizuki gave me candy〜♡










It’s a collabo with JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure she said!


So nice〜!!



It’s totally Giorno・Giovanna (*´ー`*)!



Even more I love the papabubble candies!
Thank you so much Fukumura-san (*´꒳`*)♡




Today from here is solo various meet-ups!
I’m offー!



Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji














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