Still Very Full with Pictures!





Good Evening!


Today, we are singiーng a lot





The pictures from the birthday bus tour!


Again? does it feel like that?(lol)





Cause it was fun



The bus tour you know.


We went to my homearea of Yamaguchi prefecture,


The fans went,


“Yamaguchi prefecture is a great place huh〜”




“I like Yamaguchi now!”



saying that made me really happy!


The place Sayumi grew up, it’s a good place right?ーーーー(*≧▽≦)
For a Yamaguchi native it felt like something to boast!



It’s just filled with nature,
and filled with memories from when I was small,
even now I love it but
getting to make new precious memories again,
made me like Yamaguchi prefecture all the more!



The pictures of that Yamaguchi prefecture, I’ll put them up laterーーー(*・▽・*)


2014/7/16 20:48 (GREE)

25 Years Old!





Good Evening!!!!


Sorry for posting so late!


TekaTekaTekaaー gleaming.


It’s been awhile since I updated huh!★




turned 25〜\(^o^)/


From 7/12 to the moment I turned 25 on my birthday on 7/13,
I did a countdown, and spent it with all the fans



It was the greatest of delights!


These three pictures are, from that time!!♪



After the countdown finished


The two days 7/13.7/14, well!
Sayumi, in her hometown of Yamaguchi prefecture, did her birthday bus tour(●´ー`●)



It was so good!


It was so much fun ヾ(▽≦*)…ヾ(*≧▽)ノ


It was fun for Sayumi so,
it was fun for everyone too right?! lol



Just reminiscing about it makes me feel like smilingーヾ(o´▽`)ノ



Everyone, thank you yah!



It became the best 25th birthday bus tour!



25 year old Sayumi is


『Not having regrets』!



That’s her goal!


preparing for my graduation too, I want to enjoy each and everything so I don’t have any regrets,
Without compromise, I want to do these myself,


Morning Musume。 Michishige Sayumi, will get through all the things around that she wants to do!


That is my goal


25 year old Sayumi too, everyone please treat me well kay〜?


2014/7/16 01:10 (GREE)

Frequent Broadcasts!





Good Evening!!


I’ll put up pictures
of preーttyー recent Sayumiーー★★★



The third shot is a picture from quite some time ago but,
It’s short hair me♪♪♪


Isn’t it refreshiーーng\(^o^)/?★




And here, an announcement!!!!



They’ll be rebroadcasting from April’s General TV broadcast, the
「Morning Musume。 55 Special!」!!!


This time, the rebroadcast is scheduled for NHKBS Premium ( *´艸`)


Waーi! Yayー!!! Thank you so much!



「Morning Musume。 55 Special!」 Frequently broadcasting


<The 1st Night・Revised>


<The 2nd Night・Revised>



※The general TV broadcast will be split into 2 parts and broadcast over 2 weeks.



It seems they’ll be putting in different clips from the one broadcasted in April♪


By all means please watch o(^-‘o)♪☆(o^-^)o〜♪












2014/6/16 19:31 (GREE)

Red Carpet



Good Evening!!


Today was,




and I got to be an MC!!!


I was veーry nervous but,
it was veーーry fun,
a valuable experience



Everyone who watched over me!
Thank you so much!



And… today!
I walked the red carpetーーー


Isn’t that amaziーng?


It was so happy♪♪


I’m glad things were so sunnyー*(^o^)/*



It was red carpet weather!!!



It was fun!



All the artist’s live performances were amazing toooo!



Yesterday, my nerves had me all DokiDoki heart pounding I couldn’t really sleep but,


Tonight, the excitements got me DokiDoki and I might not be able to sleep eitherーー lol






Berryz Koubou were really cool too!!!!
Ah, Sayumi got to perform a little with Berryz too!
Thank you so much♪



Good Night!o(__*)Zz








2014/6/15 06:52 (GREE)




Good Afternoon!


☆An Announcement☆


Michishige Sayumi’s First! Personal Book
is being released on Sayumi’s 25th birthday, 7/13!!!!




I’m super looking forward to it (*≧▽≦)


You might get to see almost all of Sayumi!?


The interviews and stuff for the personal book too, how many hours did we take?
It was from morning to evening!
I just kept talking the whoーle time♪
In the middle, when my mouth starting not functioning well I got breaks(lol)


And then, the shoots,
the cute outfits!


Sayumi’s make-up methods and stuff.
and hair too you know (^_-)


The title is 『Sayu』 ( *´艸`)


For 7/13, we’ll be doing the birthday bus tour too but,
it seems you’ll get to buy it there too!☆



The first picture is,
Sayumi checking the pictures!


The second shot is, from when I went strawberry picking for a shoot!


The third shot is, The tart Sayumi decorated at a shoot!


I don’t really have a sense for it〜!lol


2014/6/11 13:08 (GREE)

Various Stories



With three pictures, I’m gonna talk about stuff♪♪♪



The first shot!
Furuta Arata-san and Morning Musume。’14 starring together for the first time in a CM,
It’s from the 『Kore Ichi Meigen Yarou〜 Zenryoku Yasai Musume。/Fuchiko-san』
[tl: This is Number One, Meigen Yarou~ Full Power Vegetable Musume。/Fuchiko-san] Vol. shoot!


It’s a This is Number One poーーーse!?


The CMs,
from 6/7(Sat) they’ll begin airring in sequence nation-wide!!!!



Have you seen them?



The second shot!
It’s a picture from when I got to appear live on 『Hirunandesu』〜!
The outfit from the time was reallーy cute( *´艸`)
Hirunandesu, it was funー♪



The third shot!


It’s Morning Musume。’14’s Photobook, Michishige Camera’13-’14、currently on saleー!


2014/6/9 19:14 (GREE)

Michishige Camera






Watch it kay


It’s got clips from the Kawaguchiko final performanceー!!!


It’s a Michishige Camera( *´艸`)


at the part when she was going to say,



It went like
“Ganbatteーーーiku,” it was kinda cut off, that was…







at that time,




she had pressed the stop button on the camera, that’s why that happened (lol)




Isn’t that hilariousーーー(lol)
Sorry huh, Ikutaaa!




And you know〜,
They really used Sayumi’s close ups so
By all means, please watch it kayーーー(*≧▽≦)



The three pictures are,
Sayumi in outfits for the spring tour concerts♪
The outfits, were cute〜



Well then, laters!!!


2014/6/7 11:37 (GREE)




Good Eveningーーーー☆




The au uniform
is cute huh〜!


This outfit, already we probably won’t wear them again?





I want to wear it! I want to wear it!


I want to wear it againーーーーー!!!!




Well, yesterday,


was a shoot for 6/23 release of 「JUNON」
with Momochi,
Tsugunaga Momoko-chan and


Wada Ayaka-chan, I did a shoot with both of them!




I can’t put up pictures yet though.



The outfit were cute too,



Ayacho was! so cuteー
Ayacho’s cuteness brings me joy (●´ー`●)
Powaーーーn…I get like that you know. After meeting with Ayacho




Momochi was! funnyー(lol)



No really!
Momochi, she’s alーーways funny!!!
After the shoots and the interview finished too
I was talking with Momochi♪
Momochi was funny♪



Alーways cute, seeing Ayasho who there isn’t one NG picture of either, I’m impressed,


From coming there to going home, seeing Momochi always in high spirits, I was impressed!



I once again thought Hello!Project is amazingー!



There is this summer’s customary
Hello!Pro Concert!


I look forward to it



2014/6/3 23:32 (GREE)

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