I’m in.

2016-02-29 15:39:35







Morning Musume。’16 appeared as main guests for Anime Matsuri so, I got to come with everyone to Houston♡




Being with everyone for a long time like this, it was funnn♪
It was my first long trip with Oda-chan and the 12ki!
We all talked together a lot!! lol Being a bother lol for sure it’s okayー!lol












Nonaka-chan smelling a nostalgic scent and getting excited.♡
She was enjoying America for the first time in a while♪




I got to see all the overseas fans for the first time in a while, it was a delight♪
I’ll do my best so that all the fans cheering overseas and the Hello! members can be connected.



[tl note: From this point on Aika writes in English, I will not italicize it for ease of reading.]


Thank you as always.
I’m so happy…♡



I came to Houston with Morning Musume。’16 who was invited to Anime Matsuri as the main guest.




I enjoyed staying with them so long and also it is my first time to travel with Sakura Oda and the 12th members. So I talked with them a lot. I was wondering if I made them annoyed;( I hope I didn’t. lol


I met the overseas fans after a long time! I was very happy! I really want to connect you with Hello! Project members. I’ll do my best!







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I'll be back! Ishida Ayumi

2016-02-28 23:02:39
Theme:Ishida Ayumi




It’s Ishida Ayumi



The live in Houston


it was reallllーy funあんぐりハーチョ



The way people get into it is completely different from Japan,


The call timing and
cheers and stuff, in any rate they’re loudキラキラ



Not just Morning Musume。 fans,


Those who came to 「ANIME MATSURI」, it’s just people who love anime and manga and came to see things but,


The number of them is,



Approximately 6000 地球キラキラ



After hearing that I was surprised……!
That many people……!


It ended up being a really really fired up live so,


Morning Musume。’16
I feel we got to show our appeal a lotgood




For our self-introductions in English too,


In New York I couldn’t say it as I remembered but this time I said it properly! I did!




Or maybe I certainly


feel like I’ve gotten more skilled at English地球キラキラ



2014’s New York Performance


The Fanclub tour’s Hawaii


The worldwide handshake meets



Proportional to the times I’ve gone overseas,
I feel like I myself am growing! lol



Getting whatever I’m being toldキラキラ


and for that
trying to answer in English and be conveyed キラキラ


In my own unskilled way I’m doing my best



For example,


Like 「yesterday…concert…enjoy?」


I’m just line up vocabulary but汗



It conveys itキラキラ
If there’s a feeling I want to convey I’ll convey itキラキラ



Actually yesterday (27) and today (28), we got to do a signing event, and there I got to talk a lot 笑顔時計


Happy things
I got to say lots of themハーチョ



From my heart,


“I’m glad I got to come to Houston!”


I feel that



「ANIME MATSURI」 has finished,
and alreayd we have to go home,


it feels lonely汗



I still want to be here…


But doing that, all the Japanese fans would get lonely so, I have to go home huh?


But still, I want to interact with all the overseas fans more…



Aa~Being popular is hard huh~笑顔! lol





Morning Musume。’16 with Mitsui Aika-san



Really thank you so much for your support ハーチョ



So that we can do an overseas performance again,
Morning Musume。 will do our best!


Everyone in the world, please wait for us!





And, to all the people in Japan


I took good souvenir picturesgoodキラキラ



I have lots but,
for now I’ll put up 1 kay~



Houston’s first day


We went to a rodeo, and they were doing a Barbeque Rally(?), there were lots of good smelling shops all lined upご飯ハーチョ



There I encounted this




A fa, face cut-out panel!? lol




The hole is palm sized,
The panel was placed slanted on the ground,


My first time encountering this typeあんぐり汗



When I touched it it seemed like I got scolded so←



I couldn’t put my face through it…


Investigation Over!




Of course it’s overseas!


the hurdle for face panels is hard huh?!




See you ayuminハーチョ





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2016-02-28 22:57:05
Theme:Oda Sakura



Good Eveningー!
It’s Oda SakuraEmoji


With today, we finished all our events at Houston’s ANIME MATSURI ーEmoji






It was really fun!
It was really funーEmoji



Getting to meet lots of overseas fans, it was a pleasure,
we got to convey our feelings for each other,
it really made me happyEmoji
From here on too I have to do my best! That’s what I feltEmoji


Moreover there were lots of cosplayers too it felt like, is this heaven~? you know?Emoji




I’m really grateful for getting this fantastic chanceEmoji



I want to come again!
For sure I want to go to HoustonEmoji






Well well (=゚ω゚)ノ
See you again☆★☆



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Fun! Kudou Haruka

2016-02-28 20:11:51
Theme:Kudou Haruka







today was 「ANIME MATSURI」 Last Day!


We did a signing meet~



Haru was wearing the event Tshirt


For these three days worth of things, when I get back to Japan I’ll write about them proーperly kay( ^ω^ )







On the first day I rode on a rollercoaster


For those people who can get the 6 members with this picture of just the top of their heads, I want to give some kind of special prize or somethign. lol






I bought souvenirs too, and we got to do a little sightseeing, we ate loーoots too, it was so fulfilling☺︎✌︎



But you know, I ate so much I ended up like mochi so, when I get back to Japan I’ll do my best to lose that (´・_・`)
And so forgive me! I ate too much in Houston, forgive meeee! lol





[tl note: Kudou wordplay: Thanks, Impressed, Kudouー? Excitedー!]





「Kyou no Duー Demo Ii Koto」[tl: Kudu Wordplay: Today’s Du- Whatever]
I GOT a cute plushie!



Kudou Haruka




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Special Seats! Ogata Haruna

2016-02-28 19:32:37
Theme:Ogata Haruna







Konban Haーchin!Emoji





Today during the morning there was interviews and a signing meet
and from the after there was a concertEmojiEmoji




With all the members lined up in a row by age for the signing meet!! Our first!




For Haruna, she had the special seatEmoji




Why you say…??



It was next to Nonaka-shiーー!!!



When there’s English I don’t understand, she’s teach me immediately, it was reassuring Emoji



When Nonaka-shi is speaking English, she’s KiraKira sparkling more than usual, getting to come back to America, she really looked happyEmoji




Haruna is really happy tooEmoji



I’ll do my best so we can do a concert in America againEmoji



The plate I ate last nightEmoji



It’s Mexican cooking, it has avocado and chicken on it, it was really yummyEmoji



American food, it’s all volumey!!



Today for the afternoon, I ate an American sized Japanese styled bentouEmoji




Even in America you can eat white rice!!


Every day is fresh, it’s nothing but deeply moving fun fun every dayEmoji




It’s the bestー!!!




That’s all!!



☆Today’s Thing I Should Share☆


While everyone was riding the scream rides I took a souvenir photograph alone (lol)
Tomorrow there’s also a signing meet and interviews so
Unending Ogataーー!!















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『Have a good time♡♪*゚』 Makino Maria

2016-02-27 22:57:10


Everyone how are you?




Today was,
『AnimeMatsuri』 2nd Day


Today we got to do the sign event and the live!
Thank you so muchEmojiEmoji


You talked in Japanese for me. It made Maria very happyEmoji
things like thatEmoji
Really thank you so much!



For the live, it was really very fun
I felt like I just always want to be on stage!
「Oi!Oi!」 cheers and like,
「Ankoーru! Ankoーru!」
saying it lots of times for us, thank you so much for it!



Before starting the show, from the stage wings my heart was totally BakuBaku racing, I was constantly saying 「I’m having fun! I’m having fun!」!


Really it was funEmoji
Thank you so muchEmojiEmoji





Tomorrow is the 『AnimeMatsuri』 Final Day!
There’s a signing meet!


Today, Mitsui Aika-san
taught us the English,
『Have a good time』!







Such fantastic woredsハート
Being filled with things I can say in English,
I want to convey lots of thank yous!!


I’m looking forward to tomorrow too音符




Tomorrow will also have happy things and fun things, it should be full of them right?Emoji



音譜Makino Maria音譜



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Release! Kudou Haruka

2016-02-27 23:12:12
Theme:Kudou Haruka






(I’ll write about the Houston performance later!)





Thanks to the time difference, this is late but



has released!


Everyone who reserved basically are getting it one after another it seems…..!!



By all means please let me hear what you think ( ^ω^ )✌︎








This time, with my winter cut, I had my hair arranged!!


The one done on the 3rd page is my first time having it arranged!






Miyakojima’s curry shop


It was super yummy
This is an all types set but, they have 2~3 type sets too, when I’ve gone to Miyakojima I for sure want to eat from this curry shop♡







Yesterday, I got to make an appearance in Sankei Sports!
Thank you so much ( ^ω^ )( ^ω^ )




Kansha, Kangeki, Kuduー? Kanduー!
[tl note: Kudou wordplay: Thanks, Impressed, Kudouー? Excitedー!]




「Kyou no Duー Demo Ii Koto」[tl: Kudu Wordplay: Today’s Du- Whatever]
A question.
Just who might be my roommate?



Kudou Haruka




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Today is the Live Day!! Ishida Ayumi

2016-02-27 09:46:11
Theme:Ishida Ayumi




It’s Ishida Ayumin



Here in Houston,


It’ll soon be 10:00時計




布団z……Good morning 太陽



It’s like Morning Musume。 is being welcomed, the weather is great, it a great feeling morning~ that’s what it’s likeキラキラ


For the places that don’t have sunlight it’s a little chilly but,
Even dressing lightly it’s fine, that’s how the temperature is!!




At last today, the 27th is



Live in Houston



The day we’re doing the concert笑顔ハーチョ




She had influenza
so Iikubo Haruna-chan joined us after we arrived tooきいろペンライト





Morning Musume。’16 All AssembledハーチョI




We kept you waiting for a seriously long time huh…


Poor health is scary huh…



Now everyone’s doing okayI [tl note: her I typo not mine, probably suppose to be an !]


For Nonaka Miki-chan who ended up injurying her leg, she BariBari actively displaying her specialty in English, she’s said it feels like she’s come back to her home areaキラキラ she’s having funキラキラ






At last it’s the day of the live,
It’s a mix of WakuWaku excitement and DokiDoki heart-pounding



Yesterday there was a Q&A event,


Though the interpreter
We talked with the fans andバレエくりすます



When we waved screams rose upキラキラ


There were those who were saying, “Thank you for coming to america” in tears



The words themselves came through the interpreter but,


Everyone’s fired up feelings, we got them straight from everyone, it really made me happyハーチョ




But today,


Not through an interpreter either


and not through a screen



We get to show our performance directly!



If it’s a performance there is no word barrierキラキラ


I feel like, this time for us to be able to convey our feelings straight to you, I want to give it my all!!






For Houston,


Mitsui Aika-san came with us tooキラキラ




At the Houston airport, right after we arrived地球 lol





Today I’ll do my best all day too



I at too much for breakfast
and at a lot last night tooー


I wonder what tonight’s dinner will beー!←



See you ayuminハーチョ



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『Fukumura-san’s Neighbor♡♪*゚』 Makino Maria

2016-02-26 22:20:26


How is everyone?



Today was, 『AnimeMatsuri』!
The 1st dayEmoji


It was very fun!
We got to talk with lots of people at the Q&A, it was really really funEmoji


Tomorrow Morning Musume。’16 is doing a live!
I’m looking forward to itEmojiEmoji






For dinner, I had the seat next to Fukumura-sanEmoji
I got to take a picture together!




It’s a little dark, GomenchaiMaria [tl note: Gomenachaimasu/Forgive me + Maria]Emoji


From now on I’ll talk with Fukumura-san a lot!
(I want to!)





Tomorrow will also have happy things and fun things, it should be full of them right?Emoji



音譜Makino Maria音譜



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in Houston☆ Oda Sakura

2016-02-26 22:35:52
Theme:Oda Sakura



Good Evening!


Caught up in the moment, for the title
I went with the English writing for “Hyuーsuton”
It’s Oda SakuraEmoji






I got to take the first selfie of this quality in a whileEmoji


This is also the power of HoustonーーEmojiEmoji


Tomorrow is finally the LIVE!
I want to enjoy it!Emoji





Well well (=゚ω゚)ノ
See you again☆★☆



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