All Day



Good Eveningーーー!



all day in Sendai was TV live braodcast, recordings, and on-locations, interviews, and the handshake event〜(≧∇≦)



It was fun(*´∀`)♪



It was Ishida Ayumi-chan and I, the 2 of usー!
Ishida is a Sendai native!


Having work in your own hometown is makes you really happy!!


So today’s Ishida looked really happy tooー( *´艸`)


Sayumi had fun too〜


I got to learn
more! about the good points of Sendai,


lots of you came to the handshake event too!


Everybody, truly thank you so much!!!★



The first picture♪ when we got to be NamaIki TV’s live broadcast,
they prepared a cake for us in the dressing room!!!!


It was really very yummy〜!


Thank you so much (≧∇≦)


NamaIki TV, thank you so much!


Yummy cake! I love itーーー!!



The second and third shot is…


An assortment of lots of pictures with Ishida (●’w’●)♪♪


2014/4/24 22:02 (GREE)

Tomorrow, It’s a Handshake Event〜♪



Good Eveningーー!


Tomorrow is an early morninggg(^^)


I gotta do my best♪


Tomorrow you knowー.


I’m going to Sendaiー!


with Ishida Ayuminー(^^)(^^)


I’m looking forward to it〜


We get to appear on TV live,
and there are recordings and on-locations too〜(≧∇≦)



Maybe we’ll get to eat yummy things from Sendaiー?



At 18:30〜,
At Tower Rec. Sendai Parco★
With Ishida, the two of us are doing a release commemoration event & handshake eventー(●´ー`●)


Really by all means please come!
We’ll be waiting for you


The picture is, with Sendai native, Ishidaー♪



2014/4/24 01:49 (GREE)

First Place!



Morning Musume。’14’s 56th double A-side single 『Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe/Password is 0』 has earned the Oricon Weekly 1st place!!!


With the past singles, we’ve gotten 4 consecutive 1st places so,
with this one, we’ve now gotten 5 consecutive 1st places★★★★★


happy, happy, happーyい! Happーy!!!!!


I feel like I want to walk around the world boasting♪






It’s thanks to all the fans for always giving your support!!!



For everyone, I’m filled with feeling of gratitude


Really, thank you.


Really, thank you.


Morning Musume。’14,
I’m feeling like more and mor I want to advance forward!


Sayumi, do your best!! Watch us kay



From here one as well, with Morning Musume。’14,
please support us ( *´艸`)



Morning Musume。’14 Leader Michishige Sayumi


2014/4/22 17:00 (GREE)

Yesterday’s Concert♪



Good Morning!


Yesterday was concerts in Fukuoka prefecture♪♪


I did my best with the motsunabe power!(lol)



It was hot huh〜


It was a really fun time!


This time, Sayumi once again felt how essential time is


With the power, warmth, and everything we get from everyone at concerts,
we can keep doing our best p(^_^)q



Truly, I thank you so much, always(^^)



Fukuoka prefecture is, Ikuta Erina-chan’s hometown★


Ikuta really looked like she was having fun too,


Of course triumphant return LIVEs are delightful huh!


The next one is our concerts in Nagoya I think〜(*´∀`)♪


Looking forward to it, Looking forward to it



Today, Tokyo is cold but… I’ll do my best all day〜



Everyone, I hope you don’t catch a cold either huh!?



I’m off, have a good day


2014/4/21 10:32 (GREE)




Today was concerts in Kagoshimaーー!


It was hot hoーーt!!!


Thank you so much for the fantastic time!


The Kagoshima concerts were fired up,
and we came across lots of yummy Kagoshima things too,
it was a delightful day ヾ(o´▽`)ノ



And, after that, we moved to Fukuoka….





we ate some


it was superーーー yummy!


Sayumi, this winter,
hadn’t gotten to eat motsunabe even once,
just when I had thought “I want to eat motsunabeー”
it made me extra happy♪( *´艸`)


I ate lotsー(≧∇≦)



Fun, and yummy, that’s how I spent the day,
I feel like I’m gonna sleep soundly〜(^^)



I’ll do my best with tomorrow’s Fukuoka concert too♪


2014/4/19 23:51 (GREE)




On yesterday’s broadcasted 『The Girls Live』,


We got to show 『Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe』 with the clothes coordinated by S/mileage’s Fukuda Kanon-chan!!!!


It was cute〜



the pictures are,


No way!!!






Some time before, when Berryz Koubou’s Natsuyaki Miyabi-chan coordinated for us (lol)



I hadn’t put up Miyabi0cha’s coordinate on the blogs yet so…



I’m sorry for putting it up so late.



Miyabi-chan’s coordinate was cute tooーーー♪♪


Everyone has really good sense huh



Well then, today let’s do our best to have fun with the day again〜kay〜


2014/4/18 11:42 (GREE)

SayuMizuki Two Shot



Good Eveningーーー!



Today’s event was hot fun too!


Thank you so much♪



The pics areーー!


with Hello!Pro lover Fukuchan



The first shot is


I said to Manager-san,
“I’m taking pics with Fukuchan so, please take it for meー!”


it’s a shot taken before Fukuchan had come next to Sayumi (lol)



The second, third shots are, pictures after Fukuchan came next to Sayumi without any problemsーーーー\(^o^)/



Well well, tomorrow, unexpectedly!? It’s an early morning



No wait, that might not be it I think?



I don’t know but, I’ll do my best tomorrow too!
From now, I gotta prepare for tomorrowー( *´艸`)





2014/4/17 22:36 (GREE)




Yesterday’s release of 『Shounen [tl: Young Boy] Magazine』.



We had become angels



It was a reaally cute shoot〜( *´艸`)♪



Cute shoots raise my mood.


The magazine shoot I did ysterday was reaaaally cute too so, I want everyone to see it soon〜



I still have Shounen Magazine
pictures so I’ll put them up later kayー★


2014/4/17 13:53 (GREE)




Good Evening!!!


Today, at Ikebukuro Sunshine City we got to do a release commemoration mini-live & handshake event!!!



Lots of you came, I’m grateful grateful (人´∀`*)
Thank you so much ★





Today’s released 『Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe/Password is 0』



Earned the Oricon Daily 1st place〜( *´艸`)♪♪


Thank you so much!!!!
It makes me very, happy!!!!


During the handshake event, when I got to announce the Daily 1st place from my own mouth,
Everyone got really excited,
and after that, at the handshake you gave lots of celebratory words,
I was happy o(*’▽’*)/☆



Thank you♪♪♪



So we can get the weekly first place too, we’ll do our best!
Please give us your support♪♪




The first picture★
A moment from a song!
Just one person’s standing, and that one person standing is Sayumi


Well, do you think you know what song and what timingー?


The answer is〜



































Sayumi’s solo part from 「One・Two・Three」


『Shite Hoshii』♪



that part〜\(^o^)/



Did you get the answerー?



The second shot is, Ikuta, Satou, and Sayumi, a rare? three shot★★★



The third shot, with all 10 of us〜!!!!!



Well then, later kay


2014/4/16 23:15 (GREE)




Good Afternoon!!!!



Today is Morning Musume。’14’s 56th single 『Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe/Password is 0』’s
release dayーーーー( *´艸`)


Has everyone already



listened to it!?♪


The pictures are, pictures from the Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe jacket shootー!


The first shot ★ The members gathered shoot (人´∀`*)


The second shot ★ Sayumi’s outfit is like thisーーー picture!


The third shot ★ Close up〜(ノ∇〃 )



2014/4/16 15:56 (GREE)

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