Matching set ♪

Okkkk ☆
Here is a 2 shot with Morning Musume’s leader Takahashi Ai-chan ☆


We’re both wearing Western-style clothes ♪
We’re matching ♪
We did the radio show as a matching couple ♪♪


I love Ai-chan and she always makes everything more fun


Also, Ai-chan is very trendy and always cute and cool
She has excellent fashion coordination
Being together with Ai-chan is just fantastic ♪


We have teddy bear designs,
with mine being colorful
and Ai-chan’s being black/white


Ai-chan’s is kinda boy-ish ☆


Upon seeing what we wore
we were like “Ahh!! We’re the same!!”
and we got super excited, I was so happy (*^o^*)


And now today… ah no I mean tomorrow…
Morning Musume will be on Music Fighter!
We’ll be singing Onna ga medatte naze ikenai ♪
Please check it out ☆♪


I’ll be recording that tomorrow
I know it’s early, but I’m gonna head off to sleep now
I want to get back to full energy so I need to get plenty of sleepy (≧∇≦)


Oyasayumin ♪♪


I also got to take a 2 shot with Yasuda-san (^_^)v☆♪


I kinda have a weird facial expression though (>_<)


Yasuda-san is just too nice, she simply is too nice.


Despite all of the rude things I’ve said on
variety shows and other various shows
She has such a huge heart that she just takes everything in


What’s more, she listens to me when I need to have a serious talk
and she also gives me her opinion on things


She makes it easy to understand
and also says everything in a gentle way
She’s such a kind senpai (^O^)


And also, one thing for sure about Yasuda-san


is that she’s so funny ♪


I know right? ♪ ~θ(^0^ )


I also just love how “Yasuda Kei” sounds
so even when she’s not around
I use her as the punchline of many jokes (lol)


Yasuda-san is so funny ♪


And so nice… that she even laughs at the mean things
I’ve been saying about her…


Thank you!


I look forward in continuing to work with you


as the punchline of my jokes ↑ (lol)


Usa-chan peace ♪

I had a radio recording session today ♪
It was for the show “MBS young town saturday”
a radio show featuring Akashiya Sanma-san, Murakami Shouji-san
Morning Musume’s Takahashi Ai-chan and a different weekly MM OG ♪


Today’s OG is Yasuda Kei-san ☆


We took a pic together ~(^_^)v


Here is a pic of us 3, and without me saying anything
Yasuda-san and Ai-chan did the Usa-chan peace pose for me ☆


Usa-chan peace is…


A pose that I normally do a lot, and it is basically where
you put both hands in a peace sign
and place them above your head like bunny ears! ♪


Please give it a try!
Ready… and go!


Hehehe ♪ Was that too much to ask? (≧∇≦)


But I’m sure that there were some of you who did it ♪


It’s so cute ♪♪

Health first ☆

Sorry for making you all worry.


I went to the hospital ↑


But ya know,
even before I went to the hospital, I was already feeling a lot better ♪


But just to be safe, I went in to get an IV treatment (>_<)


It made me so alive again, you wouldn’t even have been
able to tell I was the same person as last night’s Sayumi


It even gave me back my pre-sick appetite (lol)


I had 3 rice balls and a bowl of soup (^w^)


Since I was eating nothing but sweets yesterday…
I’ll eat rice today to get my strength back ↑↑


Although, later on, I think I’m gonna end up reverting back to my old self
That’s what I predict ♪


But what I got out of this was…


☆ Health comes first ☆




Health is so important


Any pain
Any adversity
Is tough isn’t it
And not just for you, but it affects everything around you (>_<)


Without your health, everything you do just isn’t as fun is it? (;_;)


When you’re healthy
things like “I’m happy!”
and “This is fun!”
and “This is delicious!”
and “What a blessing!” just feel better don’t they…


After reflecting on this event, I really didn’t take care of myself at all…


Normally, I kind of take my health for granted, but now I am grateful that I am healthy


From now on, I’ll try to avoid unhealthy habits as much as possible ↑↑


Health banzai \(^ー^)/

Good morning ♪

I haven’t updated my blog since yesterday noon,
sorry about not blogging m(_ _)m


Actually yesterday, I went home around 8pm
and then just had dinner and ate some sweets (>_<) Then before I knew it, I fell asleep (-.-)zzZ


Then around 11pm, I woke up shivering,
and it’s been crazy since


It’s been a while since it was this bad (;_;)
I put on a ton of warm clothes, I looked like a snowman!


My shivers have gotten pretty bad


So around noon today, I’ll be going to the hospital!


Everyone, please be careful about catching colds,
please take proper care of yourself ok?


This is a pic of me
in a very unfashionable state… (lol)


Please be sure to keep warm!!

Instant energy ☆

Today all of Morning Musume is at the Ryōgoku Kokugi-kan
for the NHK Fukushi Oozumo program*
* an annual national charity event


It’s almost show time ↑


I’ve been lacking on sleep a little more than usual
So I’m replenishing my energy with this drink (・o・)ノ


One of my favorite drinks “Instant energy”


It helps me out at least once a month ♪


And it really is instant!!


Alllllright ♪
Off I go with energy ♪(≧∇≦)♪


There will be plenty of guests, so it’ll be fun~


I wonder if there’ll be any of our fans though ♪
I’m so excited ~θ(^0^ )


Today’s sumo program will air on February 21st ♪


Also today!
February 11, the Secret Citizens SHOW
airing at 9pm ♪
I will be on representing the people of Yamaguchi
Be sure to watch k! (b^ー°)

The answer ♪

And the answer is— ♪♪


The one in the 2nd pic with the bunny on it V(^-^)V☆


Or so you would think~!


The actual correct answer is the one to the left of that one
with the strawberry on it ↑♪↑☆


For those of you who were like “For sure Sayu is gonna pick this one”
for the one with the bunny,
when you’re in the mood to eat strawberries, you can’t fight that~


Rather than going with my character, I went with my stomach (lol)


It was soooo good ~(⌒~⌒)


And now as to why we had these cakes in the dressing room this morning…


Well today, Feburary 11th, is Morning Musume’s
Chinese exchange student Junjun’s birthday ♪♪♪


I took a 2shot with her (^_^)v


Junjun turned 22 ☆
Congrats, Junjun (^O^)


For presents, I gave her slippers (as seen in the photo)
and a giant heart cushion ♪


She said they were cute


I’m so happy (≧∇≦)


Junjun, I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Question ♪

I had these cakes for breakfast ☆♪


There were 10 of them ♪


Which one did I pick?!













Thank you (;_;)

Thank you guys ♪


Yesterday (rather just a little while ago), I apologize for the apathetic blog posts m(_ _)m


It was quite late last night, and I had a lot on my mind


But when I mean a lot, don’t worry, it wasn’t anything bad! (b^ー°)☆


Anyway, reading all of your comments really cheered me on!


Stuff like thanks for working so late
or keep yourself healthy, etc


You guys stayed up so late too (;_;)


There were so many warm comments… really, thank you so much


Blogging is so fun~ (≧∇≦)


is what I was thinking, because blogging like this…
getting power and support from everyone (;_;)


is not something I could carry on by myself,
it’s something I want to do with all of us together…


Seems like I’m gonna be super addicted to blogging (*^o^*)


No! Not “seems like”
I already am completely ♪


I said I’ve fallen in love with blogging before,
but more than that, I’ve fallen in love with the kindness you have all shown me m(_ _)m


I’m so happy to have such strong support o(^-^)o


The title may say “Michishige Sayumi’s blog”, but it really is “our blog” ☆♪


Good work ☆

I’m done (≧∇≦)


It’s late in the evening, but still was a lot of fun ♪♪


I still haven’t shown you my outfit (>_<) but here is a close-up...


I was really really nervous
but I had a blast (^∀^)ノ


Oyasayumin ♪☆