Since Morning★

2017-07-16 07:12:46








It’s morning huh!



Since morning!




Is it okay if I open up the cute picture party??バレエバレエバレエバレエ



From the Kawaii Birthday Party’s
good shootハート








First off, a pulling pictureラブラブイエローハーツ
Balloons and Usachan and Kuma-chan and Sayu-chanニヤリ








Balloons and meふんわり風船星うさぎふんわり風船ハート






White Bear-san and meくまうさぎ
This white bear plushie,
It’s the cameraman-san’s kid’s!!



It was FuwaFuwa fluffy and felt goodハート



For letting me borrow it, thank you so muchキラキラキラキラキラキラ






The Usachan plushie and meうさぎうさぎ












will be in another separate update kay!!
(Mysteriously holding back)







Instead of that,
Look at this full body outfitーーーピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート
For the top, I’m wearing a SukeSuke transparent one piece like thingハートハートハートハート













For the last picture〜★★★



I’ll finish it with this kind of me yah!!!!ニコニコ



A complicated expression! lol





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Haruna♡ Maria♡

2017-07-15 08:13:54



At the Kawaii Birthday Party,


2 of my cute kouhai came to see itーイエローハートピンクハート






Cute Harunanラブ
Iikubo Haruna-chanハチコスモス
Harunan, she’s become more a beauty many fold yah yah, I felt it in an instant!!キラキラキラキラ  
That sense of being a pretty older sister type!!!




When I was an active member,
With work I’d be paired together with Harunan a lot
Being together often we talked about all kinds of things you knowー I casually thought about it照れ








Cute Maria-chanお願い
Makino Maria-chanドレスリボン
Maria-chan, from long ago she’s comforting for meラブラブ



Maria-chan since when she was a Hello!Pro Trainee…
I’d talk about her like, Maria-chan! Maria-chan! She’s cute huh❤ she’s cute huh❤️ニコニコ






Even though I was happy they just came
the 2 of them each
brought me birthday presents too 😭



Thank you yah 😭❤️❤️❤️




THey made the best happy choices!!



They get it huh…ラブ





The 2 of them both, really truly thank youuリボンリボンリボン






Hello!Con opening day, everyone do your bestハート



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Cute★ 2nd

2017-07-15 06:19:52



ウエディングケーキKawaii Birthday Partyウエディングケーキ




It’s the 2nd live corner outfitーピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート
The first and second performances both
are the goods Tshirt arranged cutely by Stylist-sanハート




This for sure



It’s cute arrangement partyラブラブラブ



Isn’t it?ハート





For my hairstyle, I did Usachan Hairハートうさぎ


And so, everyone was overjoyed from it huhうさぎハートハート






The Stylist-san who arranged the Tshirts cutelyハイヒール
And the Make-up artist-san who quickly changed in 3 finishes, doing Usachan Hair in a flash for me口紅



You have my gratitude! Thank you so muchリボン鏡



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2017-07-14 11:02:12


Soaking in the memory of yesterday now ハート(lol)






Yesterday’s pictures, I’m curently wondering which I should put up照れ



I’m full of themー!!!



You know!?



For outfits too, I wore 4 of themおねがい







First off,
I’ll put up the outfit for the 1st perfomances live corner you knowラブ
Kawaii Birthday Party Tshirt
Stylist-san arranged it for meラブラブラブ




It’s really!






Cute Self-shot partyうさぎうさぎうさぎ





lol lol




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2017-07-14 07:38:56



Yesterday it was my birthdayバースデーケーキラブラブ











Thank you yah!!??




It was a delightピンクハートピンクハートピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート





First off you know, the looooots of
really thank you so muchえーんハート





Not frequently but…




not frequently but…





I’m a frequently worrying type (lol)




And well
still opening my blog, lots of you seeing it gets me excited!!! lol



The messages with love from everyone makes me very happy
Truly, thank you so muchラブ







For the birthday day itself, it was the birthday event!!




ハートうさぎKawaii Birthday Partyうさぎハート




It was two shows!おねがいピンクハート






This pink space was you know! It was the best! I once again felt I like it this the best! It made me realize it!


Thank you 😭❤️





During yesterday’s event,
it was so much fun
we were so doing what we want
we talked so much
we really really talked
we so blinded didn’t stop
we really stretched our time (lol)




As one would expect I reconsidered it!!!💦 lol




Everyone, did you get home properly as planned???




But you knowー! All included it was fun you know!(While saying I’m… reconsidering it… in the end I’m sorryハート)
That said, even though my absolutely exhaustingly long talk stretched our time
Everyone was smiling the whoーle time listening ot the stories, being together we were NiyaNiya grinning, 『It’s fine! Don’t worry aout the time! Yaーy』 it got like that
It was aーll aーーll just the best 😎ハートハート







for celebrating my birthday, truly thank you so much照れ














And then!
Host, Sawayaka Gorou-sanルンルン



Sawayaka-san advanced for us so,



Basically we were free the whole time!!! lol爆笑



Sawayaka-san, thank you so much!!











Birthday day pictures, I’m fuーーll on it so,
I’ll be putting it up later kayラブ




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A New Year

2017-07-13 00:16:52


My Birthday is Hereーーーーーハートハートバースデーケーキ










I’ll do my best with this new year tooうさぎうさぎうさぎうさぎ




And then you know!?




To celebrate my birthday, I’ve started an Instagramキラキラキラキラキラキラ








If you like please look at itラブラブ
Please followうさぎ
Please celebrate! lol音符







For the new year too, please continue to support meイエローハーツラブラブ



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2017-07-12 09:33:22



Sayuminglandoll Goodsピンクハート






Left is the front上矢印
Right is the back上矢印上矢印







It’s really one of my favoritesーー!!!!







The illustrated side too you know!
I was really obsessed writing it so, some day I want to explain all the obsessive points one by one by one by one, aーーll of it kay! lol







And then




Michishige Sayumi Birthday Event



ハートKawaii Birthday Partyハート




good are also announcedーうさぎうさぎ





Here I want to talk about all kinds of good stuff but…




It’s totally gotten long so… lol







Next timeパーうさぎうさぎ




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2017-07-11 08:07:31






It’s hot huh!? Every day!






Around the day before yesterday or so you knowー
I kept saying it’s hot it’s hot
and I bought ice cream from the super market but




I ended up buying cookie sandwich like ice cream




There was lots of cookie, more compared to the ice cream


Moreover the cookie felt more like FuwaFuwa fluffy pancakes like in texture


It was yummy but


It was yummy but




In my mouth it was PassaPasa Dried out….ガーン




Even though it’s hot you know,




Even though I wanted to feel refreshed you know…




This didn’t feel like that you know…




It was yummy though you know!!!!!笑い泣き







Here’s a me with a “Summer!!!” feeling look太陽太陽太陽


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2017-07-11 00:55:48



Sayuminglandoll Goodsピンクハート


Michishige Saisei Coasterトロピカルカクテル





It’s Tshirt shaped, that’s one of my favorite partsラブ








My goods from when I was in Morning Musume。,
Those of you who have that placemat, you can use it as a set huhナイフとフォーク




Of course, just the coaster is fine tooハート







Generally even as a decoration, it’s cuteうさぎ









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2017-07-10 07:50:48







Reminiscent Talkニコニコ





The Tokyo performances venue,
Cotton Club-san♣️❤️




Every day, the food was yummy you knowもぐもぐナイフとフォーク




Dressing room meals were so fun, every day was UkiUki cheery with everyoneバレエ






They were selling it at the venue too so
we could be eating the same things with all the fans, that part still makes me very happy you knowピンクハート照れ



It’s not just the stage, we get to share in the things we’re eating too,爆笑ピンクハート







They prepared desserts too…ピンクマカロンマカロン


It was so yummyラブラブ




Their service spirit was amazing, I really respect thatキラキラキラキラ







And for the daily special drinks,
Every day it was stylish and yummyハイビスカストロピカルカクテルさくらんぼ





And for the daily special burger,
Every day with that volume, it was the bestハンバーガーハンバーガーハンバーガー










The food is good of course, and
all the Cotton Club-san staff were also
nothing but really kind people 😭💓





For the Cotton Club-san venue, the stage and the audience seating were very close,
Having returned and soon after, gotten to meet all the fans close like this, that made me happy,
The 2 and a half years I couldn’t see you all felt like they were filled in an instantハート




With that close distance,
Getting to meet eyes with everyone aーlot made me happyラブ





Getting to do my Saisei at Cotton Club-san
I’m so glad!!ハート







And the final day,
I got presents from Cotton Club-sanえーんラブラブ









For anything and every thing… truly thank you so much!!
The Cotton Club mug is cuteーーー照れコーヒー




I’ll use itキラキラキラキラ





For the masking tape,
I said in an MC that I was gathering masking tape! Hearing me talk about it they got me some as present 😭




The moment I saw the masking tape,
I was so happy I ended up bursting… (lol)




It’s already been put it in my masking tape collection boxラブ








From all the cast and staff too,
I got presents and lettersキラキラキラキラ




Truly, thank you so much!




There were lots of happy words in the letters, that made me very happy!!!!





Truly thank you so muchうさぎ音符





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