2022-02-07 10:23:32

Good Morning 🌞✨
The book I started reading this morning that was more Horror than I though? No, just I just can’t do Horror but
it’s a little scary
so I ran away to blog ☺️☺️☺️
But I worry about how it’ll continue so I’ll read it again though 😆😆😆
Recently I saw Netflix’s
『Ima, Watashitachi no Gakkou wa…』 [tl: “Now, Our School is…” aka “All of Us Are Dead”]
I was scared but, I was impressed
It was interesting!!
For me, with scary movies and dramas.
I watch while fast forwarding,
I check whether there’s a scary scene ahead or not, then rewind back and watch through normally so
it takes me a really long time 😂
In relation to Netflix
The scroll bar? at the bottom of the screen, while advancing through it I look at the small pictures as I continue through the scenes at places so
I see a little bit of the development ahead of time there, and then return back to where I started…and I watch things that way💦 lol
I totally know this way is funny but… with scary stuff I do it all the time 😂
With mystery type books too, I have the habit of looking at the last page first when I’m at the scary parts though…
That I’m trying to contol myself as much as possible really… ☺️
I read ahead about 1.2 pages often though! lol
I’m a coward? but
I like mystery and suspense!
For currently broadcasting dramas
⭐️Misuteri to iu nakare [tl: Do Not Say Mystery]
⭐️Itoshi Uso〜 Yasashi Yami〜 [tl: Lovely Lie, Kind Darkness aka Dear My Loneliness and Darkness]
I’m watching these 2!!
Well then,
writing this up I’ve calm down so I’ll be reading my book again 😌📖


2022-02-05 10:42:17

[tl: Pochama = Piplup]
💙 Michishige Sayumi × Project Pochama 「That Girl And Pochama」💙
The other day a making video from the shoot
went up!
Here 💁‍♀️♡

I got to do an interview too but…
I speak faster than I though I do, it was surprising 💦 lol
I love talking about the things I love so
getting to talk about my beloved Pochama, and beloved Pokemon was very fun 💙 I talked in a daze 😆
And… after the interview was over I think? It was in tha ttiming,
well, as a surprise, Pochama…..!!!!
I was really surprised‼️
It’s so cute 💙💘💙


Bowing is cute😍💙

I like it’s back too ❣️💙 Adorable-chan 💓

I still have lots from the shoot’s offshot so I’ll put them up☺️☺️☺️💙

originally from the illustration put down from illustrator Miyama Ayumi-san、the outfit that was made for me by clothing designer Hosokawa Yumi-san✨
Really even the minute details were all cute!!!!💙

On the shoot day, I was totally all

『I want to do an event wearing thisーー💗』

『I want all the fans to see this in personーーーー💗』

I was talking about stuff like that the whole time! lol💘

It was such a delightful shoot!
The making video, by all means watch it kay💗


2022-02-05 08:34:13

[tl note: Pochama = Piplup]
💙 Michishige Sayumi × Project Pchama 「That Girl and Pochama」💙
#ポチャポチャアートフェス [tl: PochamaArtFest”]
#あの子とポッチャマ [tl: “AnoKoToPochama” aka “That Girl and Pochama”]
#プロジェクトポッチャマ [tl: “Project Pochama”]
PUBLIC TOKYO Jinguumae store held pop up store, goes until tomorrow, 2/6✨

💗 Similar Pose 💗

Miyama Ayumi-san’s illustration is really cute♡

It’s a really really fantastic space!!✨

The Tshirt with the illustration printed on it makes me happy too 💘

I want to wear it soon yah💙

Now it’s decorating my room ブルーハートブルーハートブルーハート

I have lots of picturess!!

With Pochama awareness

I wore Pochama colored clothes

and did Pochama colored nailsスライムみずがめ座

Preparing this I’m WakuWaku excited 💙

My partner-chan 💙

Pokemon and Star Jewelry ‘s💎 Collabo

necklace and watch are so cute too they’re some of my favourites!

KiraKira Sparkling ⚡️

PikaPika Sparking ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Putting them on my mood goes up yah ブルーハートピンクハートブルーハートピンクハート

Arbitrary Ranking and Popcorn Movie

2022-02-03 15:02:27

February has started or 指差し
It’s starting right! ひらめき
This year we’re already 1 month and 3 days in
It’s really〜 fast huh 不安ハッ
Every day is so cold
At home I’m eating nothing but onabe hotpot 🍲
The other day
I couldn’t forget about this yummy lookign crab nabe I saw on YouTube by chance
I ended up going with crab nabe….
It was luxurious, and it was so yummy 🍲
what vegetables do you like in your onabe?
For me, if I were to rank them arbitrarily
Shingiku, edible chrysanthemum⭐️
I can’t get enough of that slightly bitter feeling!!
When I go to get onabe with my friend, my friend doesn’t like shingiku and I can’t put it in though lol
when I’m with family or alone I totttally put it in!!!
It’s an easy pick but ☺️
onion is totally in there!!
This one is far and away the leader!!!
If it’s what you put in onabe far and away 1st is mizuna!!!!!
I love mizuna’s ShakiShaki crisp feel when being chewed!
More than salad mizuna, I love onabe mizuna!!!
My mom feels it too 『For Sayuchan it’s mizuna right〜』 she prepared lots for me ☺️
Meat wrapped in mizuna is yummy yah
And, I like lettuce nabe too you know
When doing motsunabe cabbage is yummy too yah!!!
I’m putting up a totally unrelated movie lol

[tl note: popping popcorn movie here, see her post for video]

Last year, when Big sis-chan and I made popcorn at home!!!!☺️

This popcorn is totally yummy right???

From the time we were making it both of us were really WakuWaku excited

Bis sis-chan too 『This popcorn, I make it often, so making it’s my specialty! Leave it to me!!!』

She was in high spirits,

And, well when it was done and we were eating…


It seemed like it was overcooked, and ended up burnt 💦

Really burnt the smell was amazing…

At first

When we started eating, Big sis-chan and I

didn’t want to notice that

『It’s yummy you know』『Mmhmm, yummyーー』

we said that but

about half way through progressing through it

Big sis-chan went

『it smells bad huh』

saying that to me finally

『Mmhmm, it’s badーーーーー』

I got to say it 😂 lol

After that
from the beginning we made popcorn
and the two of us
ate it while saying it was yummy yummy ☺️ lol
Next time we make it I want to try putting in good seasoning おとめ座

Favorite Picture

2022-01-29 12:34:59

[tl note: as stated previously Pochama = Piplup]

This picture 💙

Pochama and I facing in the same direction is my favorite 💙💘

From Takajima company’s Pochama fanmook being sold since yesterday, 『Pokémon Pochama DAISUKI! Multipouch BOOK』 the “Pochama Art Fes” collabo plan is published in it スター

I love Pochama♡♡♡


2022-01-25 17:02:14

They added new emoji that are usable on Ameblo, they’re cuteー 目がハート歩く愛昇天
That’s all www
And, and so…
I haven’t put these up, so it’s offshots from the goods for last year’s birthday event コップペロペロキャンディー
I’ll put up pictures. 笑ううさぎ


It seems like I’m cold in these pictures but…

Let’s get warmed up okay ドキドキドキドキドキドキ


2022-01-24 07:56:54

{tl note: The Pokemon Piplup is known as Pocchama/Pochama in Japanese. I’m going to just translate it as that across the board to make it consistent for when English is used like below.}
PUBLIC TOKYO meets PROJECT POCHAMA ブルーハートイエローハートブルーハート
Pochama Art Fest’s
{tl hashtag: AnokotoPochama aka That Girl And Pochama}
I got to participate in the theme’s project !!ラブラブ
I got to be the real life model for Miyama Ayumi-san’s illustration ✨✨

星 2022/1/29(Sat)〜2/6(Sun) 星
Openning at PUBLIC TOKYO Jinguumae store, as a pop up store, they’ll have a picture exhibit too so by all means please check out the location kay❣❣️❣️

Miyama Ayumi-san’s illustration is just so cute,
when I first saw it I felt like, 『Eh, so cute! I want this illustration as a postcard or just anything as goods!』 but…❤️
It seems it’s being sold at the pop up store as Tshirts…💙💗💙💗
Getting to be the real life version of that so cute girl in the illustration…
it makes me really happy 😭💕💕💕

The outfit is really cute cute too…♡ I’m greatly moved 🥺💗
The blue extensions for the shoot had me UkiUki cheery too 💙
For the shoot day I was really in a good mood the whoーle day ハートのバルーン

Pochama is cute, I loーーve it ブルーハートブルーハートブルーハートブルーハートブルーハート

19th Anniversary!

2022-01-19 13:51:46

1/19 is,
the day the 6ki members joined Morning Musume。!!
That’s right
6ki member’s 19th Anniversary Day!!
That’s it ❤️🧡💙💗
19 years…!?
Amazing huh…
No really amazing
Lately we haven’t been able to see each other again for a while
and this year too we don’t have a clear plan for when we could gather up again…
Getting lonely, thinking how I want to meet soon, getting anxious, depressed…
Even with SNS, I can’t get my own feelings my own words out well…
But, even then, at any time I can remmber everyone’s existence, and I’m really the comments properly too!!
Really for real real!!✨
And that gives me the power to do my best,
and it might sound like I’m exaggerating but, it gives me the power to live!! For real.
Thank you so much always 💕💕💕
And you know
speaking of 6ki!♡
Around the end of last year, there was a time I got to meet with Kamei Eri-chan you know.
We walked together outside, and then,
We saw this really really big shooting star!🌠
When I was a kid, on meteor shower days I’d go to see it with my family but, the shooting star I saw together with Eri, it was really clearly shining and really very big!!
It’s the first time I’d seen that kind of large shooting star!
A shooting star you know!
流れ星 ← You have that kind of image yah? A cute pop!
It wasn’t that
☄️← It was an image like this!

Really big!

Cute you know〜 Pretty yah〜
More than that,
It felt like it was like a meteorite,
Eeeeh what now!? A shooting star!? That big!!!!!!!! I wonder if it’ll fall down! lol
We were equally surprised!!
But, it seems like agood thing yah〜
it made me really happy キラキラ
Of course I couldn’t get pictures of the shooting star but
I’ll put up a picture of the full moon I saw with Eri 🌕 lol
By the way it was a different day than the shooting star day though!😆

It’s like a single ikura salmon roe huh lol lol
Looking like an ikura I couldn’t really get a picture well but, well, for me seeing this picture is calming ✨
For this year,
facing my 20th year…!I have feelings like that of course but
now, I feel like for everyone who likes what I can do how I do it and likes me, I feel like I want to give them 『Michishige Sayumi』 💗
And beyond that, everyone’s smiles, healing, improvement, joy…
I feel like I want to spread that kind of positivity a lot.
For the 20th year too, please support me no matter what❣️

Lots of Offshots ♡

2022-01-08 19:50:47

Having on up the other day
I appeared in Rirandture WEB ALBUM ピンクハート
I have lots of offshots so
Pleaaase let me put them up💗
↑ I look kinda cold. lol
The shoot was really fun
The clothes were all cute
the hair and make-up were fantastic too!
It was a delightful time ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート流れ星
『You’ve gotten more mature than last time!』 The staff saying that to me made me happy too 照れ
Please check it out for me 💖
The cold days are continuing but please warm up kay おでん左おでん真ん中おでん右

First Calligraphy of The Year⭐︎

2022-01-05 01:13:07

I did my first calligraphy for the year お年玉お年玉お年玉絵馬
I wrote everyone’s feeling 💗
This year too it’s Michishige Hitosuji [tl: Michishige Devoted]…💗
please give me your support 🐰💕
First calligraphy of the year at a glance !!
[tl pic: Chachamaru (Dom from Animal Crossing), Slow Life, Michishige Devoted, 1 billion yen, Skill Up!,and Cute]
This year while seeing to a slow life やしの木おひつじ座
Skill up at Splatoon 上矢印上矢印上矢印
I wanna hit a jackpot 1 billion yen I think. お願い
And, I want to get much much cuter ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート
When I was taking pictures Seーra came
So cute!!! リボン
And well…
The first calligraphy of the year is so fun so much so 😂❤️
I hadn’t learned penmanship I haven’t had any experience since the lessons in school but it’s so fun
I want to learn maybe!! lol
If I feel like it I want to try doing a penmanship instalive or something!!!! lol
I could tak in the words that everyone wants written from the comments!!! Like that yah!!!
And the favourites I want made into goods… lol
Well then laters 爆笑爆笑爆笑ピンクハート