SayuBook – Q&A 5 of 6

Translator’s Notes: Part 5! Some of the best questions come from here. But there are some cultural notes for people too

81. The golden axe, silver axe question is one of those personality test style modifications to an old story about a fairy in a pond/lake and an axe into it. You can see the cultural influence in games like Zelda and .Hack if it sounds familiar to you.

86. I had nothing to do with this, but I appreciate the answer =P

91. If you don’t know what a NEET is, bascially it’s a term for someone who doesn’t do anything with their life =P. I added what the letters typically stand for in the case that people were curious

93. She just says weird/unusual/strange places, I have no idea what she exactly means!

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SayuBook – Q&A 4 of 6

Translation Notes: Remember that this was taken before her birthday, so somethings like 76 are already not valid.

69’s light pink refers to her theme color too.

Other than that I think it’s straight forward.

A member of Hello!Online seems to be doing some of the parts regarding Sayu’s fashion and make up and whatever, so I’m probably not gonna touch that out of respect for their work. The other major thing is the long biography like writing portion and letters from people above her. So I don’t know what will happen next.

As always though, I think the best way to enjoy any of this is to have your own copy of “Sayu” to read along with ^^;


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SayuBook – Q&A 3 of 6

Translation Notes: Half way done!

So this one is pretty straight forward, though a couple of questions really kinda got picky on sticking to the form or not.

42, she basically says do your best and sweating, so I had to fandangle the wording a bit

44, I don’t know if “elementary school anthology” means like an annual or a yearbook or something, so I kept that literal.

50, I kept the words for terms you can look up there, if you have some JPN culture knowledge you should be okay, if not senbei is rice crackers, and kotatsu is a mini heated table. I sometimes have issues not knowing what people don’t know, because the JPN culture here is kinda integrated so certain words are naturally known.

yup those were kind of issues.

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PS! I noticed someone hot-linking the images, and I had to put a stop to that. Please link back here (and give appropriate credit) if possible! More attention here means I know people are reading and more motivation to do more things!


SayuBook – Q&A 2 of 6

Translator’s Notes: So part of these questions originally appeared on a Sayu picture, but rather than make the translations longer than necessary I just am putting them together for simplicity.

As for 24. The original drawing as handdrawn (whether by her or her sister I don’t know) but I couldn’t get a good shot and don’t want to directly copy from the book itself, so I just did a quick vector instead.

Also if you’ve noticed I refrain from translating the way I do with blogs in order to save space and simplify. If I can find translations for the title I’ll use the English localization name rather than have both the translation of the Japanese and its localization. Hope it makes it look cleaner.

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SayuBook – Q&A 1 of 6

Translator’s Notes: So this one was less of a challenge though it came the fact that I had to make some compromises to make it work.

Those of you who have seen “Sayu” will know that the Q&A has pictures of Sayu in her adorable magical bunny mage outfit. But to make them readable and what not that won’t be included ^^;

Even then, please enjoy the homage to the original layout and look forward to the other pages coming out as time goes on.

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SayuBook – Profile Page

Translator’s Notes: So this page made me not like the idea of making pictures ><; Initially (and you can see that in the Sayu's Anatomy Page) I wanted to make the pages similar to what you'd find in "Sayu" itself, it's the same page ratio as the book, and with a similar style. Mostly cause I don't have the exact typefaces and patience, it's modified slightly (also saves me from feeling like I'm cheating you out of seeing Sayu for yourself ^^;). But after seeing the comment on the the Michishige-Mama's letter about readability I also needed to make sure the font was big enough. The result, this page is way longer than it should be to fit all the text in. But besides the Nantonaku marks, the style is similar to the source page. Make sure you get your copy of "Sayu" and follow along! Enjoy~ SayuBook-Profile

SayuBook – Sayu’s Anatomy

Translator’s Notes: So I decided I wanted to try an image translation again, but mostly cause I posted the teaser in text. I don’t know if it’s worth the effort and “security” of it all.

I did not necessarily feel comfortable or confident trying to Photoshop the original image and so, I made this image based on the format of this page and the page next to it. I guess I figure if you see “kind of” what the book looks like besides Sayu you might want to take a look? And since the source image this info comes from has numbers, following along isn’t hard right?

Anyway Enjoy~


Letter From Michishige-Mama

So I wanted to try a bit of an experiment here, so I’m providing an image for the translation of the Michishige-Mama to Sayu Letter. It’s partially to see what you people think of pictures on translations, but also cause it kinda matches with how we first got to see the letter, as a picture someone uploaded onto the internet.

At the same time, I feel irresponsible if I didn’t leave some kind of translation note on it in case I did something horrible to the translations themselves. So this image includes a little translation note at the top and tagging.

Let me know what you think about it, as I’m still trying to figure out how best to approach if I can do the Sayu book in some way too.

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[Potential Project Teaser] A page from Sayu

Some of you may know that Sayu, Sayumi’s personal book has been released. While I’m still waiting for mine to come I thought maybe I’d tease people a bit. If this doesn’t get views then I’ll reconsider doing it at all.

I present a tease from page 14 of Sayu.

What you might know and what you surprisingly don’t know about Sayu. To bring it out, we first start with a super base analysis! The components that form Sayu, the secrets of her body……let’s find out about them all.

1.(In her head) 100% Morning Musume。 Only! Since basically my life exists for Morning Musume。 I do things thinking that.
I’m thinking 100% about group things.

2.(Eyes) Both her eye’s strength is 1.0. When she was in elementary school it was 2.0 though……

3.(Eyelashes) A Charm Point♥ I always want them to be perfect.

4.(Beauty Mark) I have many on my body but, this beauty mark stands out most.

5.(Ears) I have plump lucky ears like my grandpa.

6.(Mouth) My mouth makes a heart shape when I laugh♥ But I end up grumbling soon after (lol).

7.(Heart)I get jealous fast!

8.(Arms) I don’t really have muscles. Since I dance a lot, it’d be nice if I got at least a little though……

9.(Hands) My hand is 16cm in size. The “Simian Line” in my left hand is something I’d boast about.

10.(Stomach) When I’m nervous, it hurts.

(To Be Continued)
Note: The quality of the translation is not easy to validate because of the readability of the source image!

So that’s your teaser! Partially cause I can’t read the kanji at the size of the scans!! So until I get my copy, you have time to let me know if you want to see this or not =P. I’ll try to keep track of page views too.

UpGir Mori Saki Will Carry On 「Michishige-isms」




The impact of Michishige Sayumi’s Graduation Announcement. This news didn’t just shock fans, but it’s the same for the connect Idols in Hello!Pro as well.


This time, bragging that she’s a 「Michishige Oshi」, we heard the story about the Michishige Graduation from Up Up Girls(Kari)(Here on: UpGir) member Mori Saki.




―When you hear about Mori-san, you always appeal to people with your 「Michishige Oshi」 but, what are your honest thoughts of this graduation?


Mori Saki
I heard about it when were on tour in Kyushu but, the moment I heard the announcement I cried out! When it comes to members of Morning Musume。 I like, with this one all of them will be gone… I thought about it sadly. For me, Morning Musume。 was Michishige-san, of course now I love Kudou Haruka-chan and Fukumura Mizuki-chan who I was together with in Hello!Pro Eggs but, I feel like 「My Morning Musume。」 has ended.


―What are some of your memories with Michishige-san?


Mori Saki
I got to appear together with her when Morning Musume。 did their play 「Fashionable」, at the time I was a Hello!Pro Trainee and they greated us! Together with the trainees, S/mileage’s Fukuda Kanon-chan, former Morning Musume。 Tanaka Reina-san, and Michishige-san, they talked about how I was 「A young lady?」… At the time, I had long black hair, I looked prim and proper that’s why (lol). Since then, backstage and at the office, when we meet, she’d talk with me!


―And that Michishige-san is graduating from Morning Musume。.


Mori Saki
For me, I love Morning Musume。’s Michishige-san but, I love 「The person, Michishige Sayumi-san」 too so, even if she graduates, I’m naturally, gonna keep her as my Oshi!


―In what ways do you like her?


Mori Saki
On variety shows and stuff, she brings out her poison tongue character so, at first I thought Michishige-san was a scary person. But, getting to talk with her closely, she is really kind, I was taken in by the gap!


―Do you think the graduation is too soon?


Mori Saki
As a fan it makes me lonely but, Michishige-san said she wants to entrust Morning Musume。 to her juniors so, I feel like it might be a good time for that too. Just, I wanted to see Michishige-san as leader appearing on Kouhaku [tl: the New Year’s Red and White festival]!


―For Mori-san, just what kind of being is Michishige Sayumi?


Mori Saki
It’s 「The・Idol」! She’s really cute, has good style, her voice is cute, pink matches her…even in her private side, she feels like she’s an Idol! Kinda and cute, as a human it’s an aspiration!


(From the neighboring staff) When it comes to how much you look into mirrors, you look into the mirror tens of times every day, about the same as Michishige.


―Even in that way, you’ll be carrying on in Michishige-isms right?


Mori Saki
In that way, I might not carry on 「Michishige-isms」 (lol). From here on too, I want to take in Morning Musume。’s Michishige-san, and Michishige-san after her graduation as well, in all kind of ways!


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