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2017-11-01 12:02:19





ハロウィンハロウィンHappy Halloweenハロウィンハロウィン









Yesterday was Halloween huh!!!!







Somehow? You might have noticed but
I, in terms of Halloweeny things




















But this time, I left home early and!







On the train,






『Eh! The seifuku now are really cute huh💞』




『Eh! There’s blood on it…!?』





『Ah…… Halloween?ーーー🎃』




It went like that




I got a taste of the Halloween feel!!





My Halloween this year was just that 💞👻




Everyone, did you do Halloween like things or dress up in costume??







I think If I put up pictures in costume or something then everyone would be overjoyed but…



I don’t have any so it can’t be helped!





Going with the same feeling as always♩




I don’t have any pictures from today!!



This, it’s from soーme time back I think!?



It might be a picture from 1.2 weeks back or so💞







From Manager-san I got, chocolateハートハートハート




It’s yumーーmy照れ💞💞💞




Thank you so much✨





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2017-10-30 14:26:46





You knowww…
Chibi Shikaku-chan… I couldn’t find it at all…..




Even going to bookstores that get 5.6 of them, they were aーll sold outアセアセ




Maybe it was an illusion….😭


















I said that!!!!



I thought that!!!!!



Then the other day on LINE from a friend




『Chibi Shikaku-chan…!』




They said! With a picture of the Chibi Shikaku-chan bookキラキラキラキラ





Immediately I asked 『buy it buy it!』, so I could read it soonピンクハートFinally! Seriously at last! We did it! Seriously did ittt!!! I’m looking forward to it you know照れ
















Up to this part,
I had written that a little while back,



and I got it!!!!!



Chibi Shikaku-chan 📕【1】
[tl pic text:
Chibi Shikaku-chan
You thought it was Chibi Maruko-chan but you were greatly wrong!!
Chibi Maruko-chan creator’s self parody]
[tl note: Chibi Shikaku-chan = Little Square-chan, Chibi Maruko-chan = Little Circle-kid-chan]







As for my thoughts on it!




OOーーー 😭 Shikachi-chaaaaann 😂





Shika-chan! I’m giving my support to Shika-chan 💞!!
I love Shika-chan! We’re allies!!!!




ハートハートSakura Momoko-san,
I love you!!!ハートハート










(A story about this picture. It’s me from 3.4 days agoー! My bangs are getting long, my bangs have gotten long, at home I put it up with a pin, when I tried taking the pin off it flowed pretty good so I took a picture just like that〜. How is it?? lol)




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2017-10-27 00:44:20





Good Eveningキラキラ




I had an interview with 『Weekly Playboy』-san!!!







With Fukuchan!!,
Fukumura Mizuki-chan, we talked about thingsピンクハート






Getting to talk a lot with Fukuchan for the first time in a while, I was happy〜 it was fun〜〜
She had the same full load soothing aura as ever照れ





For a picture with Fukuchan, I’m still holding out on you (lol)ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート





Looking at the title, you thought there’d be a picture with Fukuchan, those of you looking at the blog like that, I’m very sorry though.







It’s a solo self-shot festival (^∇^)




It’s a staple (^∇^)









Some day, I’ll put them up for sure so, please remain calm


And please look forward to it












Well well
the 『Weekly Playboy』 releases 11/20 so, by all means please check it out!!!!ラブラブ



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2017-10-25 09:02:31





I went to Disneyseaキラキラキラキラキラキラ
Halloween Disney!!!!ハロウィンハロウィンハロウィン







By the way, the Minnie-chan pin-badge I got from the gacha at the venue for Disney Only Classic, I forgot to bring it…




I ended up bustling when I left the house…










I ended up forgetting the pin-badge but


I had fun with all my powerリボンリボンリボンリボン








I went after six but…
it was really fun!!ハートハートハート







I got to do the new thingピンクハート
Nemo & Friends Sea Riderうお座
I rode it!!




Nemo and friends, they were all really really cuteラブラブ




It’s various patterns of sea adventures at random it seems though!



The finish? from the final part of the one I rode, or rather how it ended I really liked it!!!!









I ate lot sof Halloween foods too〜!!




two toneトランプハートトランプスペードトランプジョーカー gyoza sandwich, it was yummyー!!









We at Ursula’s swim ring bun too!!







Churros too〜!



The feeling hte first time I ate churros at Disney, even now I remember it…キラキラ








Even though it was after six I rode 5〜6 rides,
it was greatly satisfying✨✨✨✨


The Endハロウィンハート




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2017-10-24 06:38:19





Good Morningピンクハート


Yesterday I wore a pink knit sweaterチョコがけハート








Takahashi Aichan and haco!-san collabo knitラブラブラブラブラブラブラブラブ 




It’s really cute, one of my favoritesチョコがけハート




I would’ve been good if I took a proper fullbody shot and stuff tooーーーー!!アセアセ




From here on I think I’ll wear it a lot too so!
Next time if I take pictures I’ll put it up kay爆笑








Well, today…



The series I got to do voice acting for, Anime 『Henkei Shoujo』’s 『Arisa Edition』 movies, it’s the release day!!!!ピンクハート



DokiDokiDokiDoki heart-pounding…💞



That it is.






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For Today

2017-10-23 16:54:01





The typhoon, it’s been amazing huh…💦


Everyone, are you okay???



I think there’s ots of places that are still being affected by the typhoon.


Please be plenty careful!!!!







Today we did a Hello!Dora recordingピンクハート


This time,
it’s together with Kamikokuryou Moe-chan and Kawamura Ayano-chan!☆




They were both continuously cute!!ピンクハート




Look forward to the broadcastピンクハートハートピンクハートハート


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2017-10-21 10:53:02







there was a broadcast for Radio NEO「HELLO! DRIVE! -HaroDora-」爆笑
Everyone who got to listen to it! Everyone saying they’re listen to it after this!
Thank you so muchハートハートハート






Yesterday’s broadcast,
it was Kasahara Momona-chan and Kawamura Ayano-chanおねがい






During the Radio show,
We celebrated Kassaー, Kasahara Momona-chan’s birthday
Cake! I ended up getting some too!!
It was yummy❤️










Tomorrow, with her 10/22 birthday, I heard she’ll be 14!🎂イエローハーツラブラブ






Happy Birthdayバースデーケーキチューリップ have a fantastic year流れ星










Kawamura Ayano-chanハートちょうちょ
Ayano-chan’s Kouchi dialect that comes out sometimes is very cuteピンクハートイエローハート





Hello!Dora, from here on too, please continue to support usニコニコ


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2017-10-20 15:01:00





Sugaya Risako-chan, she announced her marriage・pregnancy yah!



For Risako-chan, her time in Hello!Pro, at Hello!Pro concerts we’d often end up together in shuffles♡♡♡




Risako-chan’s cute face, strong singing voice and usual playful feel are things I love!!ラブラブ





Really congratulationsハートハートハート





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『Henkei Shoujo』

2017-10-17 14:50:10



I get to play
Anime 『Henkei Shoujo』’s 『Arisa』’s voice!!
[tl link text: Last Episode 『Arisa Volume』’s voice actor, Former Morning Musume。’s]










The Afureco, the dubbing…
I was nervous of course but, more than that it was really funピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート






For me, I was indecisive, really soon after, I get into a negative mode though (lol)
Arisa is, always bright and cheery so it was very much encouraging!!!!!!キラキラ




I admire girls like Arisaハートハートハート





Getting to do the voice acting for that kind of Arisa makes me very happyラブラブイエローハーツ











『Henkei Shoujo』 [tl: Transforming Girls] official site
you can see the character introduction and my comments!







Arisa’s self introduction voice,


you can hear all kinds of vocals at randomキラキラキラキラキラキラキラキラ






The video release is still a little ways away…ハート
It’s DokiDoki heart-pounding…ピンクハート






Please look forward to it kay!!



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