Today’s dinner

2017-07-25 01:20:55


Now, my practice is done too and I’m HetoHeto exhausted…


My husband is currently holding two plays
so more than me
he’s even more HetoHeto exhaustedあせるDASH!DASH!




And so, to give us power





We got meat 🍖🍗








It’s meat so with just 1 glass of wine🍷 Kanpai💓☺️💗





Today too, Job Well Done for the whole day💪☺️


Oh my




To dreamland with Ted.




Job Well Done( *˙˙*)/”




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Formationing☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-07-24 23:28:37
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Yesterday Chiichan said, 「Let’s look at this together♪」 
and showed me Momochi-senpai’s graduation photobookEmojiEmoji


Momochi-senpai and Chiichan were cute♡


And you know, we talked about Momochi-senpai too〜EmojiEmoji



Today it was from BaraBara all over work to all member lessonsEmojiEmoji


Before lessons it was dinner
and we ate together, Moritochi, Odasaku, Maria, Eripon, and Mizuki〜EmojiEmoji


Mizuki got chilled grated nameko soba!



Ahー that’s rightーEmoji
Morito Chisaki-chan’s called nameEmoji
【Moritochi】 the members calling her that are increasing!
【Chiichan】 I often hear Harunan’s voice calling her that you know
【Moーriー】 The dance instructors call her that so that’s fine♪ It’s turning out like that
【MoriMori】 From Moーriー once again breakign it down Masaki-chan is calling her that sometimes




Mizuki based on the day, goes with Chiichan or MoritochiEmojiEmoji
Before lessons the members arriving at the studioEmoji


Well naturally it’s like we’ve gotten into formation!!Emoji


Today I went and did radio recordingsEmoji


And today while coming home too I’ll drink ice coffeeEmojiEmoji





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In Risako’s Heart

2017-07-24 20:41:45


Acting as Risako, in her heart




It’s like this




Occasionally it’s neither










There are times like that.






It’s a play but,
there are moments when it’s like
I don’t know if this is a play or if it’s not.



It feels lke a people’s play watching it.




It’s real you know



they say.






It seems like that kind of thing.



Oh no



There might be things like that you know.




they say.






Pursuing real




Pursuing real





A momentary break.



Pursuing real





Every day is like this








Survivingly too



Soon it’ll be the real show.





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2017-07-24 19:10:38


Practice finished.





Steadily, I could see this world.




The moment you get into the details of emotions like a puzzle





Not being able to say anything, it becomes a feeling yah.






In the tense atmosphere, there were these yummy crepes
today was comforting.








I love these crepes.




Today from the variety of kinds


I tried picking the coffee jelly one but,


It really had coffee jelly in it,
for sure it was coffee jelly.



In any case it was yummy.




Tomorrow practice is early too.





I’ll do my best.










I put a picture in.


While a little DokiDoki heart-pounding, I tried to put one in. ( *˙˙*)あせる







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Childhood Memories And Iikubo Haruna

2017-07-24 17:11:01
Theme:Iikubo Haruna







Yesterday, I was close with work so in my free time I went to Hiroo (*´-`)



The place I lived up until my first year in elementary school.



Before for that shoot I went to Arisugawa park but, at that time I didn’t go to the shopping district or anything…



And so I walked it for the first time in 15 years.


The shopping district, the apartments I lived in before, Hiroo park I went to every day, nursery school, elementary school…



It was so nostalgic, I ended up feeling like I would cry (*´◒`*)



Especially Hiroo park’s JabuJabu pond, long time ago it was more greet but now it’s gotten really clean, I was surprised!


There are turtles and stuff! And the day after festivals there were loaches too! lol


In my friends the area of Hiroo park and their Mamas were always there,
catching the cicadas that would stop on the park trees, having beyblade matches, exchanging Yugioh cards and stuff☆



I’d borrow my friends bicycle without training wheels and practice, I remember ending up being able to ride a bicycle too (*´-`)


And nursery school’s sports day was always at Hiroo park!
Before, even though the ground was sand, now it commonly lawn, and the plaza place has buildings build.



More than anything, the park feels very small,
long ago with my small body it felt very spacious it was mysterious.





The shopping district too you know, the greengrocer-san where the older man always gave me candy when I went is gone now,
and the fish market-san where on the way home from English conversation class the older man would ask about my progress from that day is gone now too


The gallery changed, there’s lots of fashinable stores there now.




Going to see my friends house, even though the house was there, the inside was empty,


Ahh that’s right, they moved huh, but I moved too yah, it felt like things changed from that time



It’s very heartrending.




But Hiroo plaza and the shopping districts sushi shop-san, and the public bathhouse-san, the unchanging scenery made me very happy!






I haven’t gone back recently but, my home area also is steadily changing too huh.



Usually with my friends we’d say thingsl ike there’s noーthing in our home area! but


My hometown changing, it makes me feel lonely you know (*´-`) lol





But this little adventure, it was fun!


Next time, I want to go adventuring in Odaira where I lived just when I was a second year elementary schooler, that’s what I feel (*´◒`*)☆







Reallーーーy, this has just turned into talk about myself huh(*⁰▿⁰*) lol lol



Well, today, it’s all kinds of Harunan and so♡



I’ll put up the self-shots I took yesterday kay♡ huhu













Kinda displeased. lol
I wasn’t miserable or anything maybe that’s why (*´-`) lol lol




I’m making a face like this but I’m really energetic! lol



Today I’m off to do my best with work after this tooー(*´◒`*)




Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji












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Thinking About It

2017-07-24 02:10:42










Today finished too.



Of course, plays are interesting you know.
I feel that but
it’s that and at the same time
it’s hard.



Hard, or I should say




This time, it’s really pursuing real, doing practices


we aren’t getting it right you know.



People, because of the tone of voice of your partner talking, and eye movement
the responses are different every time.



And so, it’s interesting you know



Whaーt did you say?!(lol)



I don’t really get it but what I don’t really get is
people so




That no matter how much, can I convey that to the audience?



But, I gotta convey it!!!!



Thinking that too much is no good you know






It’s hard huh. lol









things he wants to present.





That, in any case, going by my own way, every day I’m trying out things




And it’s that kind of things every day.




And so,




Every day I’m doing it MoyaMoya fuzzily (lol)




「Ohーmyー! Today nothing good came up」



nothing like that happened that’s why.




So, it’s fun you know





Any way, to see it…






to feel it



please come kay.













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Summer!Hot!☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-07-23 23:09:26
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today is Sunday!
A day off without concerts is still mysteriousEmojiEmoji


Today all day there was lots of moving aroundEmoji


I think when I use the trains


For this station, where do I transfer to what…
what number exit is that over there〜 and what not, getting it in my head…


Now I have to get there myself already that’s all!Emoji
Even looking into it, I want to be able to go with Papa you knowEmoji




Today is the first with the new formation Emoji’17Mem-SurveyEmoji
I surveyed, 【Recommended desserts you want to eat on a hoーt summer】Emoji


Ikuta   Frozen condensed milk strawberries
Yokoyama   Strawberry Kakigoori
Nonaka   The Jumbo with choco inside
Iikubo   Haagen-Dazs
Oda   Mizuyoukan
Makino   Melonbar
Satou  GariGarikun
Ishida  Watermelon ends
Haga  Chocomint
Morito  Chocomint ice cream
Kaga  Choco ice cream!!!
Ogata  Ice
Kudou  Earth


Oi Kudou!EmojiEmoji
With every thing she seems to go with earthEmoji
[tl note: Kudou blog post explains that the kanji 土 which I called “earth” is used for a tiramisu flavored product that is from a particular store for limited times]



If Fukumura had to pick among these, far and away
I want to eat the frozen condensed milk strawberries!
And, frozen fruits shaved like kakigoori, that stuff too〜EmojiEmoji


Ayumi-chan’s watermelon ends…Emoji
They certainly seem luxuriously good♡
But, if it were the centeres you knowEmojiEmoji


For Akanechine she’s got a chocomint comrade〜EmojiEmoji


Mizuki’s recommendation hasn’t changed this year either
Iced anzuカキ氷Emoji


Ah, on a hot night, if I’ve ended up making you want to eat, I’m sorry you knowEmojiパーにひひ




With the lesson finished, ice coffeeラブラブキラキラ





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Watashi no Shounen Iikubo Haruna

2017-07-23 22:57:14
Theme:Iikubo Haruna
[tl manga title: My Boy]








The other day, I got vol.3.












Sheesh… it was the best, vol.3!!!!










Vol.3 that’ll make you feel your heartrending.



But, thanks to the last part’s closer, it’s not ending, vol.3 has a great sensation reading it.




I felt like coming across a cute angel like Mashuu-kun in Akiko-san is great you know, but, reading vol.3, it’s absolutely level-headed Akiko-san so it’s logicial huh.


I too want to be a level-headed woman when I become 30! Aim for Akiko-san!



I’m anxiously awaiting vol.4 too (*´꒳`*)♡







Yesterday’s broadcast of Yantan, Yoshizawa Hitomi-san was guest and…



I got to meet her child♡♡♡










My Boy♡ (Nope)




Very cute, comforting…


Toddling around, standing always getting balanced…
it was cute…(*´꒳`*)



Yoshizawa-san shared a bit of her food for him to eat, seeing Mother Yoshizawa-san up close, it felt very mysterious…!


Those of you who watched her on TV, my senpai, being Mamas is mysterious…


Mysterious but, very, very fantastic yah, once again I felt that ^ ^!




I look forward to getting to meet again!





For my clothes today, I’m wearing a mesh peplum top♪
Odashi, Nonaka, Kaediー also appear♡
Look at it KAYーーーーーー





Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji











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2017-07-23 22:11:30



It’s the stickers I got recentlyーピンクハートピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート







Cute 😭💕



For the reason I chose these…


The right stickers,



well… it has a 🎀 fashionable 🎀 atmosphere so



I wanted to stick one on the day I started Instagram in my schedule book!!!お願い






The left owl stickers…



It’s cause this year is the year of the rooster!🐔



In rememberence of this year, I bought themチョキ





Well, owl stickers, they sell a lot of those right!?


Because it’s still the year of the rooster!??


Or maybe it’s because owls are popular tooー!???






Among all the lots of owl stickers, I liked these the bestオカメインコ
It’s some of my favorites!!!!!







This is the full body shot of my clothes that I put up earlier on Insta you knowピンクハート


For my blog I’ll put up a different shot kay照れ


Well then everyone
Good Night⭐︎☆⭐︎☆⭐︎☆





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