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Latest Michishige Sayumi Blog Translation:
2022-04-03 13:39:35 Japan Time
(I skipped from July to the start of November to give everyone something for the Anniversary times!)

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Last Updated: 2022-04-18 16:14 Hawaii Time

Grabbing a bite →

Right now we’re inbetween photo shoots ♪


We’re all grabbing a bite ―(⌒~⌒)


And here we have leader Takahashi Ai-chan ♪
and Chinese exchange student Linlin ♪


Ai-chan and Linlin are always listening to music together,
sharing 1 set of headphones


A little earlier, Ai-chan, Linlin and I were all together
and Ai-chan and Linlin were sharing a headphone set
like usual and being very lively


So I was like
“Hey hey, um so…”
as I was talking to them,
but they had their headphones on so they didn’t hear me at all
so then I was like “I know, right?”


and I switched to a monologue (lol)


Nicely done if I do say so ☆
myself ★★☆☆

Make up ♪

Technical magic my compact ♪


Technical magic my compact ♪


Make me cute ♪☆


Make-up power-up ♪♪
*this is a parody of a magic spell from Himitsu no Akko-chan anime/manga


Done (≧∇≦)
In the blink of an eye, I’ve turned super cute ♪


Ok well…
more like, it took 1 hour for the make-up artist to make me cute


There’s no secret magic here


Just the skills of my make-up artist


And of course, my own looks (lol)

Dreams ☆

Good morning ♪


Michishige Sayumi here, things are going great ↑
I had another 3 rice balls for breakfast today (^o^)/


I reaaally slept in today!
I had a dream too


I dreamt I was in my personal bathroom in my own room…
(I don’t have my own room nor a personal bathroom) lol


There, Morning Musume 6th gen members ☆ Kamei Eri-chan
and Tanaka Reina-chan were there


For some reason they were there…
and they were talking about me


At this point during my dream, I was feeling very alarmed


I mean, what if they were saying bad things about me!?


But as it turns out, they were saying…


compliments about me ↑


In the end, they turned out to be so adorable (*^o^*)


I wanna quickly meet up with them


All of us will be together starting around noon today ♪
I’ll probably be the only ones acting weird in front of Eri and Reina.. (lol)

Sweets ♪

I just ate ♪


My friend is the same age and we are reallllly close V(^-^)V


She’s very cute ♪


I very much admire her ♪


I really love cute girls, and originally she was my sister’s friend
but I wanted to talk to her, so I was like “please!”
and then we became really good friends ♪♪


We had a really good… hmm what society calls “girl talk” (≧∇≦)


And our meal, of course, was hot pot ★☆
We had kimchi hot pot ☆


My friend has long hair and because of that, a little bit of it
dipped into the hot pot, she was like “Ahh it smells!” the entire time
It was hilarious! (^O^)


Then after, we met up with my sister for dessert (・o・)ノ


We had chocolate for dessert, it was so delicious and sweet ♪
And my sister was thinking how fitting to have such a sweet day today ♪


A fitting Valentine’s day full of sweets ♪♪♪♪


Although I wish my sis would eat sweets in moderation more (lol)


Well, I’ll let her slide since I have the biggest sweet tooth (≧ε≦)

Shopping ♪

After my dentist appointment, I have plans to go out
to dinner with a friend (^O^)


But since the dentist finished early, I had time
to go out shopping by myself ♪


I was looking for sale items (lol)


The shop clerks were like
“Well these are our newest items here~”
but I’m only looking at those o-ver-th-er-e ♪


I ended up buying
2 1-piece dresses ☆
1 long sleeve shirt ☆
a pouch ☆
All on sale (lol)
Cheap items are so wonderful (≧∇≦)


Also, Linlin’s birthday is coming up in March,
so I bought her a good birthday present ↑


And just as you would expect, the present was on sale (lol)


I liked what I got her as well,
so I picked up a different color matching set (^∀^)ノ♪☆


Also these were 100 yen each,
so I picked up 3 sets of socks and nail polish (^_^)v


I’m quite satisfied (≧∇≦)


It was fun o(^-^)o


Also also
I found out from reading the comments,
yesterday I ranked 18th on the CDTV “Artist I want to date” ranking!


I’ve pretty much never been on a good ranking like this before,
so I am really happy (≧∇≦)


Thank you very much ♪☆★