To All the Fans

2017-09-15 14:45:25





Good Afternoonー!



Yesterday, for the Morning Musume。 20th Formation Anniversary Event, as surprise guest I got to appear with Reinaピンクハートブルーハートピンクハートブルーハート


For the event this time,
From all the Morning Musume。 fans by request contribution it seems they decided on the setlist but…






For me, the 6ki members song,
『Ookii Hitomi』 when I heard it come up,
I learned 『Ookii Hitomi got number one in the poll』,
that made me really really happyキラキラ




『Ookii Hitomi』
for me, it’s a really precious song, I love it…
that song being chosen number 1 as the unit request song from all the Morning Musume。 fansキラキラキラキラキラキラ



There’s lots of you with the same feelings huhー, that really makes me happy!!😭😭😭💓



Everyone who voted! Really thank you so muchニコニコ




Everyone at the venue!
Thank you so much for the loud cheersハートイエローハートハートイエローハート




I was really nernernervous but, hearing everyone’s cheers, getting to see faces…
『Ahー! Let’s have fun〜!』
I felt it!
It was really really fun爆笑ラブラブ







But, perhaps, because I was surprise guest,
I feel like there were fans who were like, I wanted to see youーー! and, I wanted to hear 『Ookii Hitomi』ー!! too.






I feel like I want to see fans every day too 😭💓





『Aー I want to see everyoneー!』
I occasionally type stuff like that on the blog…



“I can still definitely see you on this day! It’s not like there’s a definitive thing scheduled like that so…



Maybe we should make a plan for when we can all meet or something? I feel sorry if I ended up making you hope for that you know”
I’m always erase it…





I don’t know when it’ll happen again but,
So that all the fans can see me again (Why did I say it from a high perspective? lol)
I’ll be doing my best so, please wait for me 😭




For just making you wait for me, I’m sorry 💦




I want you to keep waiting for me!!!




I want you to wait with energy and health!!!照れ





I’ll do my bestピンクハートピンクハートピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート





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20th Anniversary Event

2017-09-15 00:31:03





9/14 was, Morning Musume。 20th Formation Anniversary!



For the Morning Musume。’s 20th Anniversary Event



As surprise guests, Tanaka Reina-chan and I appeared!!!!キラキラ


A group pictureハートハートハート







All the current members performances are really cool, I felt like it’s really amazingキラキラキラキラキラキラ



With Reina, the 2 of us did 『Ookii Hitomi』
and with all of Morning Musume。’17 we sang 『Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai』音符





I was nervous but,
It was reaaally funお願い



Thank you so much!!





During the song, when we met eyes, everyone was KirakKira sparkling smiles


In the dressing rooms and stuff too everyone was really cute, all day it was really soothing you knowーーラブラブラブラブラブラブ






With everyone
Usachan Peaceうさぎうさぎうさぎ


Today’s pictures, I’ll put up more laterラブラブラブラブラブラブ





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2017-09-12 18:48:37



The other day you knowー



The snack ⭐️Ottotto⭐️



it’s been a while since I’ve eaten them




Those, Ottotto, they have Doraemon OttottoEmoji





I eat it while looking at each shape butEmoji





well, there’s a mystery shape….




And well that is, it was a ⭐️secret⭐️!






First, 『Yayー! It’s the secretー!』 when I took a pic of just one





Big sis 『There’s one more!』



Me 『Eh!? Amaziーng』



Lining the 2 up I took a pic



Big sis 『Ah, another!』



Me 『Eh… such a rare chance huh!? lol』




that’s how it turned out 爆笑





The result, 3 secret ones came upニヤリラブラブラブラブ




That’s quite a lot coming out right!?ニヤリ




That’s lucky isn’t itー!?!?てへぺろ





Either way, of course having the secret show up makes me happyハート







It’s just surprising you know, cause it’s exciting you know!!ハート









By the way, this secret, I thought about what the shape is but….


I have no idea at all…



In the end I just looked it upー💦






those of you interested that can’t tell what itis, please look it up kayパー




By the way, looking at this angle,



『Aaーーー!!!! For sure it’s thatー!!!!!』
that’s how I feel about it💡




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The Answer Is⭐️

2017-09-10 20:42:33



The answer to my blog 2 entries back✨


[tl pic summary: PetaPeta PlopPlop
there are sparkly stickers and
not sparkly stickers!!!
Which might I like???]




The answer is….





Sparkly stickers!!


That’s it!!!!







Whether I like sparkly stickers, or not sparkly stickers
it depends on the thing you know!


Limiting it to the deep sea stickers I put up 2 blog entries ago, I like the sparkly stickers moreラブラブラブラブ



Usually I pick and buy not sparkly stickers a lot more I think…うさぎハート



Aー, but for today I got sparkly stickers too you knowー!!!





Well compared to the quiz I put out, the answer was ambigious, sorry💦





that said, whatever it’s fine!? lol






In short… it’s cause I like both 😭ピンクハート


If it’s stickers I love it that’s why 😭😭ピンクハートピンクハート




Don’t just say whatever it’s fine笑い泣きピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート








Well then here, I’ll show you the stickers I got recentlyハート


Circus★Flake Stickers!!!!キラキラ




So cuuuuuute!!




The atmosphere for them seems kind of halloween huh!?




It’s become one of my favorites❤️








And this here is not something I’ve bought recently but…


This here is Tezuka Osamu-san’sキラキラキラキラキラキラ
Flake stickers andちょうちょ
masking tapeうずまきキャンディ



It’s pixel images!!!!!



I like pixel images so muchhhうさぎうさぎバレエバレエ






If we’re talking Tezuka Osamu-san’s manga of course Blackjack is theo ne I like number 1!!!


It’s cool!!✨


Pinoko is cute💕



I liked Marvelous Melmo-chan too you know💓







The other day, on Insta I put up a pic with my long sleeve pajama, I’ll put up different shots hereキラキラ


Cutesy 2-in-a-row-chanお願いお願い







I call it pajama but actually this is a trainer one piece that was in a lucky bag I bought during the New Year照れ



It’s simple so I’m using it as pajamaピンクハートイエローハートピンクハートイエローハート


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『Banana♪Zero Music』

2017-09-10 12:06:57



The other day
I did a recording for NHK Station’s 『Banana♪Zero Music』!!






When we met up, they were as kind as always, I was filled with feelings of gratitudeえーんラブラブラブラブ



Kind, and funny, with love, my beloved senpaiキラキラ







And all of Morning Musume。’17ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート
Everyone’s really cool…!!キラキラ And getting cooler…!!キラキラAmazing huh!!!



I’m looking forward to the new song release from hereリボン








The recording was DokiDoki heart-pounding but
it was very fun音符





Thank you so much…!!






The broadcast is scheduled for 9/23(Sat)キラキラ




My all means please watch💓



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Deep Sea Exhibit

2017-09-07 15:05:32



The National Science Museum is doing it


『Deep Sea 2017』


I went to it!!
There were posters up in various station



it had me thinking



I want to gooooキラキラ


First off there lots of people, it was surprising!!!



It’s really popular huhハートハートハート






I of course,


liked the shark corner波







The giant squid’s size is really something!!!!!!
Thinking that something like that really exists in this world,
it makes me ZokuZoku thrilledキョロキョロ




There was an exhibit for Nakagawa Shouko-san’s illustrations and,
It’s really good!!!(I don’t have the words for it, I’m sorry. Especially the jellyfish and the transparent animals, the illustrations were fantastical, I liked it!)





I also wanted to try drawing a little too, I thought things like that
I tried drawing in the corner of my notebook and it’s so bad so, on top of that I put stickers (lol)💦







For those stickers, I got them from the souvenir corner
flake stickersてへぺろラブラブ
stickers are convenient!
my notebook gets a variety of colorsハートハートハート








The illustration’s
story in picture爆笑
PetaPeta PlopPlopぺたぺたスライムスライム



Sparkly stickers and
there’s not sparkly stickers too!!!



Which might I like???キラキラ




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From Today

2017-09-05 17:52:56



From today it’s Gran-Cham-Volleyーーーー!!!!!



I’m looking forward to itキラキラキラキラキラキラキラキラ




I’m full on cheering for themーーー!!!!!




Give it your all Japan!!!!!!ハート









For a picture… a four leaf clover!!!クローバー
Or it looks like one, you can’t really tell it’s a leafグリーンハート






But, at a glance 目 it’s a four leaf clover so it’s okayラブラブグリーンハーツラブラブグリーンハーツ






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『Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai』

2017-09-05 14:08:04



The movie 『Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai』 [tl literal: I Want To Eat Your Pancreas]
I went to see it!!
Popcorn Salk & Caramel and,
ham roast bread? I ate them with my friendニコニコ



The bread you know! It has cheese in it too, it was really yummy!!!



… Ha



Before my thoughts of the movie I gave my thoughts of the food…!








『Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai』
I read the novel too and,
it was very moving
The midway? last? development was shocking…


Day by day, Today. We should live preciously. I felt that.





Hamabe Minami-san’s voice is very fantastic, it was impressiveピンクハート







Today too I hope you have all have a fantastic dayピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート




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2017-09-02 16:10:08





Continuing from last time
it’s my summer memories blog義理チョコ





In Guam




I participated in a jungle tourキラキラキラキラ
Nature, it’s wonderfulllお願い
The greenery, it’s beautifulクローバーハートハート











This tree is amazing!!




Now it seems like it’s opening up too huh!
That kind of atmosphere!!照れ








And these flower…🌸
This flower,
The branch split?
and the flowerwent in half but,



Bringing the 2 together, they become 1 flower…💓



It’s pretty romantic too!!ラブ




The Bus Guide? said
『These here, it’s a Love Love flowerー 💓』
they explained it to me



Without thinking,


『Eh, is that the scientific name!?』


I asked,



『Ah, no, that’s just what it’s called』



they told me (lol)








And, I drank my beloved tapioca juice tooイエローハート
During my time in Guam, I drank this tapioca juice like 3 time星星星流れ星









By the way, when drinking tapioca juice


Most of the time it was totally! Milkteaハート



Of course the go to rule is! I love tapioca milkteaーーーおねがい







It’s wonderful scenery yahーーキラキラキラキラキラキラキラキラ





The endピンクハート









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2017-09-01 06:32:54







Even though it’s 9/1 I put up a blog titled 8/31, It’s Michishige Sayumiwanting to act like a Mystery ピンクハートTehetehe









… I’m kidding



This blog, I wrote this blog yesterday 8/31,
The title too yesterday it was 『8/31』, it was the draft えー




Now! What you’ve read up to now! This composition is today! Now! I’m writing it 9/1 though you know!!?





The composition after this is the thing I wrote yesterdayーニコニコ















Already August is over too雷雷雷






Summer this yearーーー星星星





The summery things, those splendid feelings..



I have themハート








In them the thing that moved me most was


Yamaguchi prefecture’s ocean…


It was so prettyうお座波浮き輪カキ氷





Scenes I had taken from the carキラキラキラキラキラキラ







In the ocean, me inflating a swim ring花火花火
When I was small every year I’d get brought along to the beach but,




at the time I probably hadn’t really felt the value of the this prettiness honestly… 💦



Now since I’ve grown up, going for the first time in a while!!




I was extravagantly movedキラキラキラキラキラキラ




It’s pretty!お願い




It was wonderful you knowキラキラキラキラキラキラキラキラ




I’ve come to liek my home area of Yamaguchi prefecture even moreピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート









And and
I posted it on insta but


I did fireworks too照れラブラブラブラブ


Fireworks recently are great
they’re even more vivid than they were long ago, they pop, it’s cute乙女のトキメキ



And! They’ve gotten big!!!







those, I picked those but,



they were really thick,




It being kind thick, it seemed like the firework would hold a good amount,




While fighting the smoke, playing with fireworks was fun tooーーニコ流れ星






At my friends house



With my mom, we had a surprise birthday cake for my friendバースデーケーキ
(My friend got the cake, I didn’t know either, it was a surprise for me too. Thank youラブラブ)
The cake was really yummyyyyラブ









A self-shot I took in Yamaguchi prefecture照れ
A girl doing all the self-shotsチュー




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