Breakfast☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2019-03-27 21:59:56
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn星


We’re continuing with the prep review days・・・.



【Hello!Project HinaFes 2019】


At last it’s this weekendラブラブ
I’m looking forward to the show〜ラブラブ




Yesterday too, for the lots of congratulations and comments, thank you so muchキラキラ



There were my senpai who I handed over the best album directly but


Everyone said the same thing,


「Oh〜? I’ve seen something about this〜 lol」


They say that!


That’s right. The jacket image is an homage to the pastチュー音譜


By all means have lots of you gotten it
look at it nostalgically, thought back…


I want you to listen to the songs and enjoy itキラキラ





Today you know,


For breakfast I had Starbucks〜ラブラブ


Maccha Frapuccino with coffee gelatin added and extra skim milk


I went with that…
The special was super yummyラブラブラブラブ


The shop clerk told me I love it too, I recommend it
to meニヤリキラキラ


I want to eat coffee gelatin again now照れ音譜












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2019-03-27 21:12:53






Good Evening!


Yesterday, there was HinaFes rehearsals!
It’s DokiDoki heart-pounding yahー💖
Cheer for me kay! Please give me your supportキラキラキラキラキラキラ









A story from March performances!花束






From those who came to see me


I got lots of gifts✨✨✨


I’m really grateful 😭💞













Continuing from the January performances
I got it once again as a gift too!!ナイフとフォーク





Sukiyaki meat!!!!鍋鍋鍋



So yummyーーーーー✨✨✨✨✨
Meat is the best….赤薔薇




🥩Meat and Sayu🐰







More so yah!



Expressly they even gave warishita, sukiyaki stock!!!!


the concentration is amazing 😂 lol
thank you so much!!!!!!










I got roast beef too!!


This roast beef was impressive…
so yummmmy!!!!!


It was so yummy I don’t know how any times I’ve said it was yummy!!!!!キラキラ








Joy….it isピンクハート
Usually, I like any food, I don’t think I have particular likes or dislikes but
just meat is special or rather I like it in particular yahーハート












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Best Album!!☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2019-03-26 21:59:14
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn星


The 3/20 released
「Best! Morning Musume。 20th Anniversary」


Oricon Weekly Charts
Billboard Weekly Charts, it got 1st place in both♪



Everyone giving your support all the time
everyone who Got the album


really thank you so muchラブラブ



Just, trying to look at the album


It’s Morning Musume。 from that time!
Looking at the pictures you’ll get it right away yah


Lots of single releases
all kinds of things we got to challenge
through the graduations and joining


Morning Musume。 coming to now



I want you to like ow the most! Thinking that I do activities day after day and
of course, I love all the eras of Morning Musum。 tooキラキラ



With albums it’s the it got the first 1st place in 16 years
as a group, we got contribute this one I think??キラキラ



Of course it’s the songs from the best album but
I want to deliver Morning Musume。 music to lots of you from here on too ❤️
I want you to like it ❤️
These feelings, they can sprout new once again.


For that, I do work day after day
I’ll be concentrating even more!


from here on too, please continue to support us!












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Off Shot☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2019-03-25 21:59:01
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn星


Today while on the move and on the train
I happened to see college students in hakama look and elementary schoolers with flowers💐 attached to their chest


Being separated from the school buildings and close friends that you did your best with for your studies and club activities feels lonely too kay


From here on they’ll be lots of new encounters too yah  


Congratulations on your graduation
facing a new road, please do your bestラブラブ


For sure, there are fans who are also in graduate life too yah
Perhaps our 15ki members are too you knowキラキラ



Hello!Pro Members too, lots of members graduated middle school and high schoolキラキラ


From Morning Musume。’19
Makino Maria-chan, Yokoyama Reina-chan graduated high school桜


Congratulations on your graduation ㊗️🎉






From the released on the 23rd’s
「Up To Boy」-san, an off shot



Those who looked at the magazine know right?!
In addition to the 9ki 10ki, a white tiger-kun appears 💖💖💖💖


This child is so ute, I wanted to bring it home with me 💖


In commemoration I got to take a 2shot with Eripon ☺️
Someone got pics of that look too ☺️ lol


When I heard Circus troupe I couldn’t imagine it at all but
everyone being like a tamer it was cool (「・ω・)「Garagarago-




And today, the 25th’s release!!
「Rolling Stone Japan vol.06」-san
An off shot from during the shoot〜乙女のトキメキ


What?! It’s exciting FukuSaku isn’t it?!🌟
That hasn’t happened before?!? lol lol


The make-up artist-san put out all kinds of colors of lip make-up
Mizuki got the color of eyeshadow and nails that she doesn’t usually use so


it was DokiDoki heart-pounding ☺️💖



Ikuta Erina + Ishida Ayumi
Fukumura Mizuki + Oda Sakura combinations got to do interviews.


Even more
we’re getting to see the words from the staff who we’re always making concerts together with so


We’re gonna have it on our minds tooー?!


Mizuki has to Get it soon tooふんわりリボン





By the way todaywe did
HinaFes rehearsals♪♪
In the 2 weeks without solo group LIVEs
there’s the HinaFes and Satoyama events that’s why yah〜天使音譜


heading towards the 30th, 31st, I’ll do my best!












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Came To See Me♡

2019-03-25 08:13:31











For the March performances
they came to see me,




Kimikokuryou Moe-chanうさぎクッキー
Kasahara Momona-chan口紅
Funaki Musubu-chan太陽
Kawamura Ayano-chanおすましスワン
Thank you for coming!ピンクハート
For the yummy juice refreshment too, thank you!カクテル
For HaroDora Fridays from here on too, please continue to support meうさぎチューリップ







Country Girls’s
Yamaki Risa-chanグリーンハート



Yamaki-chan, as a refreshment snack,
She bought me Amanattou爆笑爆笑爆笑
So like her笑い泣き笑い泣き笑い泣き
thank you!!
It was yummyー!ハート
Talking with Yamaki-chan is fun, I love her!!







Morning Musume。’19 Makino Maria-chanラブラブ
Maria-chan, she bought me cookies from the story I love!!!! Thank youピンクハートThey are so SakuSaku crunchy and yummyキラキラキラキラ







I got to take lots of one shots of Maria-chan!!




↑I like Maria-chan’s face like this so much!
Her saying 『Michishige-saan!』




I still have ones I’ve taken so,
I’ll put it up on insta tooー!!ハート










Indebted from SAYUMINGLANDOLL~Saisei~, with Hashimoto Masaya-san!トランプクローバートランプダイヤ



And Kamei Rina-chan!ひまわり
Hashimoto-san, he’s come countless times to watch too, thank you so muchキラキラ
Getting to see Rina-chan again after a while, it made me happy〜ピンクハート



I got gifts from the 2 of them too!!
Thank you so much ✨✨








Kitabayashi Aーchan and
Horie Kiーchanおねがい











Aーchan and Kiーchan’s feeling of securityyyyピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート
From Aーchan and Kiーchan I got snacks!🍫 Thank you so much 😊




With Aーchan
and Kiーchan, I took lots of pictures so
I’ll put them up on Insta too kay!✨





Well then, latersバイバイバイバイバイバイ











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Where A〜re You☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2019-03-24 22:07:54
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn星


Osaka 2days 4 performances are finished


Everyone who came
Thank you so much 😊


The day finsihed in a flashーあせる


It felt like a flash but
I got to enjoy that atmosphere properly, or rather…


The voices of everyone in the venue
it very much had impact…


It really really brought out the energyラブ



The second half was a trial of strength!!!


Fanning desperately
sending it even to the 2nd floorー
We sent out all our powerラブラブ


Sending out all the poewr we canラブラブ
Now I’m already HeroHero exhausted〜.


Lot of meeting eyes
Getting to meet smilesー it was funお願い音譜


Of course with all the fans but
today, I met eyes with the members a lot tooラブラブ


That said, It was a fantastic LIVE流れ星


Already my body is just rattling so
I need to firmly massage and care for it
Until the next performance I need to recover yah!


Everyone is the same too 🌟


Coming home, soak in a war〜m bath
massage, cooldown
depending on the person, compress! lol


and, come to another concert energetic kay♪♪♪♪



With Chiichan right after the live〜
Mizuki, has no sight power left lol lol


The OP Act was the Lovelys


For guests, Hello!Pro Trainee’s
Ono Kotomi-chan
Yonemura Kirara-chan
Hashisako Rin-chan
Matsunaga Riai-chan
Tamenaga Shion-chan
Shutto Anna-chan came to see us〜


A Job Well Done〜キラキラ


It was like having a trainee freetalk
we don’t get to hear it often so, it’s precious yah〜クラッカー


Kirara-chan’s belt
it’s freshドキドキドキドキ



From Oda’s family we got refreshments.







ピンクハートAbemaTV 21:00〜22:00



ピンクハート3/23 release of 「Up To Boy」
Morning Musume。 All Members! We’re appearing in various combinations!!


ピンクハート3/23 (Sat)
「B.L.T. May Issue」(Fukumura)
I got to do an interview & shootキラキラ


ピンクハート3/25 Release of 「Rolling Stone Japan vol.06」
Fukumura Mizuki + Oda Sakura
Ikuta Erina + Ishida Ayumi combinations
We got to do a concert main interview & shoot.
Please check it outラブラブ



ピンクハートWe got to do an interview for U-NEXT-san音譜
Morning Musume。’19 Fukumura Mizuki × Makino Maria Interview
We get to be pubished in the guide magazine, U-NEXT’s special banner too!!









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Flowers♡ and, Home Food!

2019-03-24 16:35:36




Evening looking at it over and over there’s impact!
Fantastic flowers…ガーベラガーベラガーベラ
Really thank you so much!!!!✨
It really really made me happy 💖


Such high qualityキラキラキラキラキラキラキラキラ





The letters and presents I get from everyone all the time, I take it all inうさぎ
(Even though I take them no matter what, there’s some time lagthat happens too, but…💦 I look at it all!!)


For me, you take the time, you write letters, you pick presents…
really, thank you so much!!!!💖









And, the final day…
from Cotton Club-san風船風船風船
Take home food!!!!!



Cotton Club-san! Of courseグラサンハート




It’s a really really awesome set…ピンク音符ピンク音符ピンク音符
I’m happy yah〜 thank you so much星😊😊😊











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It’s Seishun Night☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2019-03-23 22:01:34
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn星


Today was concerts in Osaka!
Of the 2days, the 1st day is finished音譜


Everyone who came
thank you so muchクラッカー


For today’s concert


The member’s desire to want to hear everyone’s voices was so strong〜キラキラあせる
We threw to everyone lots yah!!
It was a greedy performance 😅


Moreover everyone who responded
thank you so very much音符



Today you know, Makino Maria-chan
did the concert brought out her forehead♪♪


She was super super super cuteチュードキドキ
This pose is…


The new song we showed at the concert
「Seishun [tl: Youthful] Night」, memorizing it unmistakably comes with this音譜音譜


🤙 Seishun Fingers and


(「・ω・)「GaraGara clattering Go Pose星


By all means please get these ready yah♪





Yup that’s right
Mizuki too you know, this morning she new it but
today was a cold day!
I think there were lof of people who thoughtlessly dressed light あせる


Firmly warm up with a bath
drink something warm, and warm up your body please kayキラキラ


Tomorrow will those coming to the live will fire it up with full power too??ラブ


With that, we’ll be waiting for you tomorrow at NHK Osaka Hall too流れ星



Haa〜 Today was fun tooラブラブ





Today 3/23 release of 「Up to Boy」-san
From the front shot by all means check check the front page〜♪





ピンクハートAbemaTV 21:00〜22:00



ピンクハート3/23 Release of 「Up to Boy」
Morning Musume。 All Members! We will be appearing in various combinations!!

ピンクハート3/23 (Sat)
「B.L.T. May Issue」 (Fukumura)

We got to do an interview & shootキラキラ


イエローハートBS Skypaー! 22:00〜23:30
「Morning Musume。 Creation’s 20th Anniversary Commemorative Concert Tour 2018 Spring~We are MORNING MUSUME。~ Final Ogata Haruna Graduation Special」


ブルーハートBS Skypaー! 23:30〜25:30
「Morning Musume。’18 Concert Tour Fall ~GET SET, GO!~ Final Iikubo Haruna Graduation Special」


ピンクハート3/25 release of 「Rolling Stone Japan vol.06」
Fukumura Mizuki + Oda Sakura
Ikuta Erina + Ishida Ayumi combinations
we got to do concert main interviews & shoots.
Please check it out


ピンクハートWe got to do an interview for U-NEXT-san音譜
Morning Musume。’19 Fukumura Mizuki × Makino Maria Interview
We get to be pubished in the guide magazine, U-NEXT’s special banner too!!










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Rune Collabo♡

2019-03-23 15:49:39




This time’s
My loved!
Naito Rune-san, getting to do a collabo with them really made me happy!





“Some day, I want to be a Rune Girl like I adore too!”
I thought that so, my dream has come trueまじかるクラウン


Getting to do collabo!
That being decided



I wonder what kind of Rune Girl I’d be!?
thinking about it
I lined up the loーーーーts of Rune good I had at home
This girls look is cute!
No, I want to wear this Rune’s clothes too, I want to wear htis too, I want to be like this,
Ehーー what should I do!? I want to wear it all! Rune Girls are cuteeeeee
I was really not sure but
that time was realllly fun too乙女のトキメキ




Once again
Naito Rune-san’s illustrations even in their details are really fashionable yah,
up to now even looking at the illustratoins countless times, and looking at it again I discover new things that are 『cute』 it’s really amazing ❣️




Not just the outfits,
there’s lots of images and goods too!
Getting to do a collabo with Naito Rune-san was a joy 😭💖💖💖


All of it is a treasure!!!!
















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2019-03-23 13:04:31











had it’s finale!!!💦💖








Everyone who came
everyone supporting us



Really really really thank you so muchピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート




From last year in October to March!
in total 46 performances!!!!!!







Oh myハート





I want to do it! Saying that
I couldn’t do it on feeling alone
it’s cause there’s all of you who come to it!
In this way too we got to do lots of performances!
Really, thank you…😭💖



Meeting everyone
Those no good feelings and MoyaMoya gloominess aーーll disappear!
It’s like magic 😭✨✨✨✨✨


I want to have that kind of existence!
So I get to have more and more fun!
From here on too I’ll do my bestラブラブ






It’s a joy yah〜〜〜



I love everyone!ハート










Hikaru-san and Momoko-san!
These 2 too, they helped me out lots and lots おねがいおねがいおねがい
Really, thank you so much花束






There’s SAYUMINGLANDOLL loss that’s why 💦
After this too, I think I’ll be putting up blogs!!
Next I’ll write about the Rune collabo I think〜💖


















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