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2022-04-03 13:39:35 Japan Time
(I skipped from July to the start of November to give everyone something for the Anniversary times!)

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Last Updated: 2022-04-18 16:14 Hawaii Time

Over the ear

Well, my first hairstyle is over the ear ☆ lol ☆


Not much of a change is it ( ̄∀ ̄)


The next one will be a pretty big change,
so everyone, please come to my
Kimagure hair arrangement show m(_ _)m


Oh also, changing up the topic a bit… a few days ago
was the release of Morning Musume’s “Onna ga medatte naze ikenai”


The deadline to apply for the release event is the 22nd
So everyone, if you would like, please come out and support us! (≧∇≦)
Please come out to meet Morning Musume ↑↑


This time, there will be a female-only event as well (^_-)
It’s a first for us
I’m pretty excited about it… ☆
I can’t wait to see all the people there ☆



Right now I’m playing around with a bunch of different hairstyles V(^-^)V


This pic here is the “normal” version ☆
With the bottom part curled ↑


From here, I’ll be upping a bunch of different pics as I
arrange my hair in different styles (^_-)♪


Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved playing with my hair
whether it be curling it, tying it up, or braiding it ―(≧∇≦)♪


Up til 4th grade, I seriously wanted to be a stylist


And as to why only “up til 4th grade”
Well in elementary school, since the classes change every year
you make those yearbooks every year don’t ya?


Well in 4th grade
We were all writing up our profile
and there was this “Your dreams in the future” part


And of course, I wrote “A famous beautician”
and across that, I wrote in tiny letters “Everyone please come visit ☆”


Then, all of the boys in the class wrote
“No way I’d ever go!”
That was a pretty big shock to me so I gave it up… (lol)


But nevertheless, I have always loved playing with my hair
so from time to time I’ll try out different things
even when there’s nothing going on (o^∀^o)


Funny (lol)

Good morning!!


I was so tired yesterday, the moment I got into my futon, I fell asleep!


It was my instant technique \(+×+)/


It was like…
Thud clonk! (-_-#)


what is “thud clonk” supposed to mean anyway?
That’s funny (lol)


In normal conversations “thud clonk” seems to come up a lot,
and just now, I guess I just did the same thing..


If you think about it though, it’s kinda funny (lol)


The “thud” is like when you’re falling down, so that part is ok


But why do we say the “clonk” huh (`▽´)


I wonder where the “clonk” came from


The origins of words…
are so deep aren’t they


I’m not trying to take it lightly


I’ll be sure to use it carefully


On the way back from the event… in the car…


I was chatting with Mitsui Aika-chan


It was a really fun chat ♪♪♪♪


Then, before I knew it..


I fell asleep


It was such a shock!
In the middle of a good talk, I feel asleep… (*_*)


“Sorry I fell asleep”
is what I said, but then I fell asleep again…
I’m just a big sleepy head today


Even as I’m writing this post right now,
I wonder how many times has my mind drifted off


How many times have I dropped my phone…


Anyway, it’s been a while since I’ve been this sleepy ~(;_;)


I think I’ll fall asleep the instant I get into bed (-.-)zzZ


But being this sleepy hopefully means I’ll have sound sleep tonight ↑


Oh man, if that’s the case, I’m looking forward to that (≧∇≦)


Can’t wait to sleep ♪
Waiiiii ♪♪♪


If I get excited about it, I’ll wake myself up though


So I need to preserve this sleepiness


Well for now, I need to at least take a bath first ↑↑


No peeking (lol)


But you can imagine (lol)


Kyaaa (≧∇≦)


Tension ↑↑

The second event just ended too ♪
It was a really fun and fulfilling time (≧∇≦)


To all of you who came!
Thank you very much!!


After the event ended, we hung out at the shop ☆


There are so many pictures of Morning Musume and Hello! Project!


Since I always love to see cute girls, I was so excited ↑↑↑


And right now, I’m looking in the mirror, so I’m even more excited ↑↑↑↑↑↑


Because… I’m cute (lol)



…… for those of you that are annoyed ☆


don’t worry, that’s normal (lol)