First Calligraphy of The Year⭐︎

2022-01-05 01:13:07

I did my first calligraphy for the year お年玉お年玉お年玉絵馬
I wrote everyone’s feeling 💗
This year too it’s Michishige Hitosuji [tl: Michishige Devoted]…💗
please give me your support 🐰💕
First calligraphy of the year at a glance !!
[tl pic: Chachamaru (Dom from Animal Crossing), Slow Life, Michishige Devoted, 1 billion yen, Skill Up!,and Cute]
This year while seeing to a slow life やしの木おひつじ座
Skill up at Splatoon 上矢印上矢印上矢印
I wanna hit a jackpot 1 billion yen I think. お願い
And, I want to get much much cuter ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート
When I was taking pictures Seーra came
So cute!!! リボン
And well…
The first calligraphy of the year is so fun so much so 😂❤️
I hadn’t learned penmanship I haven’t had any experience since the lessons in school but it’s so fun
I want to learn maybe!! lol
If I feel like it I want to try doing a penmanship instalive or something!!!! lol
I could tak in the words that everyone wants written from the comments!!! Like that yah!!!
And the favourites I want made into goods… lol
Well then laters 爆笑爆笑爆笑ピンクハート

Usachan Peace Year

2022-01-03 15:43:51

Happy New Year!
2022 has started huhー!!✨
Usachan Peace year!!!🐰
This year, for me it’s my atoyaku [tl note: year after a bad luck year] 😌
Well based on thing I’ve heard, people in their atoyaku seem strong 😂
Ah! That’s right!
Even turning into mochi
is because of your unlucky year!!!!
Right right,
so it can’t be helped right ピンクハート
Because of the unlucky year…. 鍋
Because of the atoyaku…..🍕
Or I should say バレエバレエバレエ
This is not related to the unlucky year lol
It’s just that I’m a girl whose appetite for food can’t be stopped 😢 that’s all so
I should do things right ピンクハート
Ah, by the way
The moment the new year came around… 上差し
I wanted to do the countdown in Animal Crossing
In total preparation I booted up Animal Crossing but
before the new year,
I fell asleep……
when it realized it was 0:20. lol
Well, there’s those kinds of years too huh 流れ星
I ate a lot
I slept a lot
It’s healthy right!!
Health is number 1 !!
Everyone too
2022, let’s spend it together healthily ピンクハート
I took so many self shots 😌
For this year too, even if it’s this kind of me
please give me your support 🥺💕

Thank You So Much For This Year Too!

2021-12-31 18:35:07

Before I knew it it’s 12/31…
2021’s last day huh!!
For December….
I ate a lot of GuraKoro yah lol
Really I ate it often!!!
This year’s bolognese GuraKoro, really ♡ I liked it so much 🍔🍝🍟
I look so happy 😌 lol
One’s not enough ya know!!😂

And with this part

that’s the GuraKoro talk….!lol
Thank you so much for this year too!
Continuing from last year, I haven’t been able to meet with everyone a lot this year too, even when we can meet it’s with restrictions yeah. But even in that, I was really really happy in that in July we got to have SAYUMINGLANDOLL for the first time in a while!!!✨
But, thinking about those of you who wanted to go but couldn’t, I think about those who couldn’t come for various reasons.
Thinking about it, there’s a part of me that feels bad about it too.
Soon for everyone who feels like they want to meet, I hope we can meet without restrictions……
Like that, among all the various feelings
for always reading my blog
and commenting
thank you so much♡♡♡
I love seeing everyone’s comments!
Even when we’re separated we’re connected.
For each topic I update with, reading your thoughts and responses,
『Of course fans would properly take notice here yah〜 That makes me happy』 being moved by that,
『Eh! I see! You could consider it that way or see it that way too huh! Amazing!!』 there’s things that impress me too♡
In any case you know,
all the fans
『often see me yah』
I really feel that♡♡♡
That you know, it always, it makes me really happy❣️
The comments of course but,
Just remembering all my fans
I can feel like I gotta do my best!! Really!!
It gives me motivation you know.
Even on days I can’t see everyone, imagining the day we’ll see each other I gotta do my best. That’s how it feels ♡
Even when they’re difficult times, anxious days, and lonely times
remember you fans
There are weird people there for meーー!!!
That’s what I think!😆💗
The sense of ease if amazing…!
Oh my, this is complete not put together….
It might just be such a long strange composition… lol
Well whatever, everyone’s weird so it’s fine 😆😆😆💕
In any case you know ♡
For being my supporters any time, thank you 💗💗💗
2022 too…
Please give me your support 🐰

It Had Been Kind of A Long Time!

2021-12-27 17:23:45

12/25, Christmas Day!
it was the Nagoya performance 🐰💗
My eyelash GyunGyun curled up 付けまつげ付けまつげ付けまつげ
At the time it was just the eyelashes, I hadn’t put on eyeliner!
With the sense of Christmas
I used lots of Christmas Conffret 🎄 cosmetics for my make-up ピンクマカロンハートダイヤモンド
And I appeared on stage wearing a Santa hat too グリーンハーツグリーンハーツ
For my nails, it’s Christmasy too, and it’s for a live too so it’s KiraKira sparkly 🤩
The Santa hat was KiraKira sparkling too ❣️🎄
With the members !!!✨
It was Christmas day so,
getting to sing Christmas and winter themed songs was really fun 💝♬
We got all kinds of requests and
we got to sing all requested songs ❣️ Wa〜i ☃️
Taking off the Santa hat
my hair was half usachan hair 🐰
It’s a present from Sayumi Santa 🎁♡
I did it for the Nagoya performance you know 🐰💗
In the wings.
Standby Michishige!
And, for me this year, it was the last day to directly see all the fans but..
For me of course time spent together with everyone makes me more joyful than anything ♡
I really like the time seeing everyone from the stage!
Ahー, now, togetherー! Spending time together yah! Being together yahーー!!!
Thinking about it makes me really happy ❤️
But, this year there hasn’t been a lot of chances to get to see everyone too, and beig in this situation with limits to meeting, I feel like everyone coming also is scared and conflicted a lot too.
Even then, I’m filled with feelings of gratitude to those who came to support me and came to see me.
For me just time with everyone is a really special time, a joy, it’s like I can get positivity,
For everyone, it’d be good to help comfort a little of the every day hard times or fatigue yah.. that, I feel that.
Really thank you so much always ♡
And there are lots of you who want to meet me and can’t come too yah…
Really that hurts my heart.
I hope that the day when we can break away from this stress comes even a one day sooner…
But, even then, even while we can’t meet, you’re cheering for me via SNS, for giving me your feelings, thank you♡
feeling that even if we can’t meet you can see me, that really really makes me happy!! I hope we can meet again soon.
For me, as usual, I love reading the comments and things from all the fans, I’m always looking at them 👀
For the 2nd live from the 25th
『For me, if I didn’t have these live times I’d be a plaiーーーーn human. I’d be just a plain Michishige Sayumi. It’s because of everyone existing that I started being cute. Everyone made 『Michishige Sayumi』 cute 💗』
I talked about it like that but
All of the fans went
『but we like plain time Sayu too.』
Seeing you all write that
it made me really happy, just so relieved ☺️♡
I, often say it but…
Usually I’m really plain, a negative person, I worry about all this and that, I worry about work and every day trivial things, if I didn’t have something to worry about myself that’d be impossible! like that, worrying bout not having new things to worr yabout, looking for worries that I end up making new worries but…
Even though there’s lots of times when I get really fed up with myself, my head gets heavy and I can’t do anything, but even not doing anything I really get fed up with myself…
even if I am steadily in a vicous circle getting fed up with own stuff like that…
(This is a different feeling from 『plain』 though lol)
But, up to now, talking about whatever state I’m in, being told that you like that kind of Sayu too really makes me happy!!😭
Now I still felt that but
My fans, you might also be equally strange!!😭
And so normal is fine no!?
Plain, negative,
and kinda really unpleasant feelings lol
For me you know, even talking about that me I don’t like
Saying you like that Sayu too…
it really makes me happy, it’s relieving…
Well, I don’t think I’m saying it well at all though…
That’s right, I want get your love while accepting this me and improving myself…
It’s also a chance to be positive with myself so
I’m really grateful ✨
And the time I spend with you weird people make me the happiest, I can be positive so
of course time with everyone is what I like most 💓 That’s the sum of it ❣️❣️❣️
Thank you so much always♡
Please be near me next year too.

Christmas Party

2021-12-25 09:23:50

Merry Christmas 🎄💗💗💗
For yesterday’s eve
with an instalive
I had a Christmas party 🍗🎂🍕
Jaーーーーn !!!!!!ハート
The! Christmas feeling menu 🤶🎀
Ohhh myyyy〜!!!
It was exciting 😆♡
During the instalive and
after the instalive too
I ate a lot lol
Chicken, pizza, and cake, all totally yummy ♡
It’s been a while since I ate delivery pizza like this though♪
Of course it’s yummy〜 It’s the best 🍕✨
The other day, when I went to the gym for the first time in a while an instructor said
『Sayumi-chan, you have this image that you’re always eating junk!』 😂
『Always!?….no no, it’s not always…no well it might really be always!』 that’s how it turned out 😆
Junk is yummy that’s why!
I wonder when I’ll get a McD’s GuraKoroーーー
I want to eat another while within the limited period though you know!
I really like this year’s bolognese GuraKoro a lot🍝
I wonder if I’ll get to eat it againー!?
This cake I didn’t eat during the instalive too↓
It was really yummy♡
Inside were fruits, no way right!?
Mango! (Or, orange colored peaches? or, some kind of orange colored fruit)!
I ate it thinking it was mango ❣️
This various assorted set was cute too kyun💗
↑ This, I kinda put it on the SayuUsa plate 🐰🎀 but, there’s so much on it you can’t see it! lol
Thank you so much for the fun time 💓💓💓

Fantastic Space♡

2021-12-23 11:31:04

Good Afternoonー♪
It was a bit back but…
I’ll put up pictures from when I went out with my friend クリスマスツリースイカ
That’s where we wentー♡♡♡
From the entrance it was WakuWaku exciting ♪✨🐟
The back is totally open…😂
In the store was set for Christmas, it was cute yah 🎄
Seems the theme was Japan deliciousness done fun and healthy
Healthy food made me really happy 🥗🍔
It’s a hamburger but it’s not meat
It’s a jump mushroom so
it’s really healthy ✨ and full of vegetables too ✨✨
The Goofy cafe latte was cute too ☕︎
It was wonderful〜
It was a really fantastic fashionable space and soothing time〜♪♡☆
Well then, I’ll update later キラキラ

Morning Musume。’21 Live♪

2021-12-13 23:52:35

I went to see the Morning Musume。’21, Nippon Budokan Live!!
it was reaaaally good, especially the medley!! Oh my! The medley was oh my!!
It was like that when I was there too but, when you talk about Morning Musume。 the medleys are really great right!?
Once again I was moved by them.
And Sato’s graduation。
Sato’s smiles were reaaaaally cute!! She was shining✨
Again, I felt how much I love and adore when Sato is smiling.
Watching the stage, these smiles of Sato had saved me countless times, I remember that being real.
Sato being more subtle than anything, feeling and thinkinga bout all kinds of things,
Sato making lots of people feel better,
I hope that that kind of Sato is filling life with her smile even more from here on, with such wonderful things ✨
Happy Graduation.
Ahh so cute, very much so!!💚
It been about 2 years since Morning Musume。’21’s solo live but, it was so cool that it didn’t seem that way at all
But they really gave the feeling that getting to do a solo live for the first time in 2 years made them happy〜!!✨
Starting with Leader Fukuchan, and all the members
it was really wonderful ♡♡♡
I’m very much looking forward to the next Morning Musume。 event too!!!
I’m saying it over and over but, the medley was so wonderful……!
I couldn’t take pictures with the members so
I got to take pictures in the green room solo(lol)