Mos Burger★

2022-03-25 14:21:20

Yesterday for the first time in a while for someーーーー reason
I ended up wanting to eat a hamburger
Using UberEats I order Mos Burger 🍔


The package was Kirby ふんわり風船ハートふんわり風船ハートぽってり苺ハートのバルーン


Mos Burgers are yummy yah〜

I can’t get enough of this ample onion feelハートキラキラ

After I wanted to eat like 2 more you know 🤣 lol

The I want to eat two more after this pose 笑い泣きチョキ

Wakame Consumption☆

2022-03-23 23:42:16

[tl picture: I wanted to consume Wakame, Today
I made Wakame rice!
I love basic white rice so it adds a light flavor]

It’s just as I put up on an Insta story before ❤️

I made it looking at the recipe but

I made it with a rare light flavor キメてるキラキラ

[tl pic: It was very delicous | I wonder if my hair will grow faster with this-!?]

I want my hair to grow fast you know

By my birthday I want it to reach to my chest…笑い泣き

I like a bob too though you know てへぺろ

But now, I feel like I want it to grow so much ❣️ lol

By the way

wakame rice

The 3rd cooking! lol

I ate a lot I’m hoping for the Wakame to be effectiveおにぎりおにぎりおにぎりおとめ座おとめ座おとめ座

Ah, of course, I didn’t eat the 3rd one in one go!!! lol lol

I made a side dish with just bell peppers being the only ingredient other than seasoning ✨✨

I like bellpeppers

bitterness is great yah!

I basically like the taste out of habitー.お茶

This is so yummy, I made it a second time.

Cucumbers 🥒

This and, wakame rice 🍚 they’re being eaten constーーantly yah ☺️🙃

Lately cooking is fun

Looking at cooking apps,

Since I sleep while watching cooking videos

my dreams are overflowing with food too 🍚🍚

And with that

Oyasayumin ステーキパスタカップラーメンジュース焼肉

Usachan Peace

2022-03-22 12:35:00

Today is Usachan Peace day… うさぎ
It is!
Well, with that today,
キラキラ SAYUMINGLANDOLL~Mirai~ キラキラ
5/23 (Mon) 〜 6/1 (Wed) Performancesダイヤモンドダイヤモンドダイヤモンド
FC Priority Applications

SS Box Seats,・S Seats,・A Seat applications are on their final dayうさぎクッキー

It’s today, the 22nd until 17:00!ピンクハート


If you like… おねがい乙女のトキメキ
Well, here,

off shots from then うさぎ

It’s kinda pretty

no、st、al、gi、c ❣️❤️❤️❤️

Well well then💞

Laters kay パーハート

Before I knew it♡

2022-03-21 20:09:36

Avocado is yummy〜❤️

seasoned with a relatively large amount of garlic ☺️

Avocado🥑 Before I didn’t lke it but

before I knew it I’ve come to really really really like it yah ❤️✨


The chicken breast meat I made here was yummy too ❣️

It has that sweet and salty kinda feel ✨


For today’s lunch, I wade a super suitable pizza toast 🤣🤣🤣

Even though I had peppers and onions, cutting it is a pain, so it’s just ham and cheese lol lol

But it was yummy ✨

Cheese, it’s the best ❣️ピザチーズチーズパン

Before taking the picture I ended up taking a bite,

Taking a picture of that was embarrassing so it ended up being a close up picture 🤣🤣🙃

Well well then うさぎクッキー

Now I’m going to eat the white peach daifuku I bought at the super ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート🍑

Bread Festival♡

2022-03-20 22:45:36

In the previous blog I wrote
I ended up wanting to eat french bread (I was influenced seeing what I ate in the past. lol)
I thought I have some at home so I should eat it
I was unsure, “what should I eat it withーー?” but
I ate it with celery and carrot kinpira in it
it was yummy 爆笑爆笑爆笑
Bread’s gyuーーー soft feel
the kinpira’s ShakiShaki crisp feeling
the difference in food texture was great!!
And I made it wiht dry-cured ham in it too
2 kind ニヤリ コッペパン 🥖🥖
And the bread was so delicious
leaving it to the dry-cured ham I made more and ate it
I’m really very full ❣️❣️❣️☺️
Today without thinking about it, it ended up being a bread festival 食パンスイーツロールケーキ

I don’t have any pictures from today but〜
from a little bit back, a day where my make up was relatively solid 💄✨
Well then, laters kayー💕

Cutting My Bangs Story and Cooking

2022-03-20 16:37:55

The day before the instalive….✨
My bangs have grown huh〜
I wonder if I should cut themーーーーーー

and so, a before cutting them, I took a self-shot 爆笑爆笑爆笑

I went with a straight cut 😆

The trimming method, is a mystery 😂

I love curled floaty bangs too though ♡

Of course what’s calming is this here爆笑ピンクハート


an incident that happened that I talked about during the instalive,

I’ll put up a picture of the 『Cucumber and ginger cooking』 パーキラキラ

It was refreshingly delicious ニコニコ❣️

And, with the celery I had left yesterday,

I used the carrorts I had left at home,

and just made some kinpira 乙女のトキメキ

Even thoguh I wanted to sense the celery the carrot’s prominence was too strong 🥕 lol

I put in too many carrots huh 😂 (I put in all the carrors we had at home ☺️

But it came out delicious!✨

Ah, in the same flow, I’ll put up a bit of cooking againーーー!☺️

I saw the recipe on the cooking page for the now on sale Bijin Hyakka April issue and made that,

Slow boiled pork dressed with TomaKim [tl:Tomato Kimchee] 🍅

It was really very delicious❣️❣️✨

I love kimchee!

The other day, I reaーーーlly wanted to eat garlic french bread,

But they weren’t selling any at the super market,

I bought normal french bread and made some コッペパンメロンパン食パン

It was really simple 笑い泣き

It was yummy, I was satisfiedてへぺろ飛び出すハート

Seeing this, now I want to eat bread again too 🥖

I love french bread!

I love things with chewy texture!!!

I put it up on twitter too but,

Current in fashion? In topic?

☆Mayaku Tamago☆ [tl: Mayak Eggs aka Korean Marinated Eggs]

It was yummy so,

I made a second batch too☺️

The sauce is so all-purpose!

On rice

on nattou

with soba dipping sauce

In this style as a cooking sauce you can use it, it’s super good ✨

This is, chicken breast steak !!

For lookign to the end, thank you so much 💗💗💗おねがい

Rebirth 5th Anniversary

2022-03-20 07:21:05

Good Morning 💗

Yesterday, 3/19 was,

The 5th anniversary of my rebirth! and so,

I did an instalive !!!!!!

5th anniversary pose パー



On the instalive,

I made ✨✨

☆Sayumi Salad☆🥗

The wieners, I fried at home グラサンハート

On my rebirth 5th anniversary day,

it was through an instalive but

I’m really happy I got to interact with everyone!!!うさぎピンクハートリボン

It was my first instalive in a while so I was just a little bit nervous though lol

Of course it was fun, I like it you knowおねがい

I wonder what I’ll do next time ??

What do you want me to do, got anything like that!?

I’m thinking of all kinds of things too 照れ!!

For the Sayumi Salad leftovers,

I put it in the bentou box I brought the wieners in and brought it home ピンクハートハートピンクハートハート

Of course, Sayumi Salad is really delicious 🥗✨

The person who thought it up, genius!!!! lol

And and

The bear apron is cute, it’s a favorite 🐻✨

I loーーーve the bear pattern 🧸💓

I’m totally in a bear boom❣️❣️❣️

Lookie lookie 💓 This is my eye shadow from eysterday, I wanted to show it so I took this picture…

In the mirror,

Sayumi Salad’s reflecting😆😆😂🥗

I did this pattern too↓爆笑爆笑笑い泣き🐰

SNIDEL BEAUTY-san’s Eye Shadowアイシャドウポーチダイヤモンド


The 5th anniversary of my rebirth…

Really it’s gone by in a flash ☺️

I talked about it on the instalive too but…

All kinds of things happened in these 5 years but,

No matter what happened what didn’t change is my feelings that I love singing and dancing 💓

I’m bad at it but you know, that won’t change either lol

And, all of you fans are here, that hasn’t changed. Cause you haven’t change and are still strange people.

That makes me the most happy. Really happy…☺️☺️💗 Thank you so much always!


5 years ago I got to do SAYUMINGLANDOLL,

5 years late even now, I’m preparing for SAYUMINGLANDOLL series’ 5th entry…💓

I’m so delighted ピンク音符ピンク音符ピンク音符

The space known as SAYUMINGLANDOLL is what I love most in the world so I’m really looking forward to May ☺️💝

For always supporting me, thank you ✨

For my 6th year too, please give me your support !!!!!!うさぎ

Michishige Sayumi


2022-03-19 14:06:20

リボン 3/19 リボン
Today is Michishige Saisei Day!
It’s been 5 years since that day キラキラ
5 year anniversary since my revival!
Today from 20:00 I’m doing an instalive so if you like come watch kay ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート

Simply 💓

it being the first instalive for me in a while, I’m veーーーry much looking forard to it ドレスハイヒールブラシアイシャドウ香水ポーチ口紅


always, and truly, thank you so very ハートハートハートのバルーン


Eh, Sayu

2022-03-18 18:19:03

Today was photoshoots ピンクハート
It was very very fun, I also learned some things !! キラキラ

And today Tokyo is
cold, isn’t it? ☃️💦
Just recently it was warm so
I thought spring had completely arrived 🌸
Without question I went out in spring clothes
The moment I went outside
Eh, Samu [tl: It’s cold, see below]
that’s what happened アセアセ
By the way,
The title
『Eh, Sayu』
simliar to the words I wrote,
『Eh, Samu』
and when I thought I typed
『Eh, Sayu』
came out but
I just left it as it is 💗💗💗 lol

After this,

I’m gonna make a habit of looking at the weather and temperature when I go outーーー泣き笑い

I’m gonna be careful for typos and forgetting wordsーーーーーー知らんぷり


A happy announcement 💓

My stomach ulcers, they’ve have healed チョキ

・Shimeji (Tomato Ingredients)

2022-03-16 23:03:58

In my shopping list
・Shimeji (Tomato Ingredients)
I have that written down but
what did I want to make?….
I don’t remember it at all you know ☺️☺️☺️
For the time being, trusting in myself for when I remember
I bought shimeji ニコニコ乙女のトキメキ
Well even if I don’t remember,
shimeji goes with stirfry, soups, anything you know 立ち上がるキラキラ
I wrote this blog a bit ago but…
in the end with that shimeji…

I put it in a ingredient full soup 🍄

Ah, but,

『・Shimeji (Tomato Ingredients)』

that I wrote, I remembered what it was too !!

I haven’t made it yet but that’s ti 泣き笑い

Lately cooking’s fun… 😆
Cooking books,
cooking videos, I’m making things looking at all kinds of things びっくりマーク

Cooking up to now

A line up 照れ

I’m putting in things from relatively back and the order in time is completely in shambles though… lol↓

Mentaiko Shirataki ハートくちびる

In the end, I love mentaiko ピンクハート

The mouth feel of the cucumbers was 🥒 wonderful too!

Kimchee natto tofu キラキラ

Cutting through the egg yolk〜

It seems healthy so

when I’m hungry in the middle of the night, I’d occasionally end up making stuff like this too 爆笑笑

Korean nori is gives a good flavor to it too yahー!

The sauce is, shoyu, yakiniku sauce, and a little sesame oil mixed together 飛び出すハート


Since I started cooking,

I really like cucumbers I’ve come to realize 笑ううさぎスター

The mouth feel is somehow the best!

Moreover it seems they take away swelling!

maybe I’ll graduate from being Mukumin [tl: Swellimin] 爆笑爆笑爆笑ピンクハート lol

Kamatama Udon !!キラキラ

It’s so simple it’s the best lunch スプーンフォーク

Eggplant stew 🍆

Eggplant too, I really like it!!

And this is so yummy, I eat it all iimmmーediately 😉💓

I want to make all kinds of other things cooking with eggplants!!

Miso soup ハート

Otsukemono 飛び出すハート

Today I ate,

Full of energy breakfast !!

And for dessert, fruits ラブ

I got full in the morning 🍓🍇🫐

A proper feeling salad 🥗

I didn’t get a picture but, I at it with some french bread that had dry-cured ham inbetween 食パンメロンパンコッペパン

The next day, and the day before the same salad 🥗

Looking at it, not having avocado is a grade down 🥑😂

That’s it for this time ハート (I’ve reached the image limit 😂)
I’ll put up my cooking again laterーーーー !!!ハート